The Best Instagram Spy Apps for 2024 – How to Spy on Instagram Messages

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The best Instagram spy apps give you access to all the app’s features and history. With these tools, you can view messages, set limits on use, and even block access entirely. In this guide, we look at the best options based on criteria like price, functionality, and the level of Instagram access and control provided.

The Best Instagram Spy Apps

mSpy is the top-performing Instagram spy app on the market, thanks to its advanced features like comprehensive social media tracking, unrestricted access to multimedia, and user-friendly setup and interface. Compare it against other apps to spy on Instagram and see for yourself:

  1. mSpy — The best Instagram spy app with GPS location tracking
  2. Eyezy — Great keylogger and the ability to get detailed timestamps for every text
  3. uMobix — Best Instagram spy app for remote control
  4. Cocospy — Versatile solution to monitor iPhone and Android devices
  5. Hoverwatch — Top tool to take screenshots on the target device
  6. Spyic — Popular Instagram monitoring app to read direct messages
  7. XNSpy — Powerful Instagram spy app to track online social activity
  8. TheOneSpy — Leading social media monitoring tool to get real-time updates
  9. KidsGuard — Leading tracker to protect your children from inappropriate content
  10. iKeyMonitor — The best free Instagram spy app

Reviews of the Top Spy Apps for Instagram Activity

We look at some of the best Instagram spy apps and cover their best features, weaknesses, and pricing.

1. mSpy — The Best Instagram Spy App Overall

mSpy logo

mSpy covers almost every aspect of social media tracking, especially for Instagram. You can see every message your child or spouse has exchanged on Instagram, including media files and links. These links are also clickable if you want to see where they lead. This is a great way to keep an eye on the kind of content the device owner is interested in.

Another benefit of using mSpy is its built-in GPS tracker. In seconds, you can find the target device’s location and verify it with the device owner, whether your kid, partner, or another family member. If mSpy’s control panel shows that your child is using Instagram during school hours, for example, you can use the GPS tracker to check if they’re actually in school.

If a photo or video from Instagram is saved on the device, you can easily find it with mSpy. This feature ensures even if you miss a media file while reviewing chats, you can still access it later from the target phone’s gallery.

Along with monitoring Instagram, you can also access call logs, text messages, and photos on the target device. If there’s one drawback, it’s that you can only track one device – though this is fairly standard even with the best Instagram hacking apps.


All mSpy plans are covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Starting Price No Of Devices Free Trial/Demo Money-Back Guarantee
$11.66/month (annual) 1 Demo 14 days


  • Has two-factor authentication for safety
  • Easy-to-understand user interface
  • Excellent text and contact logging features
  • Takes remote screenshots
  • Features custom geo-fencing


  • Tracks one device per plan

2. Eyezy — Great Tracker App to Get Detailed Timestamps for Every Text

Eyezy logo

Leading Instagram tracker Eyezy is an excellent spy app for those who need detailed timestamps alongside every message. Just like mSpy, Eyezy lets you read phone messages and access shared media files, but you can also get timestamps for messages.

For example, you can check Eyezy’s dashboard to see if your kids are secretly using their phones past bedtime. Limiting screen time has many benefits, that go far beyond restricting adult content.

If you don’t have the time to monitor all of the target’s Instagram messages, use Eyezy’s magic keyword alerts to receive notifications only if a predefined event takes place. Anytime your target uses these words in their texts, you’ll get an instant notification, increasing your chances of catching them. Syncing can sometimes be a little slow, but it’s hardly a major issue.

All these features extend to other social media apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. You can track their messages, phone calls, and posts on all these platforms without alerting them. Eyezy closely matches mSpy while being very slightly cheaper – and message timestamps may just clinch the deal for some.


Eyezy offers one of the cheapest subscription prices if you opt for the annual plan.

