The 10 Best Facebook Spy Apps in 2024 Compared

The best Facebook spy apps let you see everything the target user is doing on the app — their messages, the content they’re engaging in, and everything in between — all without being detected.

To help you choose, we’ve rounded up the market’s top Facebook tracker apps, ranking them based on factors like ease of use and value for money. We’ve also reviewed and compared them head-to-head to give you everything you need to make an informed decision.

Top 10 Facebook Spy Apps Ranked

We’ve tested and reviewed the most popular spy apps for Facebook. Here are the market’s top options ranked with a short outline of why they’ve made it into our top 10:

  1. mSpy — The best Facebook spy app overall, with great service and lots of features, including remote controls and site blocks.
  2. EyeZy — Affordable and easy-to-use spy app for Facebook, with a keylogger and comprehensive analytics on web activity.
  3. uMobix — Popular, reliable provider that offers screen recording and the ability to remotely disable devices.
  4. Cocospy — Leading no-jailbreak or root solution that’s easy to use and is strong for tracking social media app usage.
  5. Spyic — One of few to offer a decent range of plans for varying needs and budgets, including for families and businesses.
  6. Hoverwatch — Great Facebook spy solution for monitoring Windows and Mac (up to 25 devices) with screenshots.
  7. XNSpy — Advanced option that comes with keyword alerts and plenty of features, including camera and microphone control.
  8. KidsGuard — Great choice for social media parental control, tracking social media use and location data.
  9. iKeyMonitor — The best free spy app, with plenty of social tools available when you upgrade.
  10. TheOneSpy — Expensive but offers some of the best features, including the ability to record Facebook Messenger calls.

The Best Facebook Spyware Apps Compared

Here’s a quick head-to-head comparison of the market’s best spy apps for Facebook:

Spy App Cheapest Plan Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
mSpy $11.67/month 1 iOS, Android Demo 10-Day Refund Policy
EyeZy $7.99/month 1 iOS, Android Demo 14-Day Refund Policy
uMobix $12.49/month 1  iOS, Android, Demo 14-Day Refund Policy
Cocospy $12.49/month 1 iOS, Android Demo 60-Day Refund Policy
Spyic $8.33/month 1-25 iOS, Android Demo 60-Day Refund Policy
Hoverwatch $3.33/month 1-25 iOS, Android, Windows, Mac 3-Day Free Trial 7-Day Refund Policy
XNSpy $7.49/month 1 iOS, Android Demo 10-Day Refund Policy
KidsGuard $9.16/month 3 iOS, Android, Windows, Mac Demo 30-Day Refund Policy
iKeyMonitor $10/month 1 iOS, Android Free Plan 30-Day Refund Policy
TheOneSpy $15.42/month 1 iOS, Android, Windows, Mac Demo 14-Day Refund Policy

The Best Facebook Spying Apps Reviewed

To help you decide, we’ve reviewed each one in more detail below — including their key USPs and where we found they could use improvement. Weigh them up before making your choice.

1. mSpy — The Best Facebook Spy App Overall

mSpy-interface-best facebook spy apps

Cheapest Plan Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$11.67/month 1 iOS, Android, Tablets Demo 10-day refund policy

mSpy is easily the best tool to monitor someone’s Facebook activity, including their news feed and who they speak to through Facebook Messenger. We also found that it’s easiest to use.

Beyond all this, because it comes with a keylogger and screen recording capabilities, you can also see the target user’s Facebook friend requests, posts, and likes.

In fact, you’ll also see their Facebook browsing history. Of course, the features span beyond Facebook, letting you track their WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and native messaging applications.


Currently, mSpy has three pricing tiers that are the same for both Android and iOS. Here are the subscription options:

  • Monthly — $48.99/month
  • Quarterly — $23/month
  • Annual — $11.67/month


  • Easily monitor all Facebook communications
  • Lets you create custom keyword alerts
  • Can screen record to monitor a user’s Facebook feed
  • Top no jailbreak iPhone spy app


  • No free version

2. EyeZy — One of the Cheapest Facebook Tracker Apps

EyeZy-interface-best fb spy apps

Cheapest Plan Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$7.99/month 1 iOS, Android, Tablets Demo 14-day refund policy

EyeZy is incredibly popular. You can see every conversation (including the pictures sent) on Facebook Messenger. This is because, as with mSpy, EyeZy has a keylogger and screen recorder.

