The 8 Best Hidden Screen Recorder Apps Compared for 2024

The best hidden screen recorder apps are a must-have for peace of mind, whether you’re a parent or a concerned spouse. These tools will give you insight into who your loved ones are talking to, the content they’re engaging in, and everything in between.

That said, finding the best hidden screen recorder for Android, iPhone, or desktop is no easy task. Regardless of your needs (and budget), we’ve found, ranked, reviewed, and compared the market’s very best secret recording apps.

The Best Secret Screen Recorders Ranked

Many apps claim to be the best, but some apps promise more than they deliver. To help you find the best hidden screen recorder for your needs, here’s a review of the top hidden screen recorders:

  1. mSpyOur top pick for the best hidden screen recorder that can be installed on any operating system and even lets you see deleted messages.
  2. uMobix Powerful screen recorder that’s ideal for parents, as it offers a one-click installation, perfect for non-techy users. It also lets you see incognito searches
  3. Spynger Popular spouse secret recording app that monitors every keystroke and lets you spy on over 16 common social media and messenger apps.
  4. SpyBubbleproAn incredibly powerful tool for seeing deleted/altered/hidden content. Beyond screen recording, you can also discreetly record the user’s surroundings.
  5. Phonsee A very user-friendly screen recorder with a powerful keylogger that, combined, tracks all activity, including passwords.
  6. EyeZy Excellent option for Android users, as it doesn’t require root access. It even monitors Telegram messages, which other apps lack.
  7. ClevGuard The best secret recording app for desktops. It also offers automatic screenshots, and you can live stream the target user’s surroundings.
  8. xMobi A popular option that supports older Android and iPhone devices. It’s completely hidden on the target phone and even lets you see deleted content.

The Best Secret Screen Recorder Apps Compared

Here’s a quick comparison of the best secret screen recorders available:

Secret Screen Recorder Apps Cheapest Plan Free Version Guarantee/Refund Screen Recording in Basic Plan Compatibility
mSpy $11.67/m (annual) Demo 14 days Android/iOS
uMobix $12.49/m (annual) Demo 14 days Android/iOS
Spynger $10.83/m (annual) Demo 30 days Android/iOS
SpyBubble Pro $10.62/m (annual) Demo 14 days Android/iOS
Phonsee $8.85/m (annual) No 14 days Android/iOS
EyeZy $7.99/m (annual) Demo 14 days Android/iOS
ClevGuard $9.99/m (annual) Demo 30 days Android, iOS, Mac, Windows
xMobi $11.66/m (annual) Demo 14 days Android, iOS

The Top Hidden Screen Recorders Reviewed

Here are reviews of the 9 best hidden screen recorders currently on the market:

1. mSpy — Top Overall Hidden Screen Recorder

mSpy dashboard | Hidden Screen Recorder

Cheapest Plan Free Version Guarantee/Refund Screen Recording in the Basic Plan Compatibility
$11.67/m (annual) Demo 14 days iOS/Android

mSpy is an excellent choice when it comes to hidden screen recording. It captures all activities on the target device, including keystrokes, texts, calls, and more, via screenshots and a keylogger.

We chose mSpy as one of the best phone spy apps overall. Not only can you monitor all of the target user’s social media activity, but you can also see deleted content, including messages.

What’s more, there are no visible notifications or pop-ups that’ll alert the user about the monitoring, meaning they can use the device uninterrupted, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

With its high-quality recording capabilities, mSpy offers one of the most comprehensive hidden screen recording solutions available today. This is why it’s rated among the best girlfriend spy apps.

Beyond the screen recorder and keylogger, mSpy’s popularity is also largely due to the fact that you can even set up custom alerts for certain words the target user uses or for GPS tracking.


  • Great app to record iPhone screens and for Android
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Runs completely undetectable
  • Excellent live location tracking features
  • Monitors all popular social media and IM apps


  • Relatively expensive to track more than 1 device

2. uMobix — Best for Seeing Incognito Searches

uMobix — Parental App with Easy Installation

Cheapest Plan Free Version Guarantee/Refund Screen Recording in the Basic Plan Compatibility
$12.49/m (annual) Demo 14 days iOS/Android

uMobix is a popular parental app thanks to its ease of use and simple setup process. While it has a great screen recorder, the uMobix app time record feature is what stands out the most.

