The 8 Best Free Spy Apps for 2023 Tested and Compared

The best free spy apps let you track target devices remotely, monitoring location, messages, calls, and social media apps. These apps are ideal if you want to monitor your teenage kid, keep track of a spouse, or follow your employees while they’re on the job. You can even access target devices remotely to limit the usage of certain apps.

However, with so many spy apps available, it’s difficult to pick one that’s safe to use. Don’t worry, though, we’ve made that easy for you. We’ve found and tested the 8 best free spy apps based on criteria like pricing, security, free trials, and money-back guarantees offered. Dig in and learn why apps like, SpyStealth, and FlexiSPY are amongst the best in the business.

The Top 8 Free Spy Apps in 2023

Here’s a sneak peek into what our top picks for the best free spy app have to offer. This will help you get an idea of what’s to come in the detailed reviews:

  1. — Overall, the best free spy app with an easy-to-use location tracker tool that doesn’t require any installation. All you’re going to need is a phone number to find the location.
  2. SpyStealth — Popular Android and iPhone spy app free for seven days with a class-leading instant activity alert that informs you when the target user does something you don’t allow, like using profanity in a message.
  3. FlexiSPY — The best call-tracking spy app that’s completely free for 24 hours. You can use the call interception feature to eavesdrop on a live call between two people without them finding out.
  4. KidsGuard Pro — Must-have spy app for protecting your kids from bullies and dangers, with its “record surroundings” feature – you can remotely turn on the phone’s microphone and record all the sounds in the background.
  5. Qustodio — The best free-forever spy app, which is class-leading when it comes to compatibility with different device types, including Kindle. It also comes with a Safe Search mode for your kids.
  6. ESET — One of the few truly free-forever spy apps, which is highly recommended if you’re looking for extra cybersecurity features besides standard monitoring. It delivers best when used in combination with the Smart Security Premium plan.
  7. Norton Family — Ideal for limiting your kids’ screen time. Also, it provides you with email reports on searches and activity so you can provide comprehensive supervision.
  8. FamiSafe — The best parental spy app to keep an eye on teenagers, thanks to features like detailed driving reports for every trip. You can also detect suspicious photos on the target device.

Are Free Spying Apps Safe?

All the free spying apps on our list are safe to use and are great for getting started. They’ve been handpicked after careful scrutiny of their features and trustworthiness.

However, it’s best to stay away from apps that only offer a free solution, as these may belong to unscrupulous providers who are actually running data mining centers and selling your data online.

Look for platforms that offer paid solutions along with free ones. These apps use subscription income to strengthen their security framework. Moreover, they offer a free plan to allow potential users to test their platforms before they move on to a paid subscription.

This is why all our recommended platforms offer a paid plan, and most of their free plans are essentially free trials that allow you to try out the service before committing.

The Best Free Spy Phone Apps Compared

Here’s a comprehensive table highlighting the key differences between the top phone spy apps so you can compare them side by side before making a purchase decision:

Best Free Spy Apps Cheapest Paid Plan Free Version Top 3 Features Money Back Guarantee $39.99/month 2-day trial for $1 – WiFi tracking
– No installation required
– Works with all smartphone models
14 days
SpyStealth $24.95/month 7-day trial and demo – Remote phone control
– Geofencing
– Activity alerts
14 days
FlexiSPY $29.95/month for Android and iPhone 24-hour trial – Call interception
– Dating app tracking
– Social media call recording
No duration specified for refund policy
KidsGuard Pro $9.16/month (annual) Free demo – Surround recording
– Screenshots + screen recording
– Tracks popular social media apps
30 days
Qustodio $4.55/month (annual) Free-forever plan and 3-day trial – Works with Kindle
– Emergency panic button
– Safe Search mode for kids
30 days
ESET $1.43/month (annual) Free-forever plan and 30-day trial – Time limits on apps
– Child locator
– Full activity reports
30 days
Norton Family $4.17/month (annual) 30-day trial – Website blocking
– Screen time limit
– App supervision
60 days (annual subscriptions), 14 days (monthly subscriptions)
FamiSafe $4.99/month (annual) 3-day trial – Driving reports
– Suspicious photo detection
– Set custom tracking rules
7 days

Top 8 Free Spy Apps Tested – Review

Eager to zero in on the best free spy app for your needs? Read on as we’ll now discuss each of our top picks in detail, including their best features, pros and cons, and pricing. Ready?

1. — Overall, the Best Free Spy App with Phone Number-Based Tracking

A screenshot of's home page.

