The Best Free Spy Apps for 2024 Tested & Compared

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Why Trust Techopedia

The best free spy apps with free demos or trial periods can give spouses, parents, and employers peace of mind. They let you remotely monitor target devices, including calls, social media activity, and locations, among other details.

Finding the best phone spy apps that are safe to use and free is hard, though. In this guide, we’ve ranked and compared the top options based on factors like free versions, including free-forever plans, trials, guarantees, demos, value for money, and the features on offer.

The 3 Best Free Spy Apps for 2024

Here’s our selection of the top spy apps that you can start using for free right away. Read on to learn about their key features, pros and cons, and pricing plans if you choose to upgrade to a paid subscription.

1. Qustodio — Best Free Spy App for Multiple Devices (Free-Forever Plan)

1. Qustodio — Best Free Spy App for Multiple Devices (Free-Forever Plan)

A screenshot of Qustodio's web browsing timeline.

Cheapest Paid Plan $4.55/month (annual)
Free Version Free-forever plan and 3-day trial
Top Features Works with Kindle, emergency panic button, Safe Search mode for kids
Money Back Guarantee 30-day refund policy

Qustodio is one of the very few best free spy apps to offer a free-forever plan. It’s trusted by over 6 million parents, and in addition to the usual devices, Qustodio also works on Kindle devices.

Although reading is a great habit to encourage your kids, it’s also important to keep a check on what kind of content they’re reading. The best thing about Qustodio is its Safe Search mode. Instead of manually filtering out inappropriate content, you can use this, which works like the kid-friendly mode on Netflix and YouTube.

If a site or app is already blocked and your kids still try to access it, you’ll receive a notification. This way, you’ll know what things they’re curious about, and you can talk about it at home.

The Panic button is another major attraction. It lets your kids send you instant alerts with a click of a button if they’re in danger, and calling or text messages isn’t an option.

Like Norton Family, Qustodio also lets you set screen time limits. You can restrict screen time for certain apps and games alone or for the entire device.


  • Free-forever plan for basic usage
  • Safe Search mode to keep your kids away from inappropriate content
  • The panic button allows your kids to reach out to you in emergencies
  • Custom screen time monitoring
  • Set tailor-made alerts on your kids accessing blocked sites


  • The panic button is only available on Android
2. ESET — Reliable Free Spy App For Parental Control (Free-Forever Plan)

2. ESET — Reliable Free Spy App For Parental Control With Generous Free Plan

A screenshot of Eset's home page.

Cheapest Paid Plan $1.43/month (annual plan)
Free Version Free-forever plan and 30-day trial
Top Features Time limits on apps, child locator, full activity reports
Money Back Guarantee 30-day refund policy

ESET is primarily an antivirus software provider, but it also has a product for Android parental control. It comes with a generous free plan loaded with useful features like the ability to:

  • Set time limits for apps
  • Generate app usage reports, and
  • Block unsolicited websites and content

You can decide how much screen time they get and how much time they individually spend – for free. Along with the free plan, you’ll also get a 30-day free trial for the premium plan.

This will give you access to the GPS location tracker, geofencing, web filtering, and a safe search mode. The free plan is relatively limited, while the premium plan doesn’t offer as many features as other tools.

That said, it also comes with a password manager. All in all, the parental control app is decent if you’re not looking for an all-out solution.


  • One of the few completely free spy apps
  • Daily web usage reports
  • Safe Search mode for restricted browsing
  • Security Premium plan comes with one of the best password managers


  • Recommended for use in conjunction with ESET cybersecurity products
3. FamiSafe — Best for Tech-Savvy Families With Teenagers (3-Day Free Trial)

3. FamiSafe — Best for Tech-Savvy Families With Teenagers (3-Day Free Trial)

A screenshot of a device showing FamiSafe's screentime and app tracking feature.

Cheapest Paid Plan $4.99/month (annual)
Free Version 3-day trial
Top Features Driving reports, suspicious photodetection, set custom tracking rules
Money Back Guarantee 7-day refund policy

FamiSafe is a great tool for monitoring teenagers. Unlike toddlers and preteens, who are okay with giving up some degree of control over their devices, teens want their privacy. As a parent, if you want to ensure their safety, FamiSafe has just the right tools for you.

FamiSafe lets you track their driving habits with detailed reports on their driving history for every trip.

This will show their top speeds, average speeds, total distance driven, and much more. It also tells you about the conversations your kids have with their AI assistant during the day.

The reason you need this feature despite a separate web search history is that sometimes people just talk to their phone assistants.

In addition, if you want to know what images your kids are capturing or receiving, use the “Detect Suspicious Photos” tool. It’ll automatically find inappropriate images and alert you.

The three-day free trial, although short, is still good enough for temporary tracking. Whether it’s driving reports, TikTok app history, or geofencing, along with GPS location history, you can see the updates of the current day – though it can’t access data from previous days.

FamiSafe is a great pick for concerned parents of teenagers. It offers a great balance of powerful tools at an affordable price, costing more than more basic parental control tools but significantly less than more comprehensive monitoring apps.


  • Available in 190+ countries
  • Lets you turn on the Safe Search restricted browsing mode for your kids
  • Provides you with a detailed driving report for the target user


  • Unlike Norton Family, doesn’t let your kids request access to blocked sites

Next, we’ll provide a sneak peek into what our best phone spy apps have to offer in terms of features and free versions. This will help you get an idea of what’s to come in our detailed reviews.

