10 Best Tablets To Buy In 2024 Compared

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The best tablets are undeniably better for viewing digital media than smartphones. Not only do they offer a larger, more immersive viewing experience, but their high-resolution screens provide superior image quality and clarity. Nothing beats a big, portable screen for your ebooks, emails, documents, and calendars.

With powerful processors and greater battery capacities, tablets are capable of handling heavier loads without compromising on performance or longevity, making them the ideal choice for both work and leisure. And whether you’re looking for the best budget tablet or a top-of-the-line model, there’s no shortage of great options out there. To help you sort through them all, we’ve researched and reviewed the 10 best tablets to buy in 2024.

Top 10 Best Tablets Shortlisted

In our evaluation of the best tablets on the market, the Amazon Fire HD 10 easily rose to the top of our list. It is a powerhouse, boasting impressive features at an unbeatable price. Take a look at how it stacks up against other quality tablets below:

  1. Amazon Fire HD 10 The best tablet overall, this model offers a bright, vibrant image with over two million pixels, simple access to features such as Alexa and Kindle Read Aloud, and a generous 3GB of RAM – all at the price of $149.99.
  2. Apple iPad 2020 Go-to pick for note-taking, emails, and other simple tasks. It has a 10.2-inch Retina display, an A12 processor that offers up to 40% faster performance than previous generations, and compatibility with both the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil.
  3. Apple iPad A13 A great mid-range option with its 12MP ultra-wide front camera, True Tone for improved color accuracy, and a blazing-fast A13 Bionic chip.
  4. Fire HD 10 Kids The best tablet for kids aged 3 to 7, which lets parents stay in charge of their child’s activity while offering a tough, sturdy build and one-year access to Amazon Kids+, a kid-friendly content library.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Delivers superb graphics with its GeForce GTX Titan and 3GB of RAM. With Dolby Atmos for improved sound quality, this tablet turns games and movies into a truly immersive experience.
  6. Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ This Microsoft release is a top premium pick and has tons of processing power with an Intel Core i5 and 8GB of RAM, letting you multitask, stream movies, and play games with ease.
  7. DOOGEE T20 Up to 12 hours of uninterrupted gaming, with vivid visuals and lightning-fast speeds provided by 15GB of RAM and an 8-core processor. This is definitely our pick for the top tablet for gaming.
  8. Acer Chromebook Spin 311  The most affordable tablet computer on our list, priced at $289.99, which lets you switch between three modes: laptop, display, and tent mode.
  9. Lenovo Tab M8 – The perfect lightweight option with its 8-inch HD display and Android 9 Pie. This device offers a wealth of apps and tools to keep you busy.
  10. NOVOJOY Tablet with Keyboard, Mouse, and Stylus Even better than the free accessories are this tablet’s quad-core processor, its 4GB of RAM, and its HD display. That’s all for just $79.99, making it our pick for the best budget tablet.

Reviews of the Best Tablets to Buy in 2024

It takes a lot of work to find the best tablet for your needs, whether you’re looking for an entertainment powerhouse or a device that can help you get work done. Don’t worry, though, as we’ve thoroughly evaluated the top tablets available on the market for you. Read on to find one that fits your needs and budget.

1. Amazon Fire HD 10 — Overall Best Tablet to Buy in 2024

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is our top pick for the best tablet in 2024 due to its robust features and affordability. Despite having 1080p full HD, a total of eight processors, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (expandable by up to 1 TB), and Alexa hands-free capabilities, this device doesn’t cost over $150.

Although Apple is the leading tablet brand for sales, that doesn’t mean it’s the only show in town by any stretch of the imagination – as the Amazon Fire is here to display.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet — Our Top Pick for the Best Tablet

Price Screen Size CPU Resolution Camera Battery Storage
$149.99 10.1 inches ARM Cortex-A73 and Cortex-A53 1,920 x 1,200 pixels (224 PPI) 2MP front-facing and 5MP rear-facing cameras 12 hours 32 GB or 64 GB

With its powerful battery, you’ll enjoy up to 12 hours of browsing, reading, and streaming, making it perfect for long-haul flights and car rides. Plus, you’ll get access to Amazon’s extensive library of books, movies, TV shows, music, and more.

