Best WhatsApp Spy Apps in 2024 – Top 10 Reviewed + Compared

The best WhatsApp spy apps let you review the monitored device’s full chat log, see who your child, partner, or employee is talking to, and view all the audio messages, images, and video clips they send and receive.

To help you discern legitimate apps from scams, we’ve reviewed and compared the market’s top 10 best WhatsApp spy apps, looking at their features, compatibility with different devices, and pricing plans to help you make an informed decision on the best one for you. Read on to learn more.

Top 10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps 

After carefully reviewing all the popular phone spy apps, we’ve concluded that mSpy is the number one choice for spying on WhatsApp. Here’s a quick breakdown of the top 10:

  1. mSpy — Overall the best WhatsApp spy app, giving complete insight into a user’s activity.
  2. EyeZy — Affordable solution allowing you to view all messages on WhatsApp with keyword alerts.
  3. uMobix — Perfect for capturing disappearing messages on WhatsApp.
  4. Cocospy — Easy-to-Use WhatsApp spy solution ideal for tracking both 1-to-1 and group chats for Android.
  5. Spyic — A budget-friendly Android and iOS pick for businesses to monitor multiple devices.
  6. Hoverwatch — The cheapest WhatsApp spy app for tracking multiple devices suitable for families.
  7. XNSpy — First-class advanced microphone tapping functionalities and analytics.
  8. KidsGuard — Dedicated WhatsApp spy app for parents with screen time controls.
  9. iKeyMonitor — Excellent for social media tracking with real-time keylogger and custom keyword alerts.
  10. TheOneSpy — Built-in keylogger and password chaser to monitor WhatsApp.

The 10 Best Spy Apps for WhatsApp Reviewed

Here’s an in-depth review of the best WhatsApp monitoring apps, so you can see how they compare and choose the best one for you:

1. mSpy — Overall, the Best WhatsApp Spy App in 2024

mSpy - best whatsapp spy app

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
$11.67/month (annual plan) Android OS 4+

iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak

All iOS versions with Jailbreak

1 Demo 14 days

mSpy is the undisputed best phone tracker for parental control, offering comprehensive insight into your child’s WhatsApp activity. It provides access to all shared images and videos, and the keylogger lets you see everything being typed in real-time.

If you see a message or a discussion you disapprove of, you can also leverage mSpy’s screen recorder to capture the conversations. This is crucial as it ensures you have all the information even if messages are deleted.

Additionally, you can remotely block access to WhatsApp and other apps on the device, so you can prevent them from engaging in inappropriate or potentially dangerous conversations with friends or strangers.

Beyond WhatsApp monitoring, mSpy also lets you track SMS messages, call logs, the target user’s live location, and all their activity across all popular social media and messenger apps and browsers.


mSpy offers monthly and annual pricing plans. The annual plan subscription starts from $11.67 for the first year, which saves you over $400 compared to paying monthly.

Keep in mind that if you opt for the annual plan, you’ll be charged the full sum of $140 upfront. After the first year, you’ll be charged $200 ($16.67 x 12 months).

You’ll get access to all of the app’s features regardless of whether you opt for a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.


  • Read all social media and IM conversations
  • Track all texts and emails, even deleted ones
  • Enables real-time GPS location tracking
  • Browse all files, photos, and videos stored on their device


  • Expensive monthly plan
  • For full iPhone access, you will need to jailbreak the phone

2. EyeZy — Affordable Solution with Keyword Alerts

eyezy - best app to spy on whatsapp

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
$9.99/month (annual plan) Android OS 4+

iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak

All iOS versions with Jailbreak

1 Demo 14 days

EyeZy is another extremely powerful WhatsApp monitoring app that lets you keep tabs on what your child is doing on WhatsApp and beyond without having to actively monitor them 24/7.

You can view all photos and videos sent and received over WhatsApp and even listen to voice messages. With the keylogger, available for both Android and iOS devices, you can track all the messages they’re sending and get insight into what they’re searching for online.

That said, the best thing about EyeZy is that the Magic Alerts feature allows you to set up filters and keywords to receive real-time alerts whenever your child receives a text or a WhatsApp message containing specific words/topics or searches for a particular phrase online.


EyeZy’s annual plan is extremely affordable, starting at just $7.99/month for the first year. Pricing like this is hard to beat in the WhatsApp spy scene and only XNSpy is offering a lower pricing point. Try it now risk-free for a full two weeks.


