How to Spy on Devices Connected to My Wifi | Top Wifi Spy Apps Compared

The best WiFi spy apps let you monitor the activity of devices connected to your home network. You’ll also be able to see other WiFi networks your loved ones are connecting to. Once installed, these WiFi spy solutions will show you everything happening on the target device.

This includes their web searches, social media activity, and everything in between. That said, finding the best Wifi spy app is hard. Here, we rank, compare, and review your best options to help you find the best one for your needs and budget.

The Best WiFi Spy Apps Ranked 

mSpy tops our research criteria to emerge as the best app to spy on devices connected to your Wifi due to its robust security features, easy interface, and excellent logging features. See how it stacks up against others on the list:

  1. mSpy — Overall, the best Wifi spy app. Its straightforward, intuitive, and comes with powerful tracking tools.
  2. uMobix — Great app to remotely control devices, plus offers keylogging, screen recording, and photo and video logging.
  3. Spynger — A popular WiFi tracker app for monitoring your spouse, as you can see everything they do on their device.
  4. SpyBubble ProThe best mobile WiFi spy app for seeing deleted/hidden content on the target device. 
  5. Phonsee — The best budget WiFi spy app that doesn’t skimp on features. See everything those connected to your WiFi are up to.
  6. EyeZy —  Anonymously track the target’s internet activity with this service, which offers full phone activity monitoring.
  7. ClevGuard — A reputable provider that offers numerous products, including a desktop monitoring solution.

The Best WiFi Tracking Apps Compared

We’ve created a comparison table to easily compare the key features of the best WiFi tracking apps. This will allow you to make a quick, informed decision about the best one for your needs:

Parental Control App Cheapest Plan No. of Devices Free Version Money-Back Guarantee
mSpy $11.67/month 1 Demo 14 days
uMobix $12.49/month 1 Demo 14 days
Spynger $10.83/month 1 Demo 14 days
SpyBubble Pro $10.62/month 1 Demo 14 days
Phonsee $8.85/month 1 Demo 14 days
EyeZy $9.99/month 1 3-day trial + Demo 14 days
ClevGuard $9.99/month 1 Demo 30 days

The Best Wifi Spy Software Tools Reviewed

Want to learn more about the best Wifi spy apps? Continue reading as we examine the features, benefits, downsides, and costs of each of our top picks in detail. Ready?

1. mSpy —  The Best Overall Wifi Spy App

mSpy - best wifi spy app

Cheapest Plan No. of Devices Free Version Money-Back Guarantee
$11.67/month — annual plan 1 Demo 14 days

mSpy is one of the most reliable cell phone trackers that comes with a free live demo for all its users. One of the most unique features of mSpy is its keylogger that’s compatible with Android and iPhones.

Irrespective of the type of device connected to your WiFi; you’ll easily see everything they type. This includes private messages (i.e. if they’re sharing your WiFi password), and their website history.

On top of this, if you’re suspicious that your neighbor might be using your WiFi but you have no concrete proof, you can use mSpy’s WiFi Network tracking feature.

It’ll basically give you a list of all WiFi networks that the device has connected to over a given period. If they’ve been stealing your WiFi, it’ll definitely have your WiFi’s name on the list.

In addition to that, you can also check how frequently they use your WiFi. To finish it off, mSpy will let you block their connection to your WiFi remotely, i.e., without them knowing that it was you who disconnected them.


  • Easy to set up and get started
  • Effective keyword logging features
  • Works in over 180 countries, including China and UAE
  • No battery drain to suggest a running app
  • You can set up two-factor authentication for more safety
  • One of the best Android and iOS spy apps


  • You’ll need the top-tier plan to access all the features

2. uMobix — Great to Remotely Control the Target Device

umobix - top wifi spy software

Cheapest Plan No. of Devices Free Version Money-Back Guarantee
$12.49/month — Annual plan 1 Demo 14 days

uMobix is the perfect phone tracking app for gaining maximum control over the devices connected to your WiFi. If it’s your kids using your WiFi, you’ll have control over what content they access.

uMobix lets you control the apps and websites they use. You can dive into their browsing history or app list at any time and block everything you find unsuitable for their age.

If you want more control over your kid’s screen time, say, during school hours or bedtime, you can block their access to the WiFi connection. Need more robust security features?

With uMobix, you can also block the target device temporarily. This feature works for monitoring your kid’s screen time and helps you protect their sensitive data in case their phone is lost or stolen.

uMobix’s biggest USP is that it lets you access deleted information on the devices on your WiFi. For instance, if your child deletes controversial messages and call logs, uMobix will dig them out.

In fact, if they renamed a contact that you specifically asked them to delete, uMobix will inform you of it instantly.