Amazon offers a range of accessories for the Fire HD 10, including keyboards, covers, and stands to support different preferences, so there’s lots of room to personalize your setup.

Priced at $149.99, this tablet is amazing value, given that its processing power and display are better than almost all tablets in its price range. Its screen resolution doesn’t beat our picks from Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung, however.

Pros pros

  • Versatile and affordable
  • Lightweight at 465 grams
  • 720p HD video recording
  • Can be fully charged to 100% in four hours

Cons cons

  • Storage can only be expanded with microSD

2. Apple iPad 2020 — 10.2″ Retina Display and Fast CPU

The Apple iPad 2020 has the A12 Bionic processor, which makes it powerful enough to handle most tasks. This Apple tablet is among the best drawing models and is compatible with the Apple Pencil (1st Gen).

The device has a Retina display which allows you to draw and take notes with ease. This type of display also makes the device perfect for those looking for a device to consume media.

A CPU 40% faster than previous models; Apple iPad 2020.

Price Screen Size CPU Resolution Camera Battery Storage
$359 10.2 inches A12 Bionic chip 2,160 x 1,620 pixels 8MP back camera, 1.2MP FaceTime HD front camera Up to 10 hours 32 GB, 128 GB

The iPad has changed a lot since it was first launched in 2010, and this model can be paired with the Smart Keyboard Folio, which provides a keyboard, stand, and case for the device.

Online calls or classes? No problem. You’ll be able to join with no issues, thanks to its FaceTime HD front camera and stereo speakers, which offer great sound quality.

The iPad 2020 comes with 32GB of storage. If you feel like you need more, a 128GB version is also available.

It isn’t the very latest model, but it’s a great choice for anyone looking to buy an affordable iPad with decent features and performance that’s on par with higher-end rivals.

Pros pros

  • A12 Bionic processor makes it 40% faster than the previous gen
  • High-resolution display
  • Three months of Apple TV+ included
  • Option for gigabit-class LTE cellular data

Cons cons

  • More expensive than the iPad A13
  • Front camera could be better

3. Apple iPad A13 — Great Balance of Price and Power

The Apple iPad A13 makes viewing comfortable in any environment with its True Tone display, providing you with a more natural viewing experience by adjusting the display’s color temperature. It also has HDR video support, which means you can watch content with greater detail and clarity.

Best option in mid-range, the iPad A13

Price Screen Size CPU Resolution Camera Battery Storage
$329 10.2 inches A13 Bionic chip 2,160 x 1,620 pixels 12MP Ultra Wide front camera, 8MP Wide camera with HDR Up to 10 hours 64 GB, 256 GB

Say goodbye to storage worries as the iPad A13 comes with storage capacities of up to 128GB while still maintaining an affordable price of $329. You can shoot 1080p videos and snap photos with its 12MP rear camera, then edit them with no problems at all, as its A13 Bionic chip can handle intensive multitasking.

It doesn’t come with the Apple Pencil, but you can get it separately if you’re into drawing or taking written notes. Keep in mind its 10-hour battery life, as well, which is shorter than the Windows and Android tablets on this list.

However, with the A13’s processing speed, you’ll be confident that it can handle all your tasks.

Pros pros

  • Powerful processor
  • Great starting storage at 64GB
  • Offers Center Stage, a photo and video feature that automatically centers and focuses the image
  • High-resolution 12MP front camera

Cons cons

  • Battery life doesn’t beat Fire HD 10’s
  • No Face ID

4. Fire HD 10 Kids — Top Tablet for Kids

The Fire HD 10 Kids makes it simple for parents to monitor their kids’ activities while allowing them to enjoy all the things they love about a tablet.

And it has a whole load of child-friendly features: a case that’s tough enough to handle bumps and drops, one year’s access to Amazon Kids+ with over 20,000 apps, games, and videos, and a two-year worry-free guarantee. It also includes media in Spanish, which is great for parents who want their children to learn the language.

