The Best Girlfriend Spy Apps Reviewed and Compared for 2023

The best girlfriend spy apps are the perfect way to keep track of your girlfriend’s online and offline activities and help her get over social media addiction. If you’re in a rocky relationship and are concerned that you’re being held in the dark or that you’ve got a cheating partner, these apps can help you shed light on the situation.

Today, we’ve looked at the best girlfriend spy apps in 2023. We’ve analyzed their pros, cons, and features to help you select your perfect app. Read on to find out how providers such as mSpy, EyeZy, and uMobix can help put your mind at ease.

10 Best Girlfriend Spy Apps Ranked

There’s a sea of girlfriend spy apps that claim to let you spy on an iOS or Android device. However, many of these are unresponsive, unreliable, or outright data-selling scams. Our testing shows mSpy to be the best girlfriend spy app. However, each tool has its own benefits:

  1. mSpy — The best girlfriend spy app for complete peace of mind thanks to its discreet real-time social media monitoring, GPS tracking, and phone call recording capabilities.
  2. EyeZy — The most budget-friendly solution for advanced device tracking — this includes viewing deleted messages, her search activity, and getting alerts on specific words used across apps.
  3. uMobix — A top-rated tool for app monitoring, real-time GPS tracking, and remote access to the target user’s activity through the microphone and camera.
  4. Cocospy — A simple girlfriend tracker app with a seamless 3-minute install process and some advanced features like marking suspicious contacts and setting up custom keyword alerts.
  5. Spyic — A feature-rich option for full insight into your girlfriend’s online and offline activity — boasts GPS and geofencing capabilities, dating app monitoring, and browser history tracking.
  6. Hoverwatch — The cheapest tool to discreetly track all of your girlfriend’s devices for as little as $1.67/device/month — this includes social media tracking and live GPS monitoring.
  7. XNSpy — An affordable and powerful spy app for complete insight into your girlfriend’s activity. This includes remote microphone and camera access, plus phone call recording.
  8. KidsGuard — A reliable pick for real-time screenshots to view deleted content and dating app activity, plus to spy on her surroundings with discreet access to her device’s microphone.
  9. iKeyMonitor — The best free girlfriend spy app for basic needs, including GPS location tracking and SMS and call log monitoring.
  10. TheOneSpy — Renowned spouse tracker solution for viewing disappearing content (like Snaps), recording her phone calls, and tracking her offline movements.

10 Best Apps to Spy On Your Girlfriend Reviewed

All the best girlfriend spy apps will allow you to view your girlfriend’s messages, search queries, physical locations, and more. Below, we’ve broken down each app into its pros, cons, features, and pricing to help you find the right one for you.

1. mSpy — Overall, the Best Girlfriend Spy App for Complete Peace of Mind

mSpy, originally created for parental control, has grown to be the market’s most popular girlfriend spy app. With over 1.5 million users and 36 powerful features, it’s not hard to see why people flock to the platform.

mSpy best girlfriend spy app

mSpy is by far one of the most feature-rich yet simplest Android and iPhone apps to spy on your girlfriend. Plus, the installation process takes just a few minutes.

If you’re looking for a catch-your-girlfriend cheating app, there’s no better choice than mSpy. It monitors everything from her browser history and social media to multimedia files and even outgoing calls and secret conversations.

On top of all this, mSpy gives you a plethora of remote control features. If you’d like to film your girlfriend’s surroundings to try and catch your cheating partner, you can in just a couple of clicks.

Beyond this, you can remotely record all of her calls, even those made via VoIP apps. With mSpy’s stealth mode, you can monitor all this completely undetected. Better yet, this isn’t even everything mSpy can do.


  • Records phone calls
  • Detailed GPS tracker
  • 36 different features
  • Shows all social media and dating app data
  • Displays all saved images and videos
  • Available in over 180 countries


  • Can be expensive to monitor multiple devices
Cheapest Price Number of Devices Free Version Guarantee Support
$11.66/month (1-year) 1 Demo 10-day refund policy Android and iOS


mSpy lets you choose between three different pricing plans:

mSpy pricing

At $11.66/month, mSpy is an absolute steal; however, if you’re still not sure, take advantage of the 10-day money-back guarantee to test it out risk-free.

2. EyeZy — The Most Budget-Friendly Solution for Advanced Device Tracking

EyeZy is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly app to help you spy on your girlfriend. It’ll keep you updated about her online activities, all from a user-friendly interface.