The 8 Best Phone Spy Apps At a Glance

  1. mSpy —  Huge range of features, including device remote controls, call recording, GPS tracking, geofencing, and a great refund policy.
  2. uMobix — A highly rated and reliable phone spy that’s easy to use and ideal for new users. Includes remote microphone and camera controls, access to deleted files, and GPS tracking.
  3. Spynger — This feature-rich spy tool is geared toward individuals concerned about their partners and allows you to record the screen and access files (including deleted content).
  4. Scannero — The best location tracker that requires only the target user’s phone number. It’s incredibly discreet and dirt cheap, at just $0.89.
  5. SpyBubblePro — The best spy app option for uncovering hidden apps in stealth mode, deleted content, and contacts (including renamed contacts). It is also ideal for monitoring leading dating apps.
  6. Phonsee — One of the cheapest spyware apps for mobile devices (free demo is available). It boasts a powerful keylogger and screenshot functionality for live insight across apps.
  7. EyeZy — An affordable tool that’s packed with premium features, including a first-rate keylogger and deep insights into device activity so you can do everything you need.
  8. ClevGuard — A must-have spy app for protecting your kids from bullies and dangers. It allows you to remotely turn on the phone’s microphone and record all sounds in the background.

In-Depth Reviews of The Top 8 Spy Apps

Eager to zero in on the best spying app for your needs? Read on as we’ll now discuss each of our top picks in detail, including their best spy features, pros and cons, and pricing.

1. mSpy — Best Phone Spy App for Monitoring Tools

mSpy dashboard | Best phone spy app

Cheapest Paid Plan $11.67/month (yearly)
Free Version Demo
Top Features Powerful remote controls, deep device access, Real-time GPS tracking
Money Back Guarantee 14-day refund policy
Why We Picked It
mSpy is one of the top-rated spy and parental control tools on the market. It has an impressively broad feature set, with 36 different functions – but it remains accessible and easy to use, nevertheless.

The software can be set up to track a device in just a few minutes, and it’s very easy to get started. From there, the app will keep you updated with activity on the tracked device every five minutes.

Using mSpy, you can dig into text messages, social media activity, and the device’s browser history. Plus, there are screen recording and keylogging tools, meaning you can track absolutely everything – including accessing deleted files.

You can even control the microphone and camera to view the device’s environment and record phone calls, capturing everything going on around the phone.

While doing all this, the app is entirely undetectable, meaning the user won’t be distracted by the recording process. When it comes to free tools, the app provides a full demo.

Plus, once you’re signed up, there’s a 14-day refund policy. If you find the product doesn’t meet your needs, you can get all your money back without any hassle.

Naturally, this is a far better bet than using a free product from an unscrupulous firm that may be harvesting your data and passwords.

mSpy Pricing Plans

mSpy’s pricing below is inclusive of a current 30% discount and mSpy often gives deeper discounts during holidays.

mSpy Plans 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Premium $49 $105 $140
Ultimate $310 $490
Premium: With the mSpy Premium plan, you can choose one monitoring option—WI-FI data retrieval, the mSpy application, or mCloud. However, keep in mind that opting for this plan means you’ll need to jailbreak the target iPhone.

Ultimate: The Ultimate plan offers a comprehensive software package, granting you access to SMS, text messages, calls, and even stored text messages on the device.

With this plan, you can avoid the hassle of jailbreaking by allowing an mSpy expert to remotely access the target device and install everything for you. Once setup is complete, you can enjoy unlimited remote access to all the target’s information through your online dashboard, along with access to all app features.

Who It's Best For
All in all, it’s hard to pick a fault with the mSpy app, and we rate it as the best spy app for Android for social monitoring and the top iPhone spy app free of charge with a demo and generous refund policy.

It’s a great option for parents, families, and couples to track and secure devices and ensure trust and confidence.


  • Powerful remote control tools
  • Full access to files on the device
  • Block undesirable websites and apps
  • Precise GPS tracking with geofencing
  • Excellent iPhone and Android spy app


  • Only intended for tracking one device

2. uMobix — Accessible, Easy-to-Use Spy App for Mobile Devices

uMobix | Top phone spy app

Cheapest Paid Plan $12.49/month (yearly)
Free Version Demo
Top Features Display screenshots, precise GPS, live app alerts
Money Back Guarantee 14-day refund policy
Why We Picked It
uMobix provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use cell phone spy app and is ideal for tracking a target device. Notably, the app has great remote control tools on par with mSpy.

uMobix lets you access the camera and microphone to capture the surrounding environment. You can also access messages across apps on the device, track GPS locations, and even see deleted content. This makes it a great free remote monitoring app for Android.

Unlike Spynger, you can also block specific sites and phrases – or trigger alerts when these events occur – to ensure the device is being used as agreed.

You can also take screenshots of the display whenever you need. In terms of features and its free offering, uMobix is on a very similar level to EyeZy and mSpy.

You get plenty of time to get to grips with the app – despite it not offering a fully free trial like FlexiSPY, for example.

uMobix Pricing Plans

uMobix simplifies things with a single plan type, and the longer you subscribe, the more affordable it becomes.

uMobix Pricing Plans 1 Month 3 Month 12 Months
$49.99 $89.99 $149.99

Regardless of the duration of your subscription, all uMobix plans come with access to every feature. This includes receiving the target device’s location, browsing history, iMessages, and contacts, as well as details from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, all without the need for jailbreaking.