Fire HD 10 Kids: An optimal tablet for kids

Price Screen Size CPU Resolution Camera Battery Storage
$199.99 10.1″ Octa-core 2.0 GHz 1,920 x 1,200 pixels (224 PPI) 2MP front-facing and 5MP rear-facing cameras, 720p HD video recording 12 hours 32 GB

Parental controls are naturally a key feature. This device lets parents set daily limits on screen time and filter inappropriate content for their children. They can also monitor what their kids do with the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

You’ll also be relieved to know that the Fire HD line is eco-friendly, with materials made from recycled plastic and produced with an energy-efficient design, earning it ENERGY STAR certification.

Although priced a little higher than the regular Fire HD 10, this device offers the same accessibility and features, so children can still watch movies and videos with its 1080p full HD display. It has the same battery capacity of up to 12 hours, and a microSD card slot allows you to expand the storage capacity to 1 TB.

Pros pros

  • Excellent parental controls for approving apps
  • Case has a stand for hands-free viewing
  • Device curfew option is invaluable
  • 20,000 apps, games, and videos provided with Amazon Kids+

Cons cons

  • 2MP front camera isn’t the best for video calls

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 — Immersive Experiences with Dolby Atmos and a Great GPU

Don’t let the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7’s sleek and slim design fool you. Easily one of the best Samsung tablets, this device packs a serious punch with its powerful GPU, Qualcomm processor, and 3GB of RAM, which lets you experience your favorite games and apps with ease.

GeForce GTX Titan technology ensures heightened graphics for an immersive visual experience, while crisp audio is guaranteed for movies, games, and more with Dolby Atmos Surround Sound.

Enjoy a great experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Price Screen Size CPU Resolution Camera Battery Storage
$228.82 10.4″ Exynos 9611 2,000 x 1,200 (WUXGA+) 8MP (rear), 5MP (front) ‎Up to 13 hours ‎32 GB, 64 GB

The 10.4-inch display is perfect for watching movies and shows on the go, while its 13-hour battery life ensures you won’t have to worry about searching for an outlet anytime soon.

Although it comes with a decent GPU, the Galaxy Tab A7 isn’t on par with its Apple counterparts. However, with its combination of features, the Tab A7 is still a great pick for on-the-go entertainment and productivity and is priced at $228.82, making it more affordable than iPads.

If you’re into watching videos and listening to music online, you’ll be pleased to hear that this product comes with a free YouTube Premium subscription for two months and Spotify Premium for six months, so you can enjoy all your favorite content without ads.

Pros pros

  • Powerful and relatively affordable
  • Great battery life
  • Great sound and graphics
  • Sleek design

Cons cons

  • S-Pen not included, unlike other Samsung tablets

6. Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ — Outstanding Premium Tablet

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ has the highest resolution on this list, and with its display and Intel Core i5 processor, powered by 8GB of RAM, you’ll be able to stream your favorite movies without any lag or buffering and play the latest games without dropping frames.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better Windows tablet than the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ – it’s the best tablet for reading and the best Windows tablet we’ve seen.

The best premium option; Microsoft Surface Pro 7+


Price Screen Size CPU Resolution Camera Battery Storage
$1,029.98 ‎12.3 inches Intel Core i5 2,736 x 1,824 pixels 5MP front-facing camera, 8MP rear-facing autofocus Up to 15 hours 128 GB

The Surface Pro 7+ belongs to the large tablets segment, bringing it to the top of this list for screen size. But the 12.3-inch display does mean that you’ll have to compromise slightly on portability, as it is larger than other tablets.

Its internal storage of 128 GB makes it one of the best tablets for holding onto music, videos, and other files. This 2-in-1 tablet also has a keyboard and stylus included, so you can use it for both work and entertainment.

This tablet is available for $1,029.98, but you get what you pay for. With a resolution of ‎2,736 x 1,824 pixels, a PixelSense Display, and Windows 11 as its operating system, this device won’t let you down with its top-performing features.