Cheapest Paid Plan Free Version Top 3 Features Money Back Guarantee
$39.99/month 2-day trial for $1 – WiFi tracking
– No installation required
– Works with all smartphone models
14 days is the best free app on our list to help you find the location of a phone using just the individual’s mobile number. The best part about this app is you don’t have to go through the trouble of installing the app on the target phone.

You can just log into your account, enter the number, and hit “Find.” The recipient will receive an SMS with the tracking link, which you can customize. This is the main reason why GEOfinder has secured the top spot on our list, eclipsing even completely free solutions.

The platform, like most reputed spy apps, isn’t fully gratis. However, you can easily test it out for two days by shelling out a mere $1 – better than a completely free service from a questionable provider that will put the security of your device at risk.

Once the target clicks on the link, you’ll receive the live location of the target device. This tool works on every type of phone, regardless of the operating system, brand, or current mobile network status. It also has a traditional GPS tracker, where you can use a device’s GPS to track its location.

You can also track a target phone’s WiFi connections at any time. This will tell you what type of network the phone is connected to and the name and location of the network, along with activity timestamps. You can also get information about a device’s IP address with the IP Logger.

On top of that, the VPN checker tool gives you information about hidden networks. You can use it to keep an eye on your kids and ensure that they aren’t hiding inappropriate activity behind a VPN service. Given all these tools, many rate this as the best spy app for iPhone that’s near free of charge.


  • Doesn’t require physical access to the target device
  • No installation process to go through
  • VPN and WiFi trackers available
  • Location tracked just by using the target phone’s phone number


  • Limited tracking features

2. SpyStealth — Best Free Tracking App for Android and iPhone, with Custom Alerts

Various devices showing SpyStealth's dashboard.

Cheapest Paid Plan Free Version Top 3 Features Money Back Guarantee
$24.95/month 7-day trial and demo – Remote phone control
– Geofencing
– Activity alerts
14 days

SpyStealth is one of the best phone tracking tools for Android and iPhone devices. You can register for free and use its free demo along with its seven-day free trial to gauge its suitability for your needs.

It has a lot more features than GEOfinder, but the one that stood out the most for us was its real-time alerts. It’s not possible for anyone to track the target device 24/7 – so SpyStealth provides an “Alert” feature to keep you updated on important events, as decided by you.

For instance, if you’ve flagged profanity under the alert section, you’ll be notified every time the user types in a relevant term, which makes it a great tool for parents. Similarly, if you have the geofencing feature turned on, it’ll let you know every time the target user leaves the designated area.

Geofencing is another remarkable feature offered by SpyStealth. It lets you create a virtual boundary on the map surrounding the target device – and if they cross that boundary, you’ll be alerted.

There are also a lot of other useful tracking features. For example, Gmail Tracking will keep a tab on all incoming and outgoing emails. It also has a unique top ten report feature that gives you a sneak peek into the most frequently used calls, texts, emails, and sites visited by the target device.

Plus, SpyStealth offers comprehensive multimedia tracking that lets you monitor photos on the target device.

You also get remote control over the phone, so you can remotely lock and unlock the device. For instance, if you want the target user to focus on their work, simply lock their phone. This works great for keeping an eye on your teen kids or your employees to ensure they’re focusing on their work.

It’s also possible to remotely access deleted history and stored contacts and to be notified if the user changes their SIM card.


  • Access deleted items
  • Remote control over the device
  • Free upgrades and tech support 24/7
  • Real-time alerts on specified activities
  • Best free spy app for Android


  • Installation process can be slightly tricky if you try it on your own

3. FlexiSPY — Free Spy App with Great Call Tracking Features

A screenshot of FlexiSPY's dashboard.

Cheapest Paid Plan Free Version Top 3 Features Money Back Guarantee
$29.95/month for Android and iPhone 24-hour trial – Call interception
– Dating app tracking
– Social media call recording
No duration specified for refund policy

FlexiSPY is fully free, although only for the first 24 hours. It works with a wide variety of devices that include not just Androids and iPhones but also iPads and PCs. Whether you want to know the whereabouts of your kids, partner, or employees, you’ll be able to track them without worrying about the type of device they’re carrying.

We loved the call tracking features, which are much more diverse than anything we’ve seen before. For instance, there’s a call interception feature that lets you eavesdrop on a live call between two people.

If you can’t listen to a call live, FlexiSPY also lets you record it for later. While many other phone tracking apps only track sim-to-sim calls, FlexiSPY lets you record social media calls as well. This includes calls made over Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Hangouts, Line, WhatsApp and more.

You’ll also get a call notification letting you know in advance before a call is made or received so you can prepare to record or listen.