Starting Price No Of Devices Free Trial/Demo Money-Back Guarantee
$7.99/month (annual) 1 Demo 14 days

There’s also a live demo on the site and a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can evaluate the platform without risking any money.

Pros pros

  • Lots of easy-to-use features
  • Excellent multimedia monitoring
  • Allows tracking phone conversations
  • Get alerts for specific browser searches
  • GPS-enabled live location tracking
  • Top-rated WhatsApp spy app


  • Syncing with iCloud is slow
  • Expensive to track multiple devices

3. uMobix — Reliable Service for Remote Control

uMobix logo

uMobix is one of the few spy apps that allows you to access the target phone’s Instagram account and control the device. For example, if you don’t want the target phone to have the Instagram app at all, you can remotely uninstall it, and the user won’t even know it was you.

Even if the individual tries to access Instagram through a browser, you can block the website, too. In other words, if you don’t want them to use Instagram, uMobix will make it impossible for them to do so.

uMobix will let you track what websites your target visits, including their browser history and their bookmarked sites. This will give you a better idea of their interests, likes, and dislikes and whether they’ve been looking for a way to get back on Instagram.

If you’re trying to make your child take a break from Instagram or social media, you can also block their access to WiFi. Overall, the uMobix Instagram tools are first-class, and they’re ideal for inexperienced users.


uMobix is slightly more expensive than mSpy and Eyezy, but you get additional features such as remote device control and screen recording. They do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Starting Price No Of Devices Free Trial/Demo Money-Back Guarantee
$12.49/month (annual) 1 Demo 14 days

Pros pros

  • Free demo version available
  • User-friendly dashboard for easy navigation
  • Can be easily installed with a single click
  • Doesn’t affect the performance of the target device
  • Utilizes secure RSA-4096 encryption
  • Can detect and remove suspicious apps on the target device


  • Doesn’t have keyword monitoring capabilities

4. Cocospy — Versatile Solution to Monitor iPhone & Android Devices

Temp cocospy logo

Cocospy is relatively simple compared to other top Instagram spy apps, but it does let you monitor a wide range of devices, such as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

It only takes a few minutes and three simple steps to set up, and it can remotely monitor any device with its stealth mode, which prevents detection. The customer support team is very supportive, and you can reach out to them at any time to troubleshoot issues.

In terms of Instagram tracking, you can check both individual and group messages and view sent and received media files. This feature extends to WhatsApp and Facebook as well. Having access to multiple social media accounts ensures you get the full story and never miss out on details.

Another benefit of Cocospy is its keylogger tool, which records everything the user types. The feature works across apps, including the phone’s Notes app. If the user types a message but deletes it midway, you’ll still get to see what they’re typing. If you need a comprehensive keylogger, Cocospy is a great pick.


Cocospy has the same pricing as uMobix and also offers a two-week money-back guarantee.

Starting Price No Of Devices Free Trial/Demo Money-Back Guarantee
$12.49/month (annual) 1 Demo 14 days

Pros pros

  • Undetectable on the target device
  • Alerts when the SIM card is changed
  • Comprehensive keylogger feature
  • Can monitor deleted messages
  • Best iOS spy app for remote installation


  • No free version

5. Hoverwatch — Top Tool to Take Screenshots

hoverwatch temp logo

Hoverwatch is the perfect spy app for those wanting to monitor multiple devices at once, if say, you have three kids you want to keep an eye on. Unlike other spy apps, Hoverwatch focuses on providing regular screenshots of the target device’s display so you can track activity.

It’s compatible with multiple device types and operating systems and allows you to monitor up to five devices simultaneously on the basic plan. With its Instagram spy feature, you can check out messages sent and received and follow requests—a feature that not all spy apps for Instagram offer. Whether you’re using it to track your child or spouse, knowing who’s trying to contact them is useful for addressing issues before they escalate.

If your target is using Instagram’s disappearing message feature for secret conversations, Hoverwatch’s Android Screenshot feature will help you out. It discreetly takes a screenshot every time it detects activity on the target device—like when receiving a new Instagram message. There’s also a keylogger for in-depth monitoring.