This allows you to set a limit on how much screen time your children can have each day. Spotting inappropriate photos and videos is also a breeze with uMobix’s photo and video tracker.

The app automatically saves a copy of the pictures that your children take or view, so you can see the content they’re viewing and engaging in. In fact, uMobix records all of their activity.

For example, unlike most, uMobix even lets you see incognito searches or searches and messages that are typed but not sent over the internet.

Like mSpy, it lets you create custom keyword alerts to get notified if the target user uses these on any app or browser. Similarly, you can set up zones on a map and get alerts if they cross these boundaries.

Of course, all of this is remote from your own device, and it’s completely undetectable on the target phone.


  • Set a time limit for how long screens can be accessed
  • Screenshots are automatically sent to your device
  • One-click installation for easy setup
  • Offers custom alerts
  • See incognito searches


  • No call recording feature

3. Spynger — Best Screen Recorder for Social Media Monitoring

Spynger — Keystroke and Screen Recorder for Suspicious Spouses

Cheapest Plan Free Version Guarantee/Refund Screen Recording in the Basic Plan Compatibility
$10.83/m (annual) Demo 30 days iOS/Android

Spynger is something of a new kid on the block, but it’s quickly becoming one of the best hidden screen recorders out there. It has all the features you’d expect from a top-notch screen recorder.

This includes not only screen recording but keystroke logging and screenshots. Designed for spouse tracking, it’s unsurprising that it’s rated one of the best boyfriend tracker apps.

These features combined mean you’ll be able to see everything your loved one is up to. In fact, Spynger is great for social media monitoring in particular, as it lets you spy on over 16 social apps.

Its stealth mode means the person being monitored won’t know, either. From passwords to texts, emails, calendar entries, and everything in between, you’ll know what’s happening.

We were impressed with how easy this app is to set up as well, although we expected nothing less, and we were also impressed by the fact that nothing is hidden. You can even see deleted messages.


  • Record keystrokes to see typing history
  • Reads both messages and app activity
  • Stealth mode for covertly installing on the target phone
  • Hidden screen recorder and keylogger


  • Lacks features like call recording

4. SpyBubblepro — Hidden Screen Recorder for Seeing Deleted/Altered Content

SpyBubblepro — Comprehensive Hidden Screen Recorder

Cheapest Plan Free Version Guarantee/Refund Screen Recording in the Basic Plan Compatibility
$10.62/m (annual) Demo 14 days iOS/Android

SpyBubblepro is a comprehensive hidden screen recorder that offers the highest level of stealth and security. You can set up triggers that will automatically start recording when specific conditions are met.

This is immensely useful, as it lets you capture important footage without having to constantly monitor the device. You can also customize each trigger, ensuring you capture exactly what you need.

You can set it up to start recording based on audio levels, motion detection, or even a specific time of day. Beyond all this, SpyBubble Pro is the best option if you want to ensure nothing goes unnoticed.

With it, you’ll be able to see any hidden, deleted, or altered content, like calls, apps, SMS messages, or contacts that have been renamed, for example.

In fact, SpyBubble Pro goes far beyond screen recording and even lets you record the target user’s surroundings – anonymously – with remote access to their microphone and camera.


  • Set up triggers for automatic recording
  • No need to jailbreak devices
  • Excellent remote monitoring functions
  • Tracks less popular apps like Reddit


  • No call recording

5. Phonsee — User-Friendly Screen Recorder with Powerful Keylogger

Phonsee Hidden Screen Recorder App

Cheapest Plan Free Version Guarantee/Refund Screen Recording in the Basic Plan Compatibility
$8.85/m (annual) Demo 14 days iOS/Android

Phonsee is an incredibly popular app, and although it offers a powerful screen recorder, there’s a lot more to love about it. For starters, the price makes it an absolute steal.

