Sora Mala Revolutionizes Meme Coins with Artificial Intelligence in 2024

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Sora Mala is a hot new meme token that combines the fun of memes with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). It aims to redefine meme tokens using AI to create more exciting and engaging memes.

It has recently launched a presale for its native $SORAMALA tokens. Here, early buyers can buy these tokens for a discounted price before the token is listed on exchanges.

The Next Big Meme Token To Explode?

Sora Mala is a new crypto that combines memes and AI. It aims to create fun and engaging content while offering features like staking. The team behind Sora Mala includes people who have worked in gaming, art, and film. They believe that AI can help make memes much more interesting and interactive.

The platform uses AI to create memes that can change and evolve over time instead of just having a simple or static meme as the face of the coin. In a way, this could be the start of a new era for meme coins. It’s taking memes to the next level using advanced technology to make them more creative and engaging.

Sora Mala Presale Homepage

Meme coins, in general, are inspired by popular internet memes or jokes. They’re often based on funny characters and can quickly become very popular. However, most meme coins are quite simple and don’t offer much beyond the initial hype.

While Sora Mala is still a meme token at its core, it’s trying to be more than just a joke. It’s using the power of AI to redefine what meme coins can be and how they can capture people’s attention with engaging storylines and characters.

Staking Rewards For Community Engagement

Sora Mala offers its users an opportunity to earn high staking rewards. It has a staking system where you can contribute to the network’s safety while earning passive income.

The staking mechanism is quite simple: users lock their $SORAMALA tokens for a set period and earn a percentage of the network’s rewards. The main idea behind this mechanism is to motivate its users to be active participants and not just passive holders. It can also increase community engagement and reward those who believe in the project’s vision.

Sora Mala token

Sora Mala has set aside 15 billion tokens out of its total supply for staking rewards. Of these, 13 billion will be distributed in the 1st year and the remaining 2 billion in year 2.

Moreover, the token’s utility extends beyond staking. Sora Mala aims to create a community where you can talk to other users, share ideas, and work together on different projects. Moreover, Holding Sora Mala tokens will also give you a say in how the project develops and grows over time.

$SORAMALA Tokenomics

The platform has a total supply cap of 100 billion $SORAMALA tokens. These tokens are distributed in a way that supports the token’s growth and sustainability. 25 billion tokens are reserved for the presale phase for early buyers to fund initial project development and build a community.

The remaining tokens are distributed as follows:

  • Staking (15%): 15 billion tokens are set aside to reward its holders as staking rewards.
  • Project Funds (15%): These tokens will be reinvested into the project’s growth.
  • Liquidity (15%): Another 15 billion tokens are reserved to ensure price stability and a better trading experience.
  • Marketing (25%): 25 billion tokens are kept for marketing and increasing the token’s visibility.

Sora Mala’s Plan For Sustainable Growth

It is worth noting that Sora Mala will also now start making meme cartoons and building a platform for making videos with AI. They aim to release a web3 game for smartphones.

The platform also has plans to get listed decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and major CEXs in the coming weeks and months. They want to expand and get more people worldwide to use their platform. Their goal is to have 1 million active users every month.

Sora Mala Roadmap

At the time of writing, early buyers can get Sora Mala tokens for just $0.00027. This price will increase soon after the expected exchange listings.

Using the buying widget on its presale website, you can buy $SORAMALA using ETH, BNB, or USDT.

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