How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing in 2024 – Top 10 Boyfriend Spy Apps

If you’re wondering how to track your boyfriend’s phone, look no further. With the rates of cheating higher than ever, and men being prone to cheat, it’s no wonder you want to learn how to track your partner’s phone. 

Countless boyfriend tracker phone apps let you monitor his online activities, including social media, but not all of them are trustworthy and safe. In this article, we’ve ranked and compared the leading boyfriend spy apps based on their features and pricing to help you find the one best suited for your needs.

How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone – Top 10 Phone Tracker Apps List

It’s never been easier to track a cheating boyfriend’s online activity, thanks to modern technology. Our top pick for the best boyfriend tracker app is mSpy, but here’s the complete list of options:

  1. mSpy$11.66/month — The best boyfriend spy app in 2024 thanks to its full suite of monitoring features, including custom keyword alerts, real-time GPS tracking, and screen recording capability.
  2. EyeZy$9.99/month — Phenomenal tracker app for real-time notifications on his device and app use, including alerts for specific words used and his search habits, for just $9.99/month.
  3. Spynger$10.83/month — A popular cell phone tracker designed specifically to spy on your partner, plus it comes with unique features like a hidden screen recorder and the ability to view deleted content.
  4. uMobix$12.49/month — A top-rated mobile spy tool that gives users full insight into the target users’ social media activity, offline movements, multimedia files, and app usage — all 100% discreetly.
  5. Cocospy$12.49/month — Superb app for both online and offline monitoring. You can flag a contact you’re suspicious of and get discreet notifications every time there’s contact with this person. 
  6. Spyic$9.99/month — A popular solution for detailed insights into your boyfriend’s online activity. Track his messages, social media activity, and browser history for just $8.33/month. 
  7. Hoverwatch$8.32/month — A top choice for tracking your boyfriend across multiple devices. It boasts a powerful keylogger and remote screenshots to capture disappearing messages and snaps.
  8. XNSpy$7.50/month — Advanced spy app to secretly live-record his phone activity. It also lets you activate the microphone, remotely block apps, lock the phone, and more.
  9. iKeyMonitor$29.10/month — The best free spy app to track your boyfriend without him knowing. Includes GPS and geofencing capabilities, SMS, and call monitoring — all for $0. 
  10. TheOneSpy$10.40/month — A renowned spouse tracker app for real-time live screen recording, social media monitoring, and accurate keylogging for both mobile and desktop.

Reviewing the Best Boyfriend Spy Apps in 2024

It’s hard to decide and pick one spy app out of all the boyfriend tracker apps available, especially because some are scams or don’t work at all. 

We’ve thoroughly researched the market’s leading boyfriend spy apps to help you make an informed decision. Read on to learn more about their features, pricing, pros, and cons.

1. mSpy – The Best Boyfriend Spy App Overall

mSpy offers advanced tracking features, making it one of the best phone spy apps overall, with over a million users in 180 countries.  Since its launch in 2010, it’s helped countless women achieve peace of mind or confirm their suspicions about their unfaithful boyfriend’s online activity through monitoring.

mSpy provides an easy-to-use platform that displays information about your boyfriend’s messaging history, including social media and texting apps. In case you have a tight schedule, you also don’t have to actively monitor him as you can set up custom alerts for every time your boyfriend types in specific words.

mSpy - best boyfriend spy app

Monthly Subscription

 Annual Subscription Compatibility Free Version Devices Tracked Money-Back Guarantee
$48.99/month $11.67/month Android, iOS, tablets Demo 1 14 days

mSpy also easily monitors dating apps like Tinder, Kik, and Bumble, offering you a detailed insight into his message history, even if he deleted it. This is important for peace of mind, considering that a whopping 4 in 10 people on these apps are married.

Besides messaging history, you can also monitor your boyfriend’s browser history to stop him from hiding anything from you. By allowing you to track your boyfriend’s real-time location, the GPS tracker helps you find out if your boyfriend isn’t where he told you he is.