Eyezy best app to spy on girlfriend

If you’re concerned about your girlfriend’s social media activity or just want to help her deal with social media addiction, EyeZy is perfect for you. It allows you to see every message on the platform, even those that have been deleted, and you can even block access to social media sites.

If your girlfriend downloads a dating app like Bumble or Tinder, EyeZy will immediately alert you. Not only this, it’ll even show you all her messages and set preferences.

Considering that a notable percent of Tinder users are married, this is a helpful feature for anyone concerned about their partner being on a dating app. For complete peace of mind, you can also set up custom alerts for specific phrases that EyeZy will immediately notify you about if your girlfriend sends or receives them.

Finally, if your biggest worry is your girlfriend’s activity on the internet, EyeZy will show you what sites she visits, which ones she bookmarks, and even how much time she spends on each site.


  • Excellent budget option
  • Comprehensive social media monitoring
  • Dating app alerts
  • Internet use statistics
  • Phrase-based detection


  • Expensive monthly plan
Cheapest Price Number of Devices Free Version Guarantee Support
$9.99/month (yearly) 1 Demo 14-day refund Android, iOS, tablets


Like mSpy, EyeZy has 3 different billing plans:

EyeZy pricing

Sitting at $9.99 per month on the yearly plan, EyeZy is one of the cheapest girlfriend spy apps out there. If you’d like to try it before purchasing, you can use the tool risk-free for 14 days with its money-back guarantee.

3. uMobix — A Top-Rated Tool With Advanced Remote Controls

uMobix is the best girlfriend spy app for you if you’re looking for cutting-edge real-time monitoring capabilities. This feature-packed girlfriend spy app allows you to monitor everything from social media to her physical surroundings.

uMobix best app to spy on girlfriend

The tool’s biggest selling point is its trove of remote control features. Rivaling even mSpy, uMobix lets you take control of your girlfriend’s device and access her microphone and camera remotely.

This lets you film her surroundings in real-time and record calls. Naturally, the app also lets you monitor social media and SMS messages.

You can view all messages, even ones that have been deleted or contain videos and pictures, at will. On top of this, you can set up alerts for certain words or phrases to know instantly if they’re used on your girlfriend’s phone.

Beyond this, you’ll also be alerted if your cheating partner goes onto a dating site or downloads an app. If that happens, you’ll not only be able to see their messages but even block them from using the app entirely.


  • Precise GPS tracker
  • Rock-solid remote control capabilities
  • Comprehensive dating app alerts and monitoring
  • View deleted messages and multimedia
  • Can screenshot the target device’s screen


  • Expensive for multiple devices
Cheapest Price Number of devices Free Version Guarantee Support
$11.66/month (yearly) 1 Demo 14-day refund policy Android, iOS


uMobix comes with 3 pricing plans:


With the yearly plan, you get a bargain, given uMobix’s sheer power. That said, this only covers 1 device, so if your girlfriend uses multiple phones, you might be better off with a different one.

Regardless of your plan, you’ll be able to access all of the tool’s features. Try it out now risk-free with the 2-week-long refund guarantee.

4. Cocospy — A Simple Girlfriend Tracker App With A Quick Install

Cocospy is the undisputed king of ease of use among spy apps. As a parent-oriented app, it has everything you need to spy on your girlfriend.

Cocospy girlfriend spy app

If other spy apps have felt a bit too complex, Cocospy will be a breath of fresh air. Not only can you install the app in less than 3 minutes, but the user interface is very easy to navigate.

On top of this, Cocospy monitors all messages from social media to SMS, making it perfect to easily catch a cheating partner. The ability to see deleted messages is also integral to being one of the best girlfriend spy apps.

Beyond this, you can view all your girlfriend’s contacts, and if you’re suspicious about any of them, you can choose to be alerted if they come in contact. You can even set up phrase-based alerts to be notified if a phrase appears in one of your girlfriend’s messages, search queries, or elsewhere.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • A polished, reliable set of features
  • Phrase-based alerts


  • Not as feature-rich as rivals
Cheapest Price Number of Devices Free Version Guarantee Support
$8.33/month (1-year) 3 No 14-day guarantee Android, iOS


There are 3 different plans for Cocospy:


If you’d like to test Cocospy for free, you can take advantage of its two-week money-back guarantee.

5. Spyic — A Feature-Rich Option for Full Insight Into Your Girlfriend’s Activity

Spyic is one of the best girlfriend spy apps for providing a one-stop shop for all your spying needs. The platform has pretty much everything you can think of.

spyic spy app

Firstly, you’ll be able to look at all your girlfriend’s messages and browser history. This lets you quickly look over what she’s saying to other people, plus check what she’s looking up online for signs of infidelity.

