How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing in 2024

If you’ve been wondering how to track your boyfriend’s cell phone, rest assured—you’re not alone. Many people share this need for various reasons, from safety concerns to the need for reassurance in a relationship. 

We’ll help you navigate the many options available so you can choose the best app for tracking your boyfriend’s location. Our solutions include using both GPS trackers and monitoring apps to protect your peace of mind and the integrity of your relationship.

The Top Boyfriend Phone Tracker Apps

  1. mSpy – Best Boyfriend Tracker App For Its Extensive Features
  2. Scannero  — Best Boyfriend Tracker Using Just a Phone Number
  3. uMobix — Most User-Friendly Boyfriend Tracker App
  4. GEOfinderBest Boyfriend Tracker App That Requires No Installation
  5. SpyngerWell-Known Cell Phone Tracker Specifically Geared Toward Partner Tracking
  6. PhonseeMost Affordable Boyfriend Tracker App
  7. SpyBubble ProBest Boyfriend Tracker App for Recovering Hidden and Deleted Content 
  8. Eyezy — Best Boyfriend Tracker App for Social Media Monitoring
  9. KidsGuard Pro by ClevGuardBest Boyfriend Tracker App for Recording Calls

Reviews of the Best Boyfriend Spy Apps 

To ensure our reviews of the best boyfriend spy apps are thorough and reliable and explicitly help you learn how to track your boyfriend’s phone, we employ rigorous testing criteria that focus on app functionality, user privacy, and ease of use.

1. mSpy – Best Boyfriend Tracker App For Its Extensive Features

mSpy logo

Starting Price $11.67/month (annually)
Number of Devices 1 per plan
Free Trial/Demo Demo
Money-Back Guarantee 14-day

Why We Picked It

mSpy is ideal for monitoring your boyfriend’s phone location, messages, and social media activities, all while remaining incognito. The app ensures that all data remains secure between the user and their screen, offering peace of mind without compromising the user’s security. 


mSpy is packed with features, including GPS tracking, to help you monitor your boyfriend’s location. There are also advanced options like keyloggers for both Android and iOS, a screen recorder, and Google Maps integration for historical location data.

The screen recorder feature grants you access to messages and call logs, which is particularly useful for capturing evidence of suspicious interactions.

The app prioritizes robust data security with its AES-256 encryption, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access your information. In addition, the custom alert feature offers a convenient way to monitor your partner’s device by allowing you to set alerts for specific keywords. So, anytime your boyfriend uses any of these flagged words, you’ll get a notification.

Furthermore, mSpy monitors social media, messaging, and dating apps like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Bumble, and Snapchat. This app ensures you remain completely invisible, which is crucial for discreet monitoring.

The feature set is consistent across various device types, making it compatible with any operating system.

mSpy Pricing Plans
mSpy Plans Premium Plan Ultimate Plan
1 Month $49
3 Months $105 $310
12 Months $140 $490
  • Premium Plan: This plan allows you to select one of three monitoring options: mSpy, Wi-Fi data retrieval, or mCloud. 
  • Ultimate Plan: This package offers the best value for long-term tracking, as users have unrestricted access to a full suite of monitoring features. With the Ultimate plan, you can view your partner’s text messages, call logs, and all social media interactions without jailbreaking.

Who It's Best For

mSpy is ideal for those with demanding schedules, as the custom alert feature allows you to stay updated with keywords without constantly monitoring the device. It’s also a top choice for individuals who prioritize data security since it uses AES-256 encryption to protect any monitored data.


  • Comprehensive tracking features across all platforms
  • Custom alerts
  • Real-time updates and robust data security
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems


  • Higher starting price point compared to some competitors
  • No free trial available, which might deter first-time users
  • Limited flexibility in subscription plans with only a basic option
  • Monitoring multiple devices requires additional subscriptions

Read our full mSpy Review

2. Scannero – Best Boyfriend Tracker Using Just a Phone Number 

Scannero logo

Starting Price $0.89 for a one-day trial
Number of Devices Unlimited
Free Trial/Demo Demo
Money-Back Guarantee 14-day

Why We Picked It

Scannero excels in providing fast and anonymous tracking services. Users can start tracking with just a phone number and receive location updates without the phone owner’s knowledge, making it invaluable for partner tracking.


One of Scannero’s most notable features is its real-time geolocation. With a reliable data connection, you can instantly see your boyfriend’s location on a map as it updates.

