Operating Systems

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Shells are powerful and highly versatile tools for Unix and Linux. There are numerous shells with different abilities out there, and they...

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Is Microsoft ready to deliver in the brave new world of cloud computing? If the answer's yes, users stand to reap huge benefits.

The Windows 8 Cloud: How the New OS Embraces Cloud Technology

The introduction of an operating system specifically designed for the ARM chips that power mobile devices is a good step toward the future...

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With just four versions to choose from, and perhaps the most clearly defined capacities of any Windows OS before it, most people should...

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Windows 8 names are confusing at the best of times, especially when Windows RT means nothing in particular.

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Mobile OS Wars: Samsung Introduces Tizen

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Tiles and Error? Lukewarm Reception for Windows 8

BSD is a powerful alternative to Linux that is available for free. Discover the many flavors of BSD and what they can do for you.