The Best Cheating Spouse Tracker Apps for 2024

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Why Trust Techopedia

If you suspect your partner of infidelity, using any of the best cheating spouse tracker apps will help you find out. You’ll be able to discreetly keep track of their physical whereabouts and online communication, all from one control panel.

These trackers provide real-time location updates, undetectable social media monitoring, keylogging, and access to text messages and phone calls, among other features instrumental to exposing an unfaithful spouse. You’ll find the best fit for your personal circumstances as we guide you through each app’s capabilities and limitations.

The Best Apps to Track a Cheating Spouse

  1. mSpy Robust cheating spouse tracker for mobile devices
  2. Spynger – Versatile cheating spouse tracker for spying on popular social apps
  3. uMobix – Best cheating spouse tracker for full remote control
  4. Scannero – Best cheating spouse tracker for IP address location tracking
  5. EyeZy – Best cheating spouse tracker for AI-powered keyword alerts
  6. SpyBubble Pro – Best cheating spouse tracker for real-time tracking with screenshots
  7. Phonsee – Best cheating spouse tracker for precise GPS location tracking
  8. Geofinder – Best cheating spouse tracker for phone number location tracking
  9. ClevGuard – Most budget-friendly cheating spouse tracker

The Best Cheating Spouse Tracking Apps Reviewed

We carefully tested numerous cheating spouse trackers to find the best, by examining their pricing, features, and best use cases. Here’s what we found:

1. mSpy – Best for Mobile Devices

mSpy logo

Starting Price Starting from $11.67/month ((billed yearly)
No. of Devices Up to 3 devices on the Family Kit
Free Trial/Demo Demo
Money-back Guarantee 14-day refund window
Why We Picked It

mSpy is generally considered one of the best spy apps on the market because you don’t need to root or jailbreak the device to use most of its features. From tracking social media apps to real-time GPS, it provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for suspicious partners searching for clarity.

You’re in luck if you want to monitor your spouse’s mobile activity. The app was developed with tailored functionalities for Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, you’ll need to look at alternatives to monitor a PC.


mSpy gives you remote access to call logs, contact lists, text messages, and browser history on your spouse’s cell phone or tablet. The platform also allows you to check private conversations on social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat, and even a dating app – Tinder. Plus, photos, videos, audio, and all other media are within reach.

This feature-rich cell phone tracker regularly takes screenshots of phone activity and uploads them to the control panel. It also features a keylogger for intercepting keystrokes and taps. You’ll be able to see whatever your spouse is using secret cheating apps and what they type. However, you’ll need to jailbreak the device to gain access to this feature. Thankfully, the support team is handy if you need assistance with this.

mSpy uses GPS tracking to provide consistent and up-to-date location information. With geo-fencing technology, you’ll receive alerts whenever your spouse’s device leaves a preset location. And you can do all of this invisibly without any icon blowing your cover.

Pricing Plans

Though mSpy provides a demo, you must pay for a subscription to use the app and unlock all premium features. They previously offered a free trial, but it is currently unavailable. mSpy offers two straightforward duration-based pricing plans and a family kit.

Duration mSpy Premium Plan mSpy Extreme plan mSpy Family Kit
1 Month $48.99
3 Months $28.00 $45/month $57.75/month
6 Months $33.99/month $42/month
12 Months $11.67/month $23.99/month $28/month
  • Premium plan — This plan is compatible with Android and iOS and supports stealth mode. It includes social media and messaging monitoring, a location tracker, and a keylogger.
  • Extreme plan — This plan is specifically for Android devices and includes additional features not included in the premium plan, like remote camera and microphone control.
  • Family Kit — With this plan, you can monitor up to three devices simultaneously. You can also purchase additional subscriptions to monitor more devices.

mSpy offers a refund within 14 days of purchase. It’s not a money-back guarantee, though, as you will need to fill out a form and wait for them to assess and verify the validity of your claim.

Who It's Best for

mSpy is particularly efficient for tracking a partner that uses an Android phone, with extra features like the ability to remotely control the camera and microphone on the target device. While expensive, it’s one of the few cheating spouse trackers that has subscription options to track multiple devices.