Who It's Best For
With its accessible features, uMobix is an excellent pick for spouses and families. There are also robust tools for device control and content blocking, so it’s a great choice for parents.


  • Great remote control tools
  • Access deleted files and messages
  • On-demand display screenshots
  • Granular app alerts and monitoring


  • Lacks geofencing

3. Spynger — Best Spy App for Partner Tracking

Spynger homepage | girlfriend spy app

Cheapest Paid Plan $9.28/month
Free Version Refund policy
Top Features Robust keylogger, comprehensive chat app coverage, access to deleted content
Money Back Guarantee 14-day refund policy
Why We Picked It
Spynger is specifically geared toward tracking cheating partners and is one of the most powerful mobile spy applications available.

One area where Spynger shines is with its keylogger, which covers all activity on the device, letting you see chats, notes, and passwords.

In fact, you have full access to the device across messages, browser history, call logs, and deleted files, making this a great app spy. Live access to the display with screenshots means you can see usage in real time, too.

On top of all that, Spynger enables you to track the device’s location and to set geofencing, so you’ll get alerts if the user enters or leaves a set area.

One shortcoming is the fact that the Spynger doesn’t allow you to block apps or websites, which is a great parental control and for helping a partner deal with social media addiction, for example.

When it comes to free features, Spynger offers less than some – however, its 30-day refund policy is much longer than those offered by mSpy or EyeZy, for example, making it a great free cell phone spy.

Its asking price is also competitive when looking at an annual contract.

Spynger Pricing Plans

Similar to uMobix, Spynger provides a single pricing tier to simplify things for their customers.

Spynger Plans 1 Month 3 Month 12 Months
$44.56/month $25.99/month $9.28/month

The prices listed above include a discount for the initial subscription. Upon renewal, these prices will rise to $68.56, $39.99, and $14.27 per month, respectively.

Who It's Best For
Spynger is great for couples, and the keylogger and live display viewer ensure you don’t miss a thing. The 30-day money-back guarantee, meanwhile, means there’s zero risk with the product.


  • Screen recorder enables live and on-demand monitoring
  • Foolproof keylogger
  • Comprehensive monitoring across social media and chat apps
  • Excellent location tracking and geofencing


  • Doesn’t block apps or sites

4. Scannero — Best Location Tracker That Just Uses a Number

Scannero spy app

Cheapest Paid Plan $0.89 for one-day trial
Free Version Demo
Top Features Requires just a number, 100% anonymous, messenger, SMS, or email sharing
Money Back Guarantee 14-day refund policy
Why We Picked It
Scannero is one of a kind. It has a demo, but at just $0.89, it’s practically a free phone spy for location tracking. It requires just a phone number — no installation, and it’s anonymous, too.

It takes just two minutes to locate your loved one with Scannero, and at this price, it’s a no-brainer if locating your child or partner is your core concern.

Although it can be used with single-click functionality—all the target user needs to do is click a link that can be sent via messenger, SMS, or email—this solution is best for parents.

It’s also popular for those in relationships where trust is being rebuilt, for example, or to locate your own device. Regardless of whose number you’re tracking, you’ll get a neat, easy-to-read map. This will almost instantly show you coordinates and street details of where your loved one is. Of course, given the price and the nature of this solution, you won’t get other spy functionality.

For example, there’s no social media monitoring, tracking browser history, or otherwise — it’s designed specifically for hassle-free location tracking.

Scannero Pricing Plans

Scannero stands out as it offers a distinct type of service in its location tracking based on a phone number. While it’s also quite pricy for a monthly subscription, this sets it somewhat apart from other options on our list.

Scannero Plans Monthly

Although Scannero provides limited subscription options and discounts, if you’re interested in giving it a try or need to conduct a single quick search, you can take advantage of its one-day trial for $0.89.

Who It's Best For
Scannero is an excellent tool for locating a device or individual. It’s a near-free location tracker, making it ideal for partners, parents, and employers.


  • It requires just a phone number
  • Cheap for one-day use
  • Minimalist and easy to use


  • Lacks functionality beyond location tracking
  • Monthly subscription is quite pricey

5. SpyBubblePro — Best Spy App for Detecting Hidden/Deleted Content

SpyBubble Pro Spy App

Cheapest Paid Plan $10.62/month
Free Version Demo
Top Features See hidden/deleted content, camera/microphone access, dating app monitoring
Money Back Guarantee 30-day guarantee
Why We Picked It
SpyBubblePro was designed specifically to give spouses, boyfriends, and girlfriends peace of mind — helping to confirm or dispel any suspicions about whether your partner is being faithful.

Although there’s no free trial or plan, completely free phone spy software generally can’t be trusted. That said, SpyBubblePro does offer a free demo and a 30-day guarantee.

It’s also pretty competitively priced, especially considering the functionality on offer. You get the usual SMS and call tracking, plus you can restrict calls and messages—all remotely.

This mobile spy app also lets you monitor social media activity across all the main apps, including YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. It also monitors dating apps.

But where SpyBubblePro really shines as phone spyware is in its ability to detect deleted, hidden, or renamed content. You’ll be able to see deleted messages, contacts, videos, or apps and see if a contact has been renamed.

Beyond this, SpyBubblePro offers advanced app spy technology for remote controlling the device’s microphone and camera. This will give you live insight into the target users’ surroundings.

