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For better or for worse, the impact of technology has never been more obvious than in the music industry.

Technology and Music: From Records to Digital Recordings

From the day that digital rights management was implemented, there have been entities determined to find ways around it. Is DRM worth the...

The Persistence of Digital Rights Management

The web has become a tool that nearly everyone uses on a daily basis. But this hasn't always been the case - the World Wide Web has gone...

A Brief History of Web Development

Video compression is essential to delivering high-quality content quickly. However, it can also cause problems with the signal.

Common Video Compression Artifacts to Watch Out For

Life imitates art, and technology imitates nature. It often seems that nature and technology are at odds, but these technologies seek to...

5 Nature-Imitating Technologies

Once resolution has gotten so high that people can't distinguish the difference anymore, what's next? High frame rate promises to be the...

Video Tech: Shifting Focus From High Resolution to High Frame Rate

Computers are capable of reproducing the sound of nearly any instrument, and as technology continues to advance, even more options are...

Computers - The Universal Instrument?

For many in the business world, email equals stress. Some are trying to reduce dependence on email in order to help employees de-stress,...

Ditch Your Inbox? No-Email Initiatives and What They're For

People are gravitating away from traditional television, and more toward alternative delivery methods for entertainment, leading to the...

How Far is Your Data From Your Analytics?  An Overview of the SVoD Analytics Landscape

New technologies are helping users destroy digital messages and images they send after a short time, but what really happens to these...

Eat This Tweet: Creating Life Cycles for Social Media Messages

If you must have the latest shows without paying for them, there are less legal ways to get them. But use them at your own risk.

How to Cut the Cord - Illegally

Cut the cord and experience the future of TV guilt-free. We provide all the options out there for downloading, streaming and OTA.

How to Cut the Cord on Cable TV - Legally

On the the Internet, your Instagram account is the window into your soul. Find out what it says about you.

INFOGRAPHIC: What Your Instagram Filter Says About You

If you're fed up with cable, you’re in good company. Here's how to cut the cord and switch to viewing programs online.

Cutting the Cord on Your Cable TV

Google Play isn't all fun and games. It's a serious charge at Apple and its very popular - and profitable - content distribution business.