Online Marketing

Learn how AI is currently being implemented in market research, plus important future developments which may have a major impact.

How Will AI Change the Market Research Scenario?

Learn more about Azure Week, which will take place online from October 14-18, 2019.

Azure Week: Key Learnings and Deep Expertise From the Azure Experts

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, even when compared to other fast-growing industries. But how is the...

Why the Future of E-Commerce Is Headless

Viral marketing and social media marketing are a huge departure from the traditional world of marketing. Learn more about the tactics...

What Makes Web Content Go Viral?

Sales is at the heart of most businesses, so anything that can improve customer relations is a welcome addition. Artificial intelligence is...

How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize the Sales Industry

White papers occupy an important niche in the realms of technology research and marketing, especially with content marketing.

Reaching Potential Customers With White Papers

Click tracking can help quantify your advertising techniques by verifying the number of actual site visitors, tracking conversions and...

Are You Tracking Your Clicks?

Developing an effective marketing plan is all about knowing what makes your product or service unique and figuring out how to communicate...

3 Tips for Developing an IT Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is emerging as a powerful strategy by providing consumers with useful content rather than standard advertising.

Build Your Business with Content Marketing

Recommendation systems can help people find what they're looking for - even if they didn't realize they were looking for it! By analyzing...

How Recommendation Systems Are the Way We Shop Online

Free applications are everywhere, but most expect something in return.

Why Free Smartphone Apps Are Anything But Free

Sockpuppet marketing is shilling in sheep's clothing. Here, we review this online scourge, its legal ramifications and advice from Google's...

No, That's Not My Hand In There! Why Sockpuppet Marketing Is Bad News

The challenge for online businesses is to avoid being left behind as new trends emerge.

6 Key Trends In Online Business

According to this infographic from, at least 11,000 Twitter users have purchased more than 72,000 followers. So who's...

INFOGRAPHIC: The Economics of Fake Twitter Followers

Most businesses know that they need to participate in social networks as part of an integrated marketing program, but few know how to...

Social Media: How to Do It Right

Marketers have always gathered data about potential customers, but what they know is getting increasingly specific - and personal.

How Much Do Online Marketers Know About You?

Find out what separates these two approaches to improving website traffic.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Every business wants to have a successful marketing campaign, but the choices can be overwhelming. Should you go viral? Conventional? Is...

What is the difference between viral marketing and conventional marketing?

Learn what sets these two important search engine optimization (SEO) concepts apart.