You also get location tracking, but SpyBubblePro, unlike providers like uMobix and mSpy, for example, lacks geofencing and call recording is another capability you won’t find with this tool.

SpyBubble Pricing Plans

SpyBubble Pro Plans 1 Month 3 Month 12 Months
$42.49/month $25.49/month $10.62/month

SpyBubble offers competitive pricing, and regardless of the duration, each plan grants access to all features. The listed prices include a current discount of 15%.

Who It's Best For
SpyBubblePro is a smart choice for couples and spouses and comes with an excellent refund policy. Being able to access deleted content and control the device’s camera and microphone should give you everything you need.


  • Loaded with features
  • Completely discreet
  • Works on all iOS and Android devices
  • Shows hidden/deleted content
  • Has powerful remote-control capabilities


  • Lacks call recording capabilities
  • Geofencing isn’t on offer

6. Phonsee — Cheap Spyware App for Mobile Devices

Phonsee Spy App

Cheapest Paid Plan $8.85/month
Free Version Demo
Top Features Accurate keylogger, geofencing, dating app monitoring
Money Back Guarantee 14-day refund policy
Why We Picked It
As far as free mobile spy apps go, this is among the best options if you’re on a budget but don’t want to miss out on key functionality. There’s no free plan or trial, but there’s a demo to see how it’ll work, and this is one of the best cheap spyware apps around.

You’ll be able to track SMS messages on the target mobile phone, their contacts, calls, and even emails. You can also monitor the common (and not-so-common) social apps, including Facebook, Discord, and Tinder. This is something no free spy app would offer.

For live insight into everything happening on your loved one’s device, Phonsee offers screenshots and a powerful keylogger—combined, these will ensure you don’t miss a thing. That said, compared to rivals, Phonsee as phone spyware does lack some functionality. For example, it doesn’t offer remote control, keyword alerts, or call recording.

All things considered, though, given the price, there’s hardly a complaint to be had, especially since geofencing is available for alerts on your loved one’s physical movements.

You can also block apps and websites, see what Wi-Fi your partner or child is connected to (remotely from your own device), and check their calendar. Plus, the interface is really user-friendly and organized.

Phonsee Pricing Plans

Phonsee Plans 1 Month 3 Month 12 Months
$42.51/month $24.79/month $8.85/month

The prices listed for Phonsee include a discount for first-time subscribers. Upon renewal, the prices will rise to $68.56, $39.99, and $14.27 per month, respectively.

Who It's Best For
Phonsee is a great pick for parents, partners, families, and businesses on a budget. It comes with a powerful toolset for the price, and there’s a money-back guarantee if things don’t work out.


  • Screenshots and keylogger for live insight
  • Compatible with all iOS and Android devices
  • User-friendly with a neat UI
  • Works in stealth mode (hidden) on the target device


  • Lacks remote control, call recording, and keyword alerts
  • Monthly plan is comparatively expensive

7. EyeZy — Powerful, Affordable Phone Spy App

EyeZy top Android spy app

Cheapest Paid Plan $7.99/month
Free Version Demo
Top Features Budget option, strong social tools, app analytics
Money Back Guarantee 14-day refund policy
Why We Picked It
EyeZy is an excellent phone spy that’s affordable and comes with a wide range of monitoring features. It has great tools for tracking social and browser activity and comes with in-depth device analytics.

You can access messages, including deleted exchanges, block apps, and approve usage on a schedule—ideal for providing supervised access for kids, for example.

The phone spyware app also provides deep insights into browser activity as well as detailed analytics. You can even monitor the WiFi networks the device has connected to and the sites visited.

EyeZy also enables you to set alerts so you’ll be immediately notified if pre-determined events occur – such as the user downloading new/specific apps or using particular phrases.

Eyezy Pricing Plans

Eyezy Plans 1 Month 3 Month 12 Months
$38.39/month $22.39/month $7.99/month

Eyezy provides straightforward and competitive plans priced similarly to its competitors. Like some of its counterparts, the listed prices apply to the first subscription only.

Upon renewal, Eyezy’s prices increase to $68.56, $39.99, and $14.27 per month, respectively. Eyezy frequently offers discount codes, providing additional savings of up to 40% on an annual plan.

Who It's Best For
EyeZy is a great budget option for spouses and parents. The 14-day refund policy and excellent demo service make the app very comparable with mSpy – though it’s a fair bit cheaper if you opt for a 12-month subscription.


  • Excellent keylogger
  • Wide range of features
  • Great budget option
  • Alerts for app downloads and use of key phrases
  • Activity analytics for a broad overview


  • Longer-term subscriptions are required for discounts

8. ClevGuard — Ideal Phone Spyware for Parental Control

A screenshot of KidsGuard Pro's dashboard.

Cheapest Paid Plan $4.17/month
Free Version Demo
Top Features Surroundings recording, screenshots + screen recording, tracks popular social media apps
Money Back Guarantee 30-day refund policy
Why We Picked It
With over 400,000 users, ClevGuard is a reputable spy app, and although it offers numerous products, KidsGuard Pro is the most popular. There’s a free demo you can use before deciding, too.

Under KidsGuard Pro, there are products for Android, iOS, and even WhatsApp and Line. However, despite its popularity among parents, its functionality makes it a top choice beyond parental control.