Besides these features, you can monitor your boyfriend’s phone screen in real-time and record his surroundings to hear his conversations with others as if you’re there. 


mSpy offers a variety of premium packages that allow you to track your boyfriend’s phone, ranging from 1 to 12 months:


mSpy offers an advanced set of features to spy on your boyfriend, and it comes at an incredibly low price. Take advantage of mSpy’s 14-day money-back guarantee now.


  • Smart user interface
  • Spies on disappearing messages like Snaps
  • Phone call monitoring
  • Notifies you if your boyfriend enters a specified area on the map
  • Stealth mode
  • One of the best spy apps for Android


  • Expensive monthly plan with only one device per subscription

2. EyeZy – Phenomenal Tracker App for Real-Time Notifications on His Device Use

EyeZy allows you to easily track your boyfriend’s location, messaging history, and more with its clean interface and advanced features. If you’re worried about your boyfriend being unfaithful, you can set up EyeZy to immediately send you a notification every time your boyfriend writes or receives a specific phrase.

The clean UI ensures you aren’t overwhelmed with irrelevant information and provides quick and easy access to all your boyfriend’s messages, including social media, dating apps, and SMS.

eyezy - best app to spy on boyfriend

Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscription Compatibility Free Version Devices Tracked

Money-Back Guarantee


$9.99/month Android, iOS, tablets 3-day trial + demo 1

14 days

It also lets you see all the events he plans to attend and notes he’s saved on his phone. It’ll give you detailed and accurate reports about your boyfriend’s online activity, giving you knowledge of his search habits, interests, and more.

Beyond this, you can see what places your boyfriend frequents without telling you and see if he’s meeting someone in secret.

On the whole, although it’s easy to use, EyeZy provides excellent features with a 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it out for free.


EyeZy isn’t very expensive despite its versatility, and the feature-rich boyfriend spy app comes with a few premium plans for you to consider:


If you take advantage of EyeZy’s annual billing plan, you can save 83% compared to a month-by-month payment option.

Considering the boyfriend spy app offers a full refund in the first 14 days, try it out risk-free now.


  • Magic Alert for custom notifications
  • Great pricing plan
  • Updated frequently
  • Advanced statistics overview
  • Detailed phone call analyzer


  • Limited features for iOS devices

3. Spynger – A Popular Cell Phone Tracker Designed for Boyfriend Tracking

Spynger, unlike most that are built with parental control needs in mind, is a renowned cheating spouse tracker app that’s designed specifically to help settle any suspicions you have about your boyfriend.

Its popularity is unsurprising — it runs completely undetected on the target device, showing not even a sliver of evidence of its existence, plus it boasts every feature you could need for peace of mind.

Spynger homepage | boyfriend tracker app

Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscription Compatibility Free Version Devices Tracked Money-Back Guarantee
$45.49/month $10.83/month Android, iOS N/A 1


For starters, Spynger includes a powerful keylogger that’ll let you see everything typed across the 16+ social media chat apps that it lets you monitor — which includes dating apps like Tinder on top of the usual names like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat.

In fact, the keylogger even lets you in on what passwords are used across apps, your boyfriend’s browser searches, and everything else typed on the target mobile. And to top it off, Spynger offers live insight into your boyfriend’s activity with its hidden screen recorder.

All of this, paired with the usual capabilities like location tracking (plus the ability to set up geofences) and monitoring all calls made and received, in addition to the unique features, like being able to see deleted text messages make Spynger a must-have to track your boyfriend.


Considering all the functionality on offer, Spynger’s pricing is on par with what you’d expect from leading boyfriend phone tracker apps. Here are your options:

Spynger pricing

That said, unlike some of the other options, it lacks any free version. Unlike most, it also doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. Although more costly, we recommend going for the monthly plan to start with before settling for a longer subscription.


  • It lets you see deleted text messages
  • There’s a screen recorder to see live activity
  • You can monitor his activity on dating apps
  • Runs completely undetectable
  • All data is protected with end-to-end encryption


  • There are no free versions
  • It lacks features like website and app blocking

4. uMobix – A Top-Rated Mobile Spy Tool for Full Insight Into His Activity

uMobix ensures you’re up to date with all your boyfriend’s calls and messaging activity. It offers a superb kit for monitoring your boyfriend, including dating apps and social media conversations.