  • Offers real-time contact monitoring
  • Provides detailed app usage monitoring
  • Facilitates seamless social media monitoring
  • Includes a separate tab for monitoring deleted messages
  • Best Wifi tracking software for remote control


  • iCloud synchronization is slow

3. Spynger — Best WiFi Tracker App for Monitoring Your Spouse

A screenshot of Spynger's dashboard

Cheapest Plan No. of Devices Free Version Money-Back Guarantee
$10.83/month 1 Demo 14 days

Although it’s not possible to spy on someone’s text messages through WiFi alone, Spynger, once installed, can show you what WiFi networks your loved one connects to.

This will give you insight into where they are, too. You can also block WiFi networks you deem unsafe or, in terms of parental control, limit your child’s mobile screen time, for example.

This WiFi spyware goes far beyond this. Besides being completely hidden on the target phone, you’ll be able to track your loved one’s calls, SMSes, and social media activity, too.

In fact, you’ll even be able to see deleted texts, all media files sent and received, and review their browser history. Plus. you’ll be able to track their live locations.

This is all thanks to Spynger’s keylogger and screen recorder. And although it’s designed to spy on your spouse, its functionality makes it great for WiFi spying in general.

Whether it’s your child, partner, or teenager, you can spy on everyone connected to your Wi-Fi to keep those in your household safe or to confirm or dispel any suspicions you have.


  • View deleted content
  • Offers a keylogger and screen recorder
  • Incredibly easy to set up
  • Monitoring all social and dating apps


  • Some features may require Jailbreaking
  • Lacks some features like call recording

4. SpyBubble Pro — The Best WiFi Spy for Seeing Deleted/Hidden Content

SpyBubble Pro

Cheapest Plan No. of Devices Free Version Money-Back Guarantee
$10.62/month 1 Demo 14 days

Wondering how to monitor WiFi users in your home? SpyBubble Pro is a popular option thanks to its simple one-click installation and powerful remote control functions.

For starters, unlike most, SpyBubble Pro lets you see if the target user has deleted any SMSes, calls, contacts, or even apps. In fact, you’ll even see if they’ve changed the name of a contact.

You can even remotely livestream your child or spouse’s surroundings to get insight into where they are and who they’re with — not just when they’re home connected to your Wi-Fi.

Beyond all this, SpyBubble Pro gives you the power to disable calls and messages and block Wi-Fi networks, websites, apps, and even the entire device remotely.

It’s a popular dating app spy as well and is easily one of the best Facebook spy apps. That said, while it provides live location tracking, it does lack Geofencing capabilities.

Overall, it’s powerful and discreet, so nobody will know you’re spying on users connected to your WiFi.


  • Runs completely undetected on the target device
  • You can block Wi-Fi networks
  • Powerful remote spying capabilities
  • Very simple setup process


  • Lacks GPS geofencing
  • No call recording

5. Phonsee — The Best Budget WiFi Spy App

A screenshot of Phonsee's dashboard.

Cheapest Plan No. of Devices Free Version Money-Back Guarantee
$8.85/month 1 Demo 14 days

Are you looking into how to spy on someone on a budget? It doesn’t get better than this. In terms of WiFi spying, Phonsee lets you see what WiFi your loved ones are connected to.

Once installed, the app will run undetected on the target device and update on your private dashboard every few minutes over WiFi.

Thanks to the keylogger and screen recorder, this data will include things like their calls and texts (plus their contacts), their emails, and all their media files.

Of course, this won’t be historic data, but only activity happening post-installation. Moving on, you’ll also be able to see your loved one’s social media activity and even their web bookmarks.

Beyond online monitoring, you’ll also be able to track their offline movements out in the real world, and unlike some WiFi tracker apps, Phonsee offers geofencing.

This means that you can set up virtual boundaries on a map and get alerts (without the user knowing) if they cross these boundaries. This minimizes the need to monitor them 24/7.


  • Great for peace of mind
  • Very easy to use and install
  • Lets you capture passwords
  • Incredibly budget friendly


  • Lacks call recording and keyword alerts
  • The monthly plan is expensive ($42.51/m)

6. EyeZy — The Best Wifi Spy App to Track Internet Activity

eyezy - best app to Spy on Devices Connected to My Wifi

Cheapest Plan No. of Devices Free Version Money-Back Guarantee
$9.99/month — Annual plan 1 Demo & 3-day trial 14 days

EyeZy is best known for its strong Invisible Shield that makes it impossible to detect your presence on the target device, ensuring your monitoring remains undetected.

EyeZy lets you check the web activities of the target device (say, your kids that use the same WiFi connection as you) in real-time. You can see their browsing history and the sites they frequent.

If you find anything controversial on their phone, you can block such websites remotely. On top of this, anyone connected to your WiFi will also have their location monitored at all times.

