10 Best Web Browsing History Trackers for 2023

The best web browsing history tracker will offer an excellent way to keep an eye on what your loved ones are up to on the internet.

We’ve analyzed and reviewed the best web browsing history trackers to bring you a detailed overview of each application. We’ve looked at the features on offer as well as their pros and cons, among other notable factors, to bring you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Ranking the Best Web Tracking Apps for 2023

There are a lot of options when it comes to web browser history trackers, but it can be tough to determine which one is for you. We’ve made a list of 10 of the best internet-tracking apps that are sure to suit your needs. Read on to find out more:

  1. mSpy — Overall, the best web browsing history tracker with an array of powerful web history monitoring tools and detailed reporting capabilities.
  2. EyeZy — The best budget option that offers web tracking and an intuitive social media monitoring tool.
  3. uMobix — A reliable tracker that lets you see incognito searches and monitor over 30 different social media platforms.
  4. Cocospy — Hailed as one of the easiest website tracking applications to use and one of the few that doesn’t require jailbreak/root for full functionality.
  5. Hoverwatch — The best solution for businesses and the only website history tracker to offer a free trial. You can monitor up to 25 devices with a single account.
  6. Spyic.app — A budget-friendly internet tracking app with the longest refund policy on the list. Try it today risk-free for a whopping 60 days.
  7. Xnspy — The most affordable tracking app with some of the best remote monitoring capabilities.
  8. Spynger — The best solution for suspicious partners as you can track web activity plus dating applications like Tinder alongside viewing deleted content.
  9. Phonsee — Best tracker app for parents as it offers all the capabilities needed for complete control over your child’s internet activity.
  10. Haqerra — A powerful and intuitive internet history tracker with advanced remote control capabilities like accessing and recording calls and the target device’s camera.

How Do Web Browser History Trackers Work?

The moment a history tracker application is installed, it begins to collect data. These apps are designed to remain undetected, so all the data collection happens in the background.

These tools will automatically send the data to a user portal that you’ll have access to at any time to monitor the usage of a tracked device. Depending on the application, you may also be able to access remote control and GPS tracking capabilities.

Can Internet Tracker Apps Be Detected?

Generally speaking, internet tracking applications can’t be detected by someone who has no idea they’re being monitored. That being said, there are ways in which these applications can be found.

For example, some of the best antivirus solutions can pick up these tools, and if you use a disreputable free internet tracking app, it can drain the battery, making it apparent that the device has been compromised.

The Top 10 Browser History Trackers Reviewed

The best web browsing history trackers include some great solutions, but how do you know which one is the best fit for you? While many of these apps have a number of similar features, there are also other factors to consider.

Installation, cost, and ease of use are some important aspects to keep in mind, for example. We’ve looked at 10 of the best solutions out there. Read on to find out more:

1. mSpy — Overall, the Best Browser History Tracker

mSpy is popular among parents and those keeping tabs on loved ones because it allows you to track smartphone activity like web browsing history, calls, messages, emails, and social media accounts.

It’ll remain undetectable after it’s been installed and will provide you with a detailed report on the activity of a tracked device. You can also monitor up to three devices with just one account – plus, it’s really easy to install.

mSpy dashboard

Price (monthly plan) Price (annual plan) Free Version Guarantee/Refund Compatibility
$48.99/month $11.66/month Demo 14-day refund policy iOS and Android

The screen recorder allows you to record the activity of a target device in real-time, so you can see exactly what that device is being used for, such as internet browsing. This includes using incognito tabs – also known as private browsing tabs – and social media.

You also get the ability to block undesirable applications and websites, and, of course, you’ll get access to a detailed report of the websites that have been accessed on the device. Another feature that makes mSpy the best browser history tracker is its keylogger.

This records everything that gets typed on the target device and is an excellent way to view passwords and other sensitive information. You can also set custom keyword alerts that’ll alert you if a particular word is typed in the search bar, for example, referring to drugs or nudity. It’s definitely one of the best keyloggers around.

