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Not the most feature-packed, but offers excellent location tracking

Scannero is our top recommendation for anyone looking for an ultra-simple, affordable tracking service that can accurately provide anyone’s real-time, worldwide location. It’s an easy solution for those wanting to ensure their loved ones are safe, secure, and right where they are supposed to be. The highlight is that you can do so without installing an app on either your device or the target phone.

We particularly like how Scannero guarantees privacy for all users. You can stay anonymous by sending a disguised link, while your target can accept or decline to share their location.

Although Scannero may lack the comprehensive monitoring features you get with other spy apps, it’s one of the best options for GPS location tracking. If you want to make sure your children or spouse are in a safe environment, this is the subscription to get.


  • Delivers highly accurate, real-time location of any phone with an active SIM card
  • No installation required
  • No need to physically access the target device
  • Can be used from any device, including a desktop
  • Offers a very affordable one-day trial
  • Ensures the privacy of all parties involved


  • Limited functionality
  • Expensive monthly subscription
  • The target phone must have an active SIM card and internet connection

Our detailed Scannero review will help you decide whether this location-tracking software is right for you. We will also show why many consider Scannero an ideal service for tracking someone using just their cell phone number and offer insight into its pricing, functionality, performance, and dependability.

What is Scannero?

Scannero is an online cell phone location tracking software that enables users to find devices with just their phone number. It is quite a unique solution in the world of spy apps since it does not require access to the monitored phone.

Scannero’s biggest selling point is its universal compatibility. You can track any phone as long as it has an active SIM card and internet connection, making it an excellent tool for finding a stolen or lost phone. You don’t have to worry about installing specific apps to track Android smartphones and iPhones, and you don’t need to download an app on your own devices, either; you only need to log in to your account on the Scannero website.

How Much Does Scannero Cost? – Plans and Pricing

The Scannero phone number tracker isn’t free, but it is the closest you can get to a free spy app without compromising your safety. Scannero offers a 24-hour trial for only $0.89, making it by far one of the most affordable options on the market.

However, a very expensive monthly plan is the only alternative to the affordable 24-hour subscription. Unlike most of its competition, Scannero price plans don’t include discounted long-term subscriptions.

Plan Starting From Top Features Number of Devices Tracked
1-day Trial month $0.89
  • Tracking unlimited phone numbers anywhere in the world
  • Data breach scanner
  • Reverse phone lookup
1-month $49.80 Same as the trial Unlimited

After the one-day trial ends, Scannero automatically upgrades users to the one-month premium subscription. During our tests, we found we could secure a full refund within a 14-day window from purchase, but this is not something promised by Scannero, so be cautious. According to Scannero’s terms of use, the user forfeits the right to a refund if they fail to cancel the automatic renewal.

Scannero’s Key Features

Scannero might not be the most versatile spy app, but it excels at location tracking and boasts a few other features which will keep yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings safe. Let’s take a closer look at the key features of this location-tracking tool.

Location TrackingReverse LookupEmail and Phone Leak CheckerSending an Anonymous Voice Message or Text

Scannero’s location tracking feature is both simple and effective. It allows users to track any device with an active SIM card, regardless of the phone carrier or global location.

The process is simple. You send a customized/pre-set text message containing a special URL with a location request through any IM application or social media. When the other person clicks the link, you will see their exact GPS location.

You’ll see information like coordinates and street details displayed on a well-designed, easy-to-understand map. This feature can track children, senior family members, and partners to ensure they are in a safe environment and where they should be. Of course, you can also use it as a personal phone locator if it’s lost or stolen.

Scannero’s lookup feature is not particularly common in the spy app realm. It’s an especially valuable asset for parents who want to ensure their children communicate only with people who are really who they say they are. It helps deter predators, scammers, and cyberbullies.