The platform also stores scans locally and syncs them when you’re back online. It even has a reverse phone lookup feature, which helps you identify unsaved numbers on the tracked device. 

What makes Scannero even more user-friendly is that you can send a disguised tracking link through text messages to your boyfriend’s number. Once they click it, you can see where they are in real time.

This can be especially helpful in urgent situations where you need to know the location immediately, and it’s incredibly handy compared to other trackers that might not be as fast. 

Scannero Pricing Plans

Unlike other services that allow you to choose between different plans with varying features, Scannero gives you everything you need in one subscription. This means you don’t have to worry about paying extra for essential features. 

Scannero Plans
1 Day $0.89
1 Month $49.80

The one-day subscription allows users to test the application’s features and effectiveness before committing to a longer subscription. It is also handy if you only need to track your partner occasionally. 

Who It's Best For

Scannero is perfect for those who prefer a straightforward, easy-to-use means of tracking their partner with minimal setup. With a disguised link, users can get real-time location updates. Coupled with the platform’s daily plan, it’s a great choice for those who only want to track their partners occasionally.


  • Disguised tracking link
  • Daily subscription plan, offering flexibility for users
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers reverse phone lookup services


  • No free trial
  • Limited pricing options
  • Data connection required for real-time tracking

3. uMobix – Most User-Friendly Boyfriend Tracker App

uMobix logo

Starting Price $12.49/month (annually)
Number of Devices 1 per plan
Free Trial/Demo Demo 
Money-Back Guarantee 14-day
Why We Picked It

uMobix allows you to easily monitor your boyfriend’s call logs, messages, social media activity, and real-time GPS locations. The comprehensive dashboard organizes and displays all tracked data clearly and intuitively, making it easy for users to access and understand information.


With its real-time GPS location tracking, uMobix lets you instantly see where your boyfriend is and track their movements on a map. The app monitors calls, texts (including deleted ones), and all activity on dating apps and social media sites. 

You can lock the device remotely, control app usage, or even manage screen time. However, due to Apple’s security protocols, uMobix may not be able to access these features on an iOS device.

Another standout feature of uMobix is its keylogger, which captures every keystroke made on the tracked device. This ensures that you don’t miss a thing, from the smallest detail in private messages to the most critical data like passwords. 

uMobix updates your data every five minutes, ensuring you’re always in the loop with the latest activities.

uMobix Pricing Plans

uMobix has a range of subscription options designed to meet different monitoring needs. Here’s a detailed breakdown of uMobix’s pricing plan. 

uMobix Plans
1 Month $49.99
3 Months $89.99
12 Months $149.99

The platform offers a trial plan in which you pay $1 for a day and gain access to all premium features. You also get access to all premium features, regardless of the plan you opt for.

Who It's Best For

This location tracker is ideal for people who aren’t tech-oriented and might find it difficult to navigate through apps with more advanced user interfaces.

The app is also best suited for individuals who require comprehensive tracking features like real-time location tracking and call restrictions.


  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Easy-to-use interface, with no technical expertise required
  • Real-time GPS location tracking with location history
  • Remote device control


  • The iOS app has more restrictions compared to the Android app
  • No free trial
  • No geofencing feature

Read our full uMobix Review

4. GEOfinder – Best Boyfriend Tracker App With No Installation Required

Geofinder logo

Starting Price $49.99/month
Number of Devices Unlimited
Free Trial/Demo
Money-Back Guarantee 14-day
Why We Picked It

GEOfinder is chosen for its ability to provide precise location tracking anonymously without requiring any software installation.

This makes it particularly valuable if you are trying to locate your boyfriend’s phone effortlessly and discreetly. Compared to other providers, GEOfinder also stands out in terms of device compatibility.


GEOfinder offers a seamless set of features, like a GPS tracker that pinpoints your boyfriend’s location. The VPN checker enhances monitoring accuracy by detecting possible VPN usage and bypassing any anonymity features.

The platform is universally compatible and works with all mobile networks or cell phone models, which makes it an extremely valuable tracker.

Additionally, there’s no need for software installation, as GEOfinder operates entirely through a web-based interface. You can send unlimited geo-location requests to track your boyfriend’s phone number and receive detailed location data on an interactive map.

You’ll then see your boyfriend’s location, making it simple to follow their movements. The service ensures that tracking requests are anonymous and preserves your privacy.

