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If you are a technology professional, finding the right workplace can be a pivotal decision. The tech industry is undergoing changes, driven in part by the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as ongoing rounds of layoffs.

But whether you are a software engineer, data scientist, designer, or marketer, there are companies in the tech sector that are still hiring and providing their teams with satisfying careers.

Tech firms typically offer competitive salaries and a range of benefits – often including remote work.
Top 10 Tech Companies to Work For in 2024

So, what are some of the best tech companies to work for in 2024?

Careers website Glassdoor compiles the best companies to work for in the US based on thousands of employee reviews.

Techopedia combed through the rankings to find the top tech companies with the most positive reviews, giving you a starting point if you’re looking to make a move.


Key Takeaways

  • Despite some global challenges, tech companies continue to offer satisfying careers with competitive salaries and benefits, including remote work opportunities.
  • Techopedia explores the top 10 tech companies to work for in 2024, based on employee reviews and company profiles, including some job opportunities.
  • AI-related roles continue to boom, despite many lay-offs across the tech sector.
  • Our list contains some of the renowned tech players, such as Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia, as well as more bespoke, high-quality companies like Notion and Toast.

Top 10 Tech Companies to Work For in 2024

10. Google

Working at tech giant Google gives employees the opportunity to work on products and services that have an impact on a global scale.

Employees praise Google as a well-regarded company that lives up to the hype, providing the opportunity to have a worldwide impact, meaningful career growth, and strong benefits packages.

Roles at the company include:

  • Systems Administrator: $170,000-268,000
  • Network Implementation Engineer: $139,000-215,000
  • Cybersecurity Analyst: $116,000-184,000

Google offers “great balance between big-company security and fun, fast-moving projects. If you’re a software engineer, you’re among the kings of the hill. It’s an engineer-driven company,” as one reviewer puts it.

Another stated that Google is “the best place I’ve worked and also the most demanding.”

However, the fast pace may not be suitable for everyone and raises the risk of burnout from tight deadlines and high expectations.

9. Microsoft

One of the world’s biggest companies and part of the Magnificent Seven group of high-performing tech stocks, Microsoft operates around the world and employs more than 221,000 people.

Such a large company is at risk of becoming unwieldy, but according to its employees, Microsoft maintains a positive working environment with a friendly culture and strong benefits packages.

“It’s a great company to work for, with great benefits and awesome people,” a review states. However, some employees indicate that there are limited opportunities for career progression within the company.

Examples of jobs at Microsoft include:

Other roles include Data Center Technician Manager, Research Scientist and Technical Support Engineer. Opportunities for recent graduates offer competitive salaries.

8. Toast

Toast provides cloud-based software and services for the restaurant industry to help businesses run all their operations from a single platform. The company’s all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) system is built on the Android operating system.

Toast offers competitive pay and supports remote work for some roles, which may appeal to digital nomads and other professionals looking to work away from a company location. Reviews by employees indicate that direct managers are flexible about the days and times employees work from the office.

One reviewer called Toast “the best company I’ve ever worked for – great pay, benefits and amazing product.”

Tech roles at Toast include:

  • Fintech Strategy Manager: $105,000-168,000
  • Quality Assurance Engineer: $91,000-150,000
  • Staff Software Engineer: $242,000-344,000

Other roles at the company include Application Security and SOC Manager, Netsuite Developer, and Senior Machine Learning Manager.

7. Adobe

Multinational software giant Adobe develops applications for photo and video editing, document management, and running digital businesses that are used by individual professionals and the world’s largest enterprises alike. For tech workers focused on innovation, Adobe is developing personalized applications that use AI as a co-pilot.

Adobe is known to provide generous benefits packages to employees and opportunities for career growth within the company. “As a Cybersecurity Specialist at Adobe, the work environment is both challenging and rewarding,” a reviewer stated.

Tech roles at Adobe include:

  • Data Scientist: $127,000-229,000
  • Technology Consultant: $112,000-196,000
  • Engineering Program Manager: $123,000-224,000

The company also offers jobs in machine learning engineering, research science, financial planning, and software development engineering.

6. Notion Labs

Notion Labs is the developer behind the popular web-based, all-in-one wor,kspace tool. Notion is a flexible note-taking and project management tool that acts as a database to organize PDFs, images, links, and other files.

The startup’s team is passionate about the product and sets a high bar for talent. “It’s awesome to work on a product that is so beloved by so many people,” one review says.

“People at Notion work hard. Most of the sales team hits their numbers. The product pushes out updates constantly. It’s a great place to work,” another review states. It’s worth noting that the risk in working at any startup is that work/life balance can suffer, and Notion is no different in that respect.

Roles at Notion include:

  • AI Product Engineer: $160,000-280,000
  • Business Systems Analyst: $130,000-150,000
  • Software Engineer, Developer Infrastructure: $145,000-250,000

The company also has roles in data science and technical support.

5. Deltek

Deltek provides software for project-based businesses, including government contractors, commercial enterprises, professional service providers, manufacturers, and more, across the aerospace and defense, architecture and engineering, accounting, and IT consulting industries. The company provides specific solutions for the industries it serves.