There are two ways to use this feature. The first is to enter the unknown person’s cell phone number, and the other is to enter their username. You can then acquire the following information about that person:

  • Contact info (name, age, gender)
  • Current/past addresses
  • Co-residents
  • Social media account info (including dating profiles)
  • Public photos

Scannero helps you keep your personal data safe and private by checking several databases for your information. In short, Scannero informs people whether their phone numbers, emails, or other vital info have been leaked online.

By protecting users’ phone numbers and personal info, Scannero reduces the risk of identity theft, phishing, and other scams. This also serves as a useful parental control tool since children may be unaware of the security risks and recklessly share their phone numbers on social media and other online accounts.

Since Scannero allows its users to fully customize their text messages and send them anonymously, they can choose to stay incognito whenever they want to. Parents can also send a tracking link in a message they know their kids will respond well to.

Scanero goes a step further by offering to convert the user’s text messages into auto-generated voice messages. When the user types and sends their message to the other person, their phone rings, and they hear the message in a generated voice. It can be helpful when parents want to scare off bullies or strangers harassing their children.

Scannero vs Top Competitors

The table below provides a snapshot of Scannero and its alternatives, comparing their selling points and prices.

Provider Best For Free Demo/Trial Cheapest Plan No. of Devices Tracked Money-Back Guarantee
Scannero Exact Location tracking 1-day trial for $0.89 $49.80/month Unlimited 14-day refund Bypassing a VPN $49.99/month Unlimited 14 days
mSpy Social media Tracking Demo $11.67/month 1 14-day refund
Spynger Hidden Screen Recording $9.28/month 1 30 days
uMobix A Non Tech-savvy Person Demo $12.49/month 1 14-day refund
SpyBubble Pro Recovering Deleted and Hidden Content Demo $10.62/month 1 30 days
Eyezy Most Affordable Demo $7.99/month 1 14-day refund

Is Scannero Legit? – Scannero Customer Reviews

To help potential users make an informed decision, we’ve reviewed numerous Scannero location tracker reviews from trusted sources like Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Users praise Scannero for its ease of use and ability to track unlimited devices. They also applaud the fact that Scannero can be used with all phone carriers worldwide and is a great way to find a lost or stolen device.

Parents think Scannero is a great help in monitoring their children. They commend the reliable service and the precision and speed of the location tracking feature, which lets them know where their children are, even when traveling abroad.

On the flip side, users have trouble contacting the company since their support team does not reply to customer emails in a timely manner. Trying to get a refund for something that doesn’t work is often impossible, too. The general consensus is that Scannero should improve its customer support team and possibly introduce phone support for its customers.

Many people complain that Scannero is a scam because they cannot track a phone’s location at all. However, the problem is most often in the lack of understanding of how Scannero operates. Namely, users often overlook that the phone owner has to click a link for location-tracking to work. Most people won’t open a link without knowing its source. This is actually a good thing.

Read all customer reviews on

Scannero Setup - A Step-by-step Guide

Scannero is completely web-based, so you don’t have to install an app or worry about compatibility. To start using Scannero, all you have to do is follow a couple of simple steps.

  1. Set up an account

      Visit the Scannero website and create an account by entering your email address.

      <strong>Set up an account</strong>
    1. Add your payment info

      Once you have your account details, you must enter your payment info and pay $0.89 for a 1-day trial period. Remember, if you only plan to use the trial, don’t forget to cancel your subscription before it ends. Scannero will automatically upgrade you to the monthly plan if you miss the deadline, and getting a refund can be quite difficult.

      <strong>Add your payment info</strong>
    2. Send the location tracking request

      Enter the phone number you wish to track. Scannero will send a text message containing a location request link to the target device and will prompt the phone owner to share their location with you. You can choose a messaging platform (SMS, Messenger, email service) and customize your message to your liking.

      <strong>Send the location tracking request</strong>
    3. Receive location tracking details

      After a few minutes, once the targeted person clicks the link, you’ll receive the exact location via email. You can also see the location info on the Scannero dashboard. The location details are straightforward and displayed on a comprehensive map.