Pros pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • Undetectable on the monitored device
  • All data is securely stored with exclusive access
  • Real-time updates every 5 minutes remotely
  • 24/7 customer support

Cons cons

  • A free trial is not available
  • Installing on iOS can be quite tricky
  • You can only track one device per subscription on the premium plan

2. Spynger — Best for Social Media Tracking

Spynger logo

Starting Price Starting from $9.28/month
No. of Devices 1
Free Trial/Demo
Money-back Guarantee 14-day refund window
Why We Picked It

Spynger offers an excellent suite of social media monitoring functionalities for suspicious spouses who want to keep an eye on their partners. Besides allowing you to spy on your partner’s social media and messaging apps, Spynger’s broad feature set is effective for partners needing detailed insights into their spouse’s smartphone activities, and it is one of the best cheating spouse apps.


Spynger is undetectable when spying on your partner’s phone using its Invisible mode. It supports spying on more than 16 popular social media and messaging apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Skype, and Discord. Users can access detailed chat logs, direct messages, media exchanges, and even retrieve deleted messages using the screen recorder feature. The platform also tracks incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, and browser history.

Additionally, Spynger includes a versatile keylogger function for iPhone and Android devices, capturing every keystroke to reveal your partner’s usage patterns on messaging apps or even if they use hidden cheating apps. Spynger provides real-time updates and a geofencing feature for location monitoring, allowing you to set virtual boundaries and receive alerts if your spouse crosses these predefined limits.

Pricing Plans

Spynger has one pricing plan that is tiered based on the subscription duration. The longer you subscribe, the less you pay.

Duration Sypynger Subscription Plans
1 Month $44.56/month
3 Months $25.99/month
12 Months $9.28/month

The app does not provide a free trial or demo. However, there is a 14-day refund window.

Who It's Best for

Spynger is perfect for users who want total access to their spouse’s social media without their knowledge. Whether they use an Android or iPhone, the features cover all your spying needs.

Pros pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • Undetectable tracking
  • 24/7 customer support
  • End-to-end encryption

Cons cons

  • No demo or free trial

3. uMobix — Best for Full Remote Control on Android Devices

uMobix logo

Starting Price Starting from $12.49/month
No. of Devices 1
Free Trial/Demo Demo
Money-back Guarantee 14-day refund window
Why We Picked It

uMobix is another mobile-centric app for partners who want to keep tabs on their spouse’s mobile activity without them knowing. What makes uMobix special is that you get complete remote control over your spouse’s Android device, including intercepting calls and messages from your dashboard.


uMobix has a more in-depth approach to spouse surveillance than some other platforms. It gives you access to your partner’s call logs, text messages, browser history, precise GPS location, and online status.

It provides advanced keylogging functions and a geo-tracker that allows you to track your spouse’s location by sending an SMS to their phone. You can also monitor messaging and social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Reddit, and Tinder.

uMobix also allows users to access and monitor the photo and video media on the targeted device. You can access the camera and microphone to stream real-time audio and video of your spouse’s surroundings.

The highlight of using this platform is having total remote control over your spouse’s phone. Access to key settings allows you to restrict unwanted cheating apps, block websites, intercept calls, and disable messages.

However, there’s a catch. While the platform is an exceptional spy app for Android, uMobix does not offer all these features on iOS devices. If your spouse uses an iPhone or an iPad, you won’t have access to their GPS location, deleted info, and keylogging functions. The range of social and messaging apps you can surveil is also limited, leaving out YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and dating apps. And you’d miss out on its stand-out feature—full control of your spouse’s device remotely.

Pricing Plans

Like most spy apps for cheaters, uMobix has a straightforward discounted pricing plan based on the duration of your subscription.

Duration uMobix Subscription plan
1 Month $49.99/month
3 Months $29.99/month
12 Months (+ 12 extra months for free) $12.49/month

Although the app does not provide a free trial, you can try it using the demo. You can also request a refund within 14 days if the platform doesn’t suit your needs. However, the process is complicated. According to the uMobix refund policy, you’ll only get a refund if you’re experiencing technical issues that the support team cannot repair.

Who It's Best for

Partners looking to fully manage their spouse’s device remotely will find uMobix to be the best solution. It’s also perfect for accessing deleted information. However, an alternative is better for tracking iOS devices.

Pros pros

  • Remote control and access to the targeted device
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Social media and dating app surveillance
  • Easy-to-use user interface

Cons cons

  • No free trial
  • Does not offer the geofencing feature
  • Offers limited features for iOS devices

4. Scannero — Best for IP Address Location Tracking

Scannero logo

Starting Price Starting from $0.89/day
No. of Devices 1
Free Trial/Demo
Money-back Guarantee 14-day refund window
Why We Picked It

Scannero is a user-friendly geo-tracker that pinpoints the exact location of a spouse’s device using just their phone number. Even when you cannot access their phone number, you can track your spouse’s whereabouts using their IP address.

