Software has become one of the most important commodities in any major economy. Just about any big company that is regarded as part of the ever-expanding “tech” sector began with innovative software, or at least uses software in a way that is central to its operation. And automation is gradually streamlining these operations.

That’s why this week’s Techopedia Deals bundle, Web App Automation Testing with Selenium, includes coursework on web app automation testing using Selenium (one of the most popular software-testing frameworks). The bundle includes a total of 5 courses and over 800 lessons, covering everything from beginner to advanced, including Java coding and programming with Python.

These courses are taught by experienced professionals and popular online learning platforms. The instructors are professional programmers, designers, trainers and bloggers, with extensive qualifications in areas like mobility, web and enterprise, and database and server administration.

Each course in the Web App Automation Testing with Selenium Bundle comes with lifetime access, and is accessible to beginner-level users. That means that once you buy this bundle (at a significantly discounted price), you have an entire lifetime to learn web app automation testing from beginner to advanced level! It also makes a great last-minute holiday gift!