With uMobix, you can track down your boyfriend’s location without his knowledge and get an overview of the full history of his movement in case you’re concerned about him cheating or lying to you.

umobix - top boyfriend spy app

Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscription Compatibility Free Version Devices Tracked

Money-Back Guarantee


$12.49/month Android, iOS, tablets Demo 1

14 days

uMobix also allows you to have a complete overview of your boyfriend’s social media activity, and it’s considered one of the best Facebook spy apps in 2024. 

The app lets you know if your boyfriend opened Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media app, so you can be aware if he’s deliberately not messaging you back.

The app also lets you discreetly spy on your boyfriend’s phone for insight into all multimedia files he sends or receives if you believe he might be interested in someone else.

You can rest easy knowing that uMobix will notify you as soon as your boyfriend downloads a dating app and that you can have full access to his conversations on them if he does.


uMobix offers the best value when you select its annual plan:


uMobix offers its comprehensive features at a reasonable price, and its 14-day money-back guarantee makes it possible for you to try its services out without risking any money.


  • Real-time GPS tracking and geo-fencing
  • Access to all photos and videos on his device
  • Allows you to block certain apps on your boyfriend’s phone
  • Remote camera access to stream videos or take snapshots


  • Expensive if covering multiple devices

5. Cocospy – Superb App for Both Online and Offline Monitoring

Cocospy was mainly designed as a parental control app, which makes it the perfect spy app to monitor your boyfriend’s online activities.

With one of the most straightforward dashboards on this list, Cocospy allows you to secretly monitor who your boyfriend talks to and for how long. 

cocospy boyfriend spy app

 Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscription Compatibility Free Version Devices Tracked

Money-Back Guarantee


$12.49/month Android, iOS, tablets Demo 1

14 days

The app has a feature that lets you mark a contact you’re suspicious of and get notified every time your boyfriend calls or texts that number.

If you’re wondering where your boyfriend went without telling you, a simple look at the map lets you know his exact location and the history of his movements up to seven days back.

Cocospy takes only 2-5 minutes to install on your boyfriend’s phone, letting you immediately take advantage of its numerous tracking features. 

Being a stealthy spy app, Cocospy is undetectable, making it one of the best apps to track someone’s phone without them knowing.


Cocospy’s remote surveillance solution allows you to track your boyfriend’s location and online activities at a competitive price point: 


You’re just a couple of minutes away from keeping tabs on your boyfriend with Cocospy. Try it now; there’s a 14-day guarantee if you find that it isn’t your cup of tea.


  • Geo-fencing and location alerts
  • Advanced keylogger
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Remote installation on iOS devices
  • Excellent for poly relationships


  • Lacks screen recording
  • Some features are unique to Android

6. Spyic – A Popular Solution for Detailed Insight Into Your Boyfriend’s Activity

Spyic offers a unique opportunity to try out an advanced boyfriend tracking app for two months – for free. With its guarantee of 60 days, you can thoroughly test this app before committing to it.

This mobile tracker ensures you’re up to date with your boyfriend’s activities on social media, browsers, SMS and phone calls, and more. The app also allows access to the multimedia files he sends and receives.

spyic spy app

 Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscription Compatibility Free Version Devices Tracked Money-Back        Guarantee
$49.99/month $9.99/month Android, iOS, tablets Demo 1

60 days

Spyic also has an excellent keylogger that gives you insight into everything he writes using the device, allowing you to track your boyfriend’s messages without him knowing.

The quality of Spyic’s statistical overview of calls and texts is outstanding, providing a detailed analysis of your boyfriend’s social habits. 

It can help you confirm your suspicions regarding a cheating boyfriend or give you peace of mind knowing that he’s doing nothing out of the ordinary.


The Spyic boyfriend tracker app offers a basic and a premium plan for their services. We suggest the premium plan as it offers far more features. Here’s the pricing:

Spyic pricing

Spyic offers a massive 86% discount on your first purchase of its premium plan, making the annual plan appealing for such a powerful service. 