Hoverwatch is a great option for detailed social media tracking, and the ability to track 20+ devices on one plan is unrivaled.


Hoverwatch’s plans are relatively cheap, and you can track up to 25 devices simultaneously. There’s no demo, trial, or money-back guarantee, though.

Starting Price No Of Devices Free Trial/Demo Money-Back Guarantee
$6/month/device (annual) 1, 5, or 25 No No

Pros pros

  • Offers GPS, internet, and cell phone tracking
  • Robust keylogger
  • Lets you schedule screenshots
  • Allows multimedia gallery downloads


  • No iOS version

6. Spyic — Popular Monitoring App to Read Social Media Messages

Spyic temp logo

Spyic is a parental control app designed for parents who want to keep an eye on their children when they aren’t around. Its Instagram spy tool is simple to use and works without rooting, which is a big win for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Along with updates on messages and shared media files, Spyic can also provide contact details for people the target is chatting with.

You can then check out their accounts and see if they’re a suitable individual for your loved one. After all, the internet is filled with potentially dangerous people, and you want to keep your kid safe.

Just like Eyezy, Spyic provides detailed timestamps of your child’s Instagram messages so you can check their history in context and against their location. If you’re not satisfied with tracking just their Instagram, you can also monitor their activities on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, and regular SMS. For each of these applications, you’ll get messages, timestamps, and media files.

Spyic is a solid, reasonably priced spy app for hacking social media accounts – and it’s great for parents.


Spyic offers affordable pricing for both Android and iOS. If you want to monitor three devices, choose the Family Plan. There’s also a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.

Starting Price No Of Devices Free Trial/Demo Money-Back Guarantee
$9.99/month (annual) 1 or 3 No 60 days

Pros pros

  • Set up custom geofencing alerts
  • Track multiple devices with one plan
  • Great SIM change alert feature
  • Difficult to detect, especially on iOS
  • Tracks most popular social media apps
  • One of the top Facebook spy apps


  • Lacks some social media monitoring on iOS

7. XNSpy — Powerful Instagram Spy App to Track Online Social Activities

XNSpy temp logo

XNSpy is one of the most trusted spy apps and is recommended by entrepreneurs and tech blogs. Its Instagram spy features are pretty basic, covering messages and sharing media files with timestamps, but it makes up for this with some strong phone tracking functionality.

For instance, every time you open the control panel, you’ll find a list of your target’s top five callers, call durations, and websites visited. This summary of their activities saves you the trouble of going through their call log or web history to find what they’re checking most frequently.

Another unique selling point for XNSpy is its remote command capability. Using this feature, you can direct the target device to take a screenshot of Instagram chats whenever they are opened on the device – a great way to capture vanishing messages before they disappear. In addition, you can wipe the target device’s memory or lock it remotely if you are concerned about its activity.

You can also access the list of installed apps on the target phone and block Instagram. This app-blocking feature is the best way to prevent Instagram addiction, and the remote control features are definitely impressive.


XNSpy offers cheap plans and includes access to call recordings, live locations, and photos and videos on the target device. There’s also a ten-day money-back guarantee.

Starting Price No Of Devices Free Trial/Demo Money-Back Guarantee
$7.50/month (annual) 1 Demo 10 days

Pros pros

  • Allows remote locking of the phone
  • Create custom alerts for specific contacts
  • The installation process is easy and straightforward
  • Allows remote capturing of screenshots


  • Requires iCloud credentials for iOS devices

8. TheOneSpy — Top Social Media Monitoring Tool to Get Real-Time Updates

theonespy temp logo

TheOneSpy was specifically designed to help catch cheating spouses red-handed, and it has meticulous phone and Instagram tracking features. Even if your spouse’s Instagram account is private, you’ll be able to check the list of their followers and who they follow.