Other features that mSpy has to offer include tracking all the names and versions of the apps installed on the target device. This can help you protect your child from accessing platforms you deem unfit, such as dating apps.


Like most other history trackers, mSpy has a few options when it comes to its plans.

mSPy Pricing

However, if you have an iOS device, functionality is limited unless you jailbreak the target phone. mSpy offers in-depth guides on how to do this.


  • User-friendly UI
  • Offers excellent customer service
  • Easy to install
  • Informative dashboard
  • Lets you see all activity on the target phone


  • iOS functionality is limited

2. EyeZy — An Intuitive Solution for the Budget-Conscious

This is a practical and informative website history tracker that offers you everything you could hope for. From being able to view the websites that a target device visits to filtering out controversial domains. EyeZy will equip you with the tools needed to keep your loved ones safe from the dark side of the internet, as well as get a better understanding of their interests.

EyeZy has a web magnifier feature that allows users to view bookmarked websites, while the advanced keystroke capture feature records everything typed on the target device. This lets you see what’s said, along with a timestamp and the application used.

Price (monthly plan) Price (annual plan) Free Version Guarantee/Refund Compatibility
$47.99/month $9.99/month Demo  14-day refund policy iOS and Android

You can also use the screen recorder feature in EyeZy, which starts taking screenshots when a particular application is opened. You can set what applications trigger the recorder. This works well with the keylogger as the keylogger won’t record actions like social media “likes,” for example. Combined, you’ll be able to see everything happening.

You can also view the WiFi networks that a targeted device uses and block one if you don’t trust it. The same goes for applications. This will ensure that the targeted device is locked out of any applications you deem unsafe or inappropriate.

EyeZy’s Social Spotlight feature allows you to view everything your loved one does on social media platforms. This not only gives you a better understanding of their interests but also offers a layer of protection because you’ll know if they’re being targeted with malicious or inappropriate content.

For example, you’ll have access to every message sent and received on Facebook Messenger. However, EyeZy doesn’t show you who the sender or receiver is, and the keylogger may sometimes miss a keystroke.


EyeZy offers three plans that are all affordably priced:

EyeZy pricing

If you’re sure this app is for you, go for the annual plan. It offers the best value, and there’s a 14-day refund policy if you’re not happy.


  • Very affordable
  • Feature-rich
  • Detailed internet activity reports
  • Application usage alerts


  • Keylogger sometimes partially records keystrokes

3. uMobix — A Reliable Monitoring App Able to Track Over 30 Social Media Platforms

With uMobix, you can easily monitor over thirty applications and social media platforms, and it takes just minutes to set up. All the data that gets recorded is automatically updated every five minutes, so you can rest assured knowing what you see is the latest data available.

uMobix grants you access to all browser history on the target device, and it’s capable of accessing any browser that’s installed on the device. You can also monitor browsing activity in real time so you can get a deeper understanding of what that person is up to.

Price (monthly plan) Price (annual plan) Free Version Guarantee/Refund Compatibility
$49.99/month $11.66/month Demo 14-day refund policy iOS and Android

The screen recorder works in a similar way to EyeZy, grabbing screenshots once a particular application has been opened. This allows you to physically see what a target device is being used for. Along with the browser monitoring features, there’s also a list of all the websites that have been bookmarked.

With this, you’ll get daily reports with links to see what websites are frequented, and if you see one you don’t like, you can simply block it. Similarly, you can block certain applications from being accessed, like dating sites, for example. This can also be helpful to limit screen time on the device.

Something that not many spy applications offer is the ability to remotely control the device’s microphone and camera. This allows you to view your loved one’s surroundings in real time. uMobix also grants the ability to record phone calls that are made and received, and you can even view deleted messages. This way, you can ensure no secrets are being kept from you and that your loved ones remain safe.