Pros pros

  • Lots of internal storage
  • Can be used as a digital canvas
  • Keyboard and stylus included
  • Connection options include multiple 4K displays

Cons cons

  • Expensive

7. DOOGEE T20 — Best Gaming Tablet

The DOOGEE T20 is a powerhouse of a tablet. With its eight processors, massive 10.4″ 2K display, and 16MP rear camera that even outdoes the iPad A13, you can be sure of optimal performance for all your content creation needs. Plus, with the most RAM on this list and above-average storage, you can count on it for whatever you need.

DOOGEE T20 is the best gaming tablet


Price Screen Size CPU Resolution Camera Battery Storage
$259.99 ‎10.4 Inches Unisoc T616 octa-core ‎2,000 x 1,200 pixels 16MP Main camera + 8MP Front Camera Up to 12 hours ‎256 GB

Equipped with Android 12, it is the perfect gaming tablet for those who want to play casually. With a battery life similar to the Fire HD 10’s at 12 hours, the DOOGEE T20 belongs alongside the best Android tablets out there.

Meanwhile, four hi-res speakers and the Widevine L1 feature make it great for consuming online video and movie content.

You can also stay worry-free about the effects of harmful light. The DOOGEE T20 has passed TÜV SÜD’s blue-light eye-protection certification, meaning it can reduce blue light and UV emissions to protect your eyes during long periods of use.

Compared to Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and HP, DOOGEE is a relatively obscure brand and this may be offputting for some consumers.

Pros pros

  • Affordable price compared to similar devices
  • Great battery life
  • 2K display with wide viewing angles
  • Lightweight and ultra-thin

Cons cons

  • Limited storage options

8. Acer Chromebook Spin 311 — Affordable Tablet PC Option

The Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible Laptop is here to prove you don’t need to compromise when buying a multi-purpose tablet computer. Featuring an Intel Celeron N4020 processor and Chrome OS, this laptop can handle the same tasks as a desktop computer but in a compact package.

With 4GB of RAM, you’ll experience smooth performance while multitasking or streaming your favorite shows. This convertible laptop also offers versatility as, depending on your needs, it can be used as both a tablet and a traditional notebook.

Spend less for more; Acer Chromebook Spin 311


Price Screen Size CPU Resolution Camera Battery Storage
$289.99 ‎11.6 inches Intel Celeron N4020 ‎1,366 x 768 pixels 720p HDR webcam 10 hours 32 GB

Its 360° hinge and 11.6″ HD touch display make it a versatile device for media consumption as well. You can choose between four modes: laptop, tablet, stand, and tent. And the Spin 311 can last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

The impressive $299 price point of this tablet PC makes it a no-brainer for anyone who needs a reliable device for work or study but doesn’t want to break the bank. With its top-notch features and great cost, it achieves a great balance between quality and affordability.

That said, its screen resolution isn’t as good as other devices on this list and some graphics-heavy tasks may be a bit slow with its ‎2.8 GHz processor.

Pros pros

  • Antimicrobial multi-touch screen is great for hygiene
  • Lightweight at 2.62 lbs
  • Affordable price for a 2-in-1 tablet PC
  • Longer battery life than other tablets

Cons cons

  • RAM could be better

9. Lenovo Tab M8 — Perfect Lightweight Option with 8-inch Display and Android 9 Pie

The Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet is the perfect travel companion, boasting an impressive 8-inch HD display and a massive 5000 mAh battery capacity – all at an unbeatable price of less than $100. Enjoy long-lasting entertainment on this affordable tablet without sacrificing features.

The portable and the powerful; the Lenovo Tab M8

Price Screen Size CPU Resolution Camera Battery Storage
$100.66 8 inches MediaTek Helio A22 1,280 x 800 pixels 2MP (front), 5MP (rear) 15 hours 32 GB

The price is a steal, as this Lenovo tablet comes with a quad-core processor, which provides a smooth user experience. Combine this with Android 9 Pie, and you can play games and watch movies without lag.

But that’s not all. The Tab M8 has a simple and stylish full-metal cover and an 82% panel-to-body ratio, giving it a modern, refined look and feel. Together with the HD display, you’ll find elegance and power combined in one device.