This app keeps the user’s identity hidden by sending an anonymous link that relays back its location information when clicked. You don’t need to download or install any software, and it is fully accessible on any mobile device.


Scannero lets you track your spouse’s location using their phone number. By sending an SMS to the number, you’ll receive your spouse’s accurate location information once they click the link.

You can also track them using the GPS/IP address tracker by sending a link to their email or any messenger. This feature provides location information and details about the device associated with that IP address, ensuring you are monitoring the correct individual.

Scannero also lets you identify the people behind any unknown numbers contacting your spouse. You can also conduct basic background checks and uncover their associated social media accounts.

While Scannero delivers precise location tracking, it lacks the broader spying capabilities of other cheating spouse trackers on this list.

Pricing Plans

In addition to its single premium plan, Scannero offers an affordable one-day trial plan that allows users to test its features.

Duration Scannero Premium Plan
1-Day Trial $0.89
1 Month $49.80

Scannero will automatically upgrade you to the one-month premium subscription after the one-day trial ends. Refunds are available within 14 days of purchase. However, according to Scannero’s terms of use, failing to cancel the automatic renewal after the trial period and continuing to use the platform will result in the forfeiture of your right to a refund.

Who It's Best for

Scannero is ideal for users who only need to track their spouse’s location or can’t physically access the target device.

Pros pros

  • No complicated installation requirements
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Anonymous tracking
  • Affordable one-day trial plan

Cons cons

  • Limited features
  • No demo
  • Only offers a monthly payment option

5. Eyezy – Best for AI-powered Keyword Alerts

Eyezy logo

Starting Price Starting from $7.99/month
No. of Devices 1
Free Trial/Demo Demo
Money-back Guarantee 14-day refund window
Why We Picked It

Eyezy is one of the best apps for monitoring your spouse’s social media and messaging activity. Its standout feature is an AI-powered keyword tracking and alert feature. It also has an impressive Social Spotlight feature that lets you monitor up to 13 messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.


Eyezy’s social spotlight feature provides full monitoring access to as many as 13 messaging and social media apps. You can view direct messages, calls, emails, and even deleted messages.

But what sets it apart from other apps is the keyword tracker, which allows you to flag specific words and alerts you when your spouse uses them. Additionally, the screen recorder captures screenshots of your spouse’s activity, giving you an accurate picture of their online behavior.

Eyezy also provides real-time cell phone tracking, which shows your spouse’s exact location, and location history records past movements. Plus, the app offers a geofencing feature that sets a virtual boundary and notifies you if it is crossed.

Although the keylogging feature is available on mobile devices, keystroke capture, phone analyzer, and social spotlight are inaccessible on iOS without a jailbreak.

Pricing Plans

Eyezy offers a competitive pricing structure comparable to other spying apps. Its tiered subscription model features discounts based on the subscription length you choose.

Duration EyeZy Subscription Plan
1 Month $38.39/month
3 Months $22.39/month
12 Months $7.99/month

Eyezy provides a free demo version, allowing users to explore its functionalities before committing. This feature is complemented by a 14-day refund policy for unresolved technical issues.

Who It's Best for

Eyezy is best for users who want to monitor their spouse’s social activities, messages, and location in real-time. It stands out with its keyword alerts feature.

Pros pros

  • AI-powered keyword tracking with alerts
  • Geofencing is available
  • View deleted and hidden messages
  • Protected by bank-grade encryption
  • 24/7 customer support

Cons cons

  • Jailbreak or rooting may be required
  • Physical access to the target device is needed
  • Updates appear up to 15 minutes later

6. SpyBubble Pro — Best for Real-Time Tracking with Screenshots

SpyBubble logo

Starting Price Starting from $10.62/month
No. of Devices 1
Free Trial/Demo Demo
Money-back Guarantee 14-day refund window
Why We Picked It

SpyBubble Pro stands out as one of the best spouse trackers because it offers full access to multiple social media and messaging applications and efficiently reports screenshots.

Whether you’re trying to catch your spouse in the act or just monitor their mobile activities, SpyBubble Pro presents a comprehensive solution.


SpyBubble Pro is headlined by its unique Reporting by Screenshots feature. This feature sends real-time screenshots from your spouse’s phone, ensuring full transparency of their activities. This, combined with its stealth mode, guarantees anonymity while you monitor their actions.

The app offers access to a host of social media and messaging apps, although full access is limited for iOS users to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Users can view everything from direct messages to media files, supplemented by frequent screenshot updates that capture potentially hidden or deletable information.

