According to recent statistics, the percentage of women in the U.S. labor force has climbed to more than 46.8% over the past few decades, but it is still lower in the tech field. For example, just 32% of all of Apple’s total workforce is made up of women. The percentage is 31% at Google and 27% at Microsoft.

So what gives?

As more jobs in tech emerge, we may see more women enter the workforce in the near future. Data shows that there were 627,000 unfilled positions in tech as of April 2017, for instance, opening one door wide open for women interested in entering the field. But one big question remains: Where is the money?

There are several professions in the tech world that seem tailor made for women who desire a well-paying job. Whether it’s programming or security, the doors are open for women to take advantage of some of today’s budding professions. Let’s take a look at a few of them and what individuals can expect to receive as a salary when starting out in the industry. (For more jobs in the world of tech, see 8 Hot Jobs in Information Systems (and What You Need to Know to Get Them)).

Graphic Designer

Women who pursue a career in graphic design are responsible for creating visual concepts to translate ideas to customers and colleagues alike. They can expect to work closely with the marketing department to create advertising content for their company’s audience.

Senior UX/UI Designer

The end-user experience is becoming increasingly important to companies, specifically in the technology realm. Depending on the experience, customers may decide to work with a particular business or go to the competition instead, making it critical that companies get it right the first time around. The heightened importance of this job dictates its salary.

Computer Programmer

As a computer programmer, individuals can expect to gain a better understanding of programming languages in order to develop software programs. Writing code, testing programs and repairing bugs and glitches are all part of this position. A computer programmer is also tasked with ensuring that a company’s software is running smoothly at all times.

Information Security Analysts

The salary range for this position may depend on the company, but the median for information security analysts hovers around $95,000. Individuals in this position are responsible for creating secure systems for their company that withstand everything from everyday hackers to large cyberattacks. Information security analysts are constantly working to find their company’s computing weaknesses and fortifying them to prevent disaster from a hacking incident. Although this job can be highly stressful, the pay is often equal to the responsibilities that come with the position.

Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible for ensuring that a company’s data is kept safe at all times. They also keep data organized and accessible to those who need to access it for work purposes. An individual who takes on this position may need to learn how to install, configure, upgrade, secure, back up and recover data.

Applications Software Developer

Software developers are often given several different responsibilities at a company, making the job a critical one at most tech companies. In 2017, CNN named mobile application developer, in particular, the top job to have in the U.S. This was based on its growth, ideal pay and amount of satisfaction. Over the next ten years, this field is expected to grow by 19%, giving women the perfect opportunity to dive in.

Computer Systems Analyst

As a computer systems analyst, you can expect to start out in the $70,000-$75,000 annual salary range, and with the field consisting of 40% women, you may quickly notice that you aren’t the only female around. Computer systems analysts can expect to be responsible for studying a company’s existing computer systems and designing solutions to help them operate more efficiently. (Want to learn more about what a systems analyst does? Then check out Job Role: Systems Analyst.)

Final Thoughts

There are many opportunities arising for women in the field of technology, but females are still faced with many challenges. A recent survey revealed that women in tech still find it difficult to be taken seriously in the industry due to gender perceptions (63%), lack female role models (42%) and face a substantial gender pay gap (39%).

That being said, about 54% of women have seen a significant growth in the number of females in the industry over the past five years, meaning they aren’t running for the hills just yet.

About 67% say that making a positive impact on their organization or industry is the biggest benefit of being a female in the tech industry. Approximately 54% believe it is beneficial to encourage other women to enter the field and 53% say it is never a boring job.

Perhaps most importantly, 45% of survey respondents claimed that their job is their passion. It is for this reason that we may be able to expect to see more women in the tech industry as time goes on and more opportunities open up.