Top 10 In-Demand Tech Jobs in 2024: Future-Proof Your Career

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The pace of change in the workplace can feel overwhelming, but browsing the list of IT jobs that never existed 20 years ago reminds us technology has always created more jobs than it destroyed.

Although 27% of the tech jobs advertised in the UK are AI-focused, this time around, workers can be set free from mundane tasks and get back to what they do best—being Human. As AI takes over repetitive technical tasks, your next boss will be more interested in how you combine transferable skills with analytical capabilities and strategic insights.

So, the big question is how will you utilize your expertise and gain additional skills to successfully transition into a tech profession and get the best tech job with a high-paying six-figure salary?

What skilled professionals do talent acquisition specialists equipped with the best HRIS software hunt in 2024?

Listed below are some of the most in-demand tech jobs and sought-after jobs in IT that will ensure your tech career’s longevity in this digital age.

Key Takeaways

  • Contrary to headlines, there is growth in various tech jobs surpassing overall market growth.
  • Desirable skills include cybersecurity, AI expertise, cloud computing knowledge, and blockchain proficiency.
  • In addition to critical thinking abilities, practical communication skills and collaboration are essential for success.
  • The tech industry offers job opportunities that welcome individuals from different backgrounds.
  • Technology constantly evolves with groundbreaking AI, 5G, and VR advancements. These innovations offer opportunities for individuals looking to enter the tech industry.
  • Despite the wave of tech layoffs, which have amounted to nearly 80,628 just in 2024, IT roles remain among the most in-demand jobs, according to ManpowerGroup’s recent Employment Outlook survey.

Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in 2024

The list of most in-demand jobs in 2024 includes cybersecurity, AI and machine learning specialists, data analysts and scientists, as well as cloud and blockchain engineers.


Read on to learn more about the top careers in technology and the best IT jobs available on the market.

# Position Average Salary Range
1 Cyber Security Engineer $96,000 – $154,000
2 Information Security Analyst $96,000 – $156,000
3 Software Developer $84,000 – $139,000
4 Cloud Engineer $83,429 – $188,588
5 Machine Learning Engineer $108,162 – $253,800
6 Blockchain Engineer $124,700 – $185,981
7 Data Analyst $49,649 – $121,769
8 Software Engineer $66,199$168,005
9 Data Scientist $93,000 – $159,000
10 Artificial Intelligence Specialist $93,000 – $173,000

Cyber Security Engineer

Cuber security engineer tops our list of best tech jobs for the future.  Did you know that cybersecurity has an unemployment rate of 0%? And to make matters more interesting, there is a pressing need for an additional 4 million cybersecurity professionals to tackle the growing threats.

Despite efforts to attract individuals and address issues like burnout within the industry, there remains a gap between the workforce and the demand for these highly skilled experts.

Taking advantage of this global skills shortage typically begins with studying for a recognized certification in cybersecurity. But the call to arms for cybersecurity professionals transcends the boundaries of technical expertise.

Transferrable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and a passion for continuous learning are as essential as the latest qualification.

Earning Potential: $96,000 – $154,000

Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst possesses strong data analysis skills, enabling them to dissect and interpret complex information swiftly and effectively. A solid sense of logic guides their systematic approach to identifying and resolving vulnerabilities, while their ingenuity allows for creative solutions beyond conventional strategies.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for information security analysts is expected to grow by 32%.

With their problem-solving abilities, security analysts efficiently address emerging cyber threats, always paying attention to detail to ensure no potential risk is overlooked. These qualities define their identity and highlight their crucial role in navigating a constantly evolving range of cyber threats.

Earning Potential: $96,000 – $156,000

Software Developer

Software developers create and maintain software that meets the evolving requirements of the business, users, and clients. This dynamic field requires a blend of skills to decipher information, critical thinking to solve problems systematically, and creativity to devise innovative solutions for complex challenges.

Employment for software developers is expected to grow by 25% from 2021 to 2031.

Software developers collaborate and work closely with teams of professionals while employing project management methodologies to ensure that their solutions are practical and aligned with the organization’s objectives. They also embody a blend of skills, innovative thinking, and a team-oriented spirit.

This combination makes software developers one of the most in-demand jobs in 2024.

Earning Potential: $84,000 – $139,000

Cloud Engineer

By 2025, cloud-native platforms are predicted to make up 95% of all workloads. The significant increase from the 30% observed in 2021 is expected to drive the market size from $371.4 billion to $832.1 billion.

This presents an excellent opportunity for cloud engineers to work across or specialize in platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Beyond technical prowess, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and exceptional communication skills help cloud engineers collaborate effectively with teams and articulate complex concepts to non-technical stakeholders.

Salary Range: $83,429$188,588

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer operates at the intersection of software engineering and data science. They possess a combination of skills for navigating the intricacies of AI and ML.

The demand for machine learning engineers is predicted to grow by 40% from 2023 to 2027. 

These specialists can be found under the hood of every new tech platform, working with the algorithms and models that empower machines to learn from data and make predictions.

This role requires proficiency in programming languages like Python, Java, and R and a solid foundation in mathematics, especially statistics and probability.

Besides their skills, machine learning engineers demonstrate a mindset that allows them to develop creative solutions for challenging problems. Besides, this position found its place among the highest-paying IT jobs.

Earning Potential: $108,162$253,800

Blockchain Engineer

A blockchain engineer brings together skills and analytical insight essential for the field of blockchain. Mastering programming languages such as JavaScript, Solidity, Python, Java, and Clojure is right from the basics of blockchain.