  • Access full browsing history
  • Invisible Shield keeps monitoring discreet
  • Prevent access to certain websites and apps
  • Get alerts of everything that might require your attention
  • One of the best Android spy apps


  • iPhones need to be jailbreaked

3. uMobix — Perfect for Capturing Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

umobix - top whatsapp spy app

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
$12.49/month (annual plan) Android OS 4+

All iPhones and iPads

1 Demo 14 days

uMobix gives you complete remote control of the device and even lets you see deleted messages – without jailbreaking the phone.

This WhatsApp tracker lets you see everything your child does in the app, including everything from chats, calls, and voice messages to all exchanged photos, videos, and files. If your child deletes a message, call, or even a contact, you will see it marked on your dashboard for easy tracking.

You additionally tune in and take camera snapshots or stream audio and video. This gives you the much-needed context of all the messages and calls since you’ll be able to tell where your child is, who they’re with, and what conversations they’re having in real life.

Additionally, uMobix lets you see all of their online behavior, from the phrases they’re searching and the sites they’re visiting to the content they interact with on the web.


uMobix is slightly more expensive than mSpy and EyeZy, with an annual plan starting from $12.49. That said, the sheer number of features you get access to on all pricing plans is more than enough to warrant the slightly steeper price.


  • Complete remote control of the device
  • Overview of all social media and dating app chat logs
  • Real-time audio/video streaming and camera snapshots
  • Read deleted messages from the phone


  • Expensive to monitor more than one device

4. Cocospy — Easy-to-Use WhatsApp Spy App for Android

cocospy whatsapp spy app

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
$12.50/month (annual plan) Android OS 4+

All iPhones and iPads connected to iCloud

1 Demo 14 days

Cocospy is a great choice for parents who are looking for a WhatsApp spy app that is easy to use for Android and doesn’t require jailbreaking. Cocospy’s standout feature is the ability to create restricted areas on the map through geofencing. The app will notify you the moment the device enters or leaves a particular area on the map, so you’ll always know whether your child is where they claim to be.

Additionally, if you’re monitoring an Android phone, you’ll be able to leverage the keylogger to capture all the keystrokes on the device and see what your child is typing in real time.

You can read both individual and group conversations on WhatsApp, as well as see all exchanged files between the monitored device and all their contacts. For iOS the spy app works a bit differently, instead of being synced to the phone, Cocospy uses iCloud’s backup system to download messages and and files.


Cocospy has the same pricing structure as uMobix, its parent company, with a yearly plan starting from $12.49/month. uMobix offers more features, but Cocospy is easier to use for beginners.

As is the case for most phone monitoring apps, you get access to all Cocospy features regardless of what pricing plan you ultimately opt for.


  • Real-time GPS location tracking and geofencing for Android
  • Access to complete WhatsApp chat logs and all exchanged files
  • The ability to review their full browser history
  • Access to conversations on Discord


  • No audio/video capture or phone call recording
  • Keylogging and geofencing are not available for iOS

5. Spyic — A Budget-Friendly Android and iOS Pick for Monitoring Multiple Devices

spyic spy app

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
$9.99/month (annual plan) Android 4.0+

All iOS devices

3 Demo 60 days

Spyic offers reliable WhatsApp monitoring for up to three devices on Android and up to 25 for iOS. This makes Spyic a great spy app for both parents and employers. No jailbreaking or rooting is required and, as with Cocospy, Spyic extends its reach to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Besides all the standard monitoring features for WhatsApp, Spyic also uses GPS and SIM tracking for online and offline location monitoring. The website history tracking provides detailed overviews of visited sites with brief descriptions, helping you identify inappropriate content easily.

Spyic enhances monitoring security by uploading browsing history to its servers. This means you still have access, even if the browsing history is cleared after visits to dubious websites, providing a comprehensive overview of online activities.


Spyic offers three different pricing plans with varying levels of functionality. If you need basic Android monitoring, the annual license starts from $99.99. Spyic is a good choice not just for parents, but also for employers as it offers both family and business plans.

However, if you want access to all advanced monitoring features, you’d have to set aside $119.99 for the annual license.


