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TheOneSpy has advanced, discreet monitoring features, including live screen recording and real-time GPS location tracking

TheOneSpy app is a powerful device monitoring tool with an extensive range of features, and we found that it truly delivers on its promises. You can track SMS and social media messages, locate the monitored device in real time, oversee all popular social networks, remotely access the camera and microphone, and more.

This app is truly the one-stop shop for both parents concerned about their children’s safety and business owners seeking to ensure productivity on company devices.

The limited demo and the inability to do anything beyond overviewing the app layout might bother some users. However, the app is backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee, which provides peace of mind if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


  • Call recording, text message monitoring, location tracking, social media monitoring, and more
  • Works on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices
  • Easy to set up and navigate, even for non-tech-savvy users
  • Competitive pricing with tiered plans depending on your needs
  • 14-day unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Remotely manage the app on the target device (varies by OS)
  • Camera and microphone in real time (Android only)


  • Limited free trial
  • No live chat support

In our thorough TheOneSpy review, we’ll examine why this monitoring app has recently become so popular. We’ll explore its comprehensive call monitoring tools, GPS location tracking, and more, as well as the ability to manage all of its features from a user-friendly online dashboard.

TheOneSpy is a great tool for tracking your kids’ online activities, protecting them from cyber abusers and dangerous content, or ensuring your employees are, indeed, on a business trip (and not just on a really long lunch break). Read on to find out if TheOneSpy is the perfect fit for you.

What Is TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy is one of the best apps on the market. It offers comprehensive monitoring and a suite of advanced features and tools that can be used by a wide range of people.

On the one hand, it’s one of the best GPS location trackers. It provides concerned parents with peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their children’s whereabouts and online activities to protect them from physical and digital dangers.

On the other hand, business owners and managers can leverage spyware like TheOneSpy to ensure employee productivity by monitoring target phone usage during work hours and preventing confidential information leaks.

The real appeal of TheOneSpy as a app is unparalleled control over the monitoring device, whether a computer or a smartphone. You can listen or record conversations, keep tabs on social media accounts like Meta, Tinder, Instagram, and Whatsapp, or track the exact location of the target phone in real time, as well as its GPS location tracking history and much more.

How Much Does TheOneSpy Cost?

Similar to other spy software, TheOneSpy offers a tiered pricing plan with monthly and annual subscriptions categorized by operating system (Android phones, iOS, Mac, and Windows), allowing users to choose the option that best suits their needs and budget.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the available plans:

TheOneSpy Plans Starting Price Top Features Number of Devices Tracked
Android XLite From $9.20/month (annually) -Recorded phone calls
-Real time location tracking
-View all contacts
iOS Premier Plan From $10/month (annually) -Keylogger
-Access to social media messages
-SMS history
Mac Premier Plan $12.10/month (annually) -Capture screenshots
-Screen recording
-Access browser history
Windows Premier Plan $12.10/month (annually) -Monitors screen time
-Access to internet history & bookmarks
-Monitors website and software usage
Android Plan – From $9.20 Per Month

TheOneSpy offers two subscription tiers for monitoring Android phones: XLite and Premier. XLite is the cheapest and starts at $35 when billed monthly. However, paying for a year upfront cuts the cost to a cheaper-than-most $9.20 a month.

It offers basic features for those seeking core monitoring functionalities, like call logs, text messages, and app usage tracking.

On the other hand, Premier offers the best value at $10/month for the annual plan. It includes all the app’s features and tools, including LiveSpy 360 (which we’ll cover in later sections), call history, and social media tracker.

iPhone Premier Plan – $12.10 Per Month

The iPhone plan offers an annual subscription at a competitive price of only $12.10/month, though this is with its current 75% discount.

You can track messages on nine social media platforms, including Whatsapp, Viber, Meta, Skype, and Instagram.

Mac Premier Plan – $12.10 Per Month

The Mac Premier subscription is pricy, but the annual plan offers savings of over 75%, making it truly tempting. It allows you to track keyloggers from popular social platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook and also records what is typed in emails.

Additionally, it monitors passwords, which is great for ensuring the security of your kids’ online accounts and can also help recover lost login details, making it one of the best parental control apps around.

Windows Premier Plan – $12.10 Per Month

This plan offers even more features than its Mac counterpart despite being the same price. While the keylogger feature is more limited, supporting only WhatsApp compared to the comprehensive Mac Premier version, it compensates with a robust screencast tool.

This feature lets both parents and employers see exactly what’s happening on the targeted Windows device. It encompasses all popular social networks, including Telegram, ensuring no digital interactions go unnoticed.