FlexiSPY is also one of the best Tinder spy apps, covering a wide range of dating apps like OkCupid, Badoo, and Bumble.

It’s a great way to keep your underage kids from dating or to keep an eye on your partner. All the messages, new matches, and media transferred through messages will be directly reported to you through the dashboard.

The platform will also give you a lot more control over how the “FlexiSPY” app itself appears on the target device. You can choose to keep it or hide it from plain view, and it’ll run just as well when it’s hidden. If you do decide to keep it visible, you can set a command to prevent the target user from deleting it.


  • Free updates available
  • Lets you eavesdrop on live calls
  • Efficiently tracks a number of popular dating apps
  • Call recording is available across a variety of social media platforms


  • Some users find the installation process to be a little lengthy

4. KidsGuard Pro — Ideal for Tracking the Activity of Your Kids, with Exceptional Surroundings Recording

A screenshot of KidsGuard Pro's dashboard.

Cheapest Paid Plan Free Version Top 3 Features Money Back Guarantee
$9.16/month (annual) Free demo – Surroundings recording
– Screenshots + screen recording
– Tracks popular social media apps
30 days

KidsGuard Pro, as the name suggests, is exclusively designed for parental control. And just like FlexiSPY, it works on both smartphones and PCs. There’s a free demo on offer, which will give you a real-life feel of how the tool works so that you can ultimately decide whether you want to purchase it or not.

Starting with the basics, the Pro product gives you 100% control over your kid’s phone. You can secretly read their messages and check their browser history, call history, social media activity, and many other details.

KidsGuard Pro covers a wide range of social media apps popular with teens, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Viber, Telegram, and so on.

The best feature of KidsGuard Pro is surroundings recording, a must-have tool for parents. This feature lets you remotely track your kid’s surroundings.

You can turn on the microphone remotely and record all the audio in the background, or you can turn on the camera and take pictures of the surroundings. This tool will be immensely helpful in protecting your kids from bullies and ensuring they aren’t skipping class.

To protect them from online predators, use the screen recording and screenshot feature. This lets you remotely handle the phone camera. Click pictures, videos, and screenshots without your kids knowing and have them immediately sent over to your dashboard.

Another useful feature that helps with tracking your kids’ online activity is the Keyword Alert feature. It basically lets you select words that you find inappropriate. So the next time your kids use it (whether on a message or browser search), you’ll get an instant email alert.


  • 100% safe and encrypted
  • Lets you record the target device’s surroundings
  • Take screenshots and screen recordings discreetly
  • One of the best Facebook spy apps to track your kids


  • Some users have concerns about excess battery consumption

5. Qustodio — Parental Control App That Even Works on Kindle

A screenshot of Qustodio's web browsing timeline.

Cheapest Paid Plan Free Version Top 3 Features Money Back Guarantee
$4.55/month (annual) Free-forever plan and 3-day trial – Works with Kindle
– Emergency panic button
– Safe Search mode for kids
30 days

Qustodio is one of the very few spy apps to offer a free-forever plan. It’s trusted by over 6 million parents worldwide, and along with the usual devices, such as phones and PCs, Qustodio also works on Kindle – the online reading device/app by Amazon.

Although reading is a great habit to encourage in your kids, it’s also important to keep a check on what kind of content they’re reading.

The best thing about Qustodio is its Safe Search mode. Instead of manually finding and filtering out inappropriate content for your kids, you can simply use the Safe Search feature, which works more or less like the kid-friendly mode on Netflix and YouTube – it only shows content that is safe for minors.

If you don’t want to be this extreme, you can simply use the web filtering feature to pick and remove only those websites that you find unfit for your kids. It’s definitely a lot more work, but at least you’ll have more control over what your kids see, and your kids will have more choices at the same time.

If a site or app is already blocked and your kids still try to access it, you’ll receive a notification. This way, you’ll know what things they’re curious about, and you can talk about it at home.

The Panic button is another major attraction. It lets your kids send instant alerts to you with a click of a button if they are in danger and calling/texting isn’t an option.

Just like Norton Family, Qustodio also lets you set screen time limits. You can restrict screen time for certain apps and games alone or for the entire device altogether. If you’re worried about their internet addiction, you can also simply pause the internet instead of locking the device.

It’s worth noting that the free-forever plan misses out on some very important features, including location tracking, calls & message monitoring, the much-revered Panic button, and more. To try them out risk-free, you can sign up for Qustodio’s 3-day free trial.


