These 2 Casino Cryptos Are The Best Rollbit (RLB) Alternatives – Here’s Why

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The Rollbit Coin (RLB) has been one of the biggest success stories in the crypto space in 2023, rising over 5,000% since early last year. However, with a market cap approaching $500 million, the token’s days of exponential growth seem to be over.

As RLB stabilizes following a 16% downturn over the past month, crypto casino investors are searching for the next hidden gem that could provide that coveted 30x return. Two potential candidates? Dinero and Scorpion Casino.

Scorpion Casino – The Passive Income Opportunity You Can’t Afford To Miss

Scorpion Casino is quickly becoming a passive income opportunity not to be missed in 2024. The platform provides a way to earn entirely uncorrelated passive revenue based on the profits generated by the casino itself.

After recently surpassing almost $2.8 million in sales, Scorpion continues to gain momentum, demonstrating strong confidence amongst investors for its future potential.

One of the main reasons Scorpion Casino is taking off is that the passive income derived from it is completely uncorrelated to broader crypto market movements. This means bear markets won’t diminish earnings, as the income is tied directly to gambling revenues, not external factors.

Gamblers always want to play games, even during market downturns, so revenues and the associated passive income remain strong regardless of market conditions.


The current Scorpion Casino presale has been a huge success, raising close to $2.9 million so far. This impressive figure is expected to keep rising in the near future. SCORP tokens are presently selling for $0.026 each during the presale event, considerably below the fixed $0.05 listing price. ETH, USDT, and BNB can all be used to purchase SCORP.

Of the 1 billion maximum SCORP supply, 280 million tokens have been allocated to the presale and 300 million set aside for affiliate rewards.

Much of the presale’s popularity stems from the generous perks offered to buyers and gamers. Notably, presale participants take advantage of a hefty 500% bonus. Plus those contributing $100,000 or more qualify for a 40% credit bonus.

The exclusive Elite Scorpion Members Club also provides special advantages like VIP service, cashback, enhanced staking rewards, and additional SCORP tokens.

For SCORP holders in general, opportunities abound to earn passive income, play games for free, receive weekly bonuses, and get paid for referrals.

Staking allows for potential daily earnings up to 10,000 USDT, with a dedicated pool for presale buyers. Gold membership NFT holders can stake for superior USDT and SCORP returns. Uniquely, Scorpion Casino offers payouts in USD stablecoins.

The recently introduced vesting structure has also sparked interest and commentary. The schedule entails distributing 10% of the total supply during each of 10 phases. The first 10% unlocks 24 hours after launch, with subsequent portions released every 10 days.

Dinero – Made For Fun, Low Risk Betting

Unlike Scorpion Casino which is brand new, Dinero emerged in 2023 with the goal of making betting entertaining but lower risk.

Dinero provides a one-stop betting solution for all major sports like the NBA, UFC, Formula 1, NFL football, and more. Offering lines on this diverse mix of competitions gives users maximum flexibility to wager across a wide range of events.

After fluctuating between $0.0045 and $0.006 the past few weeks, Dinero seems attractively priced for new money to enter.

Dinero achieved an all-time high above $0.01 in December 2023, so retaking its former peak would provide gains of around 2X from current levels. With an exceptionally low market capitalization of approximately $5 million, significant expansion seems reasonable in 2024.

From a momentum standpoint, Dinero’s daily RSI recently peaked at 67. This shows bullish sentiment that could foreshadow a breakout rally.


As Rollbit’s remarkable run continues to cool off, the search is on amongst crypto casino investors to uncover the next hidden gem before it experiences a surge in value. Dinero and Scorpion Casino show promising potential to deliver that 30x return so many market participants covet.

Of the two, Scorpion Casino grabs the most attention following its immensely successful presale raising nearly $3 million. The lure of 5X returns on presale investment plus generous staking rewards payable in USDT stablecoins has captured the imagination of the crypto community. Dinero offers a safer and steadier investment alternative focused squarely on sports betting. But Scorpion Casino’s high risk, high reward outlook looks poised to make a greater impact in 2024 and beyond.

Viraj Randev
Viraj Randev

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