  • No jailbreak required
  • Geofence alerts
  • Call and SMS tracking
  • Advanced website history tracking
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, and SIM card location tracking


  • No access to the phone’s microphone or camera

6. Hoverwatch — The Cheapest WhatsApp Spy App for Tracking Several Devices

Hoverwatch spy app dashboard

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
$12.49 month (annual plan) Android 4.0+

All iOS devices

1 Demo 14 days

Hoverwatch features a WhatsApp spy that allows you to record and review all WhatsApp messages, access all the attached audio and video files, and see exactly who your children are talking to.

For employers, Hoverwatch offers a Business plan that allows for up to 25 devices and includes Mobile Viewer – a dashboard that allows you to store and manage logs from all monitored devices.

With access to the microphone and camera, you can record phone calls and even monitor surroundings. Unlike mSpy and Cocospy, Hoverwatch does not offer a keylogger for iOS, however, the camera access allows you to take screenshots of their screen to monitor in real-time.

You’ll also be able to review the phone’s browsing history, track the device’s location, and read the notes and to-do lists on the device to gain insight into your child’s plans.


You can get Hoverwatch’s Full Pack for $12.49/month if you opt for the annual subscription. This plan gives you access to all monitoring and tracking features for a single device.

As with most of the top WhatsApp spy tools, Hoverwatch has a demo and a lengthy money-back guarantee that you can use before committing.


  • Monitor up to 35 devices on iOS
  • Detects SIM card changes
  • Allows you to record phone calls
  • Takes screenshots to monitor the target users’ activities in real-time


  • No keylogger available for iOS

7. XNSpy — Great Advanced Capabilities and Analytics

xnspy spy app

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
From $7.50/month Android 4 – 11

iOS 6 up to 9.0.2

1 Demo 10 days

What makes XNSpy stand out from other WhatsApp spy solutions is that, similar to Hoverwatch, it enables phone call and surround recording. However, unlike Hoverwatch, XNSpy allows you more in-depth information about who they’re talking to both over the phone and in real life.

XNSpy’s analytics dashboard provides you with key information regarding the contacts your child most frequently calls and messages and shows you their internet browsing habits. By using the Call Time Activity Punch Card you can gain further insight into what times your child, or employee, is spending the most time talking and with whom.

Additionally, XNSpy allows you to read messages and see exchanged files on 12 different social media and instant messaging platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Tinder.

While you can download a non-jailbreak XNSpy app for iPhone, it’s important to note that to access advanced features, like call recordings, on iOS you will have to jailbreak the phone.


XNSpy is the most affordable WhatsApp spy app, with the annual plan starting from as little as $7.50/month for the first year.

All plans give you complete access to all of the app’s features, plus you get a lengthy 10-day guarantee period to test it risk-free.


  • Enables phone call and sound recording
  • Gives you remote control over the monitored device
  • Monitors all keystrokes from WhatsApp and other messaging apps
  • Lets you see complete Wi-Fi network logs


  • May be too advanced for non-tech-savvy users

8. KidsGuard — Dedicated WhatsApp Spy App with Screen Time Controls

kidsguard spy app

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
$8.32/month Android 6 – 12

iOS 10.0 or later

1 Demo 30 days

KidsGuard for WhatsApp is a standalone WhatsApp monitoring app that lets you monitor chats, and listen to all exchanged voice messages and video files without having to root the monitored device.

The app lets you record WhatsApp calls and read all secret WhatsApp chat messages (including deleted ones). What’s best, KidsGuard automatically takes WhatsApp screenshots whenever the app is in use, ensuring you don’t miss anything.

Additionally, the app provides you with a detailed WhatsApp activity summary, including screen time, contact details, and the number of exchanged videos and voice messages.

What separates KidsGuard from Cocospy is the fact that this is a dedicated WhatsApp spy app while Cocospy offers additional spying features.


KidsGuard for WhatsApp starts from $8.32/month for the first year on the annual plan. All plans provide full access to KidsGuard’s features but keep in mind that if you opt for the annual subscription, you’ll be billed $99.95 immediately, and your plan will auto-renew after the first year.


  • Lets you record WhatsApp video calls
  • Features real-time keyword alerts
  • Allows you to set daily time limits for WhatsApp usage
  • Automatically records all voice messages


  • Only available on Android phones

9. iKeyMonitor — Excellent Solution for Social Media and Messenger App Monitoring

ikeymonitor dashboard

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
$16.66/month iOS 9.0+ with Jailbreak

Android 2.3+

1 3-day free trial 30 days

iKeyMonitor is a parental control app that lets you improve your children’s safety on the internet. It allows you to monitor chats on all popular messaging and social media apps, such as WhatsApp, KIK, Snapchat, and Telegram.