If you’re not satisfied with its specs, you can opt for the 9th-generation variant, which has a better resolution, 3GB of RAM, a better Android version, and a total of eight processors.

Pros pros

Cons cons

  • Small screen size, which isn’t ideal for movies

10. NOVOJOY Tablet with Keyboard, Mouse, and Stylus — Best Budget Tablet

The NOVOJOY Tablet with Keyboard, Mouse, and Stylus is a complete package for budget-minded shoppers, and it comes with more device storage than the usual 32 GB. Even better, you’ll find Android 11 and an above-average processor for multimedia consumption.

Complete with keyboard, mouse, and stylus; the NOVOJOY Tablet

Price Screen Size CPU Resolution Camera Battery Storage
$79.99 ‎10.1 inches ‎NOVOJOY ‎1.8 GHz ‎1,280 x 800 pixels 2MP (front), 8MP (rear) ‎10 hours 64 GB

Although its resolution is the same as the Lenovo Tab M8, its full HD display and 10.1-inch screen are ideal for watching movies and playing games.

Do you think the keyboard, mouse, and stylus that come in the package are enough to make it one of the best cheap tablets? This tablet even comes with a case and a screen protector for an extra layer of safety – and the stylus pen is perfect for students and professionals who need to write or draw.

However, its battery life isn’t the best. The 1.8 GHz processor, meanwhile, can struggle with some heavier tasks.

It’s still a great deal at only $79.99, which gives you a lot more than other devices in the same price range.

Pros pros

  • Portable and lightweight at only ‎2.94 pounds
  • Great range of accessories included
  • Resistant to wear and drops
  • Can be expanded to 512GB with an SD card

Cons cons

  • Screen resolution isn’t the best

The Market’s Top-Rated Tablets Compared

There are a lot of tablets available for purchase today, but we believe these 10 are the best, covering affordable devices, the best premium options, and the top tablets for taking notes. Here’s a quick overview of the machines that we’ve looked at, with their prices and most important specs laid out for easy comparison:

The Best Tablets in 2024 Price Screen Size CPU Resolution Camera Battery Storage
Amazon Fire HD 10 $149.99 10.1 inches ARM Cortex-A73 and Cortex-A53 1,920 x 1,200 pixels (224 PPI) 2MP front-facing and 5MP rear-facing cameras 12 hours 32 GB or 64 GB
Apple iPad 2020 $359 10.2 inches A12 Bionic chip 2,160 x 1,620 pixels 8MP back camera, 1.2MP FaceTime HD front camera Up to 10 hours 32 GB, 128 GB
Apple iPad A13 $329 10.2 inches A13 Bionic chip 2,160 x 1,620 pixels 12MP Ultra Wide front camera, 8MP Wide camera with HDR Up to 10 hours 64 GB, 256 GB
Fire HD 10 Kids $199.99 10.1″ Octa-core 2.0 GHz 1,920 x 1,200 pixels (224 PPI) 2MP front-facing and 5MP rear-facing cameras, 720p HD video recording 12 hours 32 GB (24.2 GB available to user)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 $228.82 10.4″ Exynos 9611 2,000 x 1,200  pixels (WUXGA+) 8MP (rear), 5MP (front) ‎Up to 13 hours ‎32 GB, 64 GB
Microsoft Surface Pro 7+  $1,029.98 ‎12.3 inches Intel Core i5 2736 x 1824 pixels 5MP front-facing camera, 8MP rear-facing autofocus Up to 15 hours 128 GB
DOOGEE T20  $259.99 ‎10.4 Inches Unisoc T616 octa-core ‎2,000 x 1,200 pixels 16MP Main camera + 8MP Front Camera Up to 12 hours ‎256 GB
Acer Chromebook Spin 311 $289.99 ‎11.6 inches Intel Celeron N4020 ‎1,366 x 768 pixels 720p HDR webcam 10 hours 32 GB
Lenovo Tab M8 $100.66 8 inches MediaTek Helio A22 1,280 x 800 pixels 2MP (front), 5MP (rear) 15 hours 32 GB
NOVOJOY Tablet with Keyboard, Mouse, and Stylus $79.99 ‎10.1 inches ‎NOVOJOY ‎1.8 GHz ‎1,280 x 800 pixels 2MP (front), 8MP (rear) ‎10 hours 64 GB
The world of work has changed dramatically over the past decade, and with it, the need for devices that are capable of handling more complex tasks has grown. As a result, tablets have evolved into something much more than just entertainment devices. They can now serve as powerful computer tablets for professionals who need access to powerful tools on the go.