This feature can be used to check if your spouse is in touch with previous partners or with anyone who could threaten your relationship. You can also check individual messages, shared media files, and group chats. If anyone is sending unsuitable messages or photos, you can break into their phone with TheOneSpy’s Password Chaser feature and block the profile.

The best part about using TheOneSpy to track someone on Instagram is that it can be done without rooting. This is great for those who don’t want to go through the risks of jailbreaking.

TheOneSpy also lets you monitor the target device’s surroundings. Turn on their microphone and camera remotely and catch a glimpse of everything happening around them. This feature makes TheOneSpy a great option for those wanting comprehensive monitoring tools for their loved ones.


If you pay for an annual plan, TheOneSpy is one of the cheapest spy apps for Instagram. To hear the target’s conversations over WhatsApp, Skype, Hangout, or Truecaller, though, you will need to get TheOneSpy’s Pro plan.

Starting Price No Of Devices Free Trial/Demo Money-Back Guarantee
$6.25/month (annual) 1 Demo 14-day refund policy

Pros pros

  • Access the camera on the target device
  • Includes real-time location tracking tools
  • Offers a powerful keylogger feature
  • Allows unlimited device switching
  • Remains hidden on the target phone


  • Only a few features available for iOS monitoring

9. ClevGuard — Leading Tracker to Protect Your Kids from Inappropriate Content

Clevguard logo

KidsGuard’s simple Instagram monitoring feature lets you access the target’s messages and photos but doesn’t enable deeper control. The app also covers several social media platforms, such as Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat, and you can monitor all of them without rooting. Even if the app is protected by a password, KidsGuard can break in and record private conversations.

You can also block access to Instagram from the browser and use the Web Content Viewer tool to check their browsing history. This provides a list of websites they’ve visited and bookmarked, which will help you understand their interests.

Another feature we liked is the Files Finder, a database of everything stored on the target device, including messages, call logs, photos, videos, browsing history, and more—even if the user deletes it, you’ll still have a copy.

This makes KidsGuard a capable and relatively affordable spy app, which is great for parents who want to track social media use.


ClevGuard offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

Starting Price No Of Devices Free Trial/Demo Money-Back Guarantee
$9.99/month (annual) 1 Demo 30 days

Pros pros

  • Can be used even with a VPN
  • Advanced geofencing capabilities
  • Up to 15 child profiles can be added to a single account
  • Offers more content-blocking categories than similar products
  • Has a device lock that prevents unauthorized access


  • Time tracking limits aren’t synced across devices

10. iKeyMonitor — The Best Free Instagram Spy App

iKeyMonitor logo

iKeyMonitor provides one of the best Instagram tracking features on the market. Along with a copy of outgoing and incoming messages with timestamps, you also get a keylogging tool that’s dedicated to the Instagram app.

This is a great way to access all your child or spouse’s unsent and deleted messages and search queries on the app. For example, the keylogging feature will tell you if the target is looking up specific profiles. Another benefit of using this Instagram spying tool is its live screenshot feature, which provides automated screenshots that can catch chats and disappearing messages on IG.

The live screenshot feature is triggered by activity, so you don’t have to manually capture images, while the screen time monitoring feature will quickly provide information on the device’s usage.

You can also block access to the device whenever you want, such as during school hours, or set limits on the total daily usage. Of the tools we’ve reviewed, iKeyMonitor provides the best free option, and you can upgrade to a paid plan for even more options.


If you’re looking for a free Instagram spy app, iKeyMonitor is ideal. It’s the only tool on our list to provide a free phone tracker for mobile devices.