  • Quick set-up
  • Clean user interface
  • Best money-back guarantee
  • Detailed GPS tracking
  • Great pricing plan


  • Limited remote control

7. Hoverwatch – A Top Choice for Tracking Your Boyfriend Across Multiple Devices

Hoverwatch offers an excellent service aimed at tracking your boyfriend’s location for free. As a free boyfriend phone tracker app, it works reliably, unlike most of the other similar apps that are free. 

Although its free version is limited compared to the premium version of Hoverwatch, you can seamlessly switch to the paid version if you need more features.

Hoverwatch spy app dashboard

 Monthly Subscription

 Annual Subscription Compatibility Free Version Devices Tracked Money-Back Guarantee
$24.95/month $8.32/month for 25 devices Android, tablets, Windows, macOS    Free Version Available 1-25


With that said, Hoverwatch relies on screenshots to transmit the information from your boyfriend’s phone to you in real-time.

This is especially useful in capturing disappearing media like snaps or Instagram stories.

If you’re interested in what your boyfriend does on his PC and not just his phone, Hoverwatch’s keylogger can be set up to monitor your boyfriend’s Mac or Windows computer as well.

Setting up Hoverwatch is quick and easy, and you can start tracking your boyfriend’s location and online activities immediately once installed. 


Hoverwatch offers a free service, but its premium plan is the logical option if you want to remotely track your boyfriend’s location and has additional useful features:

  • 1 month – $24.95/month 
  • 3 months – $19.98/month
  • 12 months – $8.32/month

The above price is for monitoring 1 device; however, there are plans that allow you to track up to 25 devices with one subscription. 


  • Near undetectable 
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
  • Reliable free version 
  • Call recording


  • No money-back guarantee
  • No iOS support

8. XNSpy – Advanced Spy App to Secretly Live-Record His Activity

XNSpy ensures you’re in control with its advanced remote control features, making it one of the best boyfriend phone tracker apps.

xnspy spy app

   Monthly Subscription

  Annual Subscription Compatibility Free Version Devices Tracked Money-Back Guarantee
$35.99/month $7.50/month Android, iOS, tablets Demo 1

10 days

If you choose XNSpy, you’ll be able to observe your boyfriend and directly take control if needed. You can restrict access to apps you find inappropriate for your boyfriend, lock his screen, or remotely delete all his phone data.

The app keeps track of your boyfriend’s activities and provides unique summaries such as the top 5 contacts he communicates with, lists of websites he frequently visits, average call lengths, and more.

XNSpy ensures you can find your boyfriend’s location using its service and provides additional capabilities such as recording his screen or the phone’s microphone for live insight into his activities.


XNSpy offers its wide array of monitoring and controlling features at a relatively low price compared to its competition:


If you’re interested in tracking your boyfriend’s location with the possibility of locking his phone down using an advanced remote control panel, XNSpy has you covered.


  • Superb remote control features
  • Can be remotely installed
  • Tracks your boyfriend’s social media and dating app activities
  • Exceptionally detailed statistics


  • Somewhat difficult to use

9. iKeyMonitor – The Best Free Spy App to Track Your Boyfriend Without Him Knowing

iKeyMonitor offers a fairly well-equipped free version that can effectively track your boyfriend’s location for free.

It’s one of the rare free boyfriend phone tracker apps that works reliably. However, its users have to deal with the fairly long intervals between screenshots, allowing for some data to slip away.

ikeymonitor dashboard

   Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscription Compatibility Free Version Devices Tracked Money-Back Guarantee
$59.99/month $29.10/month Android, iOS, tablets, Windows, macOS Free Version Available 1

30 days

The app ensures you’re always aware of who your boyfriend is talking to, and it’ll notify you every time he makes a call, providing complete information about the contacts your boyfriend interacts with.

Other information available to you directly from his phone includes his calendar plans, events, notes, alarms, and more. 

iKeyMonitor can track your boyfriend’s location at any time and supports geofencing as an additional measure. 