Call tracking, email spying, and keylogging features are also available—though the keylogging feature is exclusive to Android. Additionally, SpyBubble Pro offers precise GPS tracking of current and past locations.

Pricing Plans

Spybubble Pro has a duration-based subscription plan. Here’s what you need to know:

Duration SpyBubble Pro
1 Month $42.49/month
3 Months $25.49/month
12 Months $10.62/month

Regardless of the payment plan, Spybubble Pro has all its general features available to users. You’ll also be eligible for a refund up to 14 days after purchase if your reasons align with the Refund Policy.

Who It's Best for

SpyBubble Pro’s features make it one of the best phone tracking apps for Android users who want full access to their spouse’s online activity. However, iPhone users may prefer spying apps that provide more features for iOS, such as mSpy.

Pros pros

  • Stealth mode
  • Easy one-click installation process
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No jailbreaking or rooting is required
  • Works on all devices

Cons cons

  • Limited features for iOS
  • Limited location tracking features
  • Keylogger only available on Android
  • Physical access to the target device is required for installation
SpyBubble Pro

7. Phonsee — Best for Precise GPS Location Tracking

Phonsee logo

Starting Price Starting from $8.85/month
No. of Devices 1
Free Trial/Demo Demo
Money-back Guarantee 14-day refund window
Why We Picked It

Phonsee is a user-friendly spouse monitoring app that is equipped with all the essential device tracking and monitoring capabilities for uncovering infidelity. The app’s stand-out feature is its advanced geolocation technology which provides pinpoint location information on target devices. It combines that with extensive communication and social media tracking, allowing users to discreetly monitor calls, messages, and media.


Phonsee offers an array of location-tracking features that provide highly accurate location data and route history to track exactly where your spouse has been. Its geofencing feature allows you to set virtual boundaries and receive instant alerts when those boundaries are crossed.

Its extensive suite of additional spying tools distinguishes Phonsee from other geo-trackers like Geofinder. Users can access social media and messaging details, view media, call logs, hidden activities, and track web usage, including browsing history. It also offers screen recordings, screenshots, and a keylogger feature for both iPhone and Android devices. And all these functions operate undetectably in Stealth Mode.

Pricing Plans

Phonsee provides a subscription plan similar to other spying apps, featuring discounted rates that vary based on the length of your subscription.

Duration Phonsee Subscription Plan
1 Month $42.51/month
3 Months $24.79/month
12 Months $8.85/month

Phonsee has a demo, but it’s quite limited and may not be enough to fully evaluate the app before subscribing. There is a 14-day refund policy, but it is conditional to Phonsee’s terms of use.

Who It's Best for

Phonsee is best for people looking for top-notch GPS tracking along with a comprehensive set of spying features at an affordable long-term price. It is also a solid choice for both Android and iPhone users.

Pros pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Keylogger for both Android and iPhone
  • Highly accurate GPS tracking
  • Stealth mode

Cons cons

  • Rooting may be required for Android
  • Lack of in-depth social media tracking features
  • Requires physical access to the target device

8. Geofinder — Best for Phone Number Location Tracking

Geofinder logo

Starting Price Starting from $1/day (paid trial)
No. of Devices Unlimited
Free Trial/Demo
Money-back Guarantee 14-day refund window
Why We Picked It

Geofinder is generally regarded as the best device location tracker on the market, and rightfully so. It offers precise location details for any device, whether Android or iOS, using just the phone number of the target device.

But that’s not all. Geofinder enhances its tracking capabilities with Wi-Fi monitoring, allowing you to see which network your spouse’s phone is connected to, and a VPN checker alerts you if your spouse uses a VPN to conceal their online activities.


Geofinder provides the best location-tracking features for discreet monitoring. It includes a Google Maps tracking feature that uses only a phone number to pinpoint your spouse’s location. A Wi-Fi tracker feature also provides details like the name and location of networks connected to your spouse’s device.

Its star feature is the ability to track your spouse’s device via SMS. All you need to do is send a text message with a URL to their phone number, which helps you retrieve accurate location data as soon as they click the link. This service can be used unlimited times to track any device.

Pricing Plans

Geofinder has a fixed monthly subscription rate with no offers for longer payment durations.

Duration Geofinder Premium Plan
1 Month $49.99

While the subscription fee is steeper than that of other apps that offer good geolocation features, when it comes to location tracking, Geofinder is as good as it gets. You also have a 14-day refund window from the time of purchase.

