Mobile Development

Much of the world seems to be moving to mobile devices, which makes mobile device management more important than ever. But how do you...

7 Tips For Selecting an Enterprise Mobile Device Management Solution

Many factors must be taken into consideration when deciding whether to develop a native app or a mobile web app, so here we take a look at...

Native App or Mobile Web App?

Ambient intelligence is technology that surrounds you, and can affect you without you even realizing it. The rise of ambient intelligence...

The Awakening of Ambient Intelligence

The relational database model simply isn't ideal for the dynamic needs of mobile applications. That's where NoSQL comes in.

Why NoSQL Trumps Relational Databases for Mobile Applications

When it comes to mobile computing, Android and iOS (and maybe BlackBerry) are the major players, right? Well, Android encompasses more than...

What Does a Fractured Android Mobile Device Market Mean?

Geolocation uses technology to determine where you are, and then act on that information. It is used in mapping, social media, advertising...

Geolocation: What It Is, What It Has to Offer

Catch up on the latest news in the realms of smartphones, social media and tech support scams.

Web Roundup: Lawsuits, Smartphones and Social Networks... Oh My!

As more innovation takes place, the mobile industry is in prime position for tremendous growth and forward movement.

Web Roundup: Development in the Mobile Industry Is On Fire

Wondering if it's worthwhile to upgrade to SharePoint 2013? Here we look at what it has to offer.

Moving to SharePoint 2013 - Is It Worth It?

Moving to the cloud truly enables workers and companies to be agile and adapt to what the work environment throws their way.

Cloud Evolution: How We See and Use the Cloud Has Changed

The world of IT can be a volatile one. Here are four IT jobs that are on the decline and the four that will soon replace them.

4 IT Jobs That Won't Last - and What Will Take Their Place

In a world that runs increasingly on digital information, APIs have become a big deal - and not just for posting to Farmville from your...

Why APIs Have Become a Big Deal

Android and iPhone now dominate the smartphone market, but there are some key differences between their users.

INFOGRAPHIC: What Developers Should Know About Android Vs. iOS

A Techopedia exclusive: Jeff Hasen, chief marketing officer of Hipcricket, shares his take on how big data is shaping and driving mobile...

Bigger Than Big Data? Mobile User Expectations

Although there's no industry-standard certification for mobile app developers, if you think building killer apps is your career calling,...

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Become a Mobile App Developer

Mobile payment is becoming increasingly common. Learn more about how it works.

Cache, Text or Direct Bill: The Truth About Mobile Payment Systems

Custom apps for email, social media, admin and asset management are all available to the biggest of companies, meaning that the days of...

Company Apps: The Next Frontier of Office Software?

The decision to make mobile websites and mobile apps is not a simple one but it's becoming increasingly important to start weighing the...