Whether you hate them or love, you can't help but look at a cool infographic. We'll post the best tech infographics we can find here.

Apps can help us have fun, be productive and learn new things. But why do we keep some apps and uninstall others? We take a look at the...

INFOGRAPHIC: Why Do People Uninstall Apps?

Got a disaster recovery plan? It might be just what your company's missing, because when disaster strikes, it isn't just data that can go...

INFOGRAPHIC: Only 6 Percent of Companies With No Disaster Recovery Plan Survive

This infographic provides a deeper look into how police are using computers to solve crimes.

INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Major Criminals Caught by Computer Technology

Hashtags began innocently enough, but now it seems we've created a monster. Learn more about their history here.

INFOGRAPHIC: The History of the Hashtag

Worried about your privacy online? Here are some tips on how to keep your private life from becoming a public matter.

INFOGRAPHIC: 9 Tips for Keeping Your Internet Use Private

Programming languages are what make writing programs for specific computations possible. But have you ever stopped to think about how these...

INFOGRAPHIC: The History of Programming Languages

This Trojan Horse keystroke logger is believed to be a special FBI surveillance program that can be installed remotely via an email...

INFOGRAPHIC: Is FBI's Magic Lantern the Ultimate Keylogger?

Many of the tech terms we use today are already on the endangered list, and may soon fade into the background as technology continues to...

INFOGRAPHIC: A Guide to New and Outdated Tech Terms

Science fiction imagines the future. This amazing infographic brings together 50 years of science fiction and shows us how our imagination...

INFOGRAPHIC: 50 Years of Visionary Sci-Fi Computer Interface Design

Microsoft's Internet Explorer was the top Web browser for more than a decade, but in recent years, a number of new browsers have pushed it...

INFOGRAPHIC: Who's Winning the Browser War?

Despite all the wireless technology out there, many networks still rely on cables to transfer data. Learn about the key cables used today...

INFOGRAPHIC: A Primer on Networking Cables

We carry our smartphones everywhere. As a result, they take a lot of abuse. Find out some of the ways smartphones are damaged, and what it...

INFOGRAPHIC: How Damaged Smartphones Cause Billions in Losses

Check out some of the risks Facebook is taking with your personal data - and some of the key mistakes they've made so far in handling it.

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook's Changing Privacy Policy

On the the Internet, your Instagram account is the window into your soul. Find out what it says about you.

INFOGRAPHIC: What Your Instagram Filter Says About You

Geeks are often credited for their brains, but they also excel in matter of the heart - at least in the media.

INFOGRAPHIC: A Brief History of Geek Romances

This infographic examines some of the online communication factors that can facilitate trolling and how users can tone down some of their...

INFOGRAPHIC: The Psychology of an Internet Troll

Are you just a plain, run-of-mill geek, or have you transcended to uber-geek status? Find out here.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Geek's Guide to Becoming an Uber-Geek

Creating a startup may be cheaper now than ever before - thanks in no small part to new technologies, like cloud computing. Should...

INFOGRAPHIC: How Technology's Boosting Startup Success

Check out some of the common stereotypes and misconceptions that tend to plague IT employees.