GEOfinder Pricing Plans

GEOfinder offers just one price plan for its users, which is rather pricy compared to its competitors.

GEOfinder Plan
1 Month $49.99

GEOfinder is limited in its options when it comes to plans and only offers one monthly plan, which is also pretty steep in price, comparitively. That said, the platform does offer a trial option for $1 for a day, which will give you access to all features so you can decide if the app is tailored to your needs.

Who It's Best For

GEOfinder is ideal for individuals who require a straightforward solution that works with any phone model and network. It’s also a top choice for those who prefer not to install additional software on the target device.


  • VPN and GPS trackers
  • Compatible with any phone model and network
  • No software installation required
  • Unlimited geo-location requests


  • Requires data connection
  • No free trial
  • No refund after a plan renewal

5. Spynger – Well-Known Cell Phone Tracker Made For Partner Tracking

Spynger logo

Starting Price $9.28/month (annually)
Number of Devices 1 per plan
Free Trial/Demo
Money-Back Guarantee 30-day
Why We Picked It

Spynger is popular for its unparalleled ability to monitor a cheating partner. Unlike other tracking apps built with parental control in mind, Spynger is specifically designed to uncover the truth about a partner’s infidelity.


Spynger monitors over 16 popular messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Tinder. This allows you to see all chat details, stickers, statuses, profiles, and locations. With its hidden GPS tracker, you can always be informed of your partner’s location and track their phone without them knowing.

In addition, Spynger’s hidden keylogger captures every keystroke, including passwords, providing you with complete visibility of their online activities.

The app also operates completely undetected on the target device. It runs in the background without affecting performance or battery life, making it one of the most stealthy spy apps available. 

Overall, Spynger includes a hidden screen recorder, enabling you to see what your partner is doing on their phone in real-time. This level of detailed and unobtrusive monitoring makes Spynger a top choice on the market.

Spynger Pricing Plans
Spynger Plans
1 Month $68.56
3 Months $39.99
12 Months $14.27

First-time subscribers get a significant discount at $44.60, $25.99, and $9.28, respectively.

Who It's Best For

Spynger is ideal for individuals who suspect their partner of cheating and need a discreet, thorough way to confirm their suspicions.

It’s perfect for those who want to monitor their boyfriend’s phone activities, including location, calls, texts, and social media, without being detected.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Completely undetectable on the target device
  • Monitors over 16 messaging apps
  • Hidden GPS tracker and keylogger
  • Easy to install and use


  • Requires direct access to the target device
  • No free trial or demo
  • Lacks features like app blocking

6. Phonsee – Most Affordable Boyfriend Tracker App 

Phonsee logo

Starting Price $8.85/month (annually)
Number of Devices 1 per plan 
Free Trial/Demo Demo
Money-Back Guarantee 14-day
Why We Picked It

Phonsee stands out for its affordability without compromising on functionality. It offers all the essential features, such as GPS tracking, social media oversight, and call monitoring, at a reasonable cost.

This makes Phonsee an excellent choice for budget-conscious users who still require a full suite of monitoring tools.


Phonsee tracks GPS locations and has a geofencing feature that alerts you whenever your partner enters or leaves a designated area. It also monitors popular social platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, ensuring you’re in the loop with all communications.

Additionally, Phonsee includes a keylogger that logs every keystroke made on the device, providing insights into search queries, messages, and even login credentials. The app’s hidden screen recorder captures phone activities in real time, offering a full record of what is being done on the device.

Phonsee Pricing Plans
Phonsee Plans
1 Month $42.51
3 Months $24.79/month
12 Months $8.85/month

Similar to Spynger, Phonsee offers discounted rates for first-time users. The service is priced at $68.56 monthly, $39.99 monthly for three months, and $14.27 monthly for an annual subscription.

Who It's Best For

Phonsee is a good fit for budget-conscious individuals who require a standard and efficient tracking solution. It intersects pricing and functionality, providing tracking services at a cheap rate.


  • Affordable tracking service
  • 2-factor authentication present
  • Compatible with various phone models and operating systems
  • Real-time alerts and updates provide immediate insights
  • Extensive monitoring capabilities across social media platforms


  • A fee of $25 is charged for account reactivation
  • Installment is required on the target device
  • Lacks call recording and keyword alert features

7. SpyBubble Pro – Best Boyfriend Tracker App for Recovering Hidden and Deleted Content

SpyBubble logo

Starting Price $10.62/month (annually)
Number of Devices 1 per plan
Free Trial/Demo Demo
Money-Back Guarantee 30-day
Why We Picked It

SpyBubble Pros’ sophisticated algorithm ensures that deleted text messages and call logs are accessible. This makes it a top choice for those who need comprehensive and thorough insight into their boyfriend’s activities and conversations.


