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Virtual reality has been a buzz word in tech for decades now, but despite repeated predictions of it becoming the 'next big thing,' it...

Tech's Obsession With Virtual Reality

The battlefield no longer has to be a physical space - war is now taking place in cyberspace. White hat and grey hat hackers combat...

The Cyber War Against Terrorism

Most people in the U.S. have been receiving new credit cards with embedded EMV chips, but not everyone knows the facts about them.

The Chip in the Card: EMV Chip Promises Increased Security for Payments

The key to saving energy is using Internet of Things-connected devices to track usage, allowing managers to identify and eliminate waste.

5 Tips for Optimizing Energy Consumption Through IoT and Connected Devices

Deployments of 5G mobile communications networks are being planned around the world. The effort involves alliances of various countries,...

The Future of 5G Mobile: The IMT Vision

Technology is making groundbreaking progress in devices to assist those that are disabled.

5 Technological Innovations that Seek to Enable the Disabled

From the day that digital rights management was implemented, there have been entities determined to find ways around it. Is DRM worth the...

The Persistence of Digital Rights Management

Patents are meant to protect innovators, but patent trolls are taking advantage of the system by obtaining fraudulent patents and then...

Innovation vs. the Patent Troll

The concept of robotics is constantly changing, with new innovations pushing the boundaries of modern technology. However, there are...

5 Defining Qualities of Robots

Life imitates art, and technology imitates nature. It often seems that nature and technology are at odds, but these technologies seek to...

5 Nature-Imitating Technologies

Cars are constantly becoming more high tech, but not everyone agrees these "upgrades" are for the best.

5 Ways Our Cars Have Become Computers

Google is known for unique and ambitious projects, and Loon is no exception - it uses hot air balloons to broadcast Wi-Fi signals,...

A Loon-y Proposition - Your Future Wireless May Be Brought To You By a Hot Air Balloon

Perovskite is a mineral with unique properties, including the ability to collect solar energy. See the potential applications of this...

Solar Clothes? Perovskite Adds Potential for Charging Fibers

This week's roundup includes a new twist on a classic toy, new payment options and even new technology for microwaving food.

Web Roundup: Strange New Claims and Creations

Privacy, transparency and sightings of the new Tesla Model X are all in this week's Web Roundup.

Web Roundup: Major Privacy Updates in Technology Worldwide

Catch up on the latest news in the realms of smartphones, social media and tech support scams.

Web Roundup: Lawsuits, Smartphones and Social Networks... Oh My!

Companies that fail to keep pace with innovation often fail altogether. This week's tech news includes stories about some interesting new...

Web Roundup: New Innovations and Releases in the Tech World

Get the latest on new threats and privacy concerns in this edition of Web Roundup.

Web Roundup: Security Remains a Top Concern

Techopedia contributor Eric Kavanagh recently sat down with SXSW Accelerator pioneer, Chris Valentine, to learn about how the program has...