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Don't have an IT degree or special IT certifications? No problem. You can still get an IT job. Find out how consultant Greg Miliates made...

How I Got an IT Job Without a Tech Background

Working in the computer industry isn’t for everybody. Find out why writer Shaun Boyd decided to leave it behind.

10 Reasons It Doesn't Pay To Be The Computer Guy

IT professionals use best practices to keep corporate, government and other organizations' systems safe.

The 7 Basic Principles of IT Security

One of the biggest non-technical issues most corporate IT departments face is managing end user expectations.

4 Tips for Avoiding Blame IT Syndrome

Since the advent of widespread programs, such as Microsoft's Patch Tuesday, the speed of patching programs and systems and the breadth of...

Patching the Future: New Challenges in Software Patching

Finding the symptoms of problems is easy, but tracking down the underlying cause can be a bit trickier. A combination of root cause...

Using Root Cause Analysis to Investigate Application Issues

Technical knowledge should be readily and easily shared with everyone in your organization. A knowledge base is one of the most efficient...

Why Most Organizations Need a Knowledge Base

These five Active Directory pain points highlight some of the reasons that AD is so expensive and so cumbersome to manage.

The Top Five Active Directory Management Pain Points

Video compression is essential to delivering high-quality content quickly. However, it can also cause problems with the signal.

Common Video Compression Artifacts to Watch Out For

Self-service and automation are making big data analytics available to all users, rather than only IT professionals, and empowering...

Why Automation Is the New Reality in Big Data Initiatives

Equipment doesn't last forever, and when it's time for routine maintenance or any kind of repair or replacement, the proper procedures must...

Using the Method of Procedure (MOP) for Effective Network Change Control

Proper network management is essential, and that requires the proper data and metrics. Key performance indicators (KPI) provide that...

The Role of KPIs in Network Management

Virtual machines are essentially computers within computer, which means that when things go wrong, there are extra layers that must be...

Reducing VM Troubleshooting Time

The automation, technical support and easy installation of a Microsoft platform make it seem like an easy choice over Linux distros for...

Linux Distros: Which One's Best?

The Apple Store comes to enterprise. This retail-like service desk - introduced by Apple and already being used by SAP - goes beyond...

Genius Bars: The Apple Store Comes to Enterprise Computing

Learn about the Linux operating system and its value in a small - or medium-sized business's network architecture.

Linux: Bastion of Freedom

DNS problems are notoriously difficult to troubleshoot. This flowchart makes the process just a little easier by providing a simple...

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Troubleshoot DNS Errors

As we turn over more and more of our lives to intelligent systems, we must demand quality - or face the consequences.

Tech Failures: Can We Live With Them?

Mosh, or Mobile Shell, allows users to connect to remote systems and stay connected, even when the network goes down or you switch networks.