SpyBubble Pro is equipped with real-time GPS tracking, which allows you to see your partner’s location and phone activity at any moment, all in stealth mode. You can also access all text messages, call logs, and social media activities.  

Beyond tracking, you can obtain info on deleted content, like media and messages. Interestingly, SpyBubble enables you to identify deleted and renamed contacts. It takes it a step further by alerting you of sim card changes, giving you high-level surveillance on the target device.

As one of the best keylogger software, it lets you track words regardless of whether your boyfriend sends them or not. It also captures every search history, monitors any application usage, and updates its data every few minutes, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date information.

SpyBubble Pricing Plans
SpyBubble Pro Plans Basic Plan
1 Month $42.49
3 Months $25.49
12 Months $10.62

SpyBubble Pro allows users full access to the premium packages for all price plans. Note that the prices above include a 15% discount.

Who It's Best For

This app is perfect for those who require real-time monitoring and detailed logs of text messages and social media activity. It’s ideal if you suspect your boyfriend, as it gives you access to both current and deleted content.

Since it refreshes data every few minutes, it’s also a great tool for anyone looking for frequent updates.


  • Extensive monitoring capabilities
  • Stealth mode
  • Frequent updates that provide comprehensive insights
  • Supports both iOS and Android devices


  • No free trial
  • Doesn’t offer geofencing features
  • Does not have audio listening features

8. Eyezy – Best Boyfriend Tracker App for Social Media Monitoring

Eyezy logo

Starting Price $16.66/month (annually)
Number of Devices 1 per plan
Free Trial/Demo Demo 
Money-Back Guarantee 14-day 
Why We Picked It

Eyezy’s unique selling point centers on its extensive social media monitoring, providing deep insights into your partner’s social interactions. This makes Eyezy ideal for those wanting to ensure fidelity or understand their partner’s social dynamics without compromising privacy or trust.


Eyezy’s Social Spotlight feature allows you to monitor social media interactions and engagements. On your monitoring dashboard, it shines a light on your boyfriend’s chats, letting you know where and with whom they are chatting. You can also view current and deleted posts with this feature.

Meanwhile, its Keystroke feature offers a detailed log of every keystroke made on your boyfriend’s device. This gives you access to everything from text messages to password inputs. With the Magic Alerts feature, you get notifications when specific keywords are mentioned or web searches are made. 

For real-time updates on whereabouts, the Pinpoint feature uses both GPS and WiFi data to your boyfriend’s cell phone location. Eyezy also provides access to calendar apps, giving you insight into scheduled activities and social plans.

Eyezy Pricing Plans
Eyezy Plans Premium Plan Ultimate Plan
1 Month $69.99
3 Months $119.99
6 Months $239.95
12 Months $199.87 $335.92

Eyezy offers competitive pricing for tracking software on the market. The listed prices for the Ultimate Kit plans include a 30% discount, while discounts on all plans increase the longer you subscribe. Unfortunately, Eyezy doesn’t reveal the features of each plan.

Who It's Best For

Eyezy is particularly useful for anyone who may have concerns about their partner’s secretive behavior or undisclosed activities due to its extensive feature set that includes a keylogger, social media monitoring, GPS tracker and more.

These features will give you detailed insight into your partner’s social footprint without their knowledge.


  • Thorough tracking of device activities
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Data protection with SSL encryption
  • Responsive customer support


  • Remote installation is only available on iCloud
  • Discounts only available for longer-term subscription plans

9. KidsGuard Pro by ClevGuard – Best Boyfriend Tracker App for Recording Calls

Clevguard logo

Starting Price $9.17/month (annually)
Number of Devices 1 per plan 
Free Trial/Demo Demo
Money-Back Guarantee 14 days
Why We Picked It

Clevguard offers numerous products, with KidsGuard Pro being the most popular. We chose KidsGuard Pro because it is a versatile and effective solution for discreetly monitoring a boyfriend’s phone activities.

The app excels in offering a wide range of surveillance features, like call, screen, and surrounding recording, that are crucial for anyone looking to maintain trust and transparency in their relationship.


