Shiba Shootout Presale is Now Live with 3200% Staking Rewards – Here is How You Can Join 

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The crypto community is buzzing with excitement as the anticipated presale of Shiba Shootout kicks off. With a staking reward of 3200%, this project has caught the eye of both investors and newcomers. Dive into the world of Shiba Shootout to experience a Wild West adventure, unlike any meme coins out there.

A Unique Wild West Adventure

Shiba Shootout stands out with its captivating Wild West theme, immersing users in a frontier filled with thrilling battles and intriguing characters. The project’s main highlight is the Shiba Showdown battles, where participants can showcase their creativity in meme contests inspired by the Old West.

Characters like Marshal Shiba and the Shiba Sharpshooters bring depth and personality to the project, making it more than a token.

Beyond fundraising, the Shiba Shootout presale focuses on fostering a vibrant community through features. The Posse Rewards program encourages users to invite friends, creating a network effect that boosts community engagement and growth. Join in on this venture today! Participants receive rewards for their work, promoting a sense of teamwork and mutual advantage.

Innovative Features Driving Engagement

Cactus Staking: A notable feature of Shiba Shootout is Cactus Staking, where users can stake their $SHIBASHOOT tokens on a cactus to earn growing rewards. With a 3200% staking reward, this feature not only looks appealing but also offers great profit potential.

Lucky Lasso Lotteries: Introducing an element of luck and excitement, the Lucky Lasso Lotteries give participants the chance to win cryptocurrency prizes. This feature keeps the community engaged. Adds a level of excitement to the Shiba Shootout experience.


Joining the Shiba Shootout Presale

Participating in the Shiba Shootout presale is simple. Presents opportunities for early supporters. Here’s how you can get involved;

  • Visit the Website: Go to the Shiba Shootout website to access the presale platform.
  • Connect your wallet: Once you’re connected, you can purchase $SHIBASHOOT tokens using USDT. The current presale has raised $394,916.98 out of a target of $1,126,758, showcasing community interest.
  • Get involved in Staking: Once you have your tokens, you can stake them using the Cactus Staking feature to kickstart earning the 3200% rewards.
  • Bring in Friends: Make use of the Posse Rewards program to invite friends and earn rewards.

Smart Token Strategy for Growth

The tokenomics of Shiba Shootout have been meticulously crafted to ensure growth and sustainable longevity. With a supply of 2.2 billion tokens, the distribution is as follows;

  • Presale: 35% (770 million $SHIBASHOOT) set aside for buyers establishing a strong foundation for the project.
  • Staking Rewards: 20% (440 million $SHIBASHOOT) allocated to encourage long term holding and involvement.
  • Project Development: 10% (220 million $SHIBASHOOT) dedicated to development and operational expenses.
    Liquidity: 10% (220 million $SHIBASHOOT) reserved to maintain trading experiences.
  • Marketing: 20% (440 million $SHIBASHOOT) designated to enhance visibility and attract participants.
  • Rootin’ Tootin’ Shooter Fund: 5% (110 million $SHIBASHOOT) earmarked for rewarding community members.

A Pathway to Success

Shiba Shootouts roadmap lays out an ambitious direction forward, aiming to reach milestones and foster ongoing growth.

Phase 1: The initial stage focuses on getting listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, increasing the community to over 1,000 members, and engaging with the community through marketing efforts.

Phase 2: Aiming to expand the community by targeting a holder base of over 5,000. This phase involves forming community partnerships, launching the $SHOOTOUT Times newsletter, and getting listed on exchanges.

Phase 3: This includes introducing $SHOOTOUT merchandise, establishing the $SHOOTOUT Academy for resources, and striving for Tier 1 exchange listings. The ultimate objective is to grow the holder base to over 100,000, achieving a “Blockchain Takeover” and solidifying Shiba Shootout’s position as a meme coin.

Robust Community Engagement

An aspect of Shiba Shootout is its emphasis on community engagement. The project creates a sense of belonging through features and rewards that motivate involvement. Regular community gatherings like Campfire Stories provide members with a platform to share their crypto and meme coin experiences, fostering a network.

The significant funds raised during the presale phase—$417,937.5 out of a target of $1,126,758—underscore the project’s increasing popularity and strong backing from its community.

This impressive level of involvement showcases the approach and attractive theme of Shiba Shootout.

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