Many applications and websites require an email address to create an account, so it’s helpful that you’ll be able to monitor a targeted device’s mailbox. With this feature, you can see if your loved ones have registered a new account somewhere. It’s important to note that uMobix stores data from the last 90 days, and if you upgrade, it gets pushed up to 180 days.


The application offers three plans.

It doesn’t really matter which plan you decide to get, as all of them include uMobix’s range of features to help you keep the ones you love safe.


  • Remote control capabilities
  • View deleted messages
  • Fast and simple setup
  • Live chat support is available


  • Social media updates can be inconsistent

4. Cocospy — One of The Easiest Solutions to Use

Here we have a spy application that’s the best when it comes to ease of use. Cocospy’s user interface couldn’t get less complicated if it tried, and the setup process takes only one to three minutes.

If the target phone happens to be Android, then you’ll need access to install the application, but if you want to monitor an iPhone, you can simply track it if you have the Apple ID credentials. This means you don’t have to physically install Cocospy on an iPhone.

Price (monthly plan) Price (annual plan) Free Version Guarantee/Refund Compatibility
$49.99/month $12.49/month Demo 14-day refund policy iOS and Android

With Cocospy, you can view a targeted device’s browser history remotely to get an idea of the most frequented websites and to see if a loved one is doing something they shouldn’t. This feature gives you a short description of a particular website, and it records a timestamp and any pages that’ve been bookmarked.

As a bonus, you can even track websites that have been visited in incognito tabs, and you can also block adult content on a device by placing a particular website on a ‘Block the Website’ list. Cocospy also offers a decent keylogger that’ll alert you if certain search terms are typed in the search bar.

Other great features that Cocospy has to offer are Social Network monitoring and Location Tracking. Both of these offer great functionality and value. With the monitoring of social media, you can track almost every social media platform there is, from status updates on WhatsApp to a friend request on Facebook, you’ll see it all.

Location tracking isn’t something new, but it’s nice to see that Cocospy offers it. With it, you can view all the locations someone has visited using the GPS on the device, provided they have their phone with them.


Cocospy offers three plans, the only difference being their duration.


You can enjoy full access to Cocospy’s powerful tools no matter what plan you choose.


  • One of the easiest to use
  • Installation is fast
  • Excellent GPS tracking quality


  • iOS features are limited

5. Hoverwatch — The Best Choice for Businesses

Hoverwatch is slightly different in the way it monitors devices. It largely relies on screenshots to track target device activity. It’s great for a business or larger family, as unlike most, this history tracker offers a business plan that can track up to 25 devices.

Just note that if you decide to use this browser history tracker to keep track of your employees, you need to let them know of your intentions. That being said, as a parent, there’s no obligation to keep your child in the loop if they’re under 18 years of age.

Price (monthly plan) Price (annual plan) Free Version Guarantee/Refund Compatibility
$24.95/month $8.33/month 3-day free trial 14-day refund policy Windows, Mac, and Android

Hoverwatch comes equipped with most features you’d expect from a spy app. It’s undetectable once it’s been installed, it can record incoming and outgoing calls and track the browser history on a target device.

Because Hoverwatch mainly relies on screenshots to track activity, you can be sure that the screen record feature is top-notch. It works by simply taking screenshots at regular intervals as well as whenever the phone is unlocked.

This is excellent to see if the target phone is with the person you expect, and of course, in the case of an employee, a screen recorder could act as a deterrent to ensure productivity during work hours or on work devices.

If you’d like to install Hoverwatch on an iPhone, then you’ll be disappointed as it doesn’t offer tracking capabilities on iPhones, but it can work on a Mac however.


Hoverwatch offers three plans, each with three durations. The business plan works out to be the cheapest, provided you have 25 devices you want to cover.


Otherwise, the professional plan is perfect for a family.


  • Offers a free trial
  • Can track up to 25 devices on one account
  • The best solution for businesses


  • No version for iOS

6. Spyic.app — Affordable With the Longest Refund Policy and an Advanced Keylogger

Here we have one of the most affordable and popular browser history trackers. Spyic works with or without rooting your Android device, though some functionality might be limited if the device isn’t rooted. And for iOS, there’s no need to install the app at all, as all you’ll need is the Apple ID. This way, you can track a target phone over the web.