What we love about iKeyMonitor is that, as with EyeZy, you can set up keyword alerts to immediately get notified whenever a certain word or phrase is mentioned.

This helps prevent cyberbullying and helps you ensure your child doesn’t engage in inappropriate, harmful, or dangerous conversations online. If you detect any activity you disapprove of, you can easily block access to certain apps through iKeyMonitor’s dashboard.

Other useful features of iKeyMonitor include call recording, keystroke capture, and GPS location tracking — everything you’d need for peace of mind.


While the core app is free, if you want to access WhatsApp chats, you’ll have to pay either $3.33 for three days or $16.66/month to have access to all features.

Additionally, you can also purchase the desktop version of the app that lets you monitor what your child is doing on their Windows PC or MacOS laptop. This plan starts from $29.99/month.


  • Instant keyword alerts
  • The ability to set screen time limits
  • Remote app and game blocking
  • Live screen video and screenshots


  • Pricing plans are more expensive than competitors

10. TheOneSpy — Built-In Keylogger + Password Chaser

theonespy dashboard

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
From $10.4/month for Android Android 5.0+

All jailbroken iOS devices

1 Demo 30 days, but will only refund 50%

TheOneSpy is another decent option for reviewing your child’s full WhatsApp chat log history, as well as seeing who they frequently message and talk to.

You can also record phone calls, monitor all their social media accounts, and even tap into the phone’s microphone and camera to listen in on their surroundings and voice chats.

Additionally, the app comes with a built-in keylogger that captures everything they type on their phone — on social media and messaging apps to emails, notes, to-do lists, and even their passwords.


If you want to monitor an Android phone, you can get TheOneSpy for as little as $6.25/month. However, the XLite version of the app is extremely limited, so if you want access to all the features (including WhatsApp monitoring), you’d have to opt for the premium version.

For iOS devices, the only option is the Premier package at $55.01/month, which lets you monitor their iPhone, iPad, and Mac laptop.


  • Phone call and voice recordings
  • Access to all media files on the device
  • Real-time screen recorder
  • Keylogger and password chaser


  • Only refunds 50% of the subscription
  • Expensive to monitor iOS devices

Top 10 WhatsApp Spyware Apps – Compared

As parents are advised to monitor their children’s devices. We’ve made it easy to find the best solution. Here’s a quick comparison table of the top 10 WhatsApp spy apps:

WhatsApp Spy App  Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
mSpy $11.67/month (annual plan) Android OS 4+

iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak

All iOS versions with Jailbreak

1 Demo 14 days
EyeZy $9.99/month (annual plan) Android OS 4+

iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak

All iOS versions with Jailbreak

1 Demo 14 days
uMobix $12.49/month (annual plan) Android OS 4+

All iPhones and iPads

1 Demo 14 days
Cocospy $12.50/month (annual plan) Android OS 4+

All iPhones and iPads connected to iCloud

1 Demo 14 days
Spyic $9.99/month (annual plan) Android 4.0+

All iOS devices

3 Demo 60 days
Hoverwatch $12.49 month (annual plan) Android 4.0+

All iOS devices

1 Demo 14 days
XNSpy $7.50/month Android 4 – 11

iOS 6 – 9.0.2

1 Demo 10 days
KidsGuard $8.32/month Android 6 – 12

iOS 10.0 or later

1 Demo 30 days
iKeyMonitor $16.66/month iOS 9.0+ with Jailbreak

Android 2.3+

1 Free trial available 30 days
TheOneSpy From $10.4/month for Android devices Android 5.0+

All jailbroken iPhones and iPads

1 Demo 30 days, but will only refund 50%

Who Needs a WhatsApp Spy Tool?

There are several ethical reasons as to why someone would want to use a WhatsApp tracker app. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Parental Control

WhatsApp spy tools are primarily used by parents of underage children who want to ensure that their kids are safe on the internet. The best spy apps give you the critical information you need to know who they’re talking to, what types of conversations they’re having, and what they’re searching for online.

Employee Monitoring

Over 5 million businesses use WhatsApp, and therefore, WhatsApp spy apps are also used by businesses that want to ensure employees are using company phones for business purposes. Keep in mind that this applies exclusively to company-owned mobile devices and only during work hours.