For starters, you have 100% control over the target device, allowing you to view messages, check browser history, social media activity, and literally everything in between.

It lets you monitor a wide range of social media apps popular with teens, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Viber, Telegram and loads more.

The best feature of KidsGuard Pro, though, is the remote access to the device’s microphone and camera, which gives you insight into your loved one’s surroundings in real-time. There’s also screen recording and screenshots, which will give you live insight into more than what they’re typing or downloading — all discreetly from your dashboard.

Another useful feature worth noting is the Keyword Alerts. This lets you select words that you find inappropriate, and when they’re used (across any app), you’ll get an alert.

KidsGuard Pricing Plans

ClevGuard’s KidsGuard Plans 1 Month 3 Month 12 Months
KidsGuard $9.99 $19.99 $49.99
KidsGuard Pro $39.99 $59.99 $109.99

KidsGuard: ClevGuard’s basic KidsGuard plan includes web and app block functions, capture and lock screen capability, real-time GPS monitoring, call filtering, and activity reports.

KidsGuard Pro: The more comprehensive KidsGuard Pro plan encompasses the entire range of KidsGuard Pro products, covering KidsGuard Pro for Android, iOS, iOS RT, and iCloud. It offers more, including device files and activity monitoring, remote control capabilities, social app monitoring (excluding WhatsApp, which is a separate plan), contacts and calendar viewing, SMS monitoring, and other useful features.

Who It's Best For
KidsGuard Pro is a great pick for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids’ digital lives. There’s a great money-back policy, and the wide range of robust features makes it ideal for family monitoring and safety.


  • 100% safe and encrypted
  • Lets you record the target device’s surroundings
  • Take screenshots and screen recordings discreetly
  • One of the best Facebook spy apps to track your kids


  • Some users have concerns about excess battery consumption

Other Free Spyware to Consider

Beyond the top options reviewed above, here are others worth considering:

09. - Strong Free Spy App for Number-Based Tracking

9. — Strong Free Spy App for Number-Based Tracking

A screenshot of's home page

Cheapest Paid Plan $39.99/month
Free Version  2-day trial for $1
Top Features WiFi tracking, no installation required, works with all smartphone models
Money Back Guarantee 14-day refund policy is a great free app for finding a phone’s location using just a mobile number. The best part is that you don’t have to install an app on the target phone.

You can just log into your account, enter the number, and hit “Find.” The recipient will receive an SMS with the tracking link, which you can customize.

Like most reputed spy apps, the platform isn’t fully free. However, you can easily test it out for two days for just $1—better than a completely free service from a questionable provider that will put the security of your device at risk.

Once the target clicks on the link, you’ll receive the live location of the target device. This works on every type of phone, regardless of the operating system, brand, or current mobile network status.

It also has a traditional GPS tracker, where you can use a device’s GPS to track its location. In addition, you can track a target phone’s WiFi connections at any time.

This will tell you what type of network the phone is connected to, its name and location, and activity timestamps. Its IP logger can also provide information about a device’s IP address.

On top of that, the VPN checker tool gives you information about hidden networks. You can use it to keep an eye on your kids and ensure they aren’t hiding inappropriate activity behind a VPN.

Given all these tools, many rate this as being among the best free spy apps for iPhone.


  • Doesn’t require physical access to the target device
  • No installation process to go through
  • VPN and WiFi trackers are available
  • Location tracked just by using the target phone’s number


  • Limited tracking features
10. xMobi - Best No-Jailbreak/Rooting Meta Spy

10. xMobi — Best No-Jailbreak/Rooting Meta Spy Spy App

Cheapest Paid Plan $11.66/month
Free Version  Demo
Top Features Screen recording, Android keylogger, no jailbreak/rooting
Money Back Guarantee 14-day refund policy

xMobi is undoubtedly worthy of placement on this list. Although there’s no free plan (no reputable spy software worth its time is completely free) — it’s worth considering due to its ease of installation.

It takes just minutes to set up. Of course, as with all spyware apps, you’ll need 5 minutes for the Android installation, and it can be done remotely with iOS if you know the target user’s iCloud credentials.

A key USP beyond ease of use and installation is that, unlike with some, xMobi doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting the device for full functionality. This is a double-edged sword, though.

Although it boasts most of what anyone would need in a mobile spy app, it lacks some advanced functionality like remote access to the device’s camera and microphone or call recording, for example.

That said, it’s easily one of the best Meta spy solutions — letting you spy on Instagram stories, Facebook activity, and WhatsApp, to name a few. You can also monitor Discord activity with xMobi.

With updates every 5 minutes and screen recording alongside the keylogger, you’ll see a lot more than this — all without jailbreak. This includes calls, SMS messages, their contacts, and more.


  • Offers various pricing options
  • Incredibly easy setup and use
  • Offers screen recording and a keylogger
  • No jailbreak/rooting is required


  • Lacks advanced functionality like call recording
  • The monthly plan is expensive
11. FlexiSPY - Free Spy App With Great Call Tracking Features

11. FlexiSPY — Free Spy App with Great Call Tracking Features

A screenshot of FlexiSPY's dashboard.

Cheapest Paid Plan $29.95/month for Android and iPhone
Free Version 24-hour trial
Top Features Call interception, dating app tracking, social media call recording
Money Back Guarantee Refund policy, no duration specified

FlexiSPY is fully free, although only for the first 24 hours. It works with a wide variety of devices that include not just Android devices and iPhones but also iPads and PCs.