Spyic comes equipped with a website history tracker that collects details like website URLs, the title of the website, how often they visit, if it was bookmarked, and a timestamp. This allows you to see the habits of someone and ensure they’re being responsible plus, it works when a page is visited in incognito mode as well.

Price (monthly plan) Price (annual plan) Free Version Guarantee/Refund Compatibility

Android – $39.99/month

iOS – $49.99/month

Android – $8.33/month

iOS – $10.83/month

Demo 60-day refund policy iOS and Android

The history tracker shows you details in real time, making it perfect for worried parents. It also offers a top-class keylogger that captures every keystroke made on the target device. Just to give you an idea of how thorough it is, it even captures details when the calculator app is used, meaning you also have the ability to access passwords and credentials.

Speaking of social media, Spyic allows you to monitor social network activity. You can monitor apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, among others. What’s nice is that the second an app is opened, Spyic starts to capture screenshots and saves them in chronological order, making it easier to see what the target phone is being used for.

It offers one of the best phone trackers there is. With it, you can track calls and view SMSs and contacts that have been saved on the target phone. It even has the ability to show deleted call logs and messages. How would you know if something has been deleted? Well, Spyic bolds the deleted items to make them stand out.


There is no basic plan for iOS, so you’ll have to jump to the premium plan that starts at $49.99 a month.

Spyic-android pricing


That being said, it’s one of the more affordable options, especially as a web history tracker for Android.


  • 60-day refund policy
  • Extremely budget friendly
  • One of the best keyloggers around


  • Non-rooted devices lack functionality

7. Xnspy — The Most Affordable Internet Tracking Application

Xnspy is the most affordable product on the list at only $7.50 a month for the annual plan. It shines when it comes to its remote control capabilities. You can block applications and completely lock a targeted device. You can also wipe its data, control the microphone, and even shut the device down. And all of this can be done remotely.

It comes equipped with a browser history tracker that can also track incognito browsing, which isn’t a very common feature. There’s also no need to spend hours looking over the websites that a target phone was on as Xnspy provides a list of the ten most frequented websites. This shows how often they were on the page and provides a time and datestamp plus any bookmarked pages.

Price (monthly plan) Price (annual plan) Free Version Guarantee/Refund Compatibility
$35.99/month $7.50/month Demo 10-day refund policy iOS and Android

Text messages are also covered with this spy application. You can view any messages sent and received on the target device, and what’s nice is you can track certain words or phrases as well. For example, if your child searches for adult content, you can set up an alert feature that notifies you the second a word specific to this is typed into the search bar. You can also go a step further by adding contacts to a similar list.

SMS isn’t the only way we communicate in the world today, though, and email plays a big role. With Xnspy, you can view all the emails on a target device and even get access to attachments.


Xnspy has much more on offer, from GPS tracking to social media monitoring, all for a really affordable price.

Try it out today. It has a 10-day refund policy, so if you aren’t happy, just ask for your money back.


  • The best remote control features
  • Most affordable annual plan
  • Has a keyword alert function


  • Relatively short refund policy

8. Spynger — The Best Option for Suspicious Partners

This spy application offers extensive tracking capabilities and is a very popular choice when it comes to those who suspect their partners are cheating on them. One of the best features Spynger has to offer is the monitoring of browser histories.

Like most spy applications, Spynger offers you the ability to view all websites that have been visited, including time and date stamps. You can also track over 16 social media applications like WhatsApp, Viber, and Tinder to view conversations and call logs. You’ll even have the ability to see deleted messages and all the sent and received media files.

