Thinking of Buying Pepe Coin During This Dip? Wait For This New Meme Coin Contender With Its Catchy Theme

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If you’re thinking about buying Pepe Coin during its current dip, you might want to hold off for a moment. 

While Pepe coin created multiple ATH’s back-to-back in a few days, reaching a high of $0.00001718, the coin seems to have cooled down.

There’s a new meme coin in town called Shiba Shootout. This Wild West-inspired crypto project is showing signs of rising as a potential rival to other established meme coins.

A Catchy Theme: The Wild West Adventure

Shiba Shootout has a theme of the Wild West. The project offers high staking rewards along with various interactive features for its community.

The main character of Shiba Shootout is Marshal Shiba. Marshal Shiba, along with the Shiba Sharpshooters, is the community leader who will be in charge of creating memes and participating in events.  

Shiba Gulch is the central hub of the Shiba Shootout story. It’s a digital town where community members join for events, challenges, and meme-sharing. The town features dusty streets lined with saloons, which recreate the scene of the Wild West.


One of the important features of Shiba Shootout is its high staking rewards. By staking $SHIBASHOOT tokens, investors can earn over 2,300% return. These rewards are expected to be lower as more people stake the token, though. 

Cactus Staking

Cactus Staking is a key feature of the Shiba Shootout project. Cactus Staking allows users to stake their $SHIBASHOOT tokens and earn rewards over time. 

The staking process is represented by a digital cactus. The cactus grows as you stake more tokens. The longer you stake, the bigger the cactus grows, as you can imagine.

Interactive Features

The project has a referral program called the ‘Posse Rewards’ referral program. You can invite your friends to join the Shiba Shootout community, and the members can earn bonus tokens.  

There will also be regular campfire story sessions  that provide a platform for community members to share their crypto and meme coin experiences.  

There will also be token governance roundups that allow community members to vote on key project decisions.  

Lucky Lasso Lotteries offer a fun way to use your $SHIBASHOOT tokens for a chance to win big prizes. A portion of the profits from these goes to charity.

Shiba Shootout

Detailed Roadmap

Shiba Shootout has a detailed roadmap that shares the project’s development plans for the years ahead. 

Phase 1: Launch

  • Listings: Achieve listings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.
  • Community Growth: Aim for 1,000+ holders and get $SHOOTOUT trending on Twitter.

Phase 2: Growth

  • Expand Holder Base: Reach 5,000+ holders.
  • Partnerships: Establish community partnerships.
  • Newsletter: Launch the $SHOOTOUT Times digital newsletter.
  • Discord Group: Form a token-gated Discord group for holders.
  • Exchange Listings: List on centralized exchanges (CEX) to increase accessibility.

Phase 3: Expansion

  • Merchandise: Launch $SHOOTOUT merchandise.
  • Academy: Establish the $SHOOTOUT Academy to educate and engage the community.
  • Tools: Develop $SHOOTOUT Tools for enhanced user experience.
  • Tier 1 Exchange Listings: Target listings on top-tier exchanges.
  • Holder Base Expansion: Expand to 100,000+ holders.
  • Blockchain Takeover: Aim for blockchain expansion to solidify $SHOOTOUT’s position in the crypto market.

Even though Shiba Shootout has to reach further heights to compete with Pepe Coin, the meme coin has higher chances of showcasing a big rally. With its high staking rewards, Wild West theme, and interactive features, Shiba Shootout has the potential to attract a large community. 

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