Beyond this, Spyic has some of the most precise GPS monitoring capabilities. It’ll not only track your girlfriend’s real-time location but also allow you to set up custom settings. One of the most useful is geo-fencing, where you’ll be instantly alerted if she leaves a predetermined area.

On top of this, Spyic has a full dating-app monitoring suite, allowing you to be alerted if your girlfriend downloads Bumble, Tinder, or a similar application. If she does, you’ll instantly be able to see all her activity.


  • Doesn’t require root on Android
  • Lengthy money-back guarantee
  • Extremely precise geo-tracking
  • Detailed internet use analytics
  • Dating app monitoring


  • Some features aren’t available on the cheapest plan
  • Relatively expensive for the full feature-set
Cheapest Price Number of Devices Free Version Guarantee Support
$8.33/month (annual) 1 Demo + free trial 60-day guarantee Android, iOS


Spyic comes at 3 different plans, all of them being at their cheapest with a yearly license:

Spyic pricing

If the price seems a bit daunting, don’t worry. Spyic lets you try its full services for 60 days, entirely free of charge.

6. Hoverwatch — The Cheapest Tool to Discreetly Track All of Your Girlfriend’s Devices

Hoverwatch takes the cake for the best free apps to spy on your girlfriend. It takes advantage of an innovative, screenshot-based approach to ensure you’ve always got the right idea about your girlfriend’s activities.

Hoverwatch spy app dashboard

The tool periodically takes screenshots of the target iOS or Android device and sends them to you. This makes it excellent for monitoring short-lasting media like Snapchat or Instagram stories.

On top of this, since it gives you a near-constant feed, you can monitor pretty much everything. The free version even comes with a stealth mode, so you can monitor all your girlfriend’s devices without her knowing.

The app is also one of a select few that also support PCs and Macs, so you can even monitor her desktop use. With the premium version, you’ll get access to more advanced features, including front-camera snapshots whenever she unlocks her phone. This makes it one of the best catch-cheating girlfriend app choices out there, as it’ll take a picture when she least expects it.


  • Fully free plan
  • Remote control features
  • Supports PC and macOS
  • Creative monitoring approach
  • Camera snapshots when the target device is unlocked


  • The free trial is short
  • There’s no money-back guarantee
Cheapest Price Number of Devices Free Version Guarantee Support
$1.67 per month for each device Up to 25 3-day trial No Windows, Android, Mac, iOS


On top of the free plan, Hoverwatch has 3 paid editions:


The good thing about Hoverwatch is that you don’t need to go for the higher plans to access all its features. Test out the paid editions with the risk-free 3-day trial for up to 5 devices now.

7. XNSpy — An Affordable and Powerful Spy App for Remote Device Access

XNSpy is one of the market’s most feature-packed choices for a girlfriend cheating app. It’s capable of going from social media monitoring all the way to powerful remote control.


The tool’s remote control features are incredibly useful for collecting evidence of cheating. You’ll be able to easily lock your girlfriend’s device so she can’t delete anything, plus record her surroundings via camera or mic.

If you’re worried about who your girlfriend might call when you’re not there, XNSpy has you covered. The tool can monitor incoming and outgoing calls, ensuring you’re always informed.

On top of all this, XNSpy provides comprehensive monitoring of social media, SMS messages, internet activity, and multimedia files on her device. Finally, it features some of the most precise GPS monitoring on the market, with real-time tracking and customizable geo-fencing capabilities.


  • Call recording
  • A massive number of features
  • Top-notch GPS tracking
  • Remote control options
  • Social media & dating app monitoring


  • Certain features require rooting
  • Steep renewal costs
Cheapest Price Number of Devices Free Version Guarantee Support
$7.50/month (annual) 1 Demo 10-day refund policy Android, iOS


XNSpy has 3 different plans, each of which is given the full feature set:


Sitting at $7.50 per month at its cheapest, XNSpy has a reasonable price tag, given its features. If you’d like to try it for free, you can take advantage of the 10-day refund policy.

8. KidsGuard — A Reliable Pick for Viewing Deleted Content

KidsGuard Pro is a simple, easy-to-use girlfriend spy app initially designed for parents. On top of its intuitive interface, it has some rather powerful features, so it’s an interesting middle ground between Cocospy and a feature-packed solution like mSpy.

kidsguard spy app

You get a full suite of remote control capabilities to spy on your girlfriend’s surroundings and record her screen with a single button. This will let you monitor even the most elusive media like Instagram stories and Snapchat.