Spynger phone tracker app

Price (monthly plan) Price (annual plan) Free Version Guarantee/Refund Compatibility
$45.49/month $10.83/month N/A N/A iOS and Android

There’s also a keylogger that’ll record every single keystroke, giving you access to passwords and other sensitive information. This allows you to check up on a loved one’s internet interactions and see if they’re engaged in nefarious activities. Of course, Spynger offers a secret screen recorder that captures screenshots every few seconds, giving you the necessary information for you to take preventative steps should the need arise.

Another feature on offer is a GPS location tracker with geofencing capabilities. With it, you can see exactly where someone has been in addition to being notified if that person leaves a designated area, like the office, for example.

Spynger is super easy to install, and it monitors a target phone in real time. Ensuring the data collected is always the latest information available. And if you’re worried about whether it can be found, Spynger remains hidden at all times.


Spynger offers three plans.

Spynger pricing

Unlike other options, there is no refund policy, and it even lacks a demo.


  • Best choice for suspicious partners
  • View deleted messages
  • Monitor 16+ chat apps


  • No refund policy
  • No demo or free trial

9. Phonsee — The Best Option for Worried Parents

Here we have the new kid on the block. This web history tracker is the best parental control app as it offers all the basics to ensure your child remains safe while on the internet. With Phonsee, you can view text messages, call logs, and all social media activity in addition to internet search history.

There’s a hidden screen recorder on offer that was specifically designed to remain hidden, and there’s also a keylogger. These features give parents just about everything they need to ensure a target phone is being used for the intended purpose.

Price (monthly plan) Price (annual plan) Free Version Guarantee/Refund Compatibility
$42.51/month $8.85/month Demo 14-day refund policy iOS and Android

There’s more, though, and Phonsee offers the ability to block applications from being used – so if there’s a strange game or social media app that you deem unsuitable for your child, you can deal with it.

In addition to blocking apps, you can also set up restrictions. In other words, you can ensure your child doesn’t use their phone during school hours by keeping it locked until school is out.

Other than that, Phonsee allows you to view media files such as pictures and videos, and it comes equipped with a GPS tracker tool that allows you to set up virtual boundaries so that when crossed, an alert gets sent to you immediately. This ensures you always know exactly where your child is at all times.

Some features Phonsee lacks include keyword alerts and call recording. That being said, it does offer all the basics needed to ensure your loved one remains safe, and it’s super easy to set up.


Phonsee’s subscription options differ depending on the duration of the plan:

  • 1 month: $42.51
  • 3 months: $24.79/month
  • 12 months: $8.85/month

The demo is pretty comprehensive and shows you the interface, plus it offers a 14-day refund policy.


  • Automatic screenshots
  • Affordable annual price
  • Quick and easy setup process


  • No keyword alert feature
  • No call recording capabilities

10. Haqerra — Offering Advanced Remote Control Capabilities

Haqerra is a powerful and innovative web history tracker with a super-friendly UI that raises the standard of your typical spy application. It’s been designed to provide you with the most advanced monitoring tools.

You can remotely monitor a whole host of things like call logs, text messages, emails, social media platforms, and even GPS locations. If you’re a concerned parent or an employer wanting to keep tabs on your work devices, Haqerra has you covered.

Price (monthly plan) Price (annual plan) Free Version Guarantee/Refund Compatibility
$41.99/month $10/month N/A 14-day refund policy iOS and Android

There’s also a powerful keylogger that doesn’t skip a beat, meaning it records every keystroke, giving you valuable insights into the internet habits of a tracked person.

Another powerful tool is the social media monitoring feature which lets you see who the target is engaging with and on what platform. You can even view all the media files being shared, whether on social media or chat applications.

It offers an ambient recording feature that allows you to actively listen in on calls and the surrounding environment, plus you can activate the camera remotely, giving you an idea of where a target phone is. This is a completely hidden feature, so you can rest assured knowing the user will remain oblivious.


There are three packages, each with a different cost and duration.

