The 8 Best No Jailbreak iPhone Spy Apps for 2023 Compared

iPhone spy app no jailbreak no iCloud is a popular search, and for good reason. Not only is jailbreaking a device a challenging task, but it renders the device’s warranty useless and opens the door to dangerous malware attacks.

Whilst advanced features require jailbreak, you can still monitor most of what’s happening without this. To help you find the best no jailbreak iPhone spy app, we’ve ranked, reviewed, and compared the market’s leading options based on their ease of installation, pricing, and feature set.

The 8 Best No Jailbreak iPhone Spy Apps Ranked

There are dozens of iPhone spy apps on the market, but not all of them are reliable and trusted. After testing the most popular iPhone spy apps that don’t require jailbreak, we’ve put together a final list of the top 8 apps you can use to spy on iPhone:

  1. mSpy — The best iPhone spy app without jailbreak thanks to its easy setup, well-rounded feature set, and affordable price point.
  2. EyeZy — A reasonably priced option that’s great for real-time alerts, ensuring you don’t miss a single important message.
  3. uMobix — Popular app that lets you see deleted information on the target device, plus it offers screen recording.
  4. Cocospy — Excellent features for GPS location tracking and geofencing, with strong monitoring of social apps.
  5. Spyic — Easy-to-use app that’s great for monitoring multiple iOS devices from a single account.
  6. XNSpy — Affordable iPhone spy app with screen recording, microphone and camera control, and remote locking.
  7. KidsGuard Pro — Dedicated iOS spy app that gives you access to all media and text files and provides a detailed activity log.
  8. iKeyMonitor — Free iPhone monitoring app with paid add-ons, such as call logs, access to files, and GPS tracking.

The Best No Jailbreak iPhone Spy Apps Compared

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the best iPhone spy apps without jailbreak, so you can choose the one that best aligns with your needs:

iPhone Spy App Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
mSpy $11.67/month (yearly plan) iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak 1 Demo 14 days
EyeZy $7.99/month (yearly plan) iOS 7 – 13+ without jailbreak 1 Demo 14 days
uMobix $12.49/month (yearly plan) All iPhones and iPads Connected to the iCloud 1 Demo 14 days
Cocospy $12.50/month (yearly plan) All iPhones and iPads Connected to iCloud 1 Demo 14 days
Spyic $9.99/month All iOS Devices Connected to the iCloud 25 Demo 60 days
XNSpy From $4.99/month iOS 6 – 9.0.2 Connected to the iCloud 1 Demo 30 days
KidsGuard Pro $9.16/month iOS 10.0+ 1 Demo 30 days
iKeyMonitor $10/month iOS 9.x – 14.x Connected to iCloud 1 3-day trial 30 days

The Top No Jailbreak iPhone Apps Reviewed

Here we take a closer look at each of the best phone spy apps that don’t require jailbreak to work — where they shine, who they’re best for, and where we found they could use improvement.

1. mSpy — The Best iPhone Spy App Without Jailbreak in 2023

mSpy dashboard | Best no jailbreak iPhone spy app

Cheapest Renewal Price Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Plan/Trial Refund/Guarantee
$11.67/month (yearly plan) iOS 7 – 13+ Without Jailbreak 1 Demo 14 days

mSpy is the most powerful parental control app on the market. It lets you monitor your child’s every keystroke with the keylogger — this includes what’s typed in messages, social media, notes, emails, and browsers.

Additionally, mSpy lets you remotely block your loved one’s access to specific apps and websites that you find unsafe or inappropriate, giving you full control over their phone usage.

You can also leverage mSpy’s GPS tracking, however, it’s worth noting that geofencing capabilities (where you specify zones on the map and get notified whenever your child enters or exits a particular area) are only available on Android or a jailbreak iPhone.

Beyond this, other advanced capabilities, including recording the target user’s surroundings, are reserved for jailbroken iPhones. Nevertheless, mSpy remains the best spy app to track a phone without them knowing — it’s powerful and undetectable.


You can grab mSpy today for as little as $11.67 if you commit to the annual subscription plan — this will give you access to all of mSpy’s features, and you’ll save $60 with this plan.

Alternatively, you can choose a three-month plan at $28/month or a standard monthly plan at $49.99/month.


