Open Source

Artificial intelligence has long been the subject of science fiction and speculation among technology critics. But as we discuss the ethics...

3 Amazing Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Action

APIs have long been closed to outside developers, but now the concept of open APIs is taking the industry by storm, offering easier access...

Open API: The Future of Application Programming Interfaces

Using containers is helping to eliminate compatibility issues, allowing developers to focus on more important matters.

Container Technology - The Next Big Thing?

Hadoop has long been the de facto standard for handling big data, but Spark is starting to gain popularity due to its increased efficiency.

Why Spark Is the Future Big Data Platform

Open source enables developers to use, share and develop code on their own terms. It allows for freedom and creativity. Learn more about...

Open Source: Top Feeds To Follow on Twitter

Open-source DBMSs are cost-effective and are expanding in terms of capabilities, making them better options for business.

Why Open-Source Databases Are Gaining Popularity

Open source strives to contribute to the development community with its history of cooperation, participation, sharing and free...

Open Source and the Spirit of Unrestrained Participation

HDFS and HBase are commonly used to manage storage with Hadoop, but now Kudu is working alongside them with better results.

Kudu: A Game Changer in the Hadoop Ecosystem?

Open source is a great option for developers who don't want to deal with a lot of legal restrictions and copyrights. But free access comes...

Open-Source Licensing - What You Need to Know

Real-time communication is a growing field, but WebRTC has just advanced it by leaps and bounds. See what it has to offer.

WebRTC -  A Revolution in Real-Time Communication

There is a disproportionately low number of women in IT, and the field of open source is no different. Here we examine strategies and...

Why There Aren't More Women Working in Open Source Software

Most people associate cryptocurrency with bitcoin, but there are numerous others out there too. From national currencies and cause-based...

Beyond Bitcoin: The World of Alt Coins

The cryptocurrency bitcoin is slowly gaining popularity, especially with small businesses. Detailed here are some of the steps, advantages...

Is it Time for Your Business to Accept Bitcoin?

The virtual currency Bitcoin has had more than its 15 minutes of fame recently. What exactly is bitcoin and is all of the attention it’s...

What the $#@! Is Bitcoin?!

Is Hadoop all that it's hyped up to be? Some people have their doubts. Find out why here.

What Is Hadoop Exactly? A Cynic's Theory

At its peak, Windows XP was the world’s most popular operating system. Now it's being discontinued. Find out why XP users need to move on -...

Why Now's the Time to Ditch Windows XP

What does the new Samsung Tizen OS mean for you, your phone and rivals?

Mobile OS Wars: Samsung Introduces Tizen

This movement has its critics, but it's looking to empower a new generation of computer users. Hear more from both sides of the debate.

Computer Programming for the People?

This talk from the 2011 Strata Conference in New York looks at how big data can be used to solve big problems.