Who It's Best for

Geofinder is ideal for spouses who want to know exactly where their significant other is without needing physical access to the target device.

Pros pros

  • Anonymous tracking
  • Extremely accurate results
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited use
  • Compatible with any mobile device

Cons cons

  • Can be quite pricey for the limited features offered
  • Only useful for location tracking
  • Requires target device’s phone number

9. ClevGuard – Most Budget-friendly Cheating Spouse Tracker

Clevguard logo

Starting Price Starting from $4.17/month
No. of Devices ● Up to 3 devices on the individual plan
● Up to 20 devices on the family plan
Free Trial/Demo Demo
Money-back Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Why We Picked It

ClevGuard offers a full suite of essential tracking features at an affordable price, including GPS tracking and geofencing for both Android and iOS devices. With various packages tailored to different tracking needs, the app for couples provides versatile options to catch a cheating spouse. Apart from mobile, ClevGuard is one of the few options for desktop tracking.


ClevGaurd offers advanced social media monitoring capabilities, providing access to popular platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, and YouTube. Users can view direct messages, chat history, media, and contacts. In addition, with added security features like a keylogger for Android and regular screenshot updates, you can capture ephemeral content like vanishing messages and “view once” media.

The app also includes comprehensive call-monitoring features. You can access detailed contact information, track text messages with timestamps, view deleted messages and contacts, access all media files on the device, and secretly record up to 20 minutes of calls incoming and outgoing from your spouse’s phone.

For location tracking, ClevGaurd provides real-time updates via GPS or Wi-Fi, which offers substantial tracking capabilities, though less precise than tools like Geofinder or Phonsee. You can also set up a Geofence, which will alert you when your spouse crosses specified boundaries.

Pricing Plans

ClevGaurd offers discounted pricing plans tailored to your usage duration and specific needs.

Duration KidsGuard PlanKidsGaurd Pro Individual Plan
1 Month $9.99/month $39.99/month
3 Months $6.66/month $19.99/month
12 Months $4.17/month $9.16/month
  • KidsGuard Plan — This plan monitors just one Android device and offers basic web and app block functions, GPS tracking, screen-capture capabilities, browser history, and Geofences.
  • KidsGuard Pro Individual Plan — This plan comes with more advanced premium features like keylogging for Android users, GPS and Wi-Fi location tracking, social media monitoring, recording incoming and outgoing phone calls, and much more. You can also track up to 3 devices at an extra cost and pay for special app-specific monitoring features, like the Whatsapp tracker.

ClevGuard includes a demo feature, enabling you to test its key functionalities before committing to a subscription. If you’re unsatisfied with the product, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who It's Best for

ClevGaurd is great for Apple device users looking to keep tabs on their spouse. Its iCloud compatibility across iPhone, PC, or iMac devices means you can constantly keep up with your spouse’s activity, no matter their device.

Pros pros

  • Affordable pricing
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-end features like call recording and Geofencing
  • PC and Mac tracking

Cons cons

  • Offers only 24/5 customer service
  • Keylogger only available on Android
  • PC and Mac connectivity may require access to your target device
  • GPS tracker is not very accurate

The Best Cheating Spouse Monitoring Apps Compared

We’ve set up a comprehensive table highlighting their most prominent features to show you how these cheating spouse trackers compare.

Provider Name Free Version/Demo Cheapest Paid Plan Top Features Moneyback Guarantee
mSpy Demo $11.67/month Social media monitoring, Keylogger, Location tracker 14 days
Spynger $9.28/month Invisible mode, Keylogger, Location tracking, Geofencing 14 days
uMobix Demo $12.49/month Full remote control, Geo-tracker, Audio and video streaming 14 days
Scannero $0.89/day GPS/IP tracker, Cell phone tracking, Identity and background checks 14 days
Eyezy Demo $7.99/month Keyword tracking, Geofencing, Keylogger, Screen recording 14 days
SpyBubble Pro Demo $10.62/month Screenshot reporting, Stealth mode, GPS tracker 14 days
Phonsee Demo $8.85/month Location tracking, Geofencing, keylogging, screen recording 14 days
Geofinder $49.99/month Unlimited use, Location tracking, VPN checker, WiFi tracker 14 days
ClevGuard Demo $4.17/month Keylogging, Geofencing, Audio recording, WiFi location tracking 30 days

What are Cheating Spouse Tracker Apps?

Cheating spouse tracker apps are specialized spy software designed to gather data on the activities of a suspected unfaithful partner secretly. After installing the app on your partner’s phone, you’ll have access to their communication and phone’s real-time location. And while these apps have been ethically and legally criticized, many still use them to verify their spouse’s fidelity.

