Programming Tools

Conventions are guidelines that are meant to be followed, but what happens when they're not? In programming, Yoda conditions alter the...

Naming Conventions: What's the Big Deal?

Shells are powerful and highly versatile tools for Unix and Linux. There are numerous shells with different abilities out there, and they...

Unix/Linux Shells 101

In exploring the boundaries of what's possible in a game world, developers can get closer to answering some broader questions about...

Gaming Principles and the Future Virtual World

Learn the basics of candidate keys and how they operate in a database.

An Introduction to Candidate Keys

If you think Perl is a relic from the '90s, think again. This language is still going strong. Learn the basics here.

Perl 101

Thoughtful leaders have dreamed up a more fluid software release structure to bridge the development and production environments, but...

Slow Dancing With Technology: Debugging, the Programmer and the Machine

Microsoft Visual Studio contains hundreds of shortcuts and tricks to accomplish some lengthy tasks more easily. Here are 10 simple ones to...

10 Tips for Visual Studio 2010 Power Users

If you want your applications to be truly global, they have to be able to handle languages other than U.S. English. Unicode provides a...

Unicode 101

As computing power has increased, programming languages have evolved to take advantage of enhanced computing resources.

Computer Programming: From Machine Language to Artificial Intelligence

Learn about some of the people who helped pioneer the field of computer programming.