  • Keylogger software to read everything typed
  • Access to all messages and social media chats
  • Full internet browser history
  • Ability to block apps and websites
  • GPS location tracking


  • Expensive if you opt for a monthly subscription

2. EyeZy — Great for Real-Time Alerts 

EyeZy no jailbreak spy app for iPhone

Cheapest Renewal Price Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Plan/Trial Refund/Guarantee
$7.99/month (yearly plan) iOS 7 – 13+ Without jailbreak 1 Demo 14 days

EyeZy is another top-tier no jailbreak iPhone spy app that gives you all the data you need to ensure your child is safe without having to monitor their phone 24/7. This is largely thanks to Magic Alert.

With this feature, you can set up real-time alerts to get notified the moment a certain word or phrase appears on your kid’s iPhone. This includes messages and internet searchers across apps.

It lets you monitor all social media apps without jailbreak — including less popular ones like Tinder. It doesn’t end there. With EyeZy, you can even see deleted content like messages.

Additionally, EyeZy lets you control what websites they can access and what apps they can use (and for how long).


EyeZy is among the more affordable spy apps, with an annual plan starting from $7.99/month.

Other plans include a three-month subscription for $22.39/month and a monthly plan for $38.39/month. You’ll have access to over 25 iPhone monitoring features regardless of what pricing plan you ultimately choose.


  • Real-time Magic Alerts
  • See what events they plan on attending
  • Get a complete overview of their browsing history
  • Get insights into all their conversations
  • Prevent access to websites or apps


  • No call recording

3. uMobix — Popular App That Lets You See Deleted Info

uMobix non jailbroken iPhone spy app

Cheapest Renewal Price Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Plan/Trial Refund/Guarantee
$12.49/month (yearly plan) All iPhones and iPads connected to the iCloud 1 Demo 14 days

uMobix is an excellent no jailbreak spy app for iPhone, especially if you worry your child will try to evade monitoring by deleting content. You’ll be able to see everything, including deleted messages and emails — and even deleted or renamed contacts.

With uMobix, you get everything you’d expect out of an iPhone spy app, including call and message monitoring, access to chat logs on social media and instant messaging apps, insight into their browsing history, and GPS location tracking.

That said, more advanced functionality can only be attained on Android or with a jailbreak iOS. This includes:

  • Restricting calls and app access
  • Blocking websites and Wi-Fi access
  • Locking them out of the device completely
  • Screen and recording of the user’s surroundings


uMobix offers incredible value for money, giving you access to over 50 iPhone monitoring features for just $12.49/month on the annual plan.

You can also get a three-month plan for $29.99/month or a monthly plan for $49.99/month if you don’t want to commit to a yearly subscription right away.


  • Photo and video tracker
  • Access to all chat and call logs
  • View all deleted and altered information
  • Accurate GPS tracker


  • Doesn’t offer call recording

4. Cocospy — A No-Frills No Jailbreak iPhone Spy App

Cocospy no jailbreak iOS spy app

Cheapest Renewal Price Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Plan/Trial Refund/Guarantee
$12.50/month (yearly plan) All iPhones and iPads connected to iCloud 1 Demo 14 days

Cocospy, despite lacking the extra bells and whistles, has always been a popular iPhone spy app no jailbreak tool — you get ultimate simplicity, full functionality, and an even easier installation process.

You can track the monitored device’s location, see all incoming and outgoing calls and messages, and read every chat on social media and instant messaging apps — what more would you need?

Beyond this, there’s also a web history log, and you can even view calendar entries. It’s compatible with all iOS devices and doesn’t require you to install the app on the target device.


Cocospy has the same pricing structure as uMobix, with plans ranging from $12.49/month on a yearly plan to $29.99/month on a three-month plan and $49.99/month on a monthly subscription plan.

There are no paid add-ons or additional charges, meaning you’ll get access to all of Cocospy’s features regardless of the plan you choose.


  • GPS location tracking
  • Access to all call logs and messages
  • Ability to review all Discord messages
  • Access to photos, videos, and other media files
  • One of the best spy apps for Android


  • No screen recorder
  • Keylogger is only available for Android

5. Spyic — Great for Monitoring Multiple iOS Devices

Spyic non-jailbreak iOS spy app tool

Cheapest Renewal Price Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Plan/Trial Refund/Guarantee
$9.99/month All iOS devices connected to the iCloud 25 Demo 60 days

Spyic stands out for being one of very few to offer an array of plans for various needs and budgets — allowing you to cover up to 25 devices on one subscription.

