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Open source strives to contribute to the development community with its history of cooperation, participation, sharing and free...

Open Source and the Spirit of Unrestrained Participation

Open source is a great option for developers who don't want to deal with a lot of legal restrictions and copyrights. But free access comes...

Open-Source Licensing - What You Need to Know

Let's face it - no matter how dedicated you are to Linux/Unix, the majority of computers out there use Windows, and like it or not, you'll...

Windows Survival Guide for Linux/Unix Users

It seems that Linux will never become a mainstream OS for desktops, but it is highly popular with developers and is the basis for the...

Why Linux has Failed on the Desktop

Docker is a tool for Linux developers that lets them package applications into containers, allowing them to easily move their applications...

Docker - How Containers Can Simplify Your Linux Development

Shells are powerful and highly versatile tools for Unix and Linux. There are numerous shells with different abilities out there, and they...

Unix/Linux Shells 101

If you use Unix or Linux, you're probably already using X, but do you know how to take advantage of some of its more powerful features?...

X Window System 101

Mosh, or Mobile Shell, allows users to connect to remote systems and stay connected, even when the network goes down or you switch networks.

Mosh: Secure Shell Without the Pain

The ability to choose from a range of different Linux and Unix user interfaces is both a blessing and a curse. Here we'll cut through the...

A Guide to Window Managers and Desktops for Unix and Linux

This software can boost the performance of any website and serve up to a million pages with only a small virtual private server.

Varnish: Prepare to Be Slashdotted!

The automation, technical support and easy installation of a Microsoft platform make it seem like an easy choice over Linux distros for...

Linux Distros: Which One's Best?

BackTrack Linux can reveal some very serious shortcomings within a given network. It can also reveal some viable methods to fix them.

BackTrack Linux: Penetration Testing Made Easy

Learn about the Linux operating system and its value in a small - or medium-sized business's network architecture.

Linux: Bastion of Freedom

Learning about a new operating system can be daunting for beginners, but getting started with Linux can be amazingly easy.