In this section we cover hacking, threats, and related security issues. Also see enterprise security and viruses.

Click fraud may be a virtual crime, but its effects are becoming increasingly real for consumers and businesses.

There is a hacker code of ethics. Unfortunately, a few hackers have been breaking it for years, putting everyone at risk.

As recently as five years ago, hurricanes would have kept us in our homes. But times have changed. Find out why writer John McMullen sought...

Spam may be little more than annoying email. Then again, it might just steal your identity or drain your bank account.

No matter where you turn, it seems there's a new, more powerful computer virus. This infographic shows some of cyberwarfare's recent...

While foreign countries often get the blame for scams, spam and identity theft, much of it actually orginates in the good ol' U.S.A. Find...

Small businesses often assume they're safe from cyber attacks and take few measures to protect themselves. Big mistake.

Snort is a passive tool for network packet analysis and network forensics, but it isn't a security solution. Learn more about it here.

These threats come from attackers with substantial means, backing and motivation to inflict major damage.