KidsGuard Pro is primarily designed for parental control and monitoring, but its features make it an excellent option for tracking your boyfriend.

The app offers real-time tracking of your boyfriend’s phone location through both GPS and Wi-Fi data, enabling accurate monitoring of your boyfriend’s movements. Additionally, it includes a geofencing feature that notifies you if he enters or exits predefined areas, providing an added layer of oversight.

For communication oversight, KidsGuard Pro logs details of all calls and messages, including timestamps, sender information, and text message content. It also extends its monitoring capabilities to social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and WhatsApp. 

Furthermore, KidsGuard Pro offers an outstanding phone recording feature. You can record all incoming and outgoing calls, as opposed to tracking only call logs. You also get the chance to download and store these data for future use.

Its remote control features, such as live recording and screenshot capture, allow you to see what is happening around the phone and on the screen in real time. 

Impressively, you can also record the surroundings of the target device and listen in on conversations around it. Of course, you can download and store this data, ranging from records to photos and videos, sorted by date for future use.

Clevguard Pricing Plans
Clevguard Plans KidsGuard Pro
1 Month $39.99
3 Months $59.99
12 Months $109.99

All plans listed allow full access to the entire suite of KidsGuard Pro products, including versions for Android, iOS, iOS RT, and iCloud monitoring. Note that these prices are discounted and prone to change.

Who It's Best For

ClevGuard is a preferred choice for those who want advanced surveillance tools and prioritize extensive tracking features, like phone call recording and screenshot capture. It’s useful for those looking to maintain transparency in their relationship through thorough monitoring.


  • Records call and tracks browser
  • GPS tracker to monitor your boyfriend’s phone location in real-time
  • Uses advanced encryption technology
  • User-friendly interface


  • Users complain of high battery consumption

The Best Boyfriend Phone Tracker Apps Compared

Best Boyfriend Phone Trackers Free Version/Demo Cheapest Paid Plan  Top Features  Moneyback Guarantee 
mSpy Demo $11.67/month Robust data security, Screen recorder, and Custom alerts 14 days
Scannero $0.89 for one-day trial $49.80/month Anonymous tracker, User-friendly interface, and Real-time geolocation 14-day refund policy
uMobix $1 for one-day trial $12.49/month Call logs tracker, Keylogger, and GPS tracker 14-day refund policy
GEOfinder $1 for one-day trial $49.99/month Web-based interface, Unlimited geo-location requests, and Interactive maps 14 days
Spynger $9.28/month Hidden background tracker, Screen recorder, and Keylogger 30-day refund policy
Phonsee Demo $8.85/month  Call logs tracker, Real-time monitoring, and Geofencing 14-day refund policy
SpyBubble Pro Demo $10.62/month  GPS tracker, Social media tracker, and Keylogger 30 days
Eyezy Demo $16.66/month  Social spotlight, Calender tracker, and SSL encryption 14-day refund policy
KidsGuard Pro by ClevGuard Demo $9.17/month  Advanced encryption technology, Live recording, and Screenshot capture 14 days

How Do Boyfriend Tracker Apps Work?

Once properly set up on your boyfriend’s phone, boyfriend spy apps start collecting data that you can discreetly access and review‌. 

While different applications have different designs, the ones on our list are all stealthy and will not notify your boyfriend of their existence.

That said, consent is important when monitoring someone, unless you are tracking a child in your care.

Moving on, these apps transmit the gathered information to you by combining different technologies, the best among them disguising themselves as system files, offering undetected and full access to your boyfriend’s phone.

This is done without impairing the performance of your boyfriend’s phone, leaving no room for suspicion on his side. Although it’s illegal to spy on someone without consent, this isn’t usually common. In fact, studies show that 47.5% of relationships impacted by cheating come up with compromises to heal, including monitoring, sharing passwords, and more.

Can I Track my Boyfriend’s Phone for Free?

While hundreds of phone spy apps advertise themselves as free, most don’t work or charge you hidden fees and provide limited services, ultimately wasting your time or scamming you.

However, there are some legitimate apps that provide services like location tracking and text monitoring for free.

While a free boyfriend spy app can provide limited insight into your boyfriend’s messaging and phone calls, a premium version will offer a more detailed overview and more features.

If you’re unsure about paying for an app to track your boyfriend’s phone location, you can always try a demo or free trial before you commit.

