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The brand of smartphone you choose may say a little something about you and your preferences, habits and quirks.

INFOGRAPHIC: What Does Your Smartphone Say About You?

Take a right turn into the fright zone with these innovative Halloween costumes on the cutting edge - no bones about it!

5 Spooktacular Wearable Tech Halloween Costumes (Videos)

So you dropped your phone down the toilet? Fear not. This infographic could potentially save the day and your money.

How to Fix A Phone That Drops In The Toilet

The use of cell phones and other mobile gadgets to gather and access health information has been growing quickly in recent years. The...

INFOGRAPHIC: Can Your Smartphone Keep You Healthier?

Predictions about the death of printed books have been floating around for years, but according to this infographic from,...

INFOGRAPHIC: The Rise of eReading

Not everyone liked the quirky cases Apple came up with for the iPhone 5c, but they look pretty mundane compared to some of the other ones...

The 10 Weirdest iPhone Cases - Ever

What if you could charge your smartphone throughout the day, without ever having to remove it from your pocket or purse? That's what the...

Distance Charging - Juice Up Your Smartphone From the Next Room?

Phone hacking is a widespread problem that is expected to grow with the increasing prevalence of smartphones. Fortunately, there are many...

Could Your Smartphone Be Hacked?

Mobile and Web 2.0 technology is allowing for some cool devices you may not have heard of.

6 Cool Wearable Devices

Eight trillion text messages flew back and forth between cellphone users in 2011, but while text shorthand is convenient, critics say it...

INFOGRAPHIC: Is Text Messaging Ruining the English Language?

We carry our smartphones everywhere. As a result, they take a lot of abuse. Find out some of the ways smartphones are damaged, and what it...

INFOGRAPHIC: How Damaged Smartphones Cause Billions in Losses

Wearables are being used in enterprise more than ever, so with that, one must implement proper security. An appropriate enterprise mobility...

Adopting Wearables with Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Google promises us a revolutionary wearable device. Will it deliver?

Is Google Glass Groundbreaking ... Or Just Goofy?

Experts are predicting a surge of wearable technology for consumers in 2014, but based on current data and trends, it seems unlikely.

Why 2014 Won't Be the Year of Wearable Technology

The decision to make mobile websites and mobile apps is not a simple one but it's becoming increasingly important to start weighing the...

Should Your Business Go Mobile?

Today's networks have so many endpoints - including mobile. Here are some of the key things to know about managing in the BYOD age.

5 Things to Know About BYOD Security

Smartphones, tablets, cloud computing — all technologies that have been introduced fairly recently, right? You might be surprised to see...

New Technologies That Are Older Than You Think

Mobile apps have more than their share of security problems. Here's what you need to know.

The New Frontier for Hackers: Your Smartphone

In 2011, cellphones were a factor in 23 percent of all collisions in the U.S., and texting presents the highest level of risk. This...