This makes it an excellent choice for both families and businesses, but how good is the no jailbreak iPhone spy solution? Well, you can keep an eye on all the calls placed and received, and it gets praised for its location-tracking capabilities.

In fact, unlike most, geofence alerts are on offer without jailbreak, as is SIM card tracking for a potent online and offline tracking solution. Plus, you’ll have access to their browsing history and their chats on messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber, including group chats.


Spyic offers three different pricing plans, with prices adjusted according to the number of devices you want to monitor. The Premium plan is exclusive to a single device and starts from $10.83/month on a 12-month plan.

If you want to monitor multiple phones, you can get the Family plan that lets you spy on up to 5 devices. The annual license for this plan is $33.33.

Companies that want to monitor their employees’ phones can opt for the Business plan, which lets you track up to 25 company-owned iPhones for $83.33/month.


  • Call tracker
  • One of the best GPS trackers
  • Stealth mode to avoid detection
  • Access to their full browsing history


  • No app blocking
  • Can’t issue remote phone controls

6. XNSpy — Affordable iPhone Spy App for Advanced Features

XNSpy iOS spy app with no jailbreak

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
From $4.99/month iOS 6 – 9.0.2 Connected to the iCloud 1 Demo 30 days

XNSpy excels at monitoring social apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Tinder with the screen recording feature that lets you spy in real-time. The catch? Not all are on offer unless it’s a jailbreak iPhone.

Viber, Skype, and Instagram are some of the many you won’t have access to. That said, you’ll be able to spy on iMessage and WhatsApp chats and even watchlist words and phrases to get notified when they’re used in messages.

This is impressive, given that it’s something most no jailbreak iPhone spy apps would lock behind their jailbreak solution. This is true for the fancy monitoring features such as the live camera recording and accessing the microphone, for example.


XNSpy is one of the most affordable iPhone spy apps. On the basic plan, you can get this powerful iPhone spyware for as little as $4.99/month on a yearly subscription.

For more features, you’d need to fork out $7.49/month for the premium plan — with the option of monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Track WhatsApp and iMessages
  • Watchlist contacts, email IDs, words, and phrases


  • Many features are locked unless you jailbreak

7. KidsGuard Pro — Dedicated iOS Spy App to Access Files

KidsGuard iOS nonjailbreak spy app

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
$9.16/month iOS 10.0+ 1 Demo 30 days

KidsGuard Pro is ClevGuard’s dedicated iOS spy app, which boasts some of the best features you’d find in an iPhone spy app without jailbreak.

It uses the device’s Wi-Fi connection and the associated iCloud to let you spy on the target iPhone without ever touching it. With it, you can monitor the device’s calls, messages, and social media chats, as well as check their location history.

You’ll have access to all the information on the target device, including media files, even if your child attempts to hide a message, a photo, or a video by deleting it from their device.


KidsGuard Pro starts from $9.16/month on a one-year plan for a single iOS device. You’ll have access to all features, and there are no paid add-ons.

The three-month plan starts from $19.99, while the monthly plan starts from $39.99/month. All subscriptions are auto-renewed.


  • Full device location history
  • Access to all conversations and media files
  • Ability to see deleted messages, photos, and videos
  • See all text files on the monitored device


  • No remote device control
  • Can only monitor from a PC or laptop

8. iKeyMonitor — Free iPhone Monitoring App With Paid Add-Ons

iKeyMonitor free no jailbreak iPhone spy app

Cheapest Plan Supported Operating Systems Number of Devices Supported Free Trial/Demo Refund/Guarantee
$10/month iOS 9.x – 14.x Connected to iCloud 1 3-day trial 30 days

iKeyMonitor is a robust parental control iPhone monitoring app. It lets you see everything on the monitored iOS device, from calls and messages to stored media files, emails, location, and installed apps.

Without jailbreak, you’ll be able to use iKeyMonitor to see all SMS messages and the complete call history, including from apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, and a few others.

You’ll even be able to listen to voice messages on these platforms and see the device’s complete Wi-Fi history so you know where they’ve been. The best part is that, as with XNSpy, you can also set up keyword alerts.


iKeyMonitor offers a free iPhone monitoring app plan, but it’s limited to features like SMS and call log history. If you want access to all monitoring features, you can opt to purchase three-day access to all add-ons or remove all limitations for $10/month.