The difference is that EyeZy is cheaper and, in our experience, just as easy to use as mSpy. One thing we found worked well, in particular, was the keyword alerts.

Parents are now aware of how harmful Facebook’s algorithm can be, which is why many love how you can specify what words trigger notifications on your device when they’re inputted on Facebook or other apps and browsers.


EyeZy, as with mSpy and many of the other top Facebook tracking apps, offers one plan with 3 subscription options:

  • Monthly — $38.39/month
  • Quarterly — $22.39/month
  • Annual — $7.99/month


  • Affordable spy app for Facebook Messenger
  • Monitor Facebook Messenger from a simple control panel
  • Set up custom keyword alerts to monitor Facebook searches


  • The monthly plan is expensive

3. uMobix — Reliable + the Top Choice for Seeing Deleted Info

uMobix-interface-facebook spy app

Cheapest Plan Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$12.49/month 1 iOS, Android, Tablets Demo 14-day refund policy

uMobix is a spy app commonly used by parents, and like mSpy and EyeZy, it has a user-friendly control panel that lets you see everything at a glance.

You can view the conversations happening across social media apps, including Facebook, see their friends, liked pages, and even their news feed, as uMobix uses screenshots to capture the activity.

That said, one truly unique standout of uMobix is that it lets you see deleted information — and even contacts that are renamed. This makes it one of the best Tinder spy apps, as this is a common trick used by unfaithful spouses.


uMobix has three pricing options available to you:

  • Monthly — $49.99/month
  • Quarterly — $29.99/month
  • Annual — $12.49/month


  • Even lets you see deleted content
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use control panel
  • Competitive pricing point
  • Remote control for live recording of the user’s surroundings


  • Android monitoring lacks features

4. Cocospy — Top No-Jailbreak and Root Spy for Facebook

Cocospy fb spy app

Cheapest Plan Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$12.49/month 1 iOS, Android, Tablets Demo 14-day refund policy

Cocospy, despite us not finding anything truly unique in our testing, is a solid app for parents, and many use it because, unlike some, it doesn’t require jailbreak or rooting the device for full functionality.

With an easy setup, you’ll be able to see their Facebook messages along with any images — plus what they post and search for, but that’s it as it lacks a screen recorder and custom alerts.

This is true across all the popular social media apps, and as with all the top Facebook spying apps, you’ll also be able to track their calls, SMS messages, browser history, and location.


Cocospy has three pricing plans available, these are:

  • Monthly — $49.99/month
  • Quarterly — $29.99/month
  • Annual — $12.49/month


  • Offers all the basics
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Doesn’t require jailbreak/rooting


  • Limited monitoring features

5. Spyic — The Best Option to Monitor Multiple Devices

Spyic-interface-fb spy app

Cheapest Plan Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$8.33/month 1-25 iOS, Android, Tablets Demo 60-day refund policy

Spyic is unique in the sense that it offers a wide variety of plans for various needs and budgets — making it a better choice for families and businesses.

You’ll be able to see all messages and download photos, voice messages, and videos sent through Facebook Messenger — and similarly for all leading social media platforms.

Beyond this, there’s nothing truly unique — you can view their browser history and location, plus set up geo-fence alerts to get notified if or when they cross pre-determined boundaries you set.


Spyic has three plans available, which slightly differ for Android and iOS. Here are the plans for Android:

  • Basic — $8.33/month
  • Premium — $9.99/month
  • Family — $16.66/month

The iOS pricing starts at $10.83/month. It’s worth noting that unlike most of the spy apps reviewed here, Spyic’s plans don’t all include the same feature set.


  • The app is easy to use and navigate
  • All inbound and outbound messages timestamped
  • One of the best WhatsApp spy apps
  • Various plans for different budgets


  • Limited Facebook spying features

6. Hoverwatch — Great for Monitoring Windows and Mac

Hoverwatch spy app dashboard

Cheapest Plan Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$3.33/month 1-25 iOS, Android, Tablets, Windows, Mac 3-day free trial 7-day refund policy

Unlike most of the top Facebook spy tools, Hoverwatch works on mobile, Mac, and Windows devices. It allows you to monitor and save all messages (including group chats) from a Facebook account.

