The importance of online privacy and security cannot be overstated. It is extremely difficult to know just who is watching your online activity, and why they are doing it. But protecting your identity and vital data (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) doesn’t need to be such a huge headache. Maybe you just need a single solution that proactively protects you from security threats and privacy breaches.

VPNSecure encrypts your data so that it is protected from hackers and your activity is not logged. It allows you to bypass geo-blocking, while letting you mask your location and IP, with servers located in dozens of countries across the world.

The package includes HTTP Proxy and Smart DNS solutions, and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and more. Techopedia Deals is offering lifetime access to VPNSecure for only $39 (that’s over 90% off of the normal price).

Instant digital redemption gives you lifetime access to this perpetually useful service. Stay safe online from privacy invasions (hackers, ISPs, etc.) and protect all of your data with one single solution so that you don’t have to constantly worry about the omnipresent scrutiny of the digital world.