We loved the call tracking features, which are more diverse than anything we’ve seen before. For instance, there’s a call interception feature that lets you eavesdrop on a live call between two people.

If you can’t listen to a call live, FlexiSPY also lets you record it. While many other phone tracking apps only track sim-to-sim calls, FlexiSPY lets you record social media calls as well.

This includes calls made over Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Hangouts, Line, WhatsApp and more. You’ll also get a call alert letting you know in advance before a call is made or received.

Beyond this, FlexiSPY is easily one of the best Tinder spy apps, covering a wide range of dating apps like OkCupid, Badoo, and Bumble. All messages, new matches, and media transferred through messages will be directly reported to you through the dashboard.


  • Free updates available
  • Lets you eavesdrop on live calls
  • Efficiently tracks a number of popular dating apps
  • Call recording is available across a variety of social media platforms


  • Some users find the installation process to be a little lengthy
12. Norton Family - Popular Parental Control App

12. Norton Family — Popular Parental Control App with Robust App Supervision

A screenshot of Norton Family's parental control notifications.

Cheapest Paid Plan $4.17/month (annual)
Free Version 30-day trial
Top Features Website blocking, screen time limit, app supervision
Money Back Guarantee 60-day refund policy (annual subscriptions), 14 days (monthly subscriptions)

Norton Family is a highly renowned phone spying app designed for parental control. It’s free for 30 days. It’ll help offer your kids safety while giving them freedom online.

For instance, you can set screen time limits on their device. This limit can be for particular days of the week, the duration of the day, or both.

Sometimes, your kids might need access to their devices during study time for legitimate reasons. In that case, you sign up to get email reports on their searches and activity.

In addition, you can use Supervise Web Use. This feature lets you check what sites your kids are visiting, and if you find them inappropriate, you can block them immediately.

There’s a similar feature for apps, too, known as App Supervision. This feature tells you about the apps your kids download so you can check whether they are appropriate.

You’ll also be able to check what your kids are searching online and block any sites you find inappropriate.


  • Location tracking available
  • Access the target’s search history
  • Set screen time limits for your kids
  • Manage your kid’s access to websites and apps


  • Very focused on browser activity, not on social media apps or device monitoring

The Best Spy Phone App Picks Compared

Here’s a comprehensive table highlighting the key differences between the top spying phone apps so you can compare them side by side before making a decision:

Provider Free Version/Demo Cheapest Paid Plan Top Features Moneyback Guarantee
mSpy Demo $11.67/month Powerful remote controls, deep device access, Real-time GPS tracking 14 Days
uMobix Demo $12.49/month Display screenshots, precise GPS, live app alerts 14 Days
Spynger Refund policy $9.28/month Robust keylogger, comprehensive chat app coverage, access to deleted content 14 Days
Scannero 1-Day Trial $0.89 $49.80/month Requires just a number, 100% anonymous, messenger, SMS, or email sharing 14 Days
SpyBubble Pro Demo $10.62/month See hidden/deleted content, camera/microphone access, dating app monitoring 30 Days
Phonsee Demo $8.85/month Accurate keylogger, geofencing, dating app monitoring 14 Days
EyeZy Demo + 3-Day Free Trial $7.99/month Affordable pricing, custom alerts, custom term/word flagging 14 Days
ClevGuard Demo $4.17/month Child-focused Kidsguard app with social media access, call recording, and GPS locator 30 Days

How We Review And Test Spy Apps

Important Note: Spy software is not legal to use without the device owner’s permission in many countries and states. When we test spy software, we do so only with the explicit consent of the device owner and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

To provide our readers with accurate and well-informed recommendations, we test the most popular spy apps on the market to find the best options for you. Our methodology consists of the following criteria:

  • General Features: We evaluate the comprehensive feature set of each spy app, including but not limited to features such as App Management, Time Management, Call Monitoring, Device Control and GPS Tracking.
  • Ease of Use: We gauge the user-friendliness of each spy app, considering factors such as installation process complexity, the necessity of jailbreaking (for iOS) or rooting (for Android) the target device, and more.
  • Device Support and Compatibility: We thoroughly examine the compatibility of each spy app with different devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android. We also assess whether the app offers a unified dashboard accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Customer Support: We test the responsiveness and effectiveness of customer support provided by each spy app developer. We evaluate the availability of support channels, such as live chat, email, or phone support, as well as the satisfaction ratings of customer assistance.
  • Price and Value for Money: We assess each spy app’s pricing structure in relation to its features and functionalities, aiming to determine its overall value proposition. We analyze whether the app offers different subscription tiers, flexible payment options, and discounts for long-term commitments. Additionally, we check whether the app provides free trials or demos for users to test its capabilities before making a purchase.
  • Privacy and Security: We prioritize the privacy and security of user data in our evaluation. We scrutinize the app’s data encryption measures, adherence to privacy regulations, and commitment to regular security updates to safeguard user information from unauthorized access or breaches.

Are Free Spying Apps Safe?

All the phone spy app free providers on our list are safe to use and are great for getting started. They’ve been handpicked after careful scrutiny of their features and trustworthiness.

However, it’s best to avoid apps that only offer a free solution, as these are often offered by unscrupulous providers who are actually running data mining centers and selling your data online.

Look for platforms that offer paid solutions along with free ones. These apps use subscription income to strengthen their security. They offer a free plan to allow potential users to test their free spy services before they move to a paid subscription.