The best cheating partner tracker apps offer a range of fundamental monitoring features, including GPS trackers, access to text and call history, keylogging, social media monitoring, and deleted message recovery. Some apps, like uMobix, even enable users to remotely turn on the microphone or camera of their partner’s device, allowing you to listen in on conversations and record videos without their knowledge.

Do I Need an App to Catch a Cheating Partner?

While it’s perfectly normal to feel worried about your spouse’s loyalty, you must note that using a cheating spouse tracking app to track them will give you peace of mind at the expense of their trust and privacy. Legally, using apps to track your partner often conflicts with laws governing privacy rights and requires the other party’s consent.

However, if you still need concrete evidence for reassurance after careful consideration, the ideal spouse tracker depends on the type and amount of information you want. For full surveillance of your partner’s physical and online activities, including communication on all platforms and their live location details, a feature-rich app like mSpy would be appropriate. Conversely, a simpler app, like Geofinder, with a primary focus on GPS tracking, will suffice for location tracking.

How do Spouse Tracker Apps Work?

Spouse tracker apps function by collecting data from the target device. The software must have access to the device, either physically or remotely.

Most tracking apps require one-time physical access to the target device to install the app, especially for tracking iOS devices, where jailbreaking or rooting may be required. When the installation is complete, the app runs silently in the background, gathering all the data you need.

On the other hand, some apps do not rely on installations but use cell phone triangulation to track a device’s location with just a phone number. The platform sends a URL via SMS to your partner’s device, and once they click the link, you’ll be able to see their live location on your dashboard. Apps like Geofinder and Scannero apply this technology on their platforms.

What Can an App to Spy on My Spouse Show Me?

Apps designed to catch cheaters will typically provide intrusive details about their phone activity, allowing you to get undisputable proof of their infidelity. With these features, you can catch your cheating boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse without them knowing.

Key information you can get from a cheating spouse app include:

  • Real-time GPS location tracking and location history
  • Logs of incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, and contacts
  • Access to deleted messages and media
  • Access to social media interactions, history, and media
  • Browser history and internet usage

Free vs Paid Cheating Spouse Tracking Apps — Which is Best?

 With a free app, the core advantage is the lack of cost. However, you’ll forgo accuracy, versatility, and security.

Some of these free tracker apps are not discreet and can be detected. Plus, the data gathered can be questionable, and features are usually limited to the most basic tracking features. In addition, security can be compromised with free che apps, as they could potentially be malware designed to sell your data to third parties.

Paid tracking apps have the upper hand in this comparison, as they generally offer more reliable features that produce accurate data. They often include advanced features like audio streaming, access to deleted messages, geofencing, and full feature access. Paid apps also protect your data security by encrypting and storing collected information.

Though the upfront price can be daunting, paid tracking apps provide a comprehensive, reliable, and more secure solution for monitoring a cheating spouse.

How to Choose the Best Cheating Spouse Tracker App

Multiple factors must be considered before selecting the best cheating spouse tracker app for your unique needs. These factors will help you match your standards and circumstances with the appropriate software. They include:

Ease of UseDevice CompatibilityKey FeaturesSecurityValue for MoneyCustomer Support

Besides being easy to install and set up, the best phone monitoring app should have user-friendly interfaces and intuitive dashboards. This will help you navigate its features, access data, and manage settings without hassle.

To guarantee smooth operation, you must assess the device’s compatibility with the platform. While most spouse trackers support both Android and iOS devices, some are more compatible with Androids than iOS devices and vice versa. Some platforms, like SpyBubble Pro, allow you to check your device model’s compatibility with the platform before committing.

Your tracker app should at least have GPS tracking, access to texts and calls, and social media monitoring. But if you have a specific need, you must select the app that best solves it. For instance, uMobix’s audio streaming feature would be most suitable for users who want to listen in on their spouses’ conversations.

You must ensure that security measures have been implemented to protect the data recovered from your spouse’s phone. With this in mind, opt for tracking apps that offer data encryption, privacy protection, and secure storage features.

Evaluate the tracker app’s capabilities and performance, making sure they align perfectly with your needs and provide value for your money. Look for affordable plans that still offer the features you need and test out their features with demos or free trials.

Responsive and reliable customer support is a no-brainer when choosing any type of software. Good support will assist you with installation, troubleshooting, and any other technical difficulties you run into. So, ensure your chosen app has a reputation for providing 24/7 customer service.


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