The free version of iKeyMonitor is fairly limited compared to its premium plan counterpart, which offers far more features and precise GPS tracking of your boyfriend’s location.


iKeyMonitor has a free version that you can use with limited functionality compared to its premium version.

  • 3 days – $9.99 (Android only)
  • 1 month – $59.99/month  
  • 12 months – $29.10/month 

The app allows you to track your boyfriend’s phone for just $9.99, providing its full services to you for 3 days.


  • Shows WiFi history
  • Takes screenshots regularly
  • In-depth contact list analysis
  • Covers social media and dating apps
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS


  • Quite an expensive premium plan

10. TheOneSpy – A Renowned Spouse Tracker App for Real-Time Mobile & Desktop Spying

TheOneSpy offers two versions of its product that differ in pricing and features — but both are capable of tracking down your boyfriend’s location.

The basic paid version of TheOneSpy, called XLite, provides the accurate location of your boyfriend at any time, access to his gallery, contact list information, and more.

theonespy dashboard

   Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription Compatibility Free Version Devices Tracked Money-Back Guarantee
$43/month $10.40/month Android, iOS, tablets, Windows, macOS Demo 1

14 days

Its more expensive premium plan unlocks the app’s full potential, providing more features such as social media monitoring, call history with location, and more.

With that said, using TheOneSpy’s premium edition, you can listen to your boyfriend’s surroundings by activating his microphone remotely. 

You can also bug his video camera and use other similar options that allow you to know precisely what your boyfriend is doing.

TheOneSpy works smoothly when spying on macOS and Windows devices, making it a perfect boyfriend spy app if your boyfriend uses his computer frequently.


TheOneSpy offers a basic paid plan called XLite. We suggest the premium paid plan instead, as it offers far more features. Here are the prices for the premium plan:

  • 1 month – $43/month
  • 3 months – $31/month 
  • 12 months – $10.40/month

While this boyfriend spy app offers no free trial, you can always test it out risk-free thanks to its 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • Restrict phone calls
  • Reliable keylogger
  • Covers social media and dating apps
  • Live screen recording


  • Far more advanced Android features compared to iOS

Top 10 Best Boyfriend Spy Apps Compared

Here’s a neat table highlighting the differences between the market’s top 10 best boyfriend spy apps:

Spy App

Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription Compatibility Free Version Devices Tracked Money-Back Guarantee
mSpy $48.99/month $11.66/month Android, iOS, tablets Demo 1 14 days
EyeZy $47.99/month $9.99/month Android, iOS, tablets 3-day trial + demo 1 14 days
Spynger $45.49/month $10.83/month Android, iOS N/A 1 N/A
uMobix $49.99/month $12.49/month Android, iOS, tablets Demo 1 14 days
Cocospy $49.99/month $12.49/month Android, iOS, tablets Demo 1 14 days
Spyic $49.99/month $9.99/month Android, iOS, tablets Demo 1 60 days
Hoverwatch $24.95/month $8.32/month Android, tablet, Windows, macOS Free Version Available 1-25 None
XNSpy $35.99/month $7.50/month Android, iOS, tablet Demo 1 10 days
iKeyMonitor $59.99/month $29.10/month Android, iOS, tablet, Windows Free Version Available 1 30 days
TheOneSpy $43/month $10.40/month Android, iOS, tablet, Windows, macOS Demo 1

14 days

How Do Boyfriend Tracker Apps Work?

Once properly set up on your boyfriend’s phone, boyfriend spy apps start collecting data that you can discreetly access and review‌. 

While different applications have different designs, the ones from our list are all stealthy and won’t notify your boyfriend of their existence.

That said, consent is important when monitoring someone, unless you are tracking a child in your care.

Moving on, these apps transmit the gathered information to you by combining different technologies, the best among them disguising themselves as system files, offering undetected and full access to your boyfriend’s phone. 

All this gets done without impairing the performance of your boyfriend’s phone, leaving no room for suspicion on his side.

Although it’s illegal to spy on someone without consent, this isn’t usually common. In fact, studies show that 47.5% of relationships impacted by cheating come up with compromises to heal, including monitoring, sharing passwords, and more.

