Let’s face it, these are pretty scary times. But really, we all knew it was coming – privacy and cybersecurity issues have become so severe that they've become headline news on an international level. This has the potential to compromise (if not completely take away) certain freedoms of information and communication. But Techopedia Deals is here to offer you valuable new tools in protecting your freedom and privacy online with the Ultimate SmartDNS & VPN Lifetime Bundle.

The StreamJack TV SmartDNS gives you fast and reliable access to a custom global network with 500 IPs over 13 locations. Browse anonymously, unblock streaming media services, bypass internet censorship and change your IP location to a whole other continent with a single click – the StreamJack TV SmartDNS offers the ultimate private and anonymous browsing experience!

The IPinator VPN gives you a new level of anonymity with custom IP settings and encrypted internet connection. This prevents others from seeing your IP address and allows you to change it whenever you want. The IPinator VPN is great for avoiding identity theft, cybercrime and government spying (which are all some of the greatest concerns of our time).

This bundle comes with lifetime access and works over numerous devices and operating systems. Buy it today for yourself or as a last-minute holiday gift!