How to Track Someone’s Location on Google Maps

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Learning how to track someone’s location on Google Maps can ensure the safety and well-being of your loved ones. Google Maps is a great tool for monitoring someone’s location in real time using features like live updates and geofencing. It can also help you keep tabs on your child’s or partner’s whereabouts or find your lost or stolen phone.

There are a few simple ways you can leverage Google Maps’ tracking features to satisfy your curiosity and stay connected with your loved ones at all times. We’ll discuss Google Maps’ core features and show you how to optimize them.

Why Track Someone With Google Maps?

Google Maps’ extensive features can provide peace of mind, enhance safety, and improve efficiency in many different scenarios. Here are some examples of how Google Maps’ specific features can help you:

Parental Control

Google Maps’ location-sharing feature is an invaluable tool for parents who want to ensure their children’s safety and be informed of their daily activities.

By tracking your child’s location in real-time, you can be certain of their whereabouts at any time of the day. This is especially important after school hours, during extracurricular activities, or when they are out with friends.

This feature reduces parental anxiety, helps you easily manage your busy schedules, and fosters open communication and trust within the family.

Tracking a Stolen Phone

Google Maps is incredibly useful for recovering lost or stolen devices, potentially saving you the time, effort, and cost associated with replacing your phone. It also helps secure your personal information by allowing you to lock and potentially retrieve your device.

The Google Find My Device app for Android uses Google Maps to locate your cell phone location using its last known position. This can lead you to the location of the person in possession of your phone.

Ensuring the Safety of Friends and Family While Traveling

When traveling with friends or family, keeping track of them through their cell phone location is a necessity. Google Maps’ live updates and geofencing allow you to monitor each other’s mobile phone location in real time. This also comes in handy when your loved ones are traveling on their own.

These features ensure their safety, whether they’re on a road trip, hiking, or exploring a new city. They can also help you coordinate meet-ups and arrival times.

Tracking Employees on Business

For business owners, Google Maps’ location sharing and route tracking can significantly enhance operational efficiency. These features help you monitor the progress of your employees and make sure that they are following their designated plans during meetings or business trips. This is especially helpful for businesses managing a fleet of delivery drivers, service technicians, or field workers.

Google Maps’ location tracker can improve service and product delivery, ensure timely arrivals, and enhance overall productivity. It also adds a layer of accountability and safety for employees working in various locations.

Spouse and Partner Safety

Tracking a spouse’s location is another practical application of Google Maps. The location-sharing feature lets you know if they safely reached their destination.

This feature is particularly useful in emergencies or when you suspect infidelity. It ensures that you and your partner feel secure and connected.

Coordinating Group Activities

Planning group activities can be challenging, especially when trying to coordinate everyone’s arrival. Google Maps’ location sharing and real-time updates allow group members to see each other’s locations in real-time, making it easier to plan and adjust meet-up points.

This comes in handy during events like concerts, outdoor activities, or large gatherings, as it ensures that everyone arrives on time and at the right location.

Tracking Other Stolen Items

Google Maps’ device location sharing can help you track someone who has stolen something from you besides your phone. If you’ve attached a Bluetooth tracker to a personal item like a bag or wallet, you may be able to track the person who stole it, retrieve the item, or alert the authorities.

For instance, you can attach a tracker such as Chipolo or Pebblebee to your bag and then the trackers integrate with Google’s Find My Device network.

With this integration, you can use Google Maps to see the last known location of the person who stole your bag. This can help you save time and reduce the stress associated with losing valuable items.

How to Track Someone Using Google Maps – Step by Step

  1. Open Google Maps

    Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone or Android device. The icon is a multicolored map pin. If you’re using a web browser, go to Google Maps.

    <strong>Open Google Maps</strong>
  2. Access Your Account

    Tap on your profile picture or initial in the top right corner of the screen. If you’re using a web browser, click the three-line menu icon in the top left corner.

    <strong>Access Your Account</strong>
  3. Select Location Sharing

    On the menu, tap on “Location sharing.” This option may be in the first or second grouping of menu options.

    <strong>Select Location Sharing</strong>
  4. Share Location

    Then tap on “Share Location.”

    <strong>Share Location</strong>
  5. Choose a Contact

    You’ll see a list of people who are currently sharing their location with you. Tap the name or profile picture of the person you want to track to find their location.

    <strong>Choose a Contact</strong>
  6. Request Location Sharing

    If you need to ask someone to share their location with you, tap a contact who has shared with you before, then tap “Request.”

