This Crypto Token Has The Most Rizz of Them All – Why is Rizz Monkey So Popular?

Meme coins are a dime a dozen in the crypto market, and we surely won’t see the last of them for a long time – if ever. However, there are very few meme coins that actually have any substance and potential.

The market and its investors are getting lucky, because there is a new meme coin called Rizz Monkey (RZZMNKY) that is exhibiting that special potential. We dive into this token and tell you everything you need to know about it, from the token itself to its presale.

What is Rizz Monkey (RZZMNKY)?

Rizz Monkey is all about that charisma, or “rizz”, as the younger generations call it. The team describes the token as follows,

“The Rizzmonkey is the most famous, most rizz obtaining monkey it the entire universe. Don’t get to close to him otherwise he will steal your rizz… and your girl!.”

That’s certainly one way to describe a project. Rizz Monkey is not shy about what it is and how it operates.

It’s clear that Rizz Monkey is a meme coin, but there is a lot more to it than that. It will also focus on charitable initiatives, including supporting animal rights organizations. The website states that 0.069% of the team tokens will go straight towards charities supporting monkeys.


As you can see, details like that separate Rizz Monkey from other meme coins. There is a certain indescribable quality about this meme token that has the crypto community abuzz.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the future as well. Currently, the focus is on the presale and running campaigns on social media. However, once this is done, the team will focus on listings on CEXs and DEXs, as well as platforms like CoinMarketCap. Following this, the attention will turn to partnerships, community events, running marketing campaigns, charity events, and general expansion.

That’s just what has been decided so far. There will surely be more that hasn’t yet been finalized, which will surely only increase the appeal of the project over time. This bodes well for the future of token holders. There is some strong potential here, and investors will want to keep RZZMKNY on their radars and monitor its development.

On that note, it’s worth diving into the presale of RZZMNKY. You’ll be happy to hear that it has already started and is in the first stage. You’ll have to get involved soon, however, as the token is quickly selling out.

Rizz Monkey’s Presale Off To A Good Start

The RZZMNKY token is built on the BSC Chain. The presale is divided into three stages, with the exchange listings following. In the current stage, RZZMNKY is priced at $0.000005637. The subsequent stage will see it increase to $0.000006264. The token will be listed at $0.00000696.

55% of the tokens have been allocated for presale and 20% for exchange listings. The team gets 20% of the supply, while 5% has been set aside for marketing. The total supply is  696969696 tokens, referring to the “nice” number.

The utilization of a hard cap mechanism limits the number of tokens in circulation, ensuring carefully managed dynamics and a controlled market cap during the initial stages. The complete token supply will not be entirely available until 2.5 months after the presale, granting the token an extended duration to maintain its upward trajectory.

Furthermore, a vesting mechanism is implemented to prevent rapid and impulsive token sell-offs right after launch. The distribution of investor tokens occurs in increments of 10% over the span of 10 weeks.

Purchasing RZZMKNY is quite simple. First, you need to head to the website. Being a BSC token, you need to make sure that your wallet is on the BEP-20 network. Then you can purchase the token with BNB, USDT, ETHB, or BTCB. Choose one of these currencies to make the trade on the website. Click, the buy button to finalize the payment, and you will be able to claim then once that date arrives. The token will be listed on PancakeSwap first but it is sure to find its way onto other exchanges soon enough.


The crypto market has been blessed with another strong meme coin in the form of Rizz Monkey. It’s sure to get people going, and with the way the presale has already taken off, there’s surely a lot of growth ahead. We recommend taking a look at this project and its presale as soon as possible so as to not miss out on the potential and ample opportunity.

Alan Draper

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