  • Free-forever plan for basic usage
  • Safe Search mode to keep your kids away from inappropriate content
  • Panic button allows your kids to reach out to you in emergencies
  • Custom screen time monitoring
  • Set tailor-made alerts on your kids accessing blocked sites


  • Panic button is only available on Android

6. ESET — Complete Cyber Protection Platform with a Free-Forever Parental Control Solution

A screenshot of Eset's home page.

Cheapest Paid Plan Free Version Top 3 Features Money Back Guarantee
$1.43/month (annual plan) Free-forever plan and 30-day trial – Time limits on apps
– Child locator
– Full activity reports
30 days

ESET is primarily an antivirus software provider, but it also has a product for parental control over Android devices. It comes with a generous free plan loaded with useful features like the ability to set time limits for apps, generate app usage reports, and block unsolicited websites and content, among others.

You can decide how much screen time they get and how much time they individually spend – for free.

Along with the free plan, you’ll also get a 30-day free trial for the premium plan that gives you access to its premium features without putting any money on the table. These include a location tracker, geofencing, web filtering, and a safe search mode.

The free plan is relatively limited, while the premium version doesn’t provide quite as many features as the other tools on our list. That’s why we recommend using ESET in combination with its extra security products. After all, your kids don’t just need control – they also need protection.

The ESET Smart Security Premium plan offers military-grade encryption and phishing protection. Together, they prevent personal details from your child’s phone from leaking and also shield them against fraudulent websites.

It also comes with a password manager. Kids aren’t the best at remembering passwords, so having a password manager means you’ll save them the trouble of recreating passwords every time they forget. It also ensures you have shared access to all their online accounts.

All in all, the parental control app, in solidarity, is quite decent if you’re not looking for an all-out solution, and if you are, we recommend going for the Security Premium plan or any one of the more complete tools mentioned above.


  • One of the few completely free spy apps
  • Daily web usage reports
  • Safe Search mode for restricted browsing
  • Security Premium plan comes with one of the best password managers


  • Recommended for use in in conjunction with ESET cybersecurity products

7. Norton Family — Popular Parental Control App with Robust App Supervision

A screenshot of Norton Family's parental control notifications.

Cheapest Paid Plan Free Version Top 3 Features Money Back Guarantee
$4.17/month (annual) 30-day trial – Website blocking
– Screen time limit
– App supervision
60 days (annual subscriptions), 14 days (monthly subscriptions)

Norton Family is a highly renowned phone spying app designed for parental control. It’s essentially free for the first 30 days, thanks to a 30-day free trial. It will help your kids be online and have their freedom while allowing you to protect and keep them in line at the same time.

For instance, you can set screen time limits on their device to prevent them from getting addicted to the screen. This limit can be said for particular days of the week, duration of the day, or both. Doing so will not only boost their health and development but also ensure they’re focused on their school work.

Sometimes, your kids might need access to their devices during study time for legitimate reasons. In that case, you sign up to get email reports on their searches and activity. In addition to that, you can also use the Supervise Web Use.

This feature lets you check what sites your kids are visiting, and if you find them inappropriate, you can block them immediately.

There’s a similar feature for apps, too, known as App Supervision. This feature tells you about the apps your kids download so you can check whether they are appropriate or not.

You’ll also be able to check what your kids are searching online. So you can stop them before they come across an inappropriate website or app.

What’s more, with the School Time feature, you can also create a specific list of websites that are needed for school along with a custom block list for other sites so that your kids can safely browse the internet without falling for distractions.


  • Location tracking available
  • Access the target’s search history
  • Set screen time limits for your kids
  • Manage your kid’s access to websites and apps


  • Very focused on browser activity, not on social media apps or device monitoring

8. FamiSafe — Ideal to Keep Track of Your Teen Kids’ Driving Data

A screenshot of a device showing FamiSafe's screentime and app tracking feature.

Cheapest Paid Plan Free Version Top 3 Features Money Back Guarantee
$4.99/month (annual) 3-day trial – Driving reports
– Suspicious photo detection
– Set custom tracking rules
7 days

FamiSafe is a great tool to keep an eye on teenagers. Unlike toddlers and pre-teens, who are okay with giving up some degree of control over their devices, teens don’t prefer anyone barging into their personal space. As a parent, though, if you want to ensure they are safe, FamiSafe has just the right tools for you.

For instance, it lets you track their driving habits. Teens, as new drivers, are more prone to making mistakes. So, FamiSafe gives you a detailed report on their driving history for every trip.

In this report, you’ll be able to check their top speed, average speed, total distance driven, and much more. Using this data, you help them build healthy driving habits. It also tells you about the conversation your kids have with their AI assistant in the course of their day.

The reason you need this feature despite a separate web search history is that sometimes people, especially kids and teens, just talk to their phone assistants – plain, simple conversations. So, you need to ensure they aren’t using disrespectful language.

