Operating Systems

Development is driven by demand, and due to the popularity of Unix and Linux among developers, Windows 10 is now offering Ubuntu command...

Ubuntu on Windows: What's the Big Deal?

Technology is making groundbreaking progress in devices to assist those that are disabled.

5 Technological Innovations that Seek to Enable the Disabled

Virtualization can be a big step for a business, but first a choice must be made on which platform to use.There are several to choose from,...

Choosing a Virtualization Platform

In the late '70s, CP/M seemed poised to take the lead in the emerging market of PC operating systems. What happened to this former...

CP/M: The Story of the OS That Almost Succeeded Over Windows

Let's face it - no matter how dedicated you are to Linux/Unix, the majority of computers out there use Windows, and like it or not, you'll...

Windows Survival Guide for Linux/Unix Users

With the widespread frustration many users feel toward Windows 8, Windows 10 will be a welcome change. However, some of the features that...

How to Get Windows 10 Features in Windows 8.1

It seems that Linux will never become a mainstream OS for desktops, but it is highly popular with developers and is the basis for the...

Why Linux has Failed on the Desktop

There's more to file management than just Windows File Explorer and Mac OS X Finder - numerous types of file management can help you manage...

File Managers to Fit Your Every Need

Whether you realize it or not, there's a good chance that FreeBSD is is running behind the scenes on devices that you use every day.

A Closer Look at FreeBSD

Shells are powerful and highly versatile tools for Unix and Linux. There are numerous shells with different abilities out there, and they...

Unix/Linux Shells 101

BSD is a powerful alternative to Linux that is available for free. Discover the many flavors of BSD and what they can do for you.

BSD: The Other Free Unix

With its simple, stripped-down approach, Unix is giving many programmers exactly what they're looking for.

What IT People Can Learn From the Unix Philosophy

At its peak, Windows XP was the world’s most popular operating system. Now it's being discontinued. Find out why XP users need to move on -...

Why Now's the Time to Ditch Windows XP

Even with the negative publicity surrounding Apple's iOS 7, there seems to be more promise than initially predicted, as it continues to...

Beyond the Hype: 7 Key New Features in iOS 7

What does the new Samsung Tizen OS mean for you, your phone and rivals?

Mobile OS Wars: Samsung Introduces Tizen

Is there room for another mobile OS? Firefox thinks so. Learn more about the company's mobile Web strategy here.

Jonathan Nightingale, Firefox VP of Engineering, Talks Firefox OS

Google's Chrome OS is great - for the right type of user. Learn about the pros and cons here.

Chrome OS 101

With its new offering, Apple hopes to silence critics and take a big step in its ongoing battle with Android for the biggest slice of the...

What to Expect from iOS 7

Microsoft's release of Windows 8 was lukewarm at best. Find out what it means for the company - and the computer industry.