This is why all our recommended platforms offer a paid plan, and most of their free plans are essentially free trials that allow you to try out the service before committing.

Free Spy Apps vs Best Spy Apps Requiring Payment

All the apps we’ve listed here offer free spy app plans, trials, or money-back guarantees, ensuring you can see their services in action without risking any money.

Only a handful of mobile phone spy app tools offer free-forever plans, and these tend to be limited versions of parental control apps. If you want to use more fully featured device monitoring software in the long term—allowing you to access the phone and camera and use a keylogger—you’ll likely need to look toward paid plans with providers like mSpy, uMobix, or Spynger.

If you see providers offering this level of control for free, as noted above, you should be skeptical. Vendors need to monetize their products somehow, and disreputable providers may sell your data or use the software to upload malware or harvest your personal details, exposing you to fraud and identity theft.

Given this, finding an affordable paid plan is a better solution than finding an underpowered alternative or considering untrustworthy free spy solutions.

Why Do I Need a Spy Phone App?

There are a number of good reasons why you might want to make use of a phone app to track or monitor the usage and GPS location of a smartphone. Some of the most common of these include:

Parental Control

The internet is a dangerous place. Not only can children run into inappropriate content and bullies, but they can even run into child predators.

With online risks to children increasing, it’s more important than ever to make sure your kids are staying safe online. A spy phone app ensures you’re always up to date with your child’s internet activities.

You can also monitor their outgoing calls to ensure they aren’t communicating with strangers. The best cell phone apps for spying can even help you manage your child’s online time.

With teenagers addicted to social media, it’s important for parents to have the means to limit their time spent online and ensure nothing inappropriate is going on.

Many monitoring apps also allow you to track the physical location of the device, so you can rest assured that you know precisely where your child is.

For more details, check out our complete guide to the best parental control apps or look into our regional guides, such as our piece on the best parental control apps in Australia.

Employee Monitoring

Information security should be at the heart of how you handle tech. Your staff members have access to a huge amount of confidential information, such as logins, and client details, for example.

It’s crucial that this sensitive commercial information is handled appropriately. And if hackers or competitors engaged in corporate espionage get ahold of these details, it could cost you an enormous amount of money.

If your user data is compromised, you could face significant fines and lose the trust of your customers. If you’re the victim of a ransomware attack, you might need to pay huge sums to regain control over your systems and databases.

Phone monitoring apps ensure you can monitor your employees’ internet use on company devices. You can also check whether they’re productive and how they handle confidential data.

You can also block inappropriate websites and can stop devices from downloading unauthorized apps. In addition, apps that can track device location help to safeguard you against theft.

Many monitoring and tracking apps allow you to geo-track devices and set geo-fencing so you can track and locate them in the event that they are lost or stolen—which could save your business a lot of money.

Spouse Monitoring

Some people use monitoring apps to track their spouses and other adult family members.

It’s important to note that it is illegal to do this in many countries without getting their informed consent – whether or not you’re using the best phone apps for spying or picking from less reputable services.

A phone monitoring app can help you track your spouse’s messages, inbound calls, outbound calls, social media content, and more – giving you a full picture of all information being exchanged.

You can also track their location and apply geofencing, which will alert you if they enter or leave a particular designated area.

If you’re worried about the individual’s safety or about other parties making illicit use of the device, a monitoring service can track everything you need in real-time to put all your concerns to rest.

How Do Phone Spy Apps Work?

Once a spy app is installed on the target phone, it’ll begin collecting data silently in the background. You won’t have to physically interact with the device again or enter any passwords.

Most good apps will send you activity logs so you can monitor the device’s use in real-time. Depending on the app’s capabilities, you can potentially track the device’s location or even remotely control it.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Free Spy Software

Choosing a free spy app can be difficult, given the number of options available. Here are a few things to consider, whether you’re looking for free iPhone spying apps or free Android spy tools.

Choose a Reputable ProviderPrice to ScaleEase of UseFeature-to-Price RatioMoney-Back GuaranteesFree Version Limitations

Spying apps often collect sensitive personal data, which can be prone to online leaks. That’s why it is important to choose a provider like the ones on our list with a clean track record.

Sure, you’re only looking for a free spy app at the moment. But you do have to consider the price of the platform’s paid plan in case you want to scale up. Although useful, free plans and trails are only good enough to test the platform and for small-scale usage.

If you want advanced features like geolocation, environment recording, and so on, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan. And, in that case, the price should not be a hindrance.

A spy app should be easy to use and install. It should also have an intuitive and easy-to-understand dashboard with comprehensive information on all tracking metrics, such as calls, messages, and location details.

All of our recommended spying apps offer hassle-free operation, and customer support is available if you encounter any issues.

Feature-to-price refers to the value of services you get for the price you pay – but the paid plans shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

For example, if you only want to track your child’s location and messages, the cheapest plan of your provider should be able to accommodate your needs without you having to pay a huge subscription fee.

That said, if you want the best girlfriend spy apps, you should consider you’ll generally only get as much as you pay for.

Money-back guarantees depict a provider’s confidence in their own product. A spy app willing to offer a money-back guarantee is more likely to be legit than those that don’t.

All of the providers mentioned in our list offer some money-back guarantee ranging from 7-60 days. If you face any issues during this time, the provider will cancel your subscription and refund your money.

