Traders Are Buying This Gamified Staking Coin With 25x Potential – The Next Bitcoin?

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) has become a rage in the crypto market. Although the native token has yet to be launched, the growing traffic to the $GBTC presale hints that the token is positioned for a massive surge on its release. 

The name – a combination of the world’s largest cryptocurrency and a sustainability buzzword – is not the only factor catalyzing the presale FOMO.

More Than Just a Hype

Green Bitcoin is a crypto gamified staking platform that hosts prediction challenges on the BTC price, in exchange for attractive rewards. 

The unique approach to crypto engagement has an environmental focus. While Bitcoin is notorious for its large carbon footprint, Green Bitcoin is founded upon the more sustainable foundation of Ethereum. In addition to lower ecological impact, the Ethereum infrastructure also grants access to high speed and efficiency advantages. 

Furthermore, the project plans to collaborate with global environmental initiatives in the future. 

Green Bitcoin’s goal is to transform the crypto staking arena by reviving predict-to-earn. The platform presents both passive and active staking avenues, encouraging participants to support the price action with attractive rewards.


While gamified staking caters to active users through predict-to-earn challenges, passive staking rewards long-term commitment and engagement. The latter is designed for investors seeking wealth accumulation without the need for continuous interaction.

Staking as a Tool for Price Action

Staking provides one of the most attractive avenues for generating passive income now. We’re not just talking about the crypto market. In fact, staking has played a key role in taking the crypto sector to the masses with its enticing rewards. 

Green Bitcoin takes full advantage of the staking mechanism to fuel engagement in the community and strengthen its price action. The allure of staking rewards is too hard to ignore. 

Participants can join daily and weekly challenges predicting Bitcoin’s price, with $GBTC tokens serving as both the stake and the reward. By locking $GBTC tokens in the gamified dashboard, users become eligible to submit their price predictions for the following day. 

Correct predictions earn a share of the prize pool, determined by prediction accuracy and the quantity of the staked tokens.

Green Bitcoin’s predict-to-earn system, being intricately linked to Bitcoin’s price movements, justifies the Bitcoin tag in its name. It injects new vigor to the predict-to-earn concept within Web3. It is inherently transparent as the outcomes are determined by the market rather than the platform, providing a more reliable alternative to platforms focused on trading, gaming, and gambling.

Since both active and passive staking options are made available through the platform, users have flexibility. That, in turn, helps the project tap into a diverse community of investors. It presents an attractive alternative to letting cryptocurrencies sit idle in a wallet.

Active or passive, the staking rewards are distributed in addition to the asset’s intrinsic value growth. That underscores the token’s competitive advantage over traditional assets like stocks.

Green Bitcoin tokenomics

Low Barrier, A Large Targeted User Base

Gamified staking on Green Bitcoin maintains a competitive edge against other crypto gaming, gambling, and trading platforms. It doesn’t need time commitment, intricate trading expertise, or a high-risk appetite, unlike its counterparts. 

Trading vs. Predict-to-Earn

Predict-to-earn has a lower entry barrier compared to trading, which demands technical expertise and relies heavily on skill. Predict-to-earn combines instincts and insights to gauge accuracy. 

While beginner and intermediate traders face substantial risks of losses, Green Bitcoin’s predict-to-earn challenges are simpler, capitalizing on the crypto market’s volatility with reduced vulnerability. It has significantly lower risk exposure. 

Gambling vs. Predict-to-Earn 

Gambling platforms are often accused of manipulative practices that favor the house. Predict-to-earn challenges based on real-world events provide a fair and transparent alternative to gambling. 

Predict-to-earn is less addictive and its outcomes depend on market movements rather than platform manipulation, ensuring a level playing field.

Gaming vs. Gamified Staking

Gaming loses its appeal as we grow up due to time constraints amid daily responsibilities. Yet, they provide an attractive source of side income for those who have time and interest. 

For those who don’t, gamified staking on Green Bitcoin offers a more time- and cost-efficient alternative. It doesn’t demand the extensive time commitments associated with gaming, while providing a streamlined and lucrative experience. 

$GBTC Presale Window is Closing

Green Bitcoin will continue to expand its active staking system to bring a broader range of assets and market events into its purview. The project’s goal is to penetrate a wide audience in the coming months and foster an active and involved community.

As more participants engage in staking activities, the organic demand for $GBTC tokens grows, driving the price action. This puts Green Bitcoin as one of the most highly rated tokens with upside potential. Waiting until then to purchase the token will prove to be an expensive decision. 

The presale phase for $GBTC tokens, now underway, offers $GBTC tokens at significant discounts. Staking rewards for early investors in the presale phase can go as high as 300%.

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