Starting Price No Of Devices Free Trial/Demo Money-Back Guarantee
$0 1 Free plan 30 days

Pros pros

  • Enables live screen recordings
  • Easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Allows multiple sub-accounts with custom permissions
  • Manage and categorize multiple devices
  • Lets you view monitoring logs without physical access


  • Add-ons cost extra

Top Apps to Spy on Instagram – 10 Best Compared

To help you decide, we’ve created the table below to showcase the major distinctions between the top apps to spy on Instagram:

Parental Control App Starting Price No Of Devices Free Trial/Demo Money-Back Guarantee
mSpy $11.67/month (annual) 1 Demo 14 days
EyeZy $7.99/month (annual) N/A Demo & 3-day free trial 14 days
uMobix $12.49/month (annual) 1 Demo 14 days
Cocospy $8.33/month (annual) 1 Demo 14 days
Hoverwatch $6/month/device — 25-device plan 1, 5, or 25 No No
Spyic $9.99/month (annual) 1 or 3 No 60 days
XNSpy $7.50/month (annual) 1 Demo 10 days
TheOneSpy $6.25/month (annual) 1 Demo 14 days
KidsGuard $8.32/month (annual) 1 Demo 30 days
iKeyMonitor $0 1 Free plan 30 days

How We Review And Test Spyware Apps

Important Note: Spy software is not legal to use without the device owner’s permission in many countries and states. When we test spy software, we do so only with the explicit consent of the device owner and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

To provide our readers with accurate and well-informed recommendations, we test the most popular spy applications on the market to find the best options for you. Our methodology consists of the following criteria:

  • General Features: We evaluate the comprehensive feature set of each spy app, including but not limited to features such as App Management, Time Management, Call Monitoring, Device Control and GPS Tracking.
  • Ease of Use: We gauge the user-friendliness of each app, considering factors such as installation process complexity, the necessity of jailbreaking (for iOS) or rooting (for Android) the target device, and more.
  • Device Support and Compatibility: We thoroughly examine the compatibility of each spyware app with different devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android. We also assess whether the app offers a unified dashboard accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Customer Support: We test the responsiveness and effectiveness of customer support provided by each app developer. We evaluate the availability of support channels, such as live chat, email, or phone support, as well as the satisfaction ratings of customer assistance.
  • Price and Value for Money: We assess each spyware app’s pricing structure in relation to its features and functionalities, aiming to determine its overall value proposition. We analyze whether the app offers different subscription tiers, flexible payment options, and discounts for long-term commitments. Additionally, we check whether the app provides free trials or demos for users to test its capabilities before making a purchase.
  • Privacy and Security: We prioritize the privacy and security of user data in our evaluation. We scrutinize the app’s data encryption measures, adherence to privacy regulations, and commitment to regular security updates to safeguard user information from unauthorized access or breaches.

Why Use An Instagram Spy Tool?

An Instagram spy app can monitor the activity of a specific Instagram account, such as tracking posts, comments, and messages. Here are a few reasons to use an Instagram spy app:

Parental MonitoringEmployee MonitoringMonitoring Your Partner

As a parent, it’s natural to be concerned about your child’s safety and well-being, especially regarding online activity. An Instagram spy app allows you to monitor your child’s activity on the platform, such as the:

  • Accounts they’re following
  • The content they’re viewing
  • People they’re interacting with

This can help you identify any potential dangers or risks their child may be exposed to and take appropriate action to keep them safe.

Employers can use an Instagram spy app to track their employees’ online activity. This can help employers identify employees who may share confidential information or use company devices for personal use. This is especially important in industries where information security is critical, such as finance and healthcare.

While this is considered an unethical use of phone spy apps, some people may use these apps to monitor their partner’s activity. This can include tracking their Instagram posts, comments, and messages, and it can be done to monitor their behavior or to gather evidence of infidelity.


How Do Instagram Tracking Apps Work?

Instagram spy apps work by gaining access to the target device through jailbreaking, rooting, or obtaining iCloud credentials.

Once the app is installed, it disguises itself as a system app. It uses screenshots, keylogging, and notifications to create a complete picture of the target’s Instagram activity. This allows users to monitor the target’s Instagram direct messages, view links, their stories and likes, photos, and videos exchanged, and even see deleted messages.

