SCORP Tokenomics Unveiled: How Does Scorpion Casino Distribute Profits to Holders?

The $SCORP tokenomics are some of the most perfectly balanced economics for long-term $SCORP holders.

Not only does the token provide passive income for all holders from its intuitive revenue-sharing model, but it also has a strong deflationary mechanism to reduce the total supply over time – making the remaining tokens much more valuable.

With revenue-sharing models taking center stage in recent weeks, Scorpion Casino is positioned to become the new leader in crypto-based casinos.

Its fully built and licensed product makes it the perfect time to invest in this project with 50x potential.

$SCORP Blazes Past One Million Milestone as Investors Flock For Passive Income

The presale for Scorpion Casino has blazed past the one million dollar milestone as investors flock to the passive income potential provided by the casino.

The platform is on a mission to create the number one social online crypto-based casino that provides a passive income to holders from the revenue generated.


As a result, $SCORP holders stand to benefit more when the platform sees increased usage and adoption – increasing the passive income.

Scorpion Casino intends to disrupt the traditional casino ownership structure, which is typically held amongst a few parties due to the overwhelming costs of producing the platform and getting it licensed.

Instead, investors can instantly become casino owners by investing in the $SCORP token and earning a daily passive income.

The best part about the passive income is that it’s not susceptible to market fluctuations.

This means your earnings won’t diminish when the market crashes, as casino gamers aren’t correlated with Bitcoin price movements.

Furthermore, Scorpion Casino is a fully licensed crypto-based casino with over 200 professional quality games and its own sportsbook.

The project obtained its licensed credentials from the Curacao iGaming licensing entity, meaning it won’t face scrutiny from regulators down the line.

The licensing also means the casino is fully transparent and provably fair for gamers.

In addition, its casino games are highly polished and can rival online casino heavyweights, as Scorpion Casino is connected to major gaming providers such as Evolution and AMATIC.

How Does Scorpion Casino Distribute Passive Income to Holders?

Scorpion Casino has an intuitive mechanism to distribute passive income to holders through its revenue-sharing system.

The system provides a sustained demand for the native token, $SCORP, while introducing a deflationary mechanism to reduce the supply.

According to economic theory, any asset with a rising demand with a falling supply stands to see an increase in its price – which is exactly what $SCORP has created with its token.

The team will use up to 20% of the revenue generated on the casino on a daily basis to buy back $SCORP tokens from the open market – providing the demand side of the equation.

Of that $SCORP purchased, half is sent to all $SCORP stakers on the network, providing them with a daily passive income.

The other half is sent to a burner wallet to be removed from the total supply – creating a deflationary effect for the token.

As a result, all holders will see their daily $SCORP holdings increase in their wallets while the token’s total supply diminishes.

Over the long term, experts believe this can provide up to 100x returns for early adopters.

How Has Revenue-Sharing Performed in the Past?

Revenue-sharing models have taken center stage in the crypto and Web3 industry over the past few weeks.

Rollbit is a popular coin that recently hit the top 100 projects during the bear market.

Rollbit is another popular online casino with a revenue-sharing model, helping it to gain popularity and reach a $600 million market cap value at its peak.

The casino has a popular profit-sharing model that has helped it rise to prominence.

However, investors in $RLB will still need to obtain an additional NFT to participate in the profit-sharing model – with the highest obtainable profit sharing only being 40%.

On the other hand, everybody who stakes their $SCORP token has the ability to earn from the revenue-sharing model on $SCORP – they don’t need to own an additional NFT.

In addition, the added deflationary mechanism makes the $SCORP token a project with higher growth potential when compared to $RLB at the current price.

Invest Today Before Prices Surge Further

With the presale hitting the $1 million milestone, Scorpion Casino is now in the eighth stage of its presale – selling the token for a price of $0.018.

However, it’s important to note that the presale uses a rising pricing strategy, meaning the cost of the token increases during each subsequent presale stage.

As a result, those positioned earlier benefit the most as they leave the presale with higher unrealized returns.

Those purchasing more than $1,000 $SCORP in the presale are enrolled in the Elite Scorpion Members Club, which provides VIP perks such as cashback, extra staking rewards, and extra $SCORP tokens.

When purchasing, there’s also a 20% extra token bonus for those using the exclusive Scorpion20 bonus code.

Overall, with its fully licensed product, highly-polished casino games, passive income, and deflationary mechanics, Scorpion Casino has set the stage to become one of the best-performing tokens in Q4 2023.

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