Furthermore, KidsGuard Pro has a comprehensive feature set for dating app monitoring. It’ll alert you if she gets a dating app, show you all the matches and messages on it, and allow you to block her access to it.

Of course, KidsGuard Pro also boasts location and social media monitoring capabilities. You’ll be able to see your girlfriend’s movements in real-time and view a detailed location history to show you where she’s been.

Finally, if your girlfriend sends or receives any multimedia files, you can quickly look at them. This applies even to most deleted files and only takes seconds with KidsGuard.


  • Easy to use
  • Great first-year pricing
  • Lengthy money-back guarantee
  • Remote control features
  • Excellent multimedia monitoring


  • Less effective on iOS
  • Limited customer support
Cheapest Price Number of Devices Free Version Guarantee Support
$8.32/month(Annual) 1 Demo 30-day money-back guarantee Android, iOS


KidsGuard has 3 plans:


With its money-back guarantee, you can try the tool for free without risking a dime for a full month.

9. iKeyMonitor — The Best Free Girlfriend Spy App for Basic Monitoring Needs

iKeyMonitor is one of the best free girlfriend spy apps out there, with an abundance of features and an all-in-one approach to monitoring.

ikeymonitor dashboard

Although you should be suspicious of free apps to spy on your girlfriend, iKeyMonitor is pretty transparent with how it raises its funds through its premium version. This, alongside its years of experience in the market, gives us faith in the company.

With the free version, you get all of the essentials. This means GPS tracking, SMS monitoring, call log data, and more. With GPS tracking, you’ll always stay in the know about your girlfriend’s whereabouts, with the paid plan adding geo-fencing on top of this.

iKeyMonitor’s premium version gives you access to many other features, including social media analysis, internet activity monitoring, remote screenshots, and more.


  • Top-notch UI
  • Free app to spy on girlfriend
  • Lots of features on the premium plan
  • Supports Windows and MacOS


  • Expensive premium version
  • A limited free version
Cheapest Price Number of Devices Free Version Guarantee Support
$16.66/month for add-ons 1 Forever free plan 30-day guarantee Android, iOS, Mac, Windows


iKeyMonitor is a free app. However, if you’re looking to get higher-power features, you can take advantage of iKeyMonitor’s 3-day promotion at just $9.99, with its price sitting at $16.66 afterward.

ikeymonitor pricing

Alternatively, you can buy features individually as add-ons. If you’d like to try iKeyMonitor’s paid version for free, you can do so with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

10. TheOneSpy — Renowned Spouse Tracker Solution for Viewing Disappearing Messages

TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced Android spyware when it comes to feature-set breadth.

theonespy dashboard

With the app, you’ll be able to take remote screenshots of your target’s screen, letting you know what your girlfriend is doing on her phone. This is crucial for monitoring disappearing media like Snaps and stories.

On top of this, TheOneSpy will let you record your girlfriend’s outgoing and incoming calls, even if they’re made through VoIP apps. The app will also show you a detailed breakdown of her internet use.

Finally, if you’re worried about the usuals, TheOneSpy covers things like social media monitoring, multimedia files, and GPS monitoring with ease. With that said the app’s features depend on the version you go for.


  • Flexible pricing options
  • A huge number of features
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Solid dating app monitoring
  • Internet use statistics


  • Some features are buggy
  • The Lite version is significantly weaker than the Premium
Cheapest Price Number of Devices Free Version Guarantee Support
$6.25 (Lite Version, Annual subscription) 1 Demo 14-day refund policy Android, iOS, Windows, Mac


TheOneSpy has extremely flexible pricing, with a Lite and a Premium version. With the Lite version, you’ll be able to obtain most of the app’s functionalities, with the Premium version adding some extra oomph.

theonespy pricing

The Premium version starts at just $10/month with the annual subscription as well. Try the app for free by taking advantage of its 14-day money-back guarantee.

Top Cheating Girlfriend Spy Apps Compared

Here’s a quick head-to-head overview of the best Girlfriend spy apps on the market:

Girlfriend Spy App Cheapest Price Number of Devices Free Version Guarantee Support
mSpy $16.66/month (yearly) 1 Demo 10-day refund policy Android, iOS
EyeZy $9.99/month (yearly) 1 Demo 14-day refund Android, iOS, tablets
uMobix $11.66/month (yearly) 1 Demo 14-day refund policy Android, iOS
Cocospy $16.66/month (yearly) 3 No 60-day guarantee Android, iOS
Spyic $8.33/month (annual) 1 Demo + free trial 60-day guarantee Android and iOS
Hoverwatch $1.67/month/device Up to 25 3-day trial No Windows, Android, Mac
XNSpy $7.50/month (annual) 1 Demo 10-day refund policy Android, iOS
KidsGuard Pro $8.32/month(Annual) 1 Demo 30-day guarantee Android, iOS
iKeyMonitor $16.66/month for add-ons 1 Forever free plan 30-day guarantee Android, iOS, Mac, Windows
TheOneSpy $6.25 (Lite Version, Annual subscription) 1 Demo 14-day refund policy Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

What Can a Girlfriend Spy Tool Show Me?

