Top Services to Outsource (if You Don’t Already)

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Knowing what to outsource and delegate to freelancers frees you up to do what you do best. Stop wasting your time struggling when there are highly skilled people waiting to help your business.

If you are a tech professional working on an important project, what can you delegate to others to make your job easier?

It turns out there’s a lot. The things you can delegate are not just limited to clerical work like getting sandwiches, or answering the phones. There are quite a few things that you can rely on others for, including many you might not have considered outsourcing.

Fiverr freelancers can become a part of your project management team, each responsible for his or her and clarified contributions. Here are 10 such services that can help you to streamline the teamwork that you do in reaching project results.

Web Design

Many freelance professionals are familiar with the principles of web design. You can get this type of service in place and focus more of your work on back office programming or what’s behind the scenes. Get a great visual result for less, and let this support bring you more online viewers, to get the brand visibility your project deserves.

File Conversion

In many projects, file conversion is one of those simpler data entry processes where someone has to scrape legacy platforms for content and reformat it in some way. Skip this one by outsourcing it to another pair of hands. You may also want to outsource any web scraping that you have to do for an ML implementation. (Read also: Optimizing Legacy Enterprise Software Migration.)

WordPress Tasks

As experienced managers know, there’s a surprising amount of work involved in maintaining and improving WordPress sites. You may have a WordPress e-commerce shop or something else that’s functional, but you need to keep tweaking it for upgrades on security, compliance and user experience. In many cases, a freelancer can do some of these things for you.


Business Planning

While you are focusing on core programming, freelancers can be looking for that information that supports your business planning. You don’t need an MBA, just a dedication to results! Doing the business planning can actually be part of the more mundane work of a startup, just to cross all of the T’s and have something good to present to outsiders. Get qualified assistance and tighten up your task list.

User Testing

When your project is in beta, or even before it hits that stage, you may be wanting to subject it to a certain number of user hours and track user behavior in order to find bugs or problems, or do market research or whatever else you have in mind as an objective. Get crowdsourcing to make this process more efficient! (Read also: Using Python for a Successful MVP.)

Quality Assurance

There is no reason for many businesses to have full-time skilled programmers sitting at a quality assurance desk. Just write up a checklist of benchmarks and delegate this to freelancers to get more power on your side as you work on refining a development pipeline. Get QA for CICD and more!


These days, the freelancing world isn’t just limited to rank-and-file task management. You can get some of your executive performance from a freelance community as well.

Some companies offer virtual CISOs and other executives who will come in and consult on a regular basis. These are knowledgeable and skilled cybersecurity pros who understand things like the NIST framework and appropriate standards and procedures.

As freelancers, they may be less likely to be captured by your corporate culture and possibly see things not obvious to the people who use the systems daily. They may also be able to offer candid, unbiased feedback.

Graphic Design

If you are among the masses who are less than artistically skilled, you may need to call in reinforcements who specialize in graphic design.

Hire someone to manage this side of a customer facing platform for a project that can benefit from your computer science acumen, not your drawing skills.

Data Analytics

It may be a surprise to some professionals that companies are also outsourcing data analytics. In many cases, this goes beyond just using a piece of software in-house. Outside data analytics firms and freelancers pursue an economy of scale and specialize so that they can offer you more for your money. (Read also: No, Data Analytics Bots Aren’t Going to Steal Your Job.)

Data Visualization

Visualized data is digestible data. But you don’t need to be running after this particular facet of your project design, either. Just send it to a freelance desk and check it off of your list.


With all of the above, you can figure out how to optimize your office to do more when it comes to product development and related processes. Fiverr has many talented freelancers with a wide variety of sought-after skills. Which one will be right for your next business project?


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