The Best Paying Jobs in Tech for Women

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If you’re a woman getting started in tech (or looking for a change), here are some careers that might be just what you're looking for!

Tech is timely. More than half of non-tech workers (55%) have hopped into the sector since the pandemic, but only 3% of girls and women say a career in technology is their first choice. PwC explains that's because women are given too little information on what the work involves and because no one suggests a tech career to them as an option. (Also read: 5 Ways to Support Women in Your Tech Company.)

That's where this article fills in the gap.

9 Most-In-Demand Tech Jobs, 2021

  1. Data Analyst – You can expect an average salary of $77,349 with a faster than average job growth. Data analysts translate business numbers in plain English to help businesses make better decisions. You'll need a bachelor's degree for entry level jobs and a master's for upper level jobs. Choose degrees in fields like math, computer science, and statistics.

  2. Cloud Network Architect – Expect an average salary of $153,000 that can go as high as $210,000. Candidates should have at least a bachelor’s degree in information systems, network engineering, computer science, or the like. Many employers look for an MBA. Related jobs include Cloud Network Engineer, Cloud Developer, Cloud Support Specialist, Cloud Security Analyst and Cloud Database Administrator. (Each of these require familiarity with the Big 3, i.e., Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud). The Cloud is in!

  3. Blockchain Engineer – Salaries average $154,550 a year with an expected 22% job growth through to 2029. You'll build, troubleshoot and innovate blockchains, so you'll need a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Engineering for entry-level jobs. Related careers include Computer Hardware Engineer, Database Administrator, and Computer Architect.

  4. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect – Go for a Bachelor's degree and expect five percent job growth through to 2029 with a median annual salary of $148,866. You'll need to stay up to date on IoT businesses, data governance, and good data practices for IoT security. Proficiency in programming and data management is a given as well as excellent communication skills, as you'll work with business leaders to resolve their IoT problem

  5. Computer Research Scientist – A median salary of 188k with 16 percent job growth. You will create programs to develop and troubleshoot automation. Most CR scientists need a masters in Computer Science or related fields like Computer Engineering or IT Systems.

  6. Software Engineer – There’s a medium salary of almost $100k a year with frantic job growth. Software engineers apply mathematical analysis and computer languages to design and develop software. You need a bachelor's in Computer Science for easiest access to an extremely competitive field.

  7. Information Security Analyst – With an average salary of $72,723 and a fast growing job rate of 32 percent, ISAs control the safety and security of a company's data. To achieve this they must know everything about information security within the company and work across apartments to identify and correct flaws through the company's computer systems. You'll need at least a bachelor's in Computer Science, Engineering or IT on top of courses in online booting and Cybersecurity.

  8. Data Scientist – Organizations need more data every day and data scientists make sense of this data. Your duties include creating various Machine Learning tools within the company, so you should excel at research and statistical analysis. To break into this field you need a heavy-duty understanding of programming skills, statistics, and math. The average salary is $129k with a job growth rate of 31%.

  9. AI Engineer – This is a high-demand job with a salary of $164,749 and massive opportunities. AI engineers play with futuristic tech, problem-solving and/ or innovating. You need to be a whiz in programming, software engineering, and data science. Related careers include AI Developer, AI Architect, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientists and Business Intelligence Developer. Each of these fields are very competitive and therefore difficult to get into – but once you're in, you change the world.

6 Tech Jobs Without Degrees, 2021

  1. Product Growth Manager – Figure around $122,903 per year. You're a jack of all types, responsible for managing the big picture, expanding the company's bottom line and identifying and resolving potential friction.

  2. Marketing and Operations Manager – Anticipate an average salary of $102,437 with a job growth rate of 8% by 2028, according to Zippia. You'll mostly need sales experience with incredible people skills. A bachelor's degree is welcome but not needed for most postions.

  3. Customer Success Manager – Glassdoor reports you can earn around $64,682 as of January 2021 as a customer success manager. You'll want a strong background in customer service, while a bachelor's degree in business or a related field is nice but inessential.

  4. Sales Manager – A technical sales manager is responsible for monitoring the sales techniques and performance of the sales team in selling technical services and systems to the customers. Your average salary is $61,777.

  5. Product Designer – You'll improve how products look and work or design new products. Similar job careers are UX designer, customer experience architect, interaction designer, or information architect. Your average salary is $120,482, with plenty of opportunities in the tech field.

  6. HR Managers/ HR Recruiters – Glassdoor reports that HR managers make an average base pay of $51,826, with ZipRecruiter reporting a similar salary for HR recruiters. Job recruiters are hired by tech companies to find qualified employees, while HR managers manage those job recruiters. The best candidates have a college education, but you can get by with online certification and experience.

5 Work-From-Home Tech Jobs (That Really Pay Well), 2021

  1. Web Designer – Web designers who create the look and features of a website make around $57k/year. You'll need to know graphic design and computer programming.

  2. Web Developer – The average full-stack web developer salary is $105,813. You'll learn everything involved in building, troubleshooting and managing all sorts of web or mobile applications.

  3. Quality Assurance Tester – According to ZipRecuriter, you get paid around $101,547 a year as you perform software testing to resolve issues and ensure guidelines are kept. Most testers have a bachelor degree, but you can also become one with only a high school degree or GED.

  4. System Administrator – Figure around $62,810 a year for installing hardware and software and managing IT in the company's data center and the cloud.

  5. Technical Writer – That's $69,365 a year, depending on your employer. You explain complicated tech terminology to us lay-folk.

3 Tech Jobs Without Coding, 2021

  1. Scrum Master – Look for an average salary of 120k. Earn certification as a scrum master to control tech work teams and their processes.

  2. Project Manager – How about earning around $139 a year, after you become certified in PMP? In contrast to the scrum master who focuses on the team, your job is to focus on the project.

  3. Business Analyst – Your average salary is $76,868. You analyze your employer's business, outline their problems, opportunities and solutions and help them with their budgeting and forecasting.


Today's women have the same lay of the land as men in the industry – and jobs in Tech are plentiful. They permeate every sector, pay well, and don't necessarily require four-year college degrees. You don't need to know coding or math to retrain or reinvent yourself for certain jobs, while other tech jobs can be done from home.

Couldn't be better….


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