It also boasts a powerful keylogger, which, combined with the screen recorder, makes it a solid option to ensure nothing is hidden from you on the target device, including passwords, for example.

Phonsee is also very user-friendly and takes just minutes to set up. Plus, beyond what you’d expect, the app also lets you block apps and websites (discreetly, of course).

You’ll also be able to monitor all the popular social media apps, the user’s calendar, and even any bookmarks they have on leading search engines.

Overall, Phonsee is a top option if you want a hidden screen recorder app, but you’re on a tight budget. It’s discreet. Cheap. But so powerful.


  • GPS tracking to keep tabs on location
  • Comprehensive keylogging across all social apps
  • Works on encrypted apps


  • Lacks keyword alerts
  • No call recording

6. EyeZy — Best for Android Users

EyeZy | Best Android Hidden Screen Recorder

Cheapest Plan Free Version Guarantee/Refund Screen Recording in the Basic Plan Compatibility
$7.99/m (annual) Demo 14 days iOS/Android

EyeZy is a hidden screen recorder rated as one of the best spy apps for Android users. It’s intuitive and incredibly user-friendly, even for those who aren’t very tech-savvy.

The main reason why EyeZy is great for Android users is that it doesn’t require root access. This means you don’t have to void the device’s warranty or jeopardize its security for full functionality.

Despite this, it has advanced features such as high-resolution recording, motion detection recording, auto-stop recording after a specified period of time, and much more.

The app provides an array of options to customize recordings according to your needs. It does much more than just recording the screen, though.

What makes it even more attractive is its ability to show disappearing messages on apps like Snapchat, for example. Plus, as you’d expect, it runs completely undetected on the target device.

It’s a hidden screen recorder without an icon. Beyond all this, EyeZy also lets you see any deleted or hidden content, and you can set up custom keywords for automatic alerts, too.


  • Powerful screen-recording technology
  • Works in hidden mode, providing worry-free use
  • Magic Alerts for instant notifications on specific activities
  • Lets you see deleted/hidden texts


  • Lacks call recording

7. ClevGuard — The Best Secret Recording App for Desktop

clevguard interface

Cheapest Plan Free Version Guarantee/Refund Screen Recording in Basic Plan Compatibility
$9.99/m (annual) Demo 30-day refund Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

ClevGuard has a lot going for it, hence why over 400,000 people use it for monitoring their loved ones, and although KidsGuard Pro is the most popular product from ClevGuard, there’s more.

It offers monitoring products specific to Android, iOS, WhatsApp, Line, and even desktops, which is incredibly rare. Of course, it comes with an undetectable screen recorder, too.

It requires no rooting or jailbreak, making it not just the top Mac and Windows app but also easily one of the best spy apps for iPhone and Android

Its functionality also means that it’s certainly not limited to parental control either. Alongside the spy screen recorder, ClevGuard also offers automatic screenshots and a keylogger.

Combined, these tools ensure you see absolutely everything — from texts to social media activity, web searches, and everything in between.

It even lets you record calls, which is another clear USP, as not many spy recorders offer this functionality; plus, you can tap into the target user’s mic and camera for live surround recording.

Beyond all of this, you also get GPS geo-fencing (for real-time alerts), and you can set custom keywords to get notified if your loved ones use these words on their device.


  • Works on both mobile and desktop
  • Hide screen recorder functionality
  • Lets you record calls, too
  • Record the device’s surroundings
  • Has a solid reputation


  • For some, it consumes a lot of battery

8. xMobi — Popular Option That Supports Older Devices Spy App

Cheapest Plan Free Version Guarantee/Refund Screen Recording in Basic Plan Compatibility
$11.66/m (annual) Demo 14-day refund Android, iOS

xMobi is an incredibly popular spy screen recorder and for good reason. Not only is it competitively priced, but it also works with almost all Android (4+) and iOS devices.

That said, the Android version is more popular as the data updates every 15 minutes, on average, whereas this can take up to an hour with iPhones.

The price equates to less than $1 a day, and the app runs completely discreetly on the target phone. With it, you can monitor all calls and SMSes, including deleted ones.