Even with all the add-ons, iKeyMonitor is extremely affordable compared to other spy apps on our list.


  • Alert words and real-time notifications
  • Access to chat logs and voice messages on popular social apps
  • List of all Wi-Fi networks the device was connected to
  • The ability to review notes and reminders


  • Half the features unavailable without jailbreak
  • No location tracking on a non-jailbroken iPhone
  • Doesn’t let you issue remote commands to the device

What is a No-Jailbreak iPhone Spy App?

A no jailbreak iPhone spy app lets you spy on the target smartphone without having to bypass the iPhone’s built-in protection or tamper with the device.

While jailbreaking allows spy apps complete access to all information and files stored on the iPhone, it also leaves the device vulnerable to viruses and cyber threats. Opting for a no jailbreak alternative is a much safer option.

Keep in mind that, as you’ve seen from our reviews, some of the features are only available with jailbreak iPhone apps. Still, as you’ll see below, iPhone spy app no jailbreak solutions are often more than enough.

What Can No Jailbreak iPhone Spy Apps Show Me?

That depends on what app you choose. The best iPhone spy apps on our list show you pretty much everything that you’d have access to if you held the phone in your hand.

This includes messages and call logs but also notes, browsing history, emails, voice messages, photos, videos, and media files on the device. You’ll also be able to monitor the iPhone’s physical location and, in some instances, set up keyword alerts.

One recent reliable survey showed that 54% of children are exposed to inappropriate online content by age 13. Needless to say, having control over the content they access can give you peace of mind and help you keep your child safe online.

Jailbreak or no jailbreak, these tools are invaluable in today’s world.

Can I Use An iOS Spy App Without the Target Phone?

Yes, provided you have the login credentials to the associated iCloud. Since all the data is automatically backed up on the cloud, you’ll be able to connect to the server using the spy app dashboard and monitor their activity without ever having to touch their iPhone.

One thing to note is that if they have two-factor authentication turned on, your child will receive a message on their iPhone or iPad notifying them of the login attempt from another device.

In this case, they’ll have to approve your access, or you’ll have to do it yourself from their iPhone.

Are There Free Spy Apps for iPhone Without Jailbreak?

There’s a handful of free spy apps, but it’s best to steer away from apps that promise you a ton of functionality free of charge. In our testing, most are scams, or they sell your private information to advertisers or other third parties.

Out of the renowned, proven, and trusted iPhone spy apps that don’t require jailbreak, only iKeyMonitor offers a very limited free plan. As such, we’d wholeheartedly recommend choosing a reputable paid app.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

If you’ve never used a spy app before, don’t worry — you don’t have to be tech-savvy to start spying on an iPhone without jailbreak. We’ll use mSpy as an example to show you how you can start spying on your kid’s iPhone in under 15 minutes.

Just follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1 — Subscribe to mSpy

Visit the mSpy website and click the Try Now button in the top-right corner. Select iOS as the system you’d like to monitor, choose a pricing plan, and enter your payment information.

mSpy homepage

Step 2 — Install mSpy on the Target iPhone

Download the mSpy app on the iPhone you want to monitor. Follow the simple prompts on your screen to install the app and provide it with the necessary permissions.

mSpy setup

Log into the mSpy dashboard using your account credentials. You’ll find them in a purchase confirmation email in your inbox (the email is automatically sent to the address you provided during the purchase).

Alternatively, if you have the device’s iCloud login credentials, you can skip installing the app on the target iPhone. Instead, log into the mSpy dashboard and use the iCloud username and password to connect to the device you want to monitor.

Step 3 — Start Monitoring Right Away

From the dashboard, select what you’d like to monitor by choosing a category from the left-hand side menu. You can see all contacts, messages, calls, and social media chat logs, as well as start tracking the device’s location.

mSpy dashboard

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Conclusion — What’s the Best No Jailbreak iPhone Spy App in 2023?

When it comes to jailbreak spy apps vs. no jailbreak iPhone spy apps, the latter are a much safer choice since they don’t require you to mess with the phone’s built-in protection system.

After reviewing and comparing them all, mSpy came out on top as the best iPhone spy app overall. It gives you complete access to call logs, messages, and social media chats — all at an affordable price point and it comes with a 14-day guarantee.

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