The Top 8 Cloud Computing Podcasts

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Whether you’re an expert in cloud computing or you're a beginner, listening to these top eight podcasts can help you learn more about your position and your field, get the inside scoop on new cloud technologies, and maybe even help with your day-to-day tasks.

Whether you’re an expert in cloud computing or a beginner, listening to the top podcasts can help you learn more about your position and field, get the inside scoop on new technologies, and maybe even help with your day-to-day tasks.

We asked a selection of CEOs, CSOs, and Techopedia team writers to choose their favorite cloud podcasts, and here are the eight we settled on:

The Top 8 Cloud Computing Podcasts

8. Deloitte On Cloud

Deloitte’s podcast is hosted by David Linthicum and Mike Kavis, who talk with industry leaders about the latest in cloud technologies, what’s on tap for the cloud, what cloud tools to use, and why.

“David has been at the forefront of analysts urging organizations to take a more rational view of their cloud strategy, especially right now as costs are rising in the public cloud and there’s a lot of turmoil within the VMware customer base. He has identified that the private cloud is now a genuine and cost-efficient option for many organizations and workloads.”

Andrew Moloney, chief strategy officer at SoftIron, a manufacturer of private cloud infrastructure

7. The Cloudcast

Hosts Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely interview business and technology leaders shaping the computing future. Topics include cloud computing, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.


“I absolutely admire The Cloudcast for being an authentic and independent voice in the dynamic realm of cloud computing. This podcast offers a unique perspective by delving into a diverse array of captivating topics, steering clear of the usual engineering-centric narratives.

“What sets Brian and Aaron apart is their profound understanding of the industry, which enables them to pose insightful questions that spark profound and engaging discussions. The caliber of the distinguished guests they invite to the show further enriches the experience, making complex subjects accessible and truly enlightening. It’s a refreshing and enlightening journey into the world of cloud technology.”

Seth Besse is the CEO of, a caregiver support platform that assists parents of children with disabilities and learning differences.

6. Cloud Security Podcast (Google Cloud)

Co-hosts Anton Chuvakin and Timothy Peacock discuss some interesting cloud security subjects with industry experts.

“Anton and company do a great job of picking timely topics, and they can dig into deep tech issues witty and insightfully. For example, recently, they had a couple of episodes on AI. One of these episodes got down in the weeds about how security teams might use large language models daily, what they can and can’t do, the pros and cons, etc.

“Other recent topics included the strategic challenges of a shared security model (DevOps and security) and cloud security’s biggest remediation headaches. It’s a good listen, and I highly recommend it.”

Dror Kashti is co-founder and CEO of Sweet Security, a provider of a cloud runtime security suite.

5. The Hybrid Cloud Podcast (Unpacked Network)

In this podcast, host Chris Evans talks to vendors and subject matter experts about their products, ideas, and experiences transitioning to a hybrid cloud model.

“Chris has a practitioner’s real experience combined with an analyst’s viewpoint, so he’s able to dig deep when needed but also not get drawn in by vendor or market hype.”


4. Day Two Cloud (Packet Pushers)

In this podcast, hosts Ethan Banks and Ned Bellavance talk with cloud professionals about the challenges of operating cloud environments. Subject matter experts include trainers, consultants, and technical leaders with years of experience in the field who discuss issues about modern cloud environments.

This includes constantly evolving demands, use cases, and trends in cloud computing. Each episode gives listeners the insights necessary to deal with business and technology challenges, including cost management, resilience, and performance. In one recent episode, Bellavance talked to vendors and open-source experts at KubeCon North America 2023 about the latest developments in the cloud-native ecosystem.

– Linda Rosencrance, Techopedia

3. The Cloud Pod (SaaS 11)

Hosted by Justin Brodley, Jonathan Baker, Ryan Lucas, and Matthew Kohn, The Cloud Pod podcast focuses on the cloud computing industry, enabling listeners to stay up to date with multi-cloud environments, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Kubernetes. Every episode offers discussions and interviews with cloud professionals about the latest cloud management strategies, cloud computing technologies, and cloud security developments.

Listeners can learn the latest trends, insights, and best practices from leading cloud and tech experts. The Cloud Pod, which offers the latest cloud computing news, is ideal for developers, site reliability engineers, DevOps engineers, Web and App designers, and others interested in cloud computing.

Linda Rosencrance, Techopedia

2. Infrastructure Matters Webcast

Hosted by Steven Dickens, Camberley Bates, and Krista Macomber, this webcast delves into the latest trends and technologies associated with hybrid cloud computing.

“While maybe not an obvious cloud computing podcast, as cloud-native applications have become the ‘new normal’ everywhere, we are seeing on-premises infrastructure architected that way to support them – fully supporting private and hybrid cloud approaches.”


1. The Official AWS Podcast (Amazon Web Services)

Aimed at developers and IT professionals, this podcast offers the latest security, storage, serverless infrastructure, and more news and trends. Hosts Simon Elisha, Jillian Forde, and Hawn Nguyen-Loughren offer regular infrastructure updates across AWS, interviews, deep dives, and launches to help listeners understand new technologies, trends, and more.

The The Official AWS Podcast can help you learn how to create open-source projects, train machine learning models, and build cloud solutions.

A recent episode hosted by Forde focused on Experience-Based Acceleration (EBA), an AWS program designed to accelerate companies’ cloud journeys. Guests on this episode were Bilal Shirazi, AWS principal EBA lead North America, and Rughved Gadgil, AWS senior solutions architect, who spoke about how EBA can help organizations overcome barriers in their cloud projects.

This episode is ideal for companies just getting started on their cloud journeys or those in the middle of migrating their workloads to the cloud. Shirazi and Gadgil explained how the EBA program can help organizations reach their desired outcomes in days, not months.

Linda Rosencrance, Techopedia

The Bottom Line

No matter your level of cloud expertise, you’re sure to find something in these podcasts to inspire you to become more familiar with the cloud computing field.

Tuning into these cloud podcasts can get you up to speed with the new trends in the industry, provide the necessary knowledge to help you begin your journey to the cloud, or offer tips to make your current cloud migration progress much more smoothly.


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