Tech roles at Deltek include:

  • Cloud Engineer: $112,000-167,000
  • Senior Principal Software Architect: $147,000-217,000
  • Principal Operations Analyst: $81,000-122,000

The company also has solutions engineering and project management roles.

Deltek offers employees a supportive working environment, and reviews praise the company for providing “genuinely friendly and supportive workmates. Great products. Great partners. Interesting customer sector.”

4. Procore Technologies

Procore Technologies provides management software specifically for the construction industry that is designed to help builders maximize their return on investment (ROI). The platform has over 2 million users across more than 1 million construction projects in 135 countries.

Tech roles at Procore include:

Senior Security Engineer: $121,000-167,000

Principal Architect – User Identity and Access: $245,000-336,000

Principal Software Engineer – iOS: $186,000-255,000

Employees praise the supportive and collaborative environment among colleagues that the company fosters, with reviews referring to: “Great culture with can-do colleagues that are very willing to help and support. Comp is very good.”

3. MathWorks

MathWorks is a technical software development firm that specializes in producing mathematical computing software for engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and researchers. The company’s MATLAB programming environment supports algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numeric computation, while its Simulink enables simulation and model-based design of engineering systems.

Reviews indicate MathWorks offers employees a good work/life balance and the freedom to learn and explore ideas.

Tech jobs at MathWorks include:

  • Application Engineer: US$121,000-140,000
  • Data Warehouse Developer: $80.000-114,000
  • Principal Technical Consultant: $109,000-157,000

One reviewer stated that MathWorks offers a “Great company culture. A lot of opportunities to grow and learn. Nice people to work with.” However, reviews also suggest that the company’s salaries are not as competitive as those of similar tech companies.

2. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a cloud-based solutions provider that works with many of the world’s largest companies to help manage their IT services and operations, as well as their customer service management. The company is in the process of integrating generative AI into its applications.

Tech jobs at ServiceNow include:

  • Manager, Network Operations Engineering: $143,000-250,000
  • Senior Technical Support Engineer: $71,000-107,000
  • Staff ML and AI Security Researcher: $149,000-261,000

There are also tech roles in systems engineering, solutions consulting, and information security engineering.

Employee reviews praise the company for providing ample learning opportunities, people-first approach and business outlook.

“Culture has evolved significantly with each CEO… but always great and keeps getting better despite massive scaling of the company,” one review states.

1. Nvidia

Nvidia is blazing a trail in the semiconductor industry, seeing revenues multiply as it develops chips to serve the AI revolution.

The company has an established history of producing cutting-edge, having introduced the graphics processing unit (GPU) in 1999 that redefined computer graphics and today provides the power behind AI, blockchain mining, and the metaverse.

The company has a reputation for innovation and a positive workplace culture, led by chief executive officer (CEO) Jensen Huang. Employee reviews point to Huang as an inspiring presence in the company.

Tech jobs at Nvidia include:

  • Data Center Modeling Architect: $220,000-420,000
  • Technical Program Manager, Generative AI Research: $156,000-299,000
  • Software Engineer: $148,000-$276,000

There are also roles in technical writing, network support, and research science.

One review stated that working at Nvidia offers “flexibility in so many forms—when you work, where you work, what you work on. It does very much feel like my career is in my hands, and that the company is genuinely just interested in matching whatever I am able to contribute to the larger goals.”

Another referred to “being at the bleeding edge of tech innovation, amazing culture, extremely smart teammates, highly collaborative environment.”

The State of Tech Hiring in 2024

With the exception of hardware giant Nvidia, the top tech companies to work for are involved in software development. This sector has been under pressure from an ongoing round of layoffs. At the end of February, job listings in the software development sector were down by 67% from a year earlier, according to recruitment firm Indeed.

However, there are still job openings — especially in generative AI and machine learning. AI-related job postings are rising, which is attributable not to a pick-up in job postings in AI-heavy sectors but rather to an increase in the AI share of job postings, particularly for software development jobs.

“Job postings specifically related to AI are on the upswing, even as job postings within the category overall continue to slide. The rising AI-related share of Software Development jobs has been the largest contributor to the overall AI-related job share increase since bottoming out last June,” according to Indeed’s March US Labor Market Update.

“Almost a quarter (22%) of Software Development jobs were AI-related at the end of February, up from 19% in June 2023. The overall tech labor market might not be rebounding, but our data suggests employers are starting to pivot back toward AI jobs.

“The short-term outlook for AI jobs will likely remain tied to the overall tech market, and a larger increase in the AI share will require a broader rebound in tech job postings as a whole. But it also seems clear that tech employers are shifting more toward AI.

“For job seekers, this trend means tilting their interests and skills toward artificial intelligence if they want to land a tech role. More broadly, increased hiring for AI-related jobs points toward deeper corporate investments in these technologies.”

The Bottom Line

The tech industry continues to offer exciting opportunities for professionals seeking to make a meaningful impact in their careers.

Whether you’re passionate about artificial intelligence, industrial project management, or supporting creative workflows, there’s a tech company out there that aligns with your values and aspirations.

By considering factors such as company culture, product, compensation, and opportunities for growth, you can find the perfect fit for your skills and ambitions in the tech sector.


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