International Women’s Day Special: Top Five NFT Projects Powered by Women in 2024

The Web3 industry is all about revolution and change, with the non-fungible token (NFT) space bringing to life some of the most creative projects to ever exist.

However, even in the most advanced industries, the gender gap persists, with data collected in 2023 suggesting that men are three times more likely to become NFT collectors than women. Moreover, in 2021, less than 16% of NFT artists on Nifty Gateway identified as female.

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, we decided to highlight some of the most inspiring female-led NFT projects. We spoke to the women behind the notorious NFT collections to find out how they inspire future generations of women in art and web3 space.

Key Takeaways

  • Female-led NFT projects address the gender gap in the Web3 space by spotlighting women’s experiences and emotions and offering platforms for diverse artistic expressions.
  • Initiatives are utilizing NFTs not only for artistic purposes but also to support social causes.
  • The space is seeing the growing recognition and support for female founders and creators.

Top 5 Female-Led NFT Projects in 2024

From taking steps to further diversify the NFT space to simply empowering and representing women worldwide, female NFT artists have managed to come up with some of the most inspiring projects.

Here are the top 5 NFT female-led projects on the market today.

1. World of Women (WoW)

WoW #180
WoW #180. Source: OpenSea

World of Women is perhaps one of the most popular female-led NFT projects today, aiming to “build an inclusive Web3 through its collection and community”.


It was created by Yam Karkai and three of her friends and focuses on “bringing women into the spotlight.”

The head of communications at WoW, Adélina Arzu Mattera, told Techopedia that the initial inspiration for this project came from the recognition that a similar project was needed in the early Web3 space.

“Yam Karkai, our artist and co-founder, wanted to purchase a PFP [profile picture] at the time before developing WoW, but unfortunately, she didn’t find representation in any of the projects at the time and felt first-hand the lack of diversity and inclusion in the space.


“Unable to identify with the options, she set off to create World of Women to make a difference, and to this day, we are on this same mission with a powerful team and meaningful community alongside us!”

So far, the initiative has released two NFT collections:

  • WoW: A collection of 10,000 randomly generated portraits of women, each portraying unique features and characteristics.
  • WoW Galaxy: A continuation of the original collection containing 22,000 unique NFTs.

In addition to having released two NFT collections, WoW is also very passionate about giving back. Last year they donated $2 million to support charitable causes specifically for women, girls, and climate.

In August 2023, WoW partnered with The Sandbox for their second edition of ‘Belonging Week’ for the second consecutive year. The partnership entails WoW artwork displayed in a “metaverse-enabled WoW Museum” not just showcasing art but also WoW’s Web3 impact and stories told so far.

Prominent celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon and Shonda Rhimes, backed the project.

2. Sad Girls Bar

Sad Girl #9984.
Sad Girl #9984. Source: OpenSea

Another prominent female-led NFT collection is Sad Girls Bar, which consists of 10,000 NFTs hand-drawn by Glam Beckett.

Unlike most other female-led NFT projects, all collections in the Sad Girls Bar Universe are dark, brooding, and gothic. They are also accompanied by a storyline.

Glam Beckett, the author of the Sad Girls Bar project, told Techopedia:

“We created Sad Girls Bar to fight the toxic positivity that keeps flooding the NFT space. [It] showcases sad yet strong girls with rebellious style and attitude. Sad Girls might look fragile and sensitive, yet they’re confident enough to express themselves, explore emotions, and entertain ideas that might otherwise be described as too dark, melancholic or mysterious.”

In addition to the Sad Girls Bar collection, Beckett released two more projects:

  • Skeletongues: The project’s second collection, consisting of 10,000+ NFTs depicting skeletons that accompany Sad Girls in their bar adventures.
  • The Sad Cats: The project’s third collection, consisting of 7,000 Sad Cats of different breeds.

All three projects can also be merged into one Super NFT.

Beckett added:

“The SGB collection lets people find their unique digital identity, a new way to express themselves in Web3 and learn that they are not alone in the emotions they are feeling. It’s a moment of solidarity and support for those who identify with the sad girl’s experience.”

3. Boss Beauties

Boss Beauties #2601.
Boss Beauties #2601. Source: OpenSea

Another prominent female-led NFT project is Boss Beauties, created by Lisa Mayer.