TheOneSpy does not currently offer a free trial period like other spyware. You can download a demo version to familiarize yourself with the app’s interface and general layout, but that’s about it.

You won’t be able to test any features, which sort of questions the demo’s real utility. However, TheOneSpy offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, which the company states is unconditional. This policy allows you to test the app’s features with actual functionality and request a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

In our opinion, while not ideal, this approach does provide peace of mind for potential customers, allowing them to assess the app’s suitability for their needs before committing financially.

TheOneSpy Key Features

During our TheOneSpy review, we discovered that this app is exceptionally feature-rich, making it one of the best cell phone and computer trackers on the market.

It offers multiple avenues for both those looking to control their adolescent’s internet use or oversee their employees’ device usage and productivity.

Here’s a detailed overview of TheOneSpyApp’s best features:

Phone Call RecordingText Message MonitoringLocation TrackerSocial Media MonitoringEmail MonitoringBrowser History & BookmarksKeystroke LoggingMedia AccessRemote ControlLive 360

TheOneSpy allows anyone who uses the app to oversee the target phone call history. By anyone, we mean parents, employers, or suspecting partners. It displays all relevant information, including the call type (incoming, outgoing, and missed), number, and the duration of the call.

You can play the recording directly from the app, or download them for future investigation. This feature also allows you to choose the audio recording source. It is set to mic by default, but you can change it to camera, for example.

TheOneSpy also allows you to read messaging apps, including what the target has been writing via text messages and to whom. It includes details like the recipient’s phone number and the exact date of every message sent or received. The best part is that you’ll even have access to deleted messages, leaving no stone unturned.

Ever wonder if your teenager’s “study group” actually involves studying or what exactly they’re up to? The location tracker in this app can help you investigate their whereabouts with pinpoint precision.

Using TheOneSpy location tracker, you can draw a digital fence around, say, the office building and get instant alerts if your employees decide to explore a more scenic route during their business trip or sales call.

You can mark safe and restricted areas and be immediately notified if the target phone goes outside the marked zone. Gone are the days of trusting a simple “out of town for a meeting” excuse.

TheOneSpy is one of the best Whatsapp spy apps in 2024. You can view message content in real time, access contact information for frequent message recipients, and see timestamps for all communication. Additionally, the app allows you to access the target phone camera and microphone and listen to the surroundings.

During our tests, we noticed minor differences in the app’s capabilities between the devices it targets. For example, users can take screenshots and access target phone screen recordings of WhatsApp activity on Android phones. However, these features are currently unavailable for iOS.

Using TheOneSpy, you can seamlessly view all sent and received Google emails on the targeted device. But this means that Yahoo, ProtonMail, Brevo, Outlook, and others are out of your reach. Also, this feature works only on Android devices and is only included in the Premier Plan.

TheOneSpy also allows you to monitor and delete all internet history. You can check the site’s URL, type of browser, platform (Google, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), time, and number of visits. However, you won’t be able to access bookmarked pages.

TheOneSpy’s keylogger feature acts as a digital eavesdropper, catching every keystroke on the target device. You can track messaging apps like WhatsApp and passwords on Windows, Android, and iOS.

For Mac devices, TheOneSpy offers additional tracking options for messaging apps like Skype and Facebook, as well as emails.

While this feature is powerful on smartphones, letting you see photos, videos, voice memos, and recordings, it’s different for Macs and Windows machines. 

You won’t be able to peek into their gallery. However, the handy screenshot-on-demand function lets you grab what you need when you need it, partially mitigates the lack of gallery browsing capabilities.

TheOneSpy’s ability to remotely control a target device varies depending on its operating system. Android devices offer the most extensive control. You can remotely pause, start, or remove the application from the target device. Additionally, using this feature, you can initiate a reboot or restart of the target device.

TheOneSpy’s remote functionality for Mac and iOS is more limited. In this case, users can only remotely reset the license.

Finally, Windows devices offer a middle ground in terms of remote control features. Here, you can start, pause, or remove TheOneSpy application remotely, reset the license, and reboot/restart the device from a distance.

LiveSpy360, with its ability to access the front and back camera, as well as the microphone, is a tempting solution for a concerned parent. Imagine a scenario where you suspect your child is engaging in risky behavior online or offline.

In such instances, LiveSpy360’s behind-the-scenes capabilities can provide a glimpse into their activities. We were particularly impressed with its ability to access the monitored device’s screen-sharing content in real time.