Although it lacks a keylogger, its screenshot capability achieves the same and lets you see their Facebook feed and what they search for. This is true for Telegram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram.

That said, we found it less useful than the best Instagram spy apps as it’s not great for capturing disappearing messages. However, one standout is that you can record calls, and it tracks SIM card changes.


Hoverwatch offers three plans, with different pricing available for different subscription lengths:

  • Personal — $8.33/month
  • Professional — $3.33/device/month (5 devices)
  • Business — $1.67/device/month (25 devices)


  • Accurate Facebook message-tracking features
  • Runs undetectable
  • Affordable plans available
  • One of the best Android spy apps
  • The top option for covering multiple devices on one plan


  • Not as many Facebook tracking features as other apps

7. XNSpy — Affordable With Advanced Features

xnspy spy app

Cheapest Plan Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$7.49/month 1 iOS, Android, Tablets, Windows, Mac Demo 10-day refund policy

XNSpy is a comprehensive FB spy app. Not only does it let you monitor messages, but you’ll also see their feed, the ads they see, and everything in between with the screen recorder.

It’s also popular for parents as you can block or set usage restrictions on any app on the target device — including Facebook, plus you can set up keyword alerts for Facebook Messenger.

Given the price point, you get a lot of value for money with XNSpy. In fact, you can even remotely activate the device’s camera and microphone to get live insight into their surroundings.


XNSpy, unlike most, has similar pricing to Spyic, where there’s a Basic and Premium plan with varying features. There’s also the option to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The Basic plan doesn’t let you monitor Facebook, so you’re looking at $7.49/month with an annual subscription, $19.99/month if you pay quarterly, or $35.99 monthly.


  • Impressive Facebook spy features
  • Keyword alerts work well
  • Lets you tap into the device’s surroundings


  • Short 10-day refund period

8. KidsGuard — Great Choice for Social Media Parental Control


Cheapest Plan Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$9.16/month 3 iOS, Android, Windows, Mac Demo 30-day refund policy

KidsGuard is a parental control app that offers various solutions — this includes mobile or desktop monitoring and even individual packages for WhatsApp tracking, for example.

The mobile version has features for monitoring Facebook Messenger chats with the keylogger, their news feed (with either screenshots or the screen recorder), and even listening in on phone calls.

You can also set up keyword alerts to get notified if your loved one is using words you find to be a “red flag,” and even lets you activate the device’s camera and microphone remotely.


KidsGuard, unlike the majority of spy apps, has numerous plans. Below’s what you can expect to pay for mobile and tablet monitoring:

  • Monthly — $39.99/month
  • Quarterly — $19.99/month
  • Annual — $9.16/month


  • Lots of Facebook monitoring features
  • The app is specifically designed for parental control
  • Flexible pricing options


  • Dashboard UI/UX could be improved

9. iKeyMonitor — Top Choice for Basic Free Parental Control


Cheapest Plan Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$10/month 1 iOS, Android, Windows, Mac Free plan 30-day refund policy

iKeyMonitor is generally considered the best free spy app or parental control solution, however, this is not the case in terms of Facebook spying, as the free version doesn’t offer this.

We’d advise testing it for free and then upgrading if you’re happy with the tool. This will unlock the keylogger, screengrabbing capabilities, call recording, and the ability to block apps.

That said, one disappointing factor we noted is that the premium versions require a minimum of 25 devices — the next best option is to opt to pay for add-ons which cost $16.66/month.


iKeyMonitor has three pricing options available:

  1. A limited free plan
  2. $9.99 for 3 days of access to the full app
  3. $16.66/month for full access to the app


  • Good range of Facebook monitoring features
  • Free plan available
  • The full version of the app is affordable


  • UI/UX could be improved
  • $10/month plan requires 25 devices

10. TheOneSpy — Premium Spy App With a High Price Tag 


Cheapest Plan Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$15.42/month 1 iOS, Android, Windows, Mac Yes 14-day refund policy

TheOneSpy is one of the few to offer support for desktop devices as well as mobile. With it, you can view messages, voice, video, and image files and even record Facebook Messenger calls.