The project aims to support young girls through mentorship and scholarship programs and was the first-ever NFT to be displayed at the New York Stock Exchange and the United Nations (UN).

The Boss Beauty collection consists of 10,000 unique female avatar NFTs. The project also collaborated with the UN in 2022 and launched a limited-edition NFT collection called Boss Beauty Roll Models that featured portraits of influential women from history, including Princess Diana, Eleanor Roosevelt, Cleopatra, and Lisa Mayer herself.

In 2024, Boss Beauties is launching a first-of-its-kind book that features its NFTs, accompanied by affirmations, words of wisdom and real-world advice from Mayer and other role models and mentors.

4. The Flower Girls

Flower Girl #9466.
Flower Girl #9466. Source: OpenSea

The Flower Girls is a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated NFTs that “celebrate natural beauty, purity and diversity.”

Speaking to Techopedia, the project’s creator, Varvara Alay, said that it was the first 10,000 NFT collection to “commit a considerable share of profits to charitable causes.” She added:

“When the project launched in December 2021, our roadmap focused on two key priorities: donating 20% of all sales (both primary sales and secondary sale royalties) to children’s charities and using a further 5% to collect children’s NFT art.


“Supporting children – both online and offline – has always been at the very heart of the Flower Girls. After all, Children are our Flowers, as well as the future of the Arts and Web3.”

The project was also supported by a number of prominent celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Eva Longoria.

5. Women Rise

WR NFT 5738
WR NFT 5738. Source: OpenSea

Last on our list is the Women Rise project, a collection of 10,000 NFTs that celebrates women of all and any professions.

Women Rise focuses on women’s rights and girls’ education by using art as a tool for advocacy.

The content editor at Women Rise, Cassie Lawrence, told Techopedia:

“We were inspired to do this because we know that art is a great tool for raising awareness about important social justice issues and we wanted to make sure this same ethos was present in the NFT space. Making sure there were diverse artists and founders in the space was also key to our involvement.”

The project prides itself in being one of the earlier adopters of Web3 and has onboarded thousands of women into the Web3 space.

NFT Space Is Male Dominant

Sad Girl Bar’s Beckett noted that, based on her experience, the NFT space continues to be male-dominated; however, the change is on the way, with more attention being paid to female founders and creators.

Women Rise’s Lawrence added that, unfortunately, the Women Rise team had been part of certain NFT events where they did not feel particularly welcomed or included as women, particularly women of color. However, she added that those experiences were a minority.

“The purpose of Women Rise is to widen access to the NFT space and ensure women feel comfortable and empowered, so we hope we’re making a difference here.”

Flower Girls’ Alay noted that she was quite lucky when she first entered the NFT space because she was surrounded by fellow female artists who were there to support and inspire her in her pursuit of her dreams.

“Likewise, the Flower Girls project has been blessed with the most positive, warm and genuine community of people who share our passion for giving back and supporting young girls and boys in their artistic journey. Many of our community members are parents and school teachers.”

NFT Space to Undergo “Myriad of Transformations”

Alay is positive that the Web3 space is due to undergo a “myriad of transformations on its way to mass adoption.”

She hopes that the legacy of The Flower Girls project, both as an NFT collection and charitable cause, will continue to live on and support future generations.

Beckett added that the NFT space is becoming more artist- and creator-oriented, with projects like HUG and PalmDAO giving new opportunities for artists to exhibit their works worldwide and receive money grants.

In addition, Lawrence noted that there is a possibility for the NFT space to evolve and become more community-oriented rather than just being a market-driven asset.

“Luckily, we feel like this already describes Women Rise. We are very community-focused and we use our art to amplify causes that we care about. There are many other great NFT projects doing similar work, and I hope, as a community, we continue to expand.”

The Bottom Line

Female-led NFT projects are not only challenging the gender disparity in the Web3 space but also leveraging their platforms to support social causes and foster inclusivity.

Despite facing obstacles, such as male dominance, these initiatives demonstrate a growing recognition and support for women in the industry.

As the landscape of Web3 continues to evolve, these projects hold the potential to inspire meaningful change and shape a more diverse and socially conscious future for digital art and technology.


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