Though the annual price is the most affordable, we recommend one month on the monthly subscription at first so you can try it out for yourself.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Remote control features
  • Has an accurate keylogger


  • No free trial or demo

The Best Web Tracker Apps Compared

We’ve gone into detail on 10 of the best web browser history trackers to bring you a comprehensive overview of each. Here’s a condensed view of the key features of all the solutions so you can easily compare them against each other:

Browser History Tracker

Price (monthly plan) Price (annual plan) Free Version Guarantee/Refund



$48.99/month $11.66/month Demo 14-day refund policy

iOS and Android


$47.99/month $9.99/month Demo  14-day refund policy

iOS and Android


$49.99/month $11.66/month Demo 14-day refund policy

iOS and Android


$49.99/month $11.66/month Demo 14-day refund policy

iOS and Android


$24.95/month $8.33/month 3-day free trial 14-day refund policy

Windows, Mac, and Android


Android – $39.99/month

iOS – $49.99/month

Android – $8.33/month

iOS – $10.83/month

60-day refund policy
iOS and Android


$35.99/month $7.50/month Demo 10-day refund policy

iOS and Android


$45.49/month $10.83/month N/A N/A

iOS and Android


$29.99/month $8.85/month Demo 14-day refund policy

iOS and Android


$41.99/month $10.00/month N/A 14-day refund policy

iOS and Android

Are Free Website Tracker Apps Safe?

Many people ask how to track browsing history secretly for free, but things that are free generally come with other costs. In the case of website trackers, the same is true. The issue with free browsing tracking software is that it not only tracks a target phone but also the person doing the tracking.

This can lead to your personal information being sold to third parties for advertising purposes or worse. Other than that, most of the free tracker applications don’t really work, and if they do, they lack basic functionality and are filled with ads. So it’s better to go for a paid version instead.

How to Use a Website History Tracker App

For the purpose of this guide, we’ll go through the steps needed to install and use mSpy on Android for tracking internet browsing history.

Step 1: Go to the mSpy Website and Create an Account

Make sure you use a valid email address and that you accept the terms and conditions before moving on.mSpy-account-setup-1

Now you should be able to select an operating system (Android or iOS). It’s important that you select the correct operating system, as the installation process varies.

Step 2: Choose a Plan

After the first step, you should be able to select a plan. Add your chosen plan and complete the payment.


Step 3: Disable Play Protect On Target Phone

This is the tricky part, as it requires you to have access to the target device. Once you have it, you’ll need to ensure the device is connected to the internet.

Go to the Play Store and click on the profile picture (or the three lines) in the top right corner. A menu should come up where you can tap on the Play Protect option, turning it off. You should then see a gear icon in the top right-hand corner. Click that and scroll to the “Scan Apps With Play Protect” option. Turn that setting off.

mSpy install

Step 4: Open Google Chrome on the Target Device

Paste the link that mSpy provided into the search bar. There will also be a security capture test. Pass it and click download.

Download mSpy

Step 5: Set Up the Application

The final step is setting up the application. After it downloads, launch the app and accept all the permissions. This grants the application access to all the data on the target phone.

mspy setup dashboard

In the case of Mspy, you’ll receive a registration code provided by an Installation Wizard. Enter that code and complete the installation. Now you should be ready to track all the activity on a target phone, and it can be monitored from your control panel on your mSpy account.

Important Note: This is the process to install mSpy on an un-rooted Android device. If you require jailbreaking or rooting of the target phone, there are a lot of guides on mSpy’s website that will assist you. The same is true if you want to install mSpy on an iPhone.

Conclusion – What’s the Best Web Browsing History Tracker for 2023?

After a great deal of research, we’ve determined that mSpy is the best web browser history tracker available. It offers an extremely comprehensive toolset that you can use to keep an
eye on those you care about.

The UI is extremely user-friendly, even for those with no tech experience, and it offers excellent customer care for those who get stuck. You can rest assured knowing your loved ones are staying safe with the informative dashboard that shows you just about everything a target phone is used for, including browser history, call logs, and messages.

Try it risk-free, with its 14-day refund policy to track phone history today.

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