This is incredibly unique for a spy app. It gets better, though. It also lets you record the target user’s screen and set how long you want it to do this, or instead use screenshots.

It’s also a popular girlfriend spy app (or boyfriend), as it lets you see the passwords used on the device, and you can get live insight into their surroundings by remotely activating the mic and camera.


TheOneSpy has different pricing and plans for Android, iOS, Desktop, and Mac app versions. Here are the cheapest yearly subscriptions:

  • Android — $15.42/month
  • iOS/Mac — $55.01/month
  • Windows — $40.01/month

There’s also a $6.25/month plan for mobile, but this doesn’t include Facebook monitoring, and it lacks most of the features you’d need for complete peace of mind.


  • Wide range of features to spy on a Facebook account
  • The app works on a wide range of devices
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


  • Slight learning curve

Why Use a Facebook Spy Tool?

The most prominent reason people use a Facebook spy tool is for parental control. With these apps, parents can see what their child is using it for, who they’re talking to, and what they’re looking at.

This is becoming a necessity, considering that Facebook has some of the highest rates of child safety instances — whether it be cyberbullying, sexual content, or predation.

That said, in order to monitor a device, it’s important to note that in most instances, you’ll need to seek the consent of the device owner — unless it’s your child’s device, who’s a minor.

How Do Facebook Tracking Apps Work?

Once a Facebook tracker is installed on the target user’s device, it’ll disguise itself and sync the device’s activity to the app’s dashboard, where you can see everything happening in real-time.

This includes messages, what they post, and screenshots of the activity. In fact, some will even show you their friend requests, pages they like and follow, and their search history on the app.

All of this is vital considering that, not long ago, Facebook was found to be responsible for a whopping 20.3 million (94% of the total) referrals of child sexual abuse material.

Do I Need Physical Access to the Target Phone?

Every legitimate Facebook spy app requires physical access to the target phone for at least a few minutes. Once this is done, you can remotely spy on Facebook.

This is especially true for Android devices, however, even with iPhone spy apps, although you really only need the user’s iCloud credentials, their device will get a 2FA notification.

So, regardless of the device, you’ll need physical access for a couple of minutes for the installation. We’d strongly caution against opting for an app that advocates otherwise.

Free Facebook Spy Apps Vs. Paid

There’s no doubt that paid ones work better than free spy apps — most legitimate free ones only offer basic monitoring of calls and SMS messages.

Beyond this, it’s worth cautioning our readers against using an app that advertises itself as completely free. These apps are known to 1) not work and 2) sell your data or infect your device.

Overall, if you’re looking for a Facebook Messenger spy app — premium or even cheap solutions like EyeZy are the way to go. Plus, most offer free demos and money-back guarantees.

How to Spy On Someone’s Facebook Activity

In this section, we’ll give you an overview of how to use a Facebook spy app. For this example, we’ve used mSpy, but we found that the process is largely the same for others.

1. Create An mSpy Account

Head to mySpy’s website and create an account. All you need to do is provide your email address; alternatively, you can provide your Google credentials to register your account.


2. Choose Which Device You’ll be Monitoring

The next stage is to select the type of device you’ll be monitoring. Most spy apps can monitor Android and iOS devices; some can monitor Windows and Mac computers.


3. Select Your Plan

Select and choose the type of plan you’d like to subscribe to. Most Facebook spying solutions don’t have a free trial, so you’ll need to commit to a paid plan to use the app.

4. Finalize Your Purchase and Installation

After you complete the checkout, mSpy will send you a confirmation email containing your order details, link to the Control Panel, username, password, and steps to install the app.

No root access is required for the mSpy installation, just follow the instructions and remember to give the app the relevant permissions so it can function properly.

5. Begin Monitoring Facebook

When you’ve installed and set up the app, your Control Dashboard should look like this. You can now begin tracking the target device.

Facebook spying with mSpy

Conclusion – What’s the Best Facebook Spy App in 2024?

Whether you want to see what the target user is saying, posting, their connections, or even if you’re after a Facebook Ads spy — our list has a solution for every budget.

We recommend mSpy for Facebook spying and beyond — including seeing their browser history and live location — it offers screen recording, so absolutely nothing will go unnoticed.

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