TheOneSpy Alternatives & Comparison

After reviewing TheOneSpy in detail, it’s clear that this app offers a comprehensive set of features, making it competitive with the best spy apps for 2024. However, you might have specific needs that TheOneSpy doesn’t address.

Here’s a table outlining alternative monitoring apps to TheOneSpy to help you find the best fit.

Provider Best For Free Demo/Trial Cheapest Plan/Month Number of Devices Tracked Money-Back Guarantee
TheOneSpy Android devices  Demo $9.20/month Unlimited 14 days
mSpy Monitoring Instagram Demo $11.66/month 1 – 3 14 days
uMobix iOS devices Demo $12.49/month 1 14 days
Spynger Cheating spouse tracking 3-Day Free Trial $9.28/month Unlimited 14-days 
Phonsee Location monitoring Limited Demo $8.85/month N/A 14 days
Eyezy Monitoring Facebook Demo $7.99/month 3 14 days
Scannero Tracking a lost phone $49.80/month N/A 14 days

TheOneSpy Customer Reviews

We looked at how real users feel about TheOneSpy. Reading TheOneSpy reviews might not be the end-all-be-all, but it can be a real eye-opener and help you learn more about TheOneSpy’s performance, customer support, and pricing straight from the horse’s mouth.

While not yet reviewed on, overall, the app enjoys a positive reputation among long-term users. On GoodFirms, the app has earned 5/5 stars. These reviews, though limited in number (only five), consistently praise TheOneSpy online dashboard. Customers generally feel the app is user-friendly and surprisingly simple.

Some reviews dating back to 2020 and 2021 mention concerns regarding customer service. These reviews discuss the lack of a live chat, slower response times to customer queries, and extended refund processing periods exceeding a week in some cases.

However, recent customer reviews suggest a positive shift in user experiences. We found many reports of significant improvements in both customer support and the app’s overall design. Additionally, a growing number of user reviews express satisfaction with the responsiveness of TheOneSpy’s email support, which compensates for the lack of live chat.

How To Use TheOneSpy - Step-By-Step

Installing TheOneSpy is a breeze. While the process differs slightly for phones and computers, we've got you covered with a step-by-step guide for both:

    Mobile Device Installation

  1. Step 1 - Visit TheOneSpy App Official Website

    Making sure you have a stable internet connection, go to TheOneSpy app’s official web page and navigate to Products. From there, go to Mobile Tracker and select Android, Tablet, iPad, or iPhone apps.

  2. Step 2 - Choose a Subscription

    You can choose between monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. Our dedicated pricing section above gives a detailed breakdown of pricing and features.

    Once you select your preferred subscription, the app will send TheOneSpy login credentials directly to your email.

  3. Step 3 - Disable Play Protect

    Open the Play Store app on the target device and navigate to Play Protect settings. From there, you need to disable the Scan Apps with the Play Protect option.

    You can do that by selecting the user profile in the top right corner or the Settings logo, which should appear in the same area (depending on the phone interface).

    Once you disable Play Protect, you can proceed to download TheOneSpy.

    <strong>Step 3 - Disable Play Protect</strong>
  4. Step 4 - Download TheOneSpy

    Open your preferred web browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. etc) and type

    Alternatively, you can visit the Play Store, search for TOSDesk, and click install.

    <strong>Step 4 - Download TheOneSpy</strong>
  5. Step 5 - Enter the License Activation Code

    Enter the activation code you received in your email and click Submit.

    Once you do that, the app will download on the target phone.

    <strong>Step 5 - Enter the License Activation Code</strong>
  6. Step 6 - Set Up TheOneSpy

    The final step involves configuring the app. This is a relatively simple process, as you only need to follow the on-screen instructions provided by the TheOneSpy installation wizard.

    During setup, the app will request permission to access various functionalities on the target phone. Granting these permissions is essential for TheOneSpy to operate effectively.

    Once permissions are granted, you’ll need to enter the activation code provided by TheOneSpy. This will activate the app on the target device. Following this, TheOneSpy might request additional permissions.

    Finally, the app will give you the option to hide its icon and change it to something more discreet. If you choose to hide the app, simply select your desired icon from the provided dropdown menu and click OK.

    <strong>Step 6 - Set Up TheOneSpy</strong>

Mac Installation

To install TheOneSpy on your Mac device, visit the official webpage and navigate to products. From the dropdown menu, choose Computer Monitoring Software and then the Mac app option.

In this case, you also need to visit the Pricing page and choose your subscription, as this is the only way to receive the activation code and credentials. Once you get the code and account details, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Step 1 - Download TheOneSpy

    Open Safari and type This will guide you to the download page, asking you to allow the action.