Do I Need Physical Access to the Target Phone?

In most cases, physical access to the target phone is required to install an Instagram spy app. This is particularly true for Android phones, as a spy app cannot be installed without physical access to the device.

However, some spy apps can be installed on iPhones without physical access by using iCloud backup and having the login credentials and two-factor authentication code for the target phone.

Once the Instagram spy app is installed and has the necessary permissions, it can remotely monitor the target’s Instagram activity and read their direct messages without needing further physical access to the device.

Are Instagram spy apps legal?

Using an Instagram spy app to monitor someone’s device with their informed consent is entirely legal, and you can also access devices belonging to children under 18 in your care without needing permission. Keep in mind that obtaining informed consent is required for tracking adults before using spy apps for Instagram on phones.

What can you see with an Instagram spy app?

Instagram spy apps can provide a wide range of information on a target’s activity on the platform. Instagram hacker apps can capture screenshots, record keystrokes, and collect notifications, capturing the target’s direct messages, including photos, videos, and links they’ve shared. You can also see their stories, posts, activity, followers, and who they’re following.

Free Instagram Spy Apps vs. Paid – Which is Best?

Our research has found that paid options are far superior to free Instagram spy apps. Free apps like Mobile Tracker may need more performance and reliability than paid options.

Some spy apps don’t offer Instagram spying in their free version. Additionally, free Instagram spying apps may be less reliable, have weaker features, and even be a scam or malware.

While some tools may offer free versions, these tend to be limited in functionality compared to premium options. If you’re unsure which Instagram spy app to use, try risk-free options with free trials, guarantees, and demos. Budget-conscious users can also opt for long-term plans for value for money.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Instagram Spy Apps

Naturally, the core consideration for our researchers when creating this guide on the best Instagram hacking apps was their ability to track, monitor, and log activity taking place on the app.

Secondary considerations included how easy these spy apps are to use, how quickly they can be installed, and the degree to which they can operate quietly in the background without bothering the user – all of which are important for a positive user experience.

Beyond that, other features like being able to track other social media apps, access location information, and control the microphone and camera are all great additional benefits—as is being able to track more than one device.

Lastly, value for money is very important to us—if a budget Instagram hack app comes with premium features, we recommend it, and we consider details like trials, guarantees, and flexible pricing plans.

We have broad-ranging experience across the sector, so we take all these factors into account, identifying each product’s best features and comparing its functionality against the competition and spy app software benchmarks.

How to Use An Instagram Spy App – A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to install and use mSpy on Android or iOS devices:

Step 1 – Setting Up


  • Select “iOS” or “Android” when asked about the operating system of the monitored device.
  • Pick one of the three subscriptions.
  • Open up the email from mSpy and jot down the link to your registration code, Control Panel, Username, Password, and download link.

Step 2 – Additional Steps 

For iOS devices – Ensure the iPhone is jailbroken and has internet access. For Android devices – Make sure you’ve disabled Play Protect.

mSpy install

Step 3 – Download mSpy 

Download the software and install it.


Step 4 – Start Spying on Instagram


For iOS Devices: 

  1. Navigate to “Technology Repository,”
  2. Tap “iPhone Internal Service,”
  3. Click “Accept,” and fill out the prompts that pop up on your homepage
  4. Tap the “mSpy” icon and accept their license agreement
  5. Input your registration code, and restart the target phone

For Android Devices:

In case there’s a prompt at the button on your screen,

  1. Tap “Open” and then “Settings.”
  2. Then click “Allow from This Source,”
  3. Tap “Next,”
  4. Click on “Open,” and press “Agree” on mSpy’s License Agreement
  5. Allow any permissions from the app
  6. Input the Registration Code you got via email
  7. Click “Complete Installation.”

Instagram Spy FAQs

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Do I need to root or jailbreak the device to spy on Instagram?

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