What Can a Phone Tracker App Show Me?  

Primarily made as parenting tools, boyfriend spy apps offer a comprehensive insight into target phone activity and can be used for monitoring in real-time or to overview your boyfriend’s activities whenever you have the time.

Here’s a list of what the tools we picked can track for you:

  • Phone calls and SMS history
  • What’s currently on his screen
  • GPS location and geo-fencing
  • Social media and dating apps, chat history, and multimedia
  • Photos, videos, and audio recordings saved on his phone
  • Instant messaging applications’ chat history
  • Bugging his camera and microphone to see and hear his surroundings
  • Alerts, alarms, calendar, events, notes that he saved on his phone

If you’re interested in this guide, you might also want to check out our best girlfriend spy apps.

Can I Track My Boyfriend Without Access to His Phone?

While it would be convenient, that’s impossible in most cases. The only exception is boyfriend spy apps like Cocospy, which still require you to know your boyfriend’s iCloud credentials. 

It’s common to encounter spy apps that promise the possibility of a remote installation, but most of those are fake or scams.

However, it’s easy to install the best boyfriend spy apps on his phone as the process requires just a couple of minutes. 

Another method is to convince your boyfriend to install the app, which can be done with mSpy, for example, as it can pose under different names during the installation.

Can I Track my Boyfriend’s Phone for Free?

While hundreds of phone spy apps advertise themselves as free, most don’t work or charge you hidden fees and provide limited services, ultimately wasting your time or scamming you.

However, some legitimate boyfriend spy apps provide services like location tracking and text monitoring for free, such as iKeyMonitor and Hoverwatch.

While a free version of a legitimate boyfriend spy app can provide limited insight into his messaging and calls, a premium version will offer a more detailed overview, including his social media messages, access to his camera, and more.

If you have doubts or a limited budget that you wouldn’t risk spending without trying the premium services first, it’s always better to try mSpy risk-free with its 14-day guarantee than to waste your time on free apps.

Tutorial on How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Location

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to download and install the best boyfriend tracker app — mSpy. If you picked another app, don’t worry, as the setup process is similar for all of them.

Note: If installing mSpy on iOS, you’ll need the Cydia app.

1. Make An Account on mSpy

Click the button below, and it’ll take you to mSpy’s official website, then click “Try Now” to make your account. 

make an account on mspy

Once there, enter your valid email address, and pick your operating system and the desired subscription plan.

After purchasing their services, mSpy will send you an email containing your login information, Control Panel Link, and Installation URL. Save the email or note down the information in it.

2. Disable Play Protect on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

Open the Play Store on your boyfriend’s phone, tap the icon on the top right, click Play Protect, and enter its settings. 

Diasble play protect

Once there, turn the slider on “Improve harmful app detection” so that it turns grey.

3. Install Spy and Start Spying on Your Boyfriend

Open the browser on your boyfriend’s phone and enter the installation URL provided to you in the email mSpy sent. 

Install spy app

Follow the installation steps to finish installing mSpy on his phone. Once the installation is complete, you can open the Control Panel provided to you in the email mSpy sent and enter the login information. 

You’ll then have full access to mSpy’s dashboard, and you’ll be able to start tracking your boyfriend’s location, among other features.


Can I find out if my boyfriend is on a dating site?

Is there a free app to track my boyfriend’s phone?

How can I track my boyfriend’s location without him knowing?

Are boyfriend phone tracker apps safe?

Can I track my boyfriend without access to his phone?

Conclusion – What’s the Best Boyfriend Spy App? 

After lengthy research, we’ve concluded that mSpy is the best boyfriend spy app on the market that you can use to track your boyfriend’s location, online activities, and more.

It offers dozens of features via its easy-to-use user interface and allows you to set up “safe” and “danger” zones, notifying you if your boyfriend enters them.

Besides this, mSpy can be installed on your boyfriend’s phone in just under 5 minutes, and it offers 24/7 customer support for all users. 

Try mSpy risk-free now by taking advantage of its 14-day money-back guarantee, and start tracking your boyfriend’s location and online activity 100% discreetly.

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