Let’s face it – free versions do not offer the whole range of features a spy app has under its belt. The free plans or even the free trials, in some instances, impose certain limitations on the degree or time of usage.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that the free plan offers features that you actually need. Otherwise, there is little point in the tool offering a free version in the first place. For instance, Qustodio’s location monitoring feature – one of the main draws of a spy app – isn’t available on its free plan.

Who Are Free Spying Apps For?

A wide range of individuals can benefit from using free spying apps. Some common use cases for free phone monitoring include:


Free Spying Apps for Parents

Being able to track your child’s location can offer reassurance that they aren’t in harm’s way. Equally, being able to monitor their communications and device use ensures they aren’t getting into trouble.

Best Free Monitoring Apps for Businesses

Business owners can ensure company hardware is being used appropriately and responsibly, and they can track devices in real-time, guaranteeing the safety and security of assets and personnel.

Free Spy App for Couples

Couples can use free spy software to prove their trust and ensure safety by sharing their locations. A spy app for couples free of charge can be a great option to prove loyalty and demonstrate transparency within a relationship.

Free Phone Monitoring Apps for Carers

– If you’re looking after an elderly person or a vulnerable individual, device monitoring can be invaluable. With their consent, you can use free spy tools to ensure no one is trying to take advantage of them or scam them, and in an emergency, you can track their device to locate them.

What Can You Do with Free Spy Apps?

Free spying apps will, naturally, enable you to monitor a phone for free – but what does being able to spy on another phone for free actually mean? Here are some of the capabilities of the best free spying apps.

  • Chat monitoring – Many top tools for spying on phones come with comprehensive chat monitoring features, allowing you to track conversations from multiple apps on a single dashboard.
  • App control – A range of spyware apps will allow you to add and remove apps and to lock how and when they are used. You can often also access browser history and social media connections.
  • Keyloggers – A keylogger may be the ultimate tool available if you want a free app to monitor another phone. This tool tracks every keystroke entered on the device, allowing to catch communications, searches, and logins.
  • Camera and microphone control – The best tools allow you to silently use the device’s camera to take pictures and enable video streaming or to use the microphone to capture audio. This gives you complete awareness of the device’s environment.
  • Device control – The most powerful apps will give you full control over the tracked device, turning it on and off and even wiping the device if needed.
  • GPS location tracking – A good mobile tracker app will allow you to see precisely where a device is and will include geofencing, which sets off alerts if the device leaves a set area.

What Devices Can You Track with Free Spying Apps?

There are a range of excellent free spyware apps for whatever platform you want to track. Here are some of the devices you can monitor.


Free Spy App for iPhone

If you’re looking for a free iPhone spy app, you’re in luck. Providers like mSpy, uMobix, and Spynger cover almost every iPhone, iPad, and iOS product. With these apps, you can ensure you’ll be able to track your loved ones wherever they are. For more information, see our guide to the best iPhone spy apps.

Free Spy App for Android

mSpy, uMobix, SpyBubble, and Phonsee are all great free Android phone spying apps. They give you deep device control and full visibility of where the tracked device is and what it’s being used for. Read our best spy apps for Android guide for further details.

Free Spying Apps for Windows and Mac

Many of the top spy app providers focus on free mobile spying apps, but there are tools that also cover Windows and Macs. ClevGuard offers solutions that cover Windows, for example, while FlexiSpy can track Windows and Mac devices as well as Android devices and iPhones.

Norton, Eset, and FamiSafe also offer parental control apps that support everything from Windows, Macs, and iPhones to Android devices and Kindles. Our guide to the best keylogger software provides additional information on tracking desktop devices.

How to Install and Use a Free Spy App

Wondering how to use a free spy app? Read on, and we’ll guide you through how to use mSpy as an example of how to spy on a phone for free. Keep in mind, of course, that you should get the user’s consent rather than using a free app to track a phone without them knowing.

  1. Choose Your Plan

    First, go to mSpy, and choose a subscription that meets your needs. Keep in mind that you can get a demo and there’s a money-back guarantee so you can test the product free and without any risk.
    <strong>Choose Your Plan</strong>
  2. Sign Into Your Account

    The next step is to sign in and set up a profile for the device or devices you want to track. You’ll be asked to confirm the brand and operating system of the device.
    <strong>Sign Into Your Account</strong>
  3. Download the App

    Having done this, you can download the app onto the target device that you want to track. Follow all mSpy’s instructions and once complete, you can activate the app.
    <strong>Download the App</strong>
  4. Log Into the Dashboard

    With the app set up, you can now begin tracking the target phone via your mSpy app dashboard, monitoring messages and calls and following the device’s location. Your free phone spy app is ready to go – and now you know how to monitor another Android phone free.
    <strong>Log Into the Dashboard</strong>

How to Protect Yourself from Spy Apps

If you’re concerned that you’ve been exposed to a cell phone spy
or phone monitoring app, there are several steps you can take.

  • Run a complete system scan with an antivirus and, if possible, a boot scan
  • Ensure your operating system and software is up to date
  • Monitor unusual behavior on your system and apps acting strangely
  • Check for any recently added software – if you find anything you don’t recognize, after checking it’s not needed, consider removing it
  • If you still believe your device is being monitored, a factory reset should wipe the slate clean in nearly all cases – though it’s a drastic step

Taking these steps will allow you to detect and block nearly every free spy app and mobile spy app around.


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