    <strong>Request Location Sharing</strong>
  7. View Their Location

    The map will zoom in to show the precise location of the person you selected, helping you find someone’s address if necessary.

    To refresh their location, tap on their icon, then tap “More” and “Refresh.”

    <strong>View Their Location</strong>

How to Track Someone On Google Maps Without Them Knowing

Tracking someone using their location on Google Maps without them knowing requires discretion. This often involves using specialized apps or enabling certain features on the target device without alerting the person being tracked.

One such spy app is mSpy, which provides real-time GPS tracking and detailed location history of the target device. mSpy operates in stealth mode on both Android and iOS devices.

Other apps, such as uMobix and Scannero, also offer similar tracking capabilities. Leveraging these platforms can help you monitor someone’s location effectively and discreetly.

Other Ways to Track Someone’s Location

Tracking someone’s location can be essential for safety, coordination, or monitoring. While Google Maps is a popular choice due to its accuracy and ease, other methods and tools can also effectively track someone. Here are some alternative methods:

Using Spy Apps

As mentioned above, Spy apps like mSpy can help you track someone’s location. These apps can run in the background without the person’s knowledge and provide location updates.

They also have other monitoring features, such as access to messages and call logs. However, these apps often require physical access to the target device for installation, and you might need the cooperation of the person you want to track. Although some of these apps offer demo versions for a day, their monthly subscriptions can be quite expensive.

Using a Phone Number via WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows users to share their live location via chat. To do so, you can initiate a chat with them and ask them to share their live location.

This method is straightforward, but it requires the cooperation of the person being monitored and is not suitable for secretive tracking. There are also WhatsApp spy apps that allow you to monitor your child’s or spouse’s activities online.

Using Google Earth

Google Earth can be used to track someone if they share their location with you. Enabling location sharing on the Google Earth app allows the person to provide a location sharing link or code, which lets you view their location. Note that this method is not very reliable for real-time tracking.

Using Social Media Check-ins

Many social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have check-in features that allow people to share their location with friends. By monitoring the check-ins of the person you want to track, you can get an idea of their whereabouts.

However, social media check-ins are not reliable for real-time tracking as they depend on the person actively sharing their location.

Using Mobile Carrier Services

Your mobile phone plan may offer some location tracking services to help you track the location of family members on your plan. These services typically require the consent of the person being tracked and can provide accurate location data but may come with additional fees.

Using GPS Trackers

The best GPS trackers can provide location updates to track vehicles or valuable items. These devices can help you track someone’s location, be hidden, and operate independently of a smartphone. Common GPS trackers include Amazon Location Service, Verizon Connect, and Vyncs GPS tracker.

They require a subscription and can also be used for navigation. However, this is not a suitable option if the intent is to track someone without their consent. Hidden GPS trackers raise significant ethical concerns regarding privacy and should not be misused.

Top Apps for Tracking Someone’s Location

  1. mSpy – Best Tracker for Extensive Monitoring
  2. Spynger – Best Tracking App with Multiple Device Compatibility
  3. uMobix – Best Tracker App with a User-Friendly Interface
  4. Scannero – Best Option that Uses Just a Phone Number
  5. EyeZy – Best Tracker for Social Media Monitoring
  6. SpyBubble Pro – Best for Retrieving Hidden and Deleted Messages
  7. Phonsee – Best Tracking App for its Cost Effectiveness
  8. GEOfinder – Best Tracker That Works Without Installation
  9. ClevGuard – Best for Recording Calls

The Top Apps for Tracking Someone’s Location Compared

To help you choose the best app for tracking someone’s location, take a look at this comparison chart that highlights each app’s key features, pricing, and money-back guarantee or refund policy.

Best Tracker Apps Free Version/Demo Cheapest Paid Plan Top Features Moneyback Guarantee
mSpy Demo $11.67/month Geofencing, custom alerts, app blockers 14 days
Spynger $9.28/month Text message access, keystroke tracking, screen recorder 30-day refund policy
uMobix $1 for one-day trial $12.49/month Call history monitoring, GPS tracking, keylogger 14-day refund policy
Scannero $0.89 for 1-day trial $49.80/month User-friendly interface, location history, contact list access 14-day refund policy
EyeZy Demo $16.66/month Social media monitoring, keylogging, file access 14-day refund policy
SpyBubble Pro Demo $10.62/month GPS tracking, browsing history monitoring, social media tracking 30 days
Phonsee Demo $8.85/month Custom alerts, call logs monitoring, real-time monitoring 14-day refund policy
GEOfinder $1 for one-day trial $49.99/month Precise GPS tracking, geofencing, unlimited geolocation requests 14 days
ClevGuard Demo $9.17/month Screenshot capture, app usage monitoring, live recording 14 days

Factors to Consider When Using Google Maps to Track a Phone

Tracking a phone using Google Maps involves considering its effectiveness and ethical usage. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when using Google Maps to track someone’s location.