The best girlfriend spy apps will show you a plethora of data about her phone use. The three most important ones when it comes to catching a cheating partner or ensuring your girlfriend’s safety are:

GPS Data

GPS tracking shows you not only your girlfriend’s present location, but with our top entries, you’ll even gain access to her full location history and get alerts on when she enters or leaves predefined areas.

Internet History and Statistics

If you’ve ever wanted to know what your girlfriend is searching for, bookmarking, or simply how much time she spends on certain sites, you can easily do so. So, if you’ve ever wanted to know if your girlfriend watches explicit content or spends a lot of time on dating sites, this feature will let you know.

SMS & Social Media Messages

If you’re worried your girlfriend might be cheating on you, the easiest way to find out is to check her social media and SMS messages. Thankfully, all the best girlfriend spy apps will show you all of them, even those that she or the other person deleted.

How Do Girlfriend Spy Apps Work?

When you install a girlfriend spy app on her phone, it’ll collect data in the background. After that, it transmits real-time activity logs to your device without you needing to interact with her device or know her passwords.

Do I Need Physical Access to the Target Phone?

Unfortunately, most girlfriend spy apps for iOS and Android devices require access to the target phone to operate. Thankfully, the installation process for our top apps lasts just a few minutes.

Alternatively, if you know your girlfriend’s iCloud password, you can gain limited functionality without access to the target phone with certain apps like XNSpy.

Free Girlfriend Spy Apps Vs. Paid | Which is Best?

Free apps to spy on your girlfriend can sound tempting, but you should be wary of them. Most apps to spy on your girlfriend are paid solutions for a reason.

A lot of free apps simply don’t work or might even be outright scams. A good way to get around this is by using the best Android and iPhone apps to spy on your girlfriend for free.

Our only 2 free entries have been thoroughly vetted and feature a premium version — which is how they make their money rather than selling your data. The problem with these apps, Hoverwatch and iKeyMonitor, alongside all other free apps, is that they pale in comparison to premium solutions.

Not only will you see fewer features, but their functionality is likely significantly less reliable as well. Therefore, the best method to spy on your girlfriend for free is using the free trial or money-back guarantee of a paid solution.

How to Use a Girlfriend Spy App | Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up the best girlfriend spy app — mSpy is very simple. For this example, we’ll be looking at Android devices, but the process is very similar on iOS as well.

Step 1 — Create An mSpy Account

Press the button below to go to mSpy’s website and select a billing option. When you’ve created your mSpy account, open your email and save the information in the email from mSpy.


Step 2 — Disable Play Protect

For mSpy to operate correctly, you need to disable Play Protect — Android’s anti-spyware measure. You can do this in the Google Play Store settings by simply making the slider go gray like below:

mSpy install

Step 3 — Open Her Web Browser and Download

Open your girlfriend’s web browser and paste the link from your mSpy email in the address bar. Next, complete the captcha and tap “Download” then “OK.”

Step 4 — Start Up mSpy and Begin 

mSpy download

In case a prompt pops up, Tap “Open”>” Settings”>” Allow from this source,” next:

  • Tap “Next” and then “Open”
  • Agree to the License Agreement
  • If a prompt pops up, tap “Accept all permissions”
  • Insert your Registration Code
  • Tap “Complete Installation”

Girlfriend Spy FAQs

Can I spy on my cheating spouse free?

Can spy apps be detected on the target device?

Are there legit apps to spy on your girlfriend?

What’s the best girlfriend spy app in 2023?

Do you need a rooted/jailbroken device to read private messages?

Conclusion | What’s the Best Girlfriend Spy App?

We’ve tested a myriad of apps looking to find the best girlfriend spy app of 2023. After looking at all the competition, we’ve concluded that mSpy is the most reliable choice. It boasts a boatload of advanced features to keep you in the know, plus the app is easy to use and install, in addition to coming in at a fairly reasonable price.

To put mSpy to the test, use the link below to try the tool risk-free and take advantage of its 10-day long money-back guarantee.

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