Mobile Computing

The mobile computing section examines concepts and technology around one of the current hottest tech trends. Also see wireless networking.

In response to the growing demand for mobile, tech companies are realigning their approach to products. So how far will the mobile...

How Mobile Computing Changed Business Strategy

Apple's latest releases have mobile manufacturers and programmers working feverishly to keep up with the competition. Read this and more...

Web Roundup: Oops! Apple Does It Again

Google's Chrome OS is great - for the right type of user. Learn about the pros and cons here.

Chrome OS 101

The brand of smartphone you choose may say a little something about you and your preferences, habits and quirks.

INFOGRAPHIC: What Does Your Smartphone Say About You?

Is there room for another mobile OS? Firefox thinks so. Learn more about the company's mobile Web strategy here.

Jonathan Nightingale, Firefox VP of Engineering, Talks Firefox OS

For many, Siri has become invaluable in assisting with day-to-day tasks, but even with her advanced voice recognition technology, she's...

Pardon Moi? Top Siri Fail Messages

Mobile technology is making dramatic new improvements, while other technology makers continue to get left behind.

Web Roundup: Wearables, Mobile and a Dog's Eye View of the World

Although no one has ever argued that working on your computer is good for your posture, tablets can put us in especially ergonomically...

INFOGRAPHIC: The Health Hazards of Using a Tablet Computer

Not long ago, bring your own device (BYOD) was a hot new trend, but now it's simply a reality of modern business. Find out why BYOD has...

4 Reasons Why BYOD Is No Longer An Optional Strategy

So you dropped your phone down the toilet? Fear not. This infographic could potentially save the day and your money.

How to Fix A Phone That Drops In The Toilet

Mosh, or Mobile Shell, allows users to connect to remote systems and stay connected, even when the network goes down or you switch networks.

Mosh: Secure Shell Without the Pain

Cookies are likely to disappear over the next few years as advertisers and tech companies find more effective ways to track users online.

Why Cookies Are Getting Stale

Are smartwatches useful - or just expensive and redundant tech baubles in disguise?

7 Reasons Why Smartwatches Are a Dumb Idea

Predictions about the death of printed books have been floating around for years, but according to this infographic from,...

INFOGRAPHIC: The Rise of eReading

Apps can help us have fun, be productive and learn new things. But why do we keep some apps and uninstall others? We take a look at the...

INFOGRAPHIC: Why Do People Uninstall Apps?

Custom apps for email, social media, admin and asset management are all available to the biggest of companies, meaning that the days of...

Company Apps: The Next Frontier of Office Software?

Not everyone liked the quirky cases Apple came up with for the iPhone 5c, but they look pretty mundane compared to some of the other ones...

The 10 Weirdest iPhone Cases - Ever

The growing proliferation of personal devices in the workplace is a bit of an albatross for IT administrators. MDM and MAM aim to help. The...

Mobile Device Management vs. Mobile Application Management: The Big Fight Continues

Is it better to have access to limited parts of the Internet than to have no access at all? This is a hotly debated question surrounding...