Top Google Searches 2023: What is the Most Searched Thing on Google?

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In 2023, Google's top searches showed a wide array of interests. Popular searches included "you" (probably for YouTube), and everyday needs like "weather" and "Google." People also frequently looked up social media, online shopping, and entertainment sites such as "Facebook," "Amazon," and "Netflix," highlighting a range of online habits and choices across the globe.

Google search trends are like a map that shows us what the world is curious about. In 2023, these trends give us a vivid picture of what people all over the globe are interested in.

By looking into Google search data, we get to see what topics are beating at the heart of our digital lives—what we want to know, what we enjoy, and what we’re looking for. These searches tell a story of how we’re all connected through the things that matter to us right now.

This article examines the intricacies of Google search trends, showcasing how the curiosity of users shapes the digital landscape of queries. Through a detailed analysis of data from Google Trends and the Year in Search, we’ve pieced together a comprehensive picture of the public’s online search behavior in 2023.

How to See Google Search Trends

The data collection process for this analysis involved two main sources: Google Trends and Google’s Year in Search data.

Google Trends

We started by using Google Trends, a tool that provides insights into what people are searching for online. Specifically, we focused on the “Explore” tab.

Our settings were as follows:

  • Location: United States
  • Year: 2023
  • Categories: All categories
  • Search: Web Search

These settings allowed us to access a list of the most popular search terms for 2023, ranked by their search popularity.

Google’s Year in Search 2023

To further categorize and analyze the top search queries in the U.S., we used Google’s official “Year in Search” data, which can be found at Google Trends – Year in Search 2023.

This official data source provided detailed breakdowns of the most significant searches in various categories, such as News, Athletes, Movies, and TV Shows.

By combining data from Google Trends and Google’s Year in Search, we created a comprehensive overview of the top search queries in 2023 across different categories.

This approach ensures that our analysis is based on credible and accessible data sources, allowing us to provide meaningful insights into the interests and trends that shaped online searches during the year 2023.

What is the Most Searched Thing on Google?

At this stage, you’re probably wondering: what are the top Google searches in 2023?

This section includes the most popular search queries in 2023 in the U.S. The popularity of each search is measured on a scale where the highest score is 100. This score is given to the most searched query. If a query scores 50, it means it’s searched half as much as the top query.

So, the higher the score, the more popular the search query is.

Top 25 U.S. Google Searches in 2023

Search Term Query Score
you 100
weather 61
google 51
amazon 37
youtube 37
news 31
facebook 27
reddit 22
walmart 19
nfl 16
translate 16
people 16
apple 15
calculator 14
nba 14
wordle 13
yahoo 13
gmail 12
instagram 10
target 10
flights 9
home depot 9
netflix 9
twitter 9
costco 9

The top search terms of 2023 in the U.S. showcase a mix of personal, practical, and entertainment interests. The most searched thing on Google, “you,” suggests that people are probably searching for YouTube but only typing the first half in.

Google search trends reveal that many look for essential services and platforms like “weather,” “Google,” “Amazon,” and “YouTube”, which highlight their daily importance. Social media and shopping sites such as “Facebook,” “Reddit,” and “Walmart” show their role in communication and consumer habits.

Sports, utilities, and entertainment searches like “NFL,” “calculator,” and “Netflix” also feature prominently, reflecting a variety of user activities and interests online.

Google Top Searches by Category

Google search trends act as a mirror, showing us what the world is most interested in. From the latest news headlines to sports heroes, blockbuster movies, and hit TV shows, these trends tell us a story about what’s happening and what’s popular.

In 2023, a mix of dramatic events, standout athletes, hit movies, and captivating TV series caught everyone’s attention. Let’s take a look at the big names and stories that led the way in Google searches this year, highlighting our collective curiosities and conversations.


1) War in Israel and Gaza

The 2023 Israel-Gaza war is a major conflict between Israel and Hamas-led Palestinian groups, mainly in the Gaza Strip. Starting in October 2023, it is the region’s most severe escalation since 1973, leading to over 19,000 Palestinian deaths and significant displacement.

2) Titanic Submarine

The Titanic submarine search became a top search on Google in 2023 after the tragic incident with OceanGate’s Titan submersible. On its journey to the Titanic shipwreck, the Titan imploded on June 18, resulting in the deaths of all five people on board.

The expedition involved notable individuals and the CEO of OceanGate.

3) Hurricane Hilary

Hurricane Hilary in 2023 had a major impact. It quickly grew into a powerful Category 4 hurricane, striking Mexico and Southern California with heavy rains in August. The hurricane caused extensive flooding and mudslides in these areas.