Privacy and ConsentAccuracy of Location DataBattery LifeSecurity RisksNotifications and AlertsData Usage

It’s important to have someone’s consent before using Google Maps to track their phone. In many regions, tracking someone’s phone without their knowledge or consent can be illegal.

Unauthorized tracking can lead to significant privacy violations and legal consequences. To avoid legal repercussions, familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations regarding location tracking.

Google Maps relies on GPS and internet connectivity to provide location data. For Maps to provide real-time location updates, the phone must have an active internet connection.

Be aware that the location shown can sometimes be inaccurate due to poor signal strength or interference.

Continuous location sharing and tracking can quickly drain your phone’s battery. Ensure that your device has sufficient battery life or is connected to a power source, especially if you need to track the location for an extended period.

Sharing your location can expose you to security risks, such as being tracked by unauthorized individuals if your account credentials are compromised. To avoid these risks, use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and review your account’s security settings regularly.

Maps sends notifications and alerts to the person sharing their location, if enabled. Be mindful of this feature, as it’s not discreet, and the person being tracked will receive updates about their location-sharing status.

When tracking a phone’s location in real-time, the device constantly sends and receives data updates through the tracking app. If you have a limited data plan, this frequent exchange of location information could quickly deplete the available data, leading to additional charges.

To avoid unexpected expenses, you should monitor the tracking app’s data usage regularly. Most smartphones allow users to check which apps are consuming the most data. Also, setting alerts to notify you when you are nearing your data limit can be helpful.

Pros and Cons of Tracking Someone’s Location On Google Maps

Tracking someone’s location on Google Maps offers several benefits, but there are also notable disadvantages when compared to paid spy apps. Here’s a look at the pros and cons.

Pros pros

  • Free app, eliminating the need for subscription fees or additional costs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time location updates
  • Seamlessly integrates with Google accounts
  • Allows setting up of geofences to receive notifications when someone enters or leaves a specific area
  • Works across different devices and operating systems, including Android and iOS
  • Offers additional features like navigation, finding local businesses, place reviews, and travel timelines that can be helpful

Cons cons

  • Requires a stable internet connection for accurate real-time tracking
  • Doesn’t provide access to other data, such as messages, call logs, or browsing history
  • Continuous use of location services can significantly drain your device’s battery
  • Exposure to unauthorized tracking if your Google credentials have been tampered with

Pros and Cons of Tracking Someone Using a Spy App

Pros pros

  • Spy apps provide access to messages, call logs, browsing history, and social media activity, along with location tracking
  • Real-time location updates
  • Many spy apps operate stealthily, allowing you to track without the person knowing
  • Some spy apps allow remote control of the tracked device, such as locking the phone or wiping data
  • Users can set up geofences to receive alerts when the tracked individual enters or leaves a designated area
  • Spy apps store historical location data

Cons cons

  • Spy apps typically require subscription fees, which can be expensive for premium features
  • Some apps need physical access to the target device to be installed
  • They can be unethical or illegal if used without consent
  • Spy apps can expose sensitive data to third parties or the app developer
  • Installation may require jailbreaking, which can void the warranty or introduce malware


Using Google’s Maps to track someone’s location is a convenient and cost-effective solution. This method offers features such as real-time updates, geofencing, a user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with other Google services.

However, its main shortcoming is that it requires the person being tracked to enable location tracking, making it unsuitable for covert tracking. Also, a stable internet connection is required for accurate real-time tracking.

Paid apps like mSpy provide a more viable alternative. They offer extensive monitoring features, including access to messages, call logs, and social media activity, all while operating stealthily. Some of these apps also support advanced features such as geofencing and remote control of the tracked device. Unfortunately, these apps can be expensive and unsuitable for individuals on a budget.

Ultimately, the choice between the Google Maps app and a paid spy app depends on your specific needs.

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