      <strong>Receive location tracking details</strong>

    How We Review And Test Spyware Apps

    Important Note: Spy software is not legal to use without the device owner’s permission in many countries and states. When we test spy software, we do so only with the explicit consent of the device owner and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

    To provide our readers with accurate and well-informed recommendations, we test the most popular spy applications on the market to find the best options for you. Our methodology consists of the following criteria:

    • General Features: We evaluate the comprehensive feature set of each spy app, including but not limited to features such as App Management, Time Management, Call Monitoring, Device Control and GPS Tracking.
    • Ease of Use: We gauge the user-friendliness of each app, considering factors such as installation process complexity, the necessity of jailbreaking (for iOS) or rooting (for Android) the target device, and more.
    • Device Support and Compatibility: We thoroughly examine the compatibility of each spyware app with different devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android. We also assess whether the app offers a unified dashboard accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.
    • Customer Support: We test the responsiveness and effectiveness of customer support provided by each app developer. We evaluate the availability of support channels, such as live chat, email, or phone support, as well as the satisfaction ratings of customer assistance.
    • Price and Value for Money: We assess each spyware app’s pricing structure in relation to its features and functionalities, aiming to determine its overall value proposition. We analyze whether the app offers different subscription tiers, flexible payment options, and discounts for long-term commitments. Additionally, we check whether the app provides free trials or demos for users to test its capabilities before making a purchase.
    • Privacy and Security: We prioritize the privacy and security of user data in our evaluation. We scrutinize the app’s data encryption measures, adherence to privacy regulations, and commitment to regular security updates to safeguard user information from unauthorized access or breaches.

    How to Choose the Best Spy App

    Choosing the best spy app depends on your specific needs and the kind of information you want to track. These are some of the key factors to consider:

    Device CompatibilityEase of UseValue for MoneyFree Trials/DemosStealth ModeMonitoring FeaturesSocial Media MonitoringTrack LocationCustomer Support

    Compatibility with a wide range of devices and operating systems is critical. If the targeted device is incompatible with the spy app users have already paid for, their money goes down the drain. With Scannero, there is no need to worry about compatibility since users do not install any software on the targeted phone.

    An easy-to-use, straightforward spy app guarantees that even less tech-savvy users can accomplish their goals without problems. A user-friendly interface delivers a satisfactory experience and inspires users to return to the spy app.

    No matter how big users’ budgets are, they still want to get their money’s worth. Nobody wants to spend their money on a spy app that isn’t safe, efficient, or delivers what it promises.

    Free trials and demos are an excellent opportunity to try out a spy app before you pay for it. However, refund policies are often strict, and users rarely succeed in getting their money back unless they encounter grave technical difficulties. It is better to test the app beforehand and make an informed decision.

    People who wish to spy on another person’s phone most often want to do it secretly. Hence, many spy apps work in stealth mode, meaning they run in the background and cannot be detected. We must warn you that while installing a stealth mode app without the person’s consent is acceptable for parents to keep an eye on their underaged children, it raises both ethical and legal issues when it comes to spying on adults

    The best spy apps allow their users to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls and messages on the targeted phone, including logs of call durations and timestamps. Thanks to this, concerned parents or suspicious partners can ensure their loved ones aren’t doing anything they aren’t supposed to.

    The best spy software apps offer features to monitor social media activity. They can track messages, posts, photos, and other interactions on most social media platforms (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more). However, it is up to the user to ensure consent and not invade someone’s privacy, which might result in legal consequences.

    Location tracking is one of the key features offered by spy apps. Most parental control or employee monitoring apps let users remotely monitor the GPS location of a target device.

    Some spy apps go a step further and offer geofencing, a location-based tool that allows the user to set up a virtual perimeter around a physical geographical area and receive alerts when a targeted person exits or enters this area. Geofencing is particularly useful for parents who want to limit their child’s movement for safety reasons.

    Reliable and highly responsive customer support is a no-brainer when choosing the best spy app. It is always best to have 24/7 phone or chat support since e-mail support is often slow or even unresponsive, just like with Scannero.

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