4) Hurricane Idalia

Starting near Central America, Hurricane Idalia swiftly grew into a strong Category 3 hurricane, hitting Florida hard. Idalia caused intense storm surges, especially in Florida’s Big Bend, and heavy rains, resulting in floods and widespread damage throughout the southeastern U.S.

5) Hurricane Lee

Classified as a Category 5 hurricane, Hurricane Lee was one of the rare instances where a storm reached this intensity, characterized by sustained winds of at least 157 mph. The storm notably affected the northeastern United States and Atlantic Canada, bringing heavy rainfall and strong winds, creating dangerous offshore waves.


1) Damar Hamlin

In January, during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest, which led to him collapsing on the field and needing immediate medical attention. Despite the severity of the incident, Hamlin made an incredible comeback, returning to play for the Buffalo Bills during the preseason and making the team’s 53-man roster.

2) Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce makes up one of the top Google searches for his comments after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. He had claimed that no one believed they could win, despite their strong record and having MVP Patrick Mahomes. Interest in him spiked much higher when he started dating Taylor Swift.

3) Brock Purdy

In 2023, Brock Purdy became a top Google search due to his standout performance as the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback, impressing with his skills and efficiency, especially after being the last pick in the draft.

4) Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson was one of Google’s top searches for his standout performance as the Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback, strong MVP candidacy, and significant five-year, $260 million contract with the Ravens.

5) Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts was a top Google search in 2023 for his standout performance with the Philadelphia Eagles, becoming a strong NFL MVP candidate and leading the team to significant victories. His rapid development as a quarterback and key role in the Eagles’ success highlighted his rising star status in the NFL​​​​​​.


1) Barbie

In 2023, the Barbie movie was among the top Google searches due to its status as a major Hollywood blockbuster directed by Greta Gerwig. The film’s success at the box office and its cultural impact contributed to its high search ranking, making it one of the most notable topics of the year in the entertainment category.

2) Oppenheimer

“Oppenheimer,” directed by Christopher Nolan, details the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer and his role in developing the atomic bomb, garnered widespread attention for its blend of historical depth and cinematic innovation. Additionally, its release coincided with “Barbie,” leading to a notable box office clash known as ‘Barbienheimer,’ which intrigued audiences with its contrasting movie themes.

Many who went to the theatre watched both movies on the same day.

3) Sound of Freedom

“Sound of Freedom” became one of Google’s top searches for its portrayal of the fight against human trafficking. The movie, inspired by the real-life work of Tim Ballard and his anti-trafficking organization, focuses on a former U.S. government agent’s mission to rescue children from sex traffickers.

4) Everything Everywhere All at Once

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” was one of the top searches on Google in 2023 for its unique story exploring multiple universes. This film won seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and was praised for its creative approach and exploration of deep themes. Its success at the Oscars and its distinctive narrative made it widely popular.

5) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” part of the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe, was one of the top searches on Google in 2023. Fans eagerly anticipated this third installment for its action-packed adventure, beloved characters, and the continuation of the Guardians’ story, making it a highly discussed and searched topic in the movie world.

TV Shows

1) The Last of Us

The Last of Us,” a TV show based on a hugely popular video game, became a top Google search in 2023. Its gripping story of survival in a world hit by a pandemic and the deep connections between its characters drew in a large audience, making it a widely searched and discussed topic. Furthermore, those who had already played the game were curious to see how it would be translated into a TV show.

2) Ginny & Georgia

“Ginny & Georgia,” a TV series on Netflix, became a top Google search in 2023 for its engaging story about a mother-daughter duo. As a most-watched show, it garnered significant viewership, with millions of hours watched in the first half of the year. The show’s blend of drama and humor, along with its exploration of personal and social themes, captured the audience’s interest, leading to its high popularity.

3) Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” was a top Google search in 2023 because it’s a prequel to the popular “Bridgerton” series. The show on Netflix tells the story of Queen Charlotte’s early life and how she became queen. Its blend of history and drama, plus its connection to “Bridgerton,” made it very popular.

4) Daisy Jones & The Six

“Daisy Jones & The Six,” a TV series on Prime Video, was a top Google search in 2023. It’s about a fictional 1970s rock band’s rise and fall, based on a novel. The show’s mix of drama, music, and complex band relationships caught viewers’ attention, making it widely popular.

5) Wednesday

“Wednesday,” a Netflix TV series, was a top Google search in 2023. The show focuses on Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family, with Jenna Ortega in the lead role. The series gave a fresh perspective on a classic character, combining an intriguing storyline with strong performances, attracting a wide audience and sparking significant online interest.

Comparison with 2022: Trends in Top Searches

Comparing the top search queries of 2023 to those of 2022 reveals several noteworthy trends, changes, and consistencies in online search behavior.

