Scotty The AI (SCOTTY) – Who Is This New “Crypto Guardian” And Why Is Everyone Investing In SCOTTY

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The cryptocurrency market is continually seeing fresh concepts, and with a stroke of fortune, you might find yourself participating in the early stages of genuinely exciting and innovative initiatives. While such opportunities are rare, the potential rewards can be exceptionally fulfilling.

The latest addition to these pioneering projects is Scotty the AI (SCOTTY), an initiative that seamlessly combines AI and blockchain technology to offer a multitude of valuable features to investors and holders. Here, we present a comprehensive overview of this innovative project and its presale, which is gaining popularity.

Scotty The AI Is An Exciting New AI-Focused Project

Scotty the AI, acclaimed as the “Guardian Of The Crypto Universe,” unveils an elaborate narrative that illuminates the origin and role of this crypto-centric protector. Portrayed as a Scottish Terrier, Scotty the AI possesses “striking, jet-black fur reminiscent of the night sky.”

In terms of intrinsic qualities, this vigilant canine demonstrates intelligence and cunning, rendering him an ideal guardian for the cryptic secrets entrenched in the digital domain. Equipped with advanced AI capabilities, Scotty adeptly navigates the complex web of code and algorithms, evading potential captors.

This backstory sets the scene for introducing various practical features and tools that enhance the significance of Scotty the AI. These include advanced AI capabilities, swift agility, intuitive fraud detection, and transparency. Naturally, these attributes translate into tangible real-world benefits, as explored in the subsequent section.

Two standout features define Scotty—Scotty Swap and ScottyChat—taking the lead in propelling the growth of the Scotty the AI ecosystem. While other features exist, these two spearhead the platform’s advancement.


Scotty Swap serves as a hub for seamless and rapid token exchanges, powered by cutting-edge AI technology. Each trade is meticulously designed for security and optimized for maximum gains, ensuring a state-of-the-art trading experience.

Conversely, ScottyChat emerges as an AI-powered crypto companion that holds particular appeal for potential investors. This chat companion engages in discussions about cryptocurrencies, provides market insights, and assists in navigating the intricate landscape of the cryptocurrency market.

It is highly recommended to stay updated on Scotty the AI’s social media channels, as they are likely to feature announcements and reveals about new features and the current project status. This project has the potential to make a significant impact in the crypto universe, prompting a closer examination of the SCOTTY presale details.

SCOTTY Presale Is One You Should Definitely Check Out

The SCOTTY presale has gained significant traction, with investors contributing over $130,000. Currently in its first round within the public offering, the SCOTTY token is priced at $0.0051, and an upcoming increase is scheduled for mid-January.

Around 30% of the total supply, equivalent to approximately 1.734 billion tokens, has been earmarked for the public sale, totaling approximately 520 million tokens. The remaining 70% will be allocated for staking, development, exchange liquidity, and marketing, comprising roughly 1.2 billion SCOTTY tokens.

The team has outlined a comprehensive roadmap for the future of Scotty the AI. The initial phase centers on launching the Scotty community, conducting a Scotty AI contract audit, token generation, marketing endeavors, and the ongoing presale.

Transitioning to the subsequent phase, the team focuses on launching the swap feature, introducing the beta version of the chat with Scotty, executing a blockchain takeover, initiating a Scotty awareness campaign, and introducing the beta version of Scotty Picks. In the third phase, the SCOTTY token will be listed on popular exchanges, including centralized exchanges, alongside establishing community partnerships.


Scotty The AI (SCOTTY) is a project positioned to redefine the market and create a significant influence. Given the rarity of such opportunities, investors are encouraged to closely monitor and comprehensively grasp the project. It adeptly combines two major technologies to provide investors with robust features. We highly recommend considering involvement in the presale and delving into the project’s social media channels.

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