In addition to that, if you want to know what kind of images your kids are capturing or receiving, use the ”Detect Suspicious Photos” tool. It’ll automatically dig out inappropriate images and alert you. Then, you can choose whether to remotely delete it or confront your kid first.

The three-day free trial, although shorter than some, is still good enough for temporary tracking. Whether it’s driving reports, TikTok app history, or geofencing, along with location history, you can see the updates of the current day – though it can’t access data from previous days.

If you’d like to maintain a log, switch to one of its paid plans, starting from a super affordable $4.99 per month on the annual plan.


  • Available in 190+ countries
  • Lets you turn on the Safe Search restricted browsing mode for your kids
  • Provides you with a detailed driving report for the target user


  • Unlike Norton Family, doesn’t let your kids request access to blocked sites

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Free Spy App

Choosing a free spy app can be difficult, given the number of options available. Here are a few things to consider, whether you’re looking for free spy apps for iPhone or free Android spy tools.

Choose a Reputable Provider

Spy apps often collect sensitive personal data from the target device, which can be prone to online leaks. That’s why it is important to choose a provider like the ones on our list with a clean track record.

Consider Price to Scale When Needed

Sure, you’re only looking for a free spy app at the moment. But you do have to consider the price of the platform’s paid plan in case you want to scale up. Although useful, free plans and trails are only good enough to test the platform and for small-scale usage.

If you want advanced features like geolocation, environment recording, and so on, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan. And, in that case, the price should not be a hindrance.

Ease of Use

A spy app should be easy to use and install on the target device. Plus, it should have an intuitive and easy-to-understand dashboard with comprehensive information on all tracking metrics, such as calls, messages, and location details.

All of our recommended spy apps offer hassle-free operation with customer support just right around the corner in case you face any issues.

Feature-to-Price Ratio

Feature-to-price refers to the value of services you get for the price you pay – but the paid plans shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

For example, if you only want to track your child’s location and messages, the cheapest plan of your provider should be able to accommodate your needs without you having to pay a huge subscription fee.

That said, if you want the best girlfriend spy apps, you should consider you’ll generally only get as much as you pay for.

Money-Back Guarantees

Money-back guarantees depict a provider’s confidence in their own product. A spy app willing to offer a money-back guarantee is more likely to be legit than those that don’t.

All of the providers mentioned in our list offer some money-back guarantee ranging from 7-60 days. If you face any issues during this time, the provider will cancel your subscription and refund your money.

Free Version Limitations

Let’s face it – free versions do not offer the whole range of features a spy app has under its belt. The free plans or even the free trials, in some instances, impose certain limitations on the degree or time of usage.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that the free plan offers features that you actually need. Otherwise, there is little point in the tool offering a free version in the first place. For instance, Qustodio’s location monitoring feature – one of the main draws of a spy app – isn’t available on its free plan. Ooty

Other Spy Guides We Recommend Reading Next

Having covered the best free spy apps, here are some other comprehensive and well-researched guides from our network that will help you find the best spy apps for your specific use case:

How to Use a Free App to Track a Phone Without Them Knowing

Wondering how to use a free spy app? Read on as we’ll guide you through using

Step 1. Log in to your account

Visit the official page and log in using your credentials. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one within minutes with some basic details.

A screenshot of's sign in screen.

Step 2. Enter the phone number you want to track

After you’ve logged in, enter the phone number of the target device you want to track. You can choose from a long list of countries that GEOfinder works in. Then, select the message to be sent to the target device.

A screenshot of asking to input a number to be tracked.

Step 3. Send the message and view the location

Once you send the message, which contains the tracking link, you’ll be able to see the location of the device when the recipient clicks on the link.

Don’t worry, you can send the message anonymously and as many times as you want – so you really can get a free app to track a phone without them knowing. Remember, though, you’ll need the individual’s consent unless you’re tracking your own child, aged under 18.

Conclusion — What is the Best Free Spy App to Use in 2023?

Our list of the best free spy apps has everything you need. From free location trackers to comprehensive free trials that let you test out all the premium features a spy app has to offer – you can choose one for your needs.

However, after our careful analysis, deserves to be your top choice, no matter what you’re looking for in a spy app.

With its two-day $1 trial, you can anonymously track the location of as many target devices as you want with just their phone number – there’s no need for physical device access as there’s no installation needed.

The other tracking features it offers, including a VPN checker and WiFi tracker, are great offerings, which are difficult to find elsewhere and serve as perfect additions. Try it out now.

Free Spy App FAQs

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