Along with checking their real-time location, you can also create a geo-fence and mark the area they should be in. Anytime they cross your predefined area, you’ll be notified immediately.

You’ll also get the target’s entire call log along with detailed timestamps so that you know who your kid or spouse is closest to — you can then decide if their company is healthy or not.


  • Allows screen recordings
  • Seamless social media monitoring
  • Allows tracking child’s phone conversations
  • Bank-grade RSA-4096 encryption
  • Allows you to block specific websites and even Wifi


  • Needs iOS jailbreak
  • No live call support

7. ClevGuard — Best for Tracking Desktops Connected to Your WiFi

clevguard interface

Cheapest Plan No. of Devices Free Version Money-Back Guarantee
$9.99/month 1 Demo 30 days

If you’re after the best free WiFi spy app, this is as close to one as you’ll get. It offers a free demo and a month-long guarantee that acts as a risk-free trial period.

ClevGuard is an incredibly reputable monitoring app and although it’s popular among parents thanks to its KidsGuard products, its functionality makes it suitable for various needs.

In fact, unlike most, ClevGuard even offers a desktop spy solution. It offers a seamless setup that’ll take just minutes and comes loaded with a keylogger and screen recorder.

Combined, these features show you everything those connected to your WiFi are up to, even if they’re connected to a different WiFi network.

This includes their passwords, any searches made on search engines or apps, and everything in between. Most impressively, no rooting is needed for full functionality.

Beyond this, unlike most, it lets you record calls (without the end users knowing), and you can record your loved one’s surroundings by remotely activating their phone’s camera and mic.


  • Lengthy guarantee period
  • Offers call recording and downloading
  • GPS and WiFi location tracking
  • 400k+ users


  • High battery consumption

How Do Wi-Fi Spy Apps Work?

Wi-Fi spy apps work by gaining access to a target device’s data by pretending to be a trusted or privileged application or a component of the phone’s operating system.

They then use techniques such as keylogging and screenshotting to gather information about the device’s activities. The collected data is presented on the spy apps’ dashboard for you to see.

These apps can be incredibly difficult to detect, as they often run in the background without the user’s knowledge.

Can I Spy On Any Devices Connected to My Wi-Fi?

Yes, most Wi-Fi spy apps allow you to spy on any device, even PCs. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the right app:

For Mobile Phones and Tablets

Most Wi-Fi spy apps can monitor mobile phones, regardless of whether they’re connected to your Wi-Fi. Apps like mSpy can also monitor tablets. Some common insights these apps show you include:

  • Calls made and received
  • Text messages and chat conversations
  • One of the best GPS location trackers
  • Installed apps and usage history
  • Internet browsing history and bookmarks
  • Photos and videos taken with the device’s camera

For PCs and Laptops

There are limited options for spying on PCs and laptops. However, ClevGuard is considered the best app for monitoring PC activity. Here are some of the insights it can provide:

  • Keystrokes and login credentials
  • Screenshots of the device’s screen
  • Internet browsing history and bookmarks
  • Installed apps and usage history
  • Email and chat conversations
  • Application usage, such as how long certain programs were used

Free Wi-Fi Spy Apps Vs. Paid Solutions

Free and paid solutions both have their advantages and disadvantages. Free ones typically offer limited features compared to paid solutions.

While they may be a cost-effective option, they’re often prone to errors, bugs, and crashes. Plus, free Wi-Fi spy apps often contain malware or other security risks, and support is generally lacking.

On the other hand, paid solutions typically offer a more comprehensive set of features and have a higher level of security and privacy.

They also include regular updates and customer support and have a more stable and reliable performance. However, you’ll have to pay for access to the service.

How to Spy on Devices Connected to Your Wi-Fi | Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s dive into the steps to install a Wi-Fi app. Installing mSpy, the best for iOS and Android devices, is simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide for both platforms:

  • Step 1 — Create an account on
  • Step 2 — Purchase a plan (we recommend the annual one for the best value)
  • Step 3 — Choose the device’s operating system (iOS or Android)
  • Step 4 — You’ll get an email with a registration code, username, password, and download link — keep it on hand
  • Step 5 — Install mSpy on the target device
  • Step 6 — Enter your registration code and restart your device
  • Step 7 — Login on your own device and start monitoring with mSpy

And that’s all there is to it. Now you’ll have complete peace of mind as the app will update the data every few minutes.


Our selection of the top Wifi spy apps includes options to suit all your monitoring needs. Whether you need access to detailed call history or want to extensively monitor social media activities — we’ve got an app for your liking.

mSpy stands tall as the best app to spy on devices connected to Wifi, owing to features like robust security, two-factor authentications, symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption, pocked-friendly plans, and responsive customer service. Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself with the 14-day money-back guarantee. No risk. No hassle.

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