SURF Reward is Bringing an AdTech Revolution To The Internet By Letting You Earn For Watching Ads

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SURF Reward (SURF) is something of a unique offering in the crypto market. You’ve heard of all sorts of ways to earn in this space, but Surf 2 Earn is certainly something of a one-of-a-kind. This project allows users to earn for something people do a lot – surfing the internet.

As such, the presale has generated a lot of enthusiasm, drawing lots of folks in. The SURF token could very well be the arrival of a new trend in the market. We explain all you need to know about this exciting new project, including info on the SURF presale.

SURF 2 Earn Is A New Kind of Revenue Generation

This innovative concept of SURF reward holds the potential to bring significant benefits to the broader internet landscape and its problems of advertising. While blockchain-based advertising alterations have been explored previously, SURF Reward presents a more comprehensive and realized solution.

SURF Reward is a browser extension compatible with all major browsers, and offers an exceptionally streamlined setup process. According to the project’s description, this extension “replaces individual ad spaces with its own advertising partners, significantly reducing internet advertising. As a result, the profits go to you, not the webmaster!”

The primary issue SURF Reward tackles is the overwhelming presence of internet advertisements. Users often turn to ad-blockers as a means of coping, leading to diminished effectiveness for advertisers. Conversely, foregoing ad-blockers results in an inundation of ads. It’s a persistent problem that has only grown over the years, until now, with the advent of SURF Reward.

SURF Reward introduces a solution that benefits all parties involved. It encourages users to interact with ads, allowing advertisers to execute more precise and cost-effective campaigns. The incorporation of blockchain technology ensures complete transparency and trust throughout the entire process.


Abelius Capital AG, established in 2019 and headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, is the driving force behind the creation of SURF Reward. This new crypto venture marks their entry into the decentralized technology domain.

Users receive rewards in the form of SURF tokens. On that note, it’s crucial to delve into how this token functions and provide details about the upcoming presale. The presale has recently commenced, providing an opportunity for early participation!

SURF Presale Already Generating Heavy Interest

The SURF presale has commenced with impressive vigor, already amassing over $125,000, meeting expectations. Currently priced at $0.023, the token is slated to increase by $0.001 over the next five days, culminating in a listing price of $0.05.

For the presale, 20% of the total token supply has been allocated, with 39% designated for project rewards, 35% for liquidity and marketing endeavors, 8% for development, and 6% for the team. Partners and advisors will receive 2%. The overall token supply stands at 1 billion, with 200 million set aside for the presale. The hard cap is established at $5 million, while the soft cap is at $1.5 million.

Furthermore, there are alluring bonus opportunities linked to referrals and reward boosters. Notably, the reward booster system offers presale participants the potential to earn up to 250% in rewards, structured on a tiered system where higher investment yields greater reward boosts.

Looking ahead, the SURF Reward team has outlined an ambitious roadmap. In the immediate future, they are prioritizing the implementation of staking, providing users with an additional avenue for earning and facilitating ecosystem growth. Following the presale, the team will shift their focus to exchange listings and commence beta testing for the SURF Reward extension. Concurrently, they will concentrate on launching the self-service advertising platform.

Certainly, there are exciting developments on the horizon, and the project is poised to make significant waves in the crypto market. It’s certainly one to watch as we venture into 2024.


SURF Reward distinguishes itself as a compelling addition to the crypto market, which is quite crowded to begin with. With its unique means of generating earnings for users, it stands out as particularly intriguing. We strongly recommend taking a closer look at the SURF Reward project, familiarizing yourself with the SURF token, and actively participating in its social channels and presale.

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