Analysts predict 1 million new open-source software engineering roles in blockchain, complemented by 3 million non-technical positions.

Having an understanding of blockchain architecture, cryptography, and data structures is vital. Proficiency in end and back-end web development and familiarity with blockchain ecosystems and development tools are necessary.

Knowledge in finance for DeFi projects, coupled with problem-solving abilities, adds value to an engineer’s capability to create solutions. This extensive skill set enables blockchain engineers to develop efficient applications on the blockchain and places them among the top tech careers in demand.

Earning Potential: $124,700 – $185,981

Data Analyst

A skilled data analyst combines expertise with business acumen. They understand manipulating and analyzing data using Python, R, or SQL programming languages. Their keen attention to detail helps them identify any anomalies and ensure the accuracy of their work.

By 2030, the data analysis landscape is poised for transformative growth, with an expected increase of 25% in data analysts working across various sectors. 

This burgeoning field is anticipated to open as many as 10,000 job opportunities, underscoring the critical role of data in shaping the decisions and strategies of the future.

A skilled data analyst possesses awareness and understands the operational intricacies of a business. They grasp how their findings impact decision-making processes.

By creatively handling data, they can uncover hidden patterns that may not be immediately obvious and translate them into business insights. Practical communication skills are crucial for presenting data to make it accessible to non-technical stakeholders.

Earning Potential: $49,649 – $121,769

Software Engineer

A proficient software engineer possesses a combination of expertise, analytical thinking, and interpersonal skills. They are highly skilled in programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++, with an understanding of software development principles and tools. Analytical abilities allow them to break down problems, design solutions, and conduct meticulous debugging.

The employment of software engineers will grow by 25% from 2022 to 2032.

In addition to their proficiency, effective communication and teamwork are vital for software engineers. They can clearly articulate their ideas and collaborate with teams.

Software engineers keep themselves updated with technologies and methodologies while demonstrating adaptability and a proactive approach toward tackling challenges.

Earning Potential: $66,199$168,005

Data Scientist

A data scientist combines statistics, technology, and business understanding to transform data into insights. These specialists are happiest when analyzing datasets, identifying patterns, predicting trends, and solving business problems.

Experts predict 35.2% employment growth for data scientists, with 59,400 tech jobs opening in the US between 2022 and 2032.

By their very nature, data scientists are detail-oriented and analytical thinkers. Patience is also a quality that guides them throughout the debugging process, model refinement stages, and iterative solution development. But they are also known for their creativity in approaching problems from different angles and coming up with solutions.

In addition to their programming, machine learning, and statistical analysis expertise, effective communication skills are crucial for data scientists.

They are adept at translating findings into understandable insights for businesses. Moreover, they are individuals who value collaboration and welcome new ideas.

Earning Potential: $93,000 – $159,000

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

AI specialists apply their expertise, creative thinking, and extensive understanding of AI technologies to various industrial use cases. They are skilled in programming languages like Python, Java, and C++. These specialists leverage their knowledge to create, implement, and enhance AI models and solutions that automate tasks, analyze datasets, and tackle problems.

Will AI-related positions become the top it jobs in demand for the future?

The World Economic Forum’s 2023 Future of Jobs Report predicts an unprecedented 40% growth in the number of AI and machine learning specialists by 2027. The surge is expected to create 1 million new jobs by 2027, marking AI specialists as the largest growing group of any occupation.

This contributes to enhancing efficiency and driving innovation. A foundation in mathematics, statistics, and problem-solving abilities is essential to excel in this role. Practical communication skills and adaptability to changing technology landscapes are also crucial.

As AI becomes more integrated into our lives across all sectors, the contribution of AI specialists is vital in shaping the future of technology and its practical applications.

Earning Potential: $93,000 – $173,000

The Future Outlook for the Technology Job Market in 2024 & Beyond

With technology giants pushing boundaries, IT professionals will have many opportunities due to advancements in emerging technologies.

However, it is essential to address the existing skills gap. Recent surveys reveal a critical need for talent in cloud security, AI/machine learning, and zero-trust implementation, all of which present exciting challenges and upskilling opportunities for the tech workforce.

The survey among 15,000 experts discovered that 92% of enterprises are facing shortages of expertise specifically related to cloud computing security, artificial intelligence/machine learning technologies, and the implementation of zero trust frameworks.

The most recent ManpowerGroup’s 2024 Global Talent Shortage survey revealed that the majority (76%) of IT employers report difficulty finding the skilled talent they need. 

Meanwhile, the global Net Employment Outlook (NEO) for IT employers is 34%, which is the strongest percentage by sector. NEO is used internationally as a bellwether of labor market trends and hiring intentions. 

Source: ManpowerGroup’s Employment Outlook Survey, Q2 2024

Contrary to misconceptions, tech careers diversify rapidly while adapting to meet specialized demands. The projected growth rate within this sector is expected to surpass market trends.

Salaries in the industry continue to be competitive, attracting individuals for long-term IT careers.

The industry’s expansion is mainly fueled by advancements like the integration of AI in sectors, the transformative connectivity offered by 5G technology, and the interconnected network of IoT devices. Moreover, there is a potential for AR/VR to make progress, especially in areas such as gaming and education.

The Bottom Line

We are heading to a future where emerging technologies will usher in new diversified roles that merge technical acumen with the irreplaceable value of human skills.

As a result, professionals are being challenged to rethink their IT career strategies, emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning and adaptability in an era where technology and humanity intersect more profoundly than ever before.


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