From improved processors to better security features and even larger storage capacities, modern tablet PCs are designed with productivity in mind. With mobile apps specifically tailored towards working professionals becoming increasingly popular, tablets provide users with all the tools they need to stay connected and productive while away from their desks.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Tablet for You

There are many tablet devices out there offering a wide variety of features, but it’s important to consider core factors before you jump in and make a purchase. These factors will affect the overall performance and usability of your tablet, so make sure to consider the following:

Processing Power

The difference between cheap tablets and the best tablet for gaming or streaming comes down to processing power. If you’re looking for a device that can handle the latest games and apps, you’ll want to look for an option with at least 3GB of RAM. Meanwhile, Hz (Hertz) is a measure of how many actions the processor performs per second, so higher Hz means better performance.

Apple vs. Windows vs.  Android

Many of us know that Apple and Samsung compete for the top spot in terms of tablet sales. However, your choice of operating system can determine what type of tasks you can do with your tablet.

Windows offers the most versatile experiences, while Android is better for customization. Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, has great security features. Depending on the use case, one will likely be more suitable than another.

Use Case

Ask yourself whether you’re looking for a tablet to play the latest games, watch movies, or read books. Different devices have different features and capabilities. For example, some come with special child safety modes that offer extra parental controls.

The best tablet for reading will likely be able to handle emails and meetings. However, it will not always be the best choice for gaming or streaming movies.

Battery Life

With revenue from the tablet industry expected to stand at $50 billion in 2023, it’s evident that there’s a huge amount of demand for tablet devices, with people even using them as work equipment.

This leads to the importance of choosing a tablet with a long battery life, which can last for at least 10 hours. Remember that battery life is affected by how you use your device – streaming movies, playing games, and even 5G use can reduce your tablet’s battery life.

Display Quality

It’s not always the RAM or CPU that will make or break a tablet, but also the display. The ideal resolution for a tablet should be at least 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, but higher resolutions like 2,560 x 1,600 or 4K are even better, particularly for tablets used for gaming.

When considering the display, you might also think about keeping yourself safe from disruptive light and its effects on the comfort of your eyes. Check whether there are third-party certificates, such as TÜV SÜD, which ensure the device has reduced blue light and flicker-free technology.


Smaller tablets tend to be more portable and easier to carry around, but they also have less screen space. If portability isn’t a concern, then larger tablets are the way to go, as they offer larger screens and better performance in general.


While this may not be the most important factor for some, it’s still worth considering if you plan to use your tablet for taking pictures or video calls. Look for options with at least 2MP cameras for decent photos and videos. Check out our quick guide on megapixels to see how this unit affects image quality.


Finally, always factor in the price of the device. Tablets with more features tend to be more expensive, but there are budget-friendly options available as well. Consider how much you’re willing to spend on your device before making a purchase.

Conclusion – What’s the Best Tablet to Buy in 2024?

Choosing the best tablet for your needs isn’t an easy task, but by taking into consideration all the factors mentioned above, you can find a device that suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for the best kids’ tablet or the best drawing tablet with a screen, look for a device that has at least 2GB of RAM, 10-hour battery life, 32GB storage, and an HD display.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 has all of these features at a price under $150. The octa-core processor and 1080p resolution are just the cherry on top of the sundae.

Make a point of reading the reviews and ratings of any tablet that catches your eye, so you can get an idea of how well it performs in real life. With all this information in hand, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision when choosing the best tablet for your needs.

Ready to start shopping? Check out the Amazon Fire HD 10 and see for yourself why it’s the best tablet to buy in 2024.

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