You can also see the user’s web browser activity as well as what they’re up to on social media and messenger apps, thanks to the keylogger and screenshot features.

This includes even the lesser-common apps, like Discord, for example. Beyond all this, xMobi also offers excellent GPS location tracking capabilities, but it does lack geo-fencing.


  • Offers a quick setup
  • It equates to less than a dollar a day
  • Supports older device models


  • Lacks advanced functionality like call recording
  • iOS updates can take an hour
  • Only offers screenshots

How Do Hidden Screen Recording Apps Work?

50%-70% of married Americans admitted to cheating at least once in their marriage. This highlights why hidden screen recording apps are becoming popular for peace of mind.

Hidden screen recording apps are discreet tools used by individuals, particularly spouses. They operate in the background of the target device, recording on-screen activities without the user’s knowledge.

Installation methods vary, with some requiring physical access to the device, while others can be remotely installed through message links or disguised files.

Once installed, these apps capture data, including texts, social media interactions, emails, and browsing history. The recorded information is stored and accessible through a secure login or online portal.

What Information Can Screen Recorder Apps Track?

Screen recorder apps are able to capture a wide range of data, such as app usage, location, websites visited, calls, and messages. This is invaluable not only for parents and spouses but also for employers.

In fact, 45% of US companies have experienced a data breach – making screen recording apps on company devices and networks a very useful security measure.

Besides the above, a hidden screen recorder can show you everything happening across social media apps, for example. What they’re searching for, their feeds, direct messages, and more.

These tools also offer insight into the apps the user installs (and the ones they use most frequently), in addition to the media files they have saved on their device.

Beyond all this, the best recorder apps even offer advanced features like call recording, the ability to get insight into the user’s surroundings (live from your own device), and ample more.

Are Free Secret Screen Recorders Safe to Use?

Many may be tempted to try free secret screen recorder services to monitor their kids’ online activity, especially with the increasing amount of time children spend with screens.

However, there are a few important issues that you should be aware of when it comes to installing free hidden screen recorders.

First and foremost, many of these services are freemium or ad-driven and won’t provide the features you’d get from a paid service, and often don’t work at all, really.

Secondly, free secret screen recorders will lack security measures, which could lead to third parties gaining access to and monitoring all web operations on the target device.

You should thoroughly research any free secret screen recorder service before trying it. The best spy apps for iPhone and Android will almost always be paid options.

How to Use an Undetected Screen Recorder

Children now are so clued up on using computers, smartphones, and tablets that it’s difficult to keep tabs on their online activities and protect them from the thousands of online predators.

Here are the steps you need to follow to install and use spy app software like mSpy on Android:

  1. Sign Up

    Sign up, choose your plan, and download mSpy, the undetected screen recorder. For Android, you’ll get the hidden screen recorder APK file. Follow the installation instructions carefully. Make sure to disable Play Protect in settings.
    <strong>Sign Up</strong>
  2. Once Synced, Monitor

    Once installed and the data has synced, you can then check in on your child or loved one’s activities by viewing logs of screenshots to see what websites they’re visiting, for example.
    <strong>Once Synced, Monitor</strong>
  3. Set Up Alerts

    You can also set up alerts for certain websites that you don’t want your children accessing. This way, if they do attempt to visit a restricted site, you’ll be notified immediately and can take appropriate action to protect them from potential online predators.
    <strong>Set Up Alerts</strong>
  4. Use the Screen Recorder

    Finally, you can use the screen recorder to record a snapshot of your child’s device every few minutes. This way, you can monitor their activities and detect any potential signs of online exploitation or grooming by predators. See the screenshot below:
    <strong>Use the Screen Recorder</strong>


We’ve explored the importance of screen recording apps for various use cases, including parental control, employee monitoring, and personal device security.

While a number of options exist in the market, mSpy has consistently proven to be the go-to choice for individuals seeking a reliable and discreet monitoring solution.

mSpy offers a powerful array of features, including hidden screen recording, call monitoring, GPS tracking, and social media monitoring. Its intuitive interface makes it accessible to anyone, too.

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