Read our guide on the best free spy apps

How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Location – Step by Step

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to download and install one of the best boyfriend tracker apps — mSpy. If you picked another app, don’t worry, as the setup process is similar for all of them.

1. Make An Account on mSpy

Click the button below to go to mSpy’s official website. Then click “Try Now” to create an account. 

make an account on mspy

Once there, enter your valid email address, and pick your operating system and the desired subscription plan.

After purchasing their services, mSpy will send you an email containing your login information, Control Panel Link, and Installation URL. Save the email or note down the information in it.

2. Disable Play Protect on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

Open the Play Store on your boyfriend’s phone, tap the icon on the top right, click Play Protect, and enter its settings. 

Diasble play protect

Once there, turn the slider on “Improve harmful app detection” so that it turns grey.

3. Install mSpy and Start Spying on Your Boyfriend

Open the browser on your boyfriend’s phone and enter the installation URL provided to you in the email mSpy sent. 

Install spy app

Follow the installation steps to finish installing mSpy on his phone. Once the installation is complete, you can open the Control Panel provided to you in the email mSpy sent and enter the login information. 

You’ll then have full access to mSpy’s dashboard, and you’ll be able to start tracking your boyfriend’s location, among other features.


How We Review And Test Spy Apps

Important Note: Spy software is not legal to use without the device owner’s permission in many countries and states. When we test spy software, we do so only with the explicit consent of the device owner and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

To provide our readers with accurate and well-informed recommendations, we test the most popular spy apps on the market to find the best options for you. Our methodology consists of the following criteria:

  • General Features: We evaluate the comprehensive feature set of each spy app, including but not limited to features such as App Management, Time Management, Call Monitoring, Device Control and GPS Tracking.
  • Ease of Use: We gauge the user-friendliness of each spy app, considering factors such as installation process complexity, the necessity of jailbreaking (for iOS) or rooting (for Android) the target device, and more.
  • Device Support and Compatibility: We thoroughly examine the compatibility of each spy app with different devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android. We also assess whether the app offers a unified dashboard accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Customer Support: We test the responsiveness and effectiveness of customer support provided by each spy app developer. We evaluate the availability of support channels, such as live chat, email, or phone support, as well as the satisfaction ratings of customer assistance.
  • Price and Value for Money: We assess each spy app’s pricing structure in relation to its features and functionalities, aiming to determine its overall value proposition. We analyze whether the app offers different subscription tiers, flexible payment options, and discounts for long-term commitments. Additionally, we check whether the app provides free trials or demos for users to test its capabilities before making a purchase.
  • Privacy and Security: We prioritize the privacy and security of user data in our evaluation. We scrutinize the app’s data encryption measures, adherence to privacy regulations, and commitment to regular security updates to safeguard user information from unauthorized access or breaches.

How to Choose the Best Boyfriend Spy App

Choosing the best tracking app for tracking your boyfriend isn’t easy. Here are the key factors to consider when deciding:

Ease of Installation and UseFeaturesFree Trials, Demos, and Money-back GuaranteesDetectabilityValue for Money

Look for apps with straightforward installation processes, ideally requiring no technical expertise. User-friendly interfaces ensure easy navigation and utilization, even for those unfamiliar with spy technology.

Prioritize apps offering a comprehensive range of features such as call monitoring, text message tracking, GPS location tracking, and social media monitoring.

Advanced features like remote camera activation or keylogger capabilities can enhance surveillance capabilities.

Opt for apps that provide free trials or demos to assess their functionality and compatibility with your needs before committing.

Money-back guarantees offer a safety net in case the app fails to meet expectations or is incompatible with the target device.

Choose spy apps that operate discreetly, with features like hidden icons or background operation to avoid detection by the device user.

Apps that don’t drain the device’s battery excessively or cause noticeable slowdowns are less likely to raise suspicion.

Consider the pricing structure in relation to the features offered and the duration of the subscription. The best spy apps for tracking your boyfriend will have a robust set of features and everything you need without spending too much.

Compare multiple options to ensure you’re getting the best balance of affordability and functionality for your specific needs.

Conclusion – What’s the Best Boyfriend Spy App? 

mSpy is the best boyfriend spy app on the market, as it allows you to track your boyfriend’s location, online activities, and more.

Try mSpy risk-free now by taking advantage of its 14-day money-back guarantee, and start tracking your boyfriend’s location and online activity 100% discreetly.


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