SpacePay Presale: A Chance to Be Part of an Innovative Crypto Payment Solution from the Start

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SpacePay offers solutions to issues that have made sending money through digital means (like crypto) challenging. 

The London-based company has investors from various parts of the world and aims to change how people use cryptocurrencies.

SpacePay’s idea tackles problems that have made it difficult for crypto payments to become popular. 

Even though cryptocurrencies are becoming widely known, it’s still hard for people and businesses to use them because they find them complicated. Them being very unpredictable also serves as a major disadvantage.  

The current system for facilitating crypto payments is also not helping the matter. Many crypto companies have focused on complex financial uses which have setbacks like high transaction fees, payment confirmation delays, plus security and privacy concerns. 

SpacePay’s Solution to Crypto Limitations 

SpacePay’s answer is a (decentralized) payment system that can work with different kinds of payment machines. 


This allows stores to accept cryptocurrency payments without having to worry about the value of the crypto changing very fast. The company ensures simplicity in the process by using the normal payment system these stores or merchants have been using. 

The project currently works with more than 325 different digital wallets. This makes SpacePay accessible to more experienced crypto users and newbies as well. In fact, you can rarely find a crypto project that supports this many types of wallets.

Working with the payment solutions merchants already have makes them continue their daily transactions normally built in a faster and more secure way. 

The team behind the project believes that this could bring in new customers and make closing transactions faster. SpacePay only charges a tiny 0.5% fee per transaction, which is much less than what many other payment options cost.

The purpose of decentralization around SpacePay is to make it more secure and private.

All the transactions are protected with strong encryption, so there’s less risk of fraud or unauthorized access. Users stay in full control of their money and private information since they’re paying straight from their own digital wallets.

SpacePay also supports multiple types of cryptocurrencies, giving users more payment options. However, many people have issues with fluctuating crypto prices which make them opt for traditional payment options. 

SpacePay Has Made Some Accomplishments

The company has successfully raised $750,000 from private investors, completed a buy-back option to help it grow, and made a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). 

SpacePay is also working on getting Intellectual Property to secure its place in the market. Importantly, the platform follows all the rules and laws, allowing it to operate in every unsanctioned country and reach a wide market.

SpacePay’s solution has been getting noticed. The company won the “New Payment Platform of the Year” award at the CorporateLiveWire Global Awards 2022/23, an award that recognizes its solutions in the web3 space. 

Join the Presale to Enjoy the Benefits Earlier 

SpacePay is currently having a presale to make room for those who want to be a part of the project from the beginning. 

It’s easy to participate: you just need to connect your MetaMask or other compatible wallet to the presale widget and use ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, BASE, USDT, or USDC to reserve your SPY tokens.

SPY Token

The SPY token is the native token that powers the platform. Holding this crypto also comes with additional benefits like getting free tokens, being able to vote on important decisions, getting early access to new features, and sharing in the platform’s profits. 

The SPY token also has a charitable part – some of the platform’s profits are used to match donations that token holders make to selected charities.


All in all, SpacePay stands out as a solution that could help solve the long-standing problems of using digital assets for everyday transactions. 

It addresses the needs of both customers and businesses by offering a wide range of features designed for real-world use. This could be an important project for the future of crypto payments. 


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