    Once you click allow, the download process will begin. After the download is complete, locate the file and change the file destination to Applications.

    <strong>Step 1 - Download TheOneSpy</strong>
  2. Step 2 - Initiate the Installation

    Click on the TheOneSpy app icon to install TheOneSpy app. However, you might encounter a notification stating that the app cannot be opened due to security restrictions.

    If you receive this notification, navigate to your device's System Preferences and locate the Privacy Settings. Within this folder, look for the "Security & Privacy" section. There, you should find an alert informing you that TheOneSpy has been blocked. To proceed, simply click Open Anyway to bypass this security measure.

    Once you've allowed TheOneSpy to open, enter the activation code provided and click Activate to finalize the installation process.

    <strong>Step 2 - Initiate the Installation</strong>
  3. Step 3 - Setup TheOneSpy

    The Security & Privacy menu contains the key to personalizing your monitoring experience: permission controls. Here, you'll find a range of categories, such as Contacts, Input Monitoring, Full Disk Access, Camera, Microphone, and target phone Screen Recording.

    Carefully review each category and allow TheOneSpy to access the permissions necessary for your desired monitoring features.

    <strong>Step 3 - Setup TheOneSpy</strong>
  4. Step 4 - Restart Your Computer

    To finalize TheOneSpy installation on your Mac, ensure you've granted all required permissions. Then, close any open applications and restart your computer. This will ensure a smooth setup process.

    <strong>Step 4 - Restart Your Computer</strong>


How We Review And Test Spyware Apps

Important Note: Spy software is not legal to use without the device owner’s permission in many countries and states. When we test spy software, we do so only with the explicit consent of the device owner and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

To provide our readers with accurate and well-informed recommendations, we test the most popular spy applications on the market to find the best options for you. Our methodology consists of the following criteria:

  • General Features: We evaluate the comprehensive feature set of each spy app, including but not limited to features such as App Management, Time Management, Call Monitoring, Device Control and GPS Tracking.
  • Ease of Use: We gauge the user-friendliness of each app, considering factors such as installation process complexity, the necessity of jailbreaking (for iOS) or rooting (for Android) the target device, and more.
  • Device Support and Compatibility: We thoroughly examine the compatibility of each spyware app with different devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android. We also assess whether the app offers a unified dashboard accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Customer Support: We test the responsiveness and effectiveness of customer support provided by each app developer. We evaluate the availability of support channels, such as live chat, email, or phone support, as well as the satisfaction ratings of customer assistance.
  • Price and Value for Money: We assess each spyware app’s pricing structure in relation to its features and functionalities, aiming to determine its overall value proposition. We analyze whether the app offers different subscription tiers, flexible payment options, and discounts for long-term commitments. Additionally, we check whether the app provides free trials or demos for users to test its capabilities before making a purchase.
  • Privacy and Security: We prioritize the privacy and security of user data in our evaluation. We scrutinize the app’s data encryption measures, adherence to privacy regulations, and commitment to regular security updates to safeguard user information from unauthorized access or breaches.

How To Choose the Best Spy Software

Choosing the right spy software should depend on your specific needs and circumstances. Parents might seek tools like social media or call & text tracking to ensure their kids' online safety. Businesses, on the other hand, can benefit from features that monitor work-related communication and location to promote productivity.

Depending on needs, here are the general factors you should look for when choosing the best application:

Device CompatibilityEase of Use & InstallationFree Trials & DemosMonitoring Features (Calls & Texts)Social Media MonitoringLocation TrackingCustomer Support

Choose an app that works on a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. This versatility allows you to monitor multiple devices seamlessly.

We can't all be tech gurus. That's why it's important to choose a phone monitoring app with a user-friendly interface and straightforward installation process, or at least a comprehensive installation guide.

Maybe the app isn't what you expected in the first place. A free trial or a demo version is a great way to test whether it meets your expectations performance-wise.

The ability to monitor incoming and outgoing calls, as well as having access to call logs and texts, can be a useful safety feature for some, particularly for parents who want to keep their children safe from online predators or inappropriate contacts.

Perhaps you're concerned about your kids' online activities and want to see their social media interactions. This feature can help you in such instances and is typically found in the best Instagram monitoring apps.

A reliable app will allow you to learn the device's location, which is crucial in tracking your kids' or employees' whereabouts.

Sometimes, things can (and often will) go wrong. Having someone to rely on for troubleshooting or technical assistance is invaluable. Because, let's face it: even the simplest apps can sometimes turn into tech nightmares.

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