Science and technology leaders like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have warned repeatedly of the potential risks of artificial intelligence. The technology is evolving at an accelerating pace, and many institutions are having difficulty keeping up and planning for whatever the outcomes of these innovations will be. But with all of the risk and uncertainty comes a great deal of opportunity as well.

The Advanced Guide to Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence consists of four courses and 127 lessons that cover very important topics and highly marketable skills. Learn about convolutional neural networks, t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding, natural language processing and much more of the phenomena behind some of the most revolutionary technology to ever exist.

The courses are taught by the Lazy Programmer, a data scientist and big data engineer with extensive qualifications in business and academia. The Lazy Programmer has created workflows and machine learning models for numerous businesses and organizations, and has given college and graduate-level instruction in subjects like data science, algorithms, calculus, statistics and machine learning.

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