Catching a Cheater

If you want to spy on your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, be advised that doing so without their knowledge and consent is considered illegal. Even if it wasn’t, it’s highly unethical and damaging to the relationship.

How Does a WhatsApp Spy App Work?

The way spy apps work is remarkably simple. After installing a spy app on the target device, the application sends all the data to a remote online server.

This includes phone call logs, text messages, WhatsApp chat logs, and all media exchanged between the monitored device and other devices.
Once installed, as the data is on the cloud, all you need to do to access it is log into the app’s dashboard.

Additionally, the best phone spy apps can leverage GPS and Wi-Fi tracking to provide you with the real-time location of the device, so you’ll know where your child is at all times.

Do I Need Physical Access to the Target Phone?

That depends on what app you end up choosing and what type of device you want to monitor.

If you want to monitor an iOS device that’s connected to iCloud, some spy apps like Cocospy let you track the target iPhone without having to install the app on the device. Since all the data is directly uploaded and backed up on iCloud, all you need to start monitoring the device is your child’s iCloud password.

Android devices, on the other hand, don’t support this functionality, so you’ll have to physically install the app on the Android phone you wish to monitor.

What to Consider when Choosing a WhatsApp Spy App

There are many things to consider when choosing spy app software. This includes:

  • Pricing — It’s usually cheaper to opt for an annual subscription and some WhatsApp spy tools offer free demos so you can test before signing up for a paid plan.
  • Compatibility — Certain spy apps are better suited for Android, such as Cocospy, and others for iOS. It’s important that you make sure the spy tool you have chosen is compatible with the device you want to monitor.
  • Features — It’s important that you make sure you get the features you’re looking for, at the price point you’re after.
  • Jailbreak — You might need to jailbreak the device to get access to all the functionality the spy app offers. Make sure you’ve checked this beforehand.

WhatsApp Spy Apps Free Vs. Paid – Which is Best?

While there are some free spy apps for Android and iOS, there are a lot more scams and shady businesses out there. Think about it — creating a phone monitoring app requires a full team of developers, requires time, and costs a ton of money.

Why would anyone offer the finished app for free? One of the common reasons is that they’re trying to steal and sell off your sensitive data. In the case of legitimate apps that offer free plans, they are a marketing gimmick.

These free plans are extremely limited and serve as a form of free trial for the app, enticing you to choose them over the competition, then making you upgrade to a paid plan to access all the core functionalities of the app.

Paid apps are by far the best option, especially regarding safety and reliability. The paid spy apps we recommend in this guide generally offer a demo or give you an opportunity to try them out risk-free with their money-back guarantees – so you can get started with the best spy apps for Instagram and WhatsApp today.

How to Use a WhatsApp Spy App – Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to install and use a WhatsApp spy app, using mSpy as an example:

Step 1 — Purchase An mSpy Subscription

Visit mSpy’s official website and click the “Try Now” button.

make an account on mspy

Enter your email address, choose the type of device you wish to monitor (you can also select “decide later”), and select the pricing plan that best fits your budget.

Step 2 — Download and Install mSpy on the Target Device

After you purchase a subscription, you’ll receive a confirmation email from mSpy. Within, you’ll find the account details and the download link.

Using the device you wish to monitor, click the download link and proceed to install the app on the device.

The installation process is rather straightforward — follow the prompts on your screen and make sure to provide mSpy with the necessary permissions by clicking “I accept” when prompted.

Use the login credentials provided in the confirmation email to log into the mSpy dashboard on another device and start monitoring.

Step 3 — Review the Monitored Device’s WhatsApp Activity

Once you log in, you’ll find a convenient menu on the left-hand side of your mSpy control panel.

Install spy app

Scroll down until you reach the WhatsApp section. Here, you’ll be able to review all the chat logs with different contacts. Click on any contact to browse through all of the exchanged messages.

Conclusion – What’s the Best WhatsApp Spy App in 2024?

The best WhatsApp spy apps offer a lot more functionality than merely allowing you to read messages exchanged on the app. mSpy is our top pick because it’s easy to install and use, allows you to see everything your child does on their phone.

In fact, it even lets you record their screen, and allows you to block their access to WhatsApp and other messaging and social media apps if push comes to shove.

But don’t just take our word for it — test mSpy in practice risk-free for 14 days and see why it’s the #1 choice for millions of people around the world.

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