Green IT

Being green is a focus in many areas, and technology is no exception. In this section we explore ways to get the job done, but to do so with as little as little an environmental impact as possible. 

Blockchain is among the most controversial inventions brought by the Digital Revolution. The amounts of energy required for blockchain made...

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Architecture seems one of those disciplines where artificial intelligence (AI) apparently stands no chance against human creativity and...

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Green computing is great for business and for the environment. Here are some ways to help go green at your organization or home.

How Green Computing Can Improve Energy Efficiency in IT

The key to saving energy is using Internet of Things-connected devices to track usage, allowing managers to identify and eliminate waste.

5 Tips for Optimizing Energy Consumption Through IoT and Connected Devices

Data centers can use enormous amounts of energy, but thanks to recent legislation, more of that energy will be coming from renewable...

How Lawmakers Are Pushing Data Centers in a Green Direction

While making a data center energy efficient can save money, it isn't as simple as it sounds. Virtualization is one possible solution.

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Data centers can consume massive amounts of energy, but some companies are implementing methods to lower their environmental impact - and...

10 Innovations That Have Made Data Centers More Efficient

Big data is used to analyze nearly everything. Can it be used to help reduce energy waste too?

Is Cutting Energy Waste a Problem Big Data Can Solve?

Only a few years ago "green IT" was the buzzword du jour. So, what happened to it? Have companies given it up or have they just changed...

Is Green IT Dead?

Cloud computing is becoming a major trend in business, but not only is it economical, it is also environmentally friendly.

Cloud Computing and Carbon Footprints: Why Cloud Solutions Are Green Solutions

Wondering how green networking works and what kinds of benefits businesses can expect? We provide the answers!

Everything You Ought To Know About Green Networking

Many people are accustomed to throwing out their old technology with the trash, but new laws are enforcing proper disposal of unwanted...

Recycling Old Tech - It's the Law

Data centers are a crucial part of the Internet's infrastructure. Many them are also huge, both in terms of square footage and their impact.

INFOGRAPHIC: The World's 10 Largest Data Centers

Americans throw away more than 130 million mobile phones every year, along with 51 million computers, 31 million monitors and countless...

INFOGRAPHIC: What Happens to Electronic Waste?

Green IT isn't just a trend - it's a reality, and one that holds benefits for companies, consumers and the environment.

5 Reasons Why Green IT Is Pure Gold for Business

The energy used by a set of servers responding to a keyword search may be marginal, but they all add up to significant energy use.