Here’s a list of search queries that have seen the biggest increase in frequency compared to 2022:

Top Rising Google Search Queries: Comparing 2023 to 2022

Search Term Increase in Searches
damar hamlin 2150%
chatgpt 1850%
chat gpt 1600%
temu 1150%
iphone 15 1000%
oppenheimer 800%
weather 10 days 700%
super bowl 2023 500%
memorial day 2023 300%
taylor swift 200%
streameast 170%
jamie foxx 170%
blooket join 70%
eagles 60%
lakers 60%
sniffies 60%
gimkit 50%
canva 50%
blooket 50%

Emergence of New Personalities

In 2023, we observed the emergence of new personalities as top search queries, such as “Damar Hamlin,” “Jamie Foxx,” and “Taylor Swift.”

We already explained why Damar Hamlin was a top Google search for 2023 in the Athletes section. Meanwhile, searches for Jamie Foxx peaked in 2023 likely because of his controversial Instagram post, which he issued an apology for.

As for Taylor Swift, her career-retrospective tour, spanning 66 dates across the Americas this year, is set to make history as the largest ever, expected to surpass the billion-dollar mark in earnings. According to Time, “This was the year she perfected her craft.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The rise of AI-related terms like “ChatGPT” and “Chat GPT” in 2023 demonstrates a growing interest in AI and conversational technologies. This reflects an evolving technological landscape and the increasing relevance of AI in various aspects of life.

Tech & Gadgets

In 2023, a lot more people searched for “iPhone 15.” This shows that many are excited and curious about what new things the next iPhone will bring. The iPhone often leads the way in the smartphone world, so people are always looking to see what it does next.


Searches for “Eagles” and “Lakers” increased in 2023, showing that these teams are becoming more and more popular. They keep drawing attention, both for their games and their influence in sports. Also, more people are searching for “Streameast.” This shows that viewers are increasingly turning to online streaming platforms for live sports action.

Educational Tools

The appearance of “Blooket Join,” “Blooket”, “Gimkit,” and “Canva” in 2023 suggests an increased focus on educational and creative tools. This suggests that online learning and creative tools are getting more popular. With more learning happening online, these tools help make education more interactive and fun.

Global Variations in Top Searches

As we explore the tapestry of Google searches across the globe in 2023, we uncover the diversity of interests that define various regions and countries. These searches give us clues about what people everywhere are curious about and how culture, society, and economic influences shape what they look for online.

From big tech companies that everyone knows to specific words for the weather in different languages, these popular searches give us a glimpse of what matters to people globally. Let’s dive into the differences between 2023 Google searches in the U.S. and worldwide and see what they reveal.

Top 25 Worldwide Google Searches

Search Term Query Score
google 100
youtube 77
you 76
weather 68
facebook 61
translate 49
whatsapp 45
instagram 38
amazon 37
news 36
whatsapp web 31
tiempo 29
gmail 24
traductor 23
as 22
погода 21
cricbuzz 20
translate google 20
twitter 19
meteo 18
satta 18
clima 17
cricket 17
ipl 16
tiktok 15

Universal Platforms

Globally, the list shares several common entries with the US, such as “google,” “youtube,” “facebook,” and “amazon,” indicating universal platforms that cross cultural and regional boundaries.

Messaging and Communication

“Whatsapp” and its web version are searched for more globally than in the US. This indicates that in many parts of the world, WhatsApp is a key tool for online communication.

Language and Daily Needs

Searches like “tiempo” and “traductor” in Spanish, and “погода” in Russian, which all mean weather and translator, show that people in non-English speaking countries use Google for daily needs just like in the English-speaking world.

Sports Interests

Sports searches like “cricbuzz,” “cricket,” and “ipl” are big globally but not in the U.S., showing cricket’s huge fan base in India, Pakistan, and other countries where it’s a major sport. The word “satta,” linked to betting, hints at the interest in gambling in some places.

Weather Information

Terms like “meteo” and “clima,” which mean weather in various languages, point to a common global need to check the weather, perhaps more so now due to climate change issues.

Regional Preferences for News and Travel

Lastly, the global list doesn’t include “reddit” or “flights,” which could mean that people outside the U.S. prefer other ways to get news and book travel tailored to their own regions.

The Bottom Line

Looking back at the searches made over the years, Google’s trends tell us about a world that’s constantly changing but still looking for the same things: knowledge, connections, and fun. The search trends of 2023 show us what caught everyone’s attention and highlight how technology, culture, and society are changing.

As we wrap up the year, these search insights remind us that